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Henry: “I will always remember you and I will have you in my head and my heart”

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Yesterday, the ever image-conscious Thierry Henry gave his final interview as an Arsenal player. There’s a video version of part of it here – his general demeanour certainly seems very earnest, perhaps more so than you’d guess when reading it first off. He talks about his concern over the uncertainty of Arsene Wenger’s future, his dismay at Patrick Vieira’s departure, and the potential of the current team.

I never quite know how to take Henry. At face value, he is the world’s most decent human being – a genuine example to all professional footballers in his humility and affection for fans of the game. However, the man is also a global icon, who is painfully aware of the need to promote his Mr. Nice Guy image. Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but sometimes I think that Henry’s “performances” extend beyond the playing field. Whatever the truth of the matter, we don’t have to worry about it anymore: he is most definitely off.

Whilst the faith Henry professes in Van Persie, Adebayor, and Bendtner is admirable, we all know that Henry must be replaced. The story that Gunnerblog brought you within hours of Henry’s defection, that Nicolas Anelka was the man most likely, is now circulating through the English press. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a deal done early next week – if nothing else, we desperately require the boost of someone coming in.

I also expect Bakary Sagna to arrive, despite Auxerre’s protestations. Quite how he fits into a squad which just handed new contracts to Hoyte and Eboue is beyond me, but there you are.

I can’t help but feel that next week is going to be very, very interesting…

ps. Remember the white kit? You know, that thing you worried about before you had something to actually worry about. Well, they well and truly cocked up the advertising. It should probably look a bit more like this:

Not sure if this promo can help. I expect the fans will pass their own judgement.

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