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I can’t help but agree with Myles Palmer

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Next move for the board? Make Stan a director. Bring Stan over in October and sit him onstage at the AGM. Then the Yank is one of us. He becomes one of us. He becomes one of the family. He becomes real, someone the fans can relate to, rather than a mystery man from the Rocky Mountains. London is the world capital of presentation and Arsenal think they are pretty good at presentation and their message would be : We like Stan and and Stan likes us and we are all big sports executives.

Next move after that? Sell Arsenal to Stan in summer 2008.

A Yank owns the Bank of England club but it’s just a reshuffle in the family.

Now, unlike Myles I don’t neccessarily think we have to sell in 2008, but I agree that it is a ludicrous and untenable position two have to major shareholders in the club as “enemies”.

The recent softening of the board’s stance towards Stan suggests to me something that I’ve suspected all along: that he didn’t realise quite how underhand Dein was being in trying to sell him the club on the quiet.

The club are expected to release a statement soon on the meeting with Kroenke, and that will enlighten us further.  The fact of the matter is that, like it or not, he is now “part of the family”.  None of the current board have taken steps to buy him out, so it looks like he’s here to stay, in some capacity or other.  We might aswell make things civil.

Finally, this absolute legend would be a pretty popular choice for Director of Football.  Whether or not he’d be any good is a different matter entirely.

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