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“As you were”, says Hill-wood

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Peter Hill-Wood’s quotes have caused a bit of a stir in the press, even leading L’Equipe to go with the headline “Hill-Wood has doubts about Wenger’s future”. Well, let’s break it down:

“I am really hopeful he will extend but at this moment I am only in a position of hoping. I’ve no reason to think that he won’t but at the same time I have no reason to believe he will say yes.”

Well of course. They’d like Arsene to stay but are yet to discuss it – no cause for concern. His conviction that the manager will remain in place is underlined by this quote:

“We certainly don’t think Thierry Henry going and Arsene Wenger’s contract situation are in any way linked. That was just an excuse.”

An accusation that arguably has more weight when you read the snippet of the Spanish press that arseblogger pulled up today:

One afternoon in April, Ferran Soriano, vice-president of Barcelona, received a phone call. It was Darren Dein, son of the ex Arsenal vice-chairman and Thierry Henry’s personal advisor. “Are you still interested in Henry? I believe there’s still a possibility…”, he said

Why, the little…

Finally, on the prospect of players coming in, Hill-Wood says:

“We would like to find another player or two. But what he is not prepared to do is just go out and spend the money if he doesn’t think it is going to improve the squad. He is not going to buy a player in order to appease the fans. He is going to buy a player who he thinks will improve what he has.”

That does not mean no-one is coming in – it means Arsene will not overspend. That always has and always will be the case.

Still, signing £1m Cardiff ace Aaron Ramsey will not appease the fans, especially with Liverpool locked in talks for Fernando Torres.

Mathieu Flamini has once more declared his intention to leave. * TUMBLEWEED *

Finally, thanks to ArsenalShorts for making me laugh with their story and banner today. You have to laugh. Or you actually will cry. No jokes.

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