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It certainly feels like Henry is leaving

149 comments June 15th, 2007

That might sound strange, but I can’t help but be reminded of the events that transpired when I first began writing this blog, and Patrick Vieira was sold to Juventus. There are so many parallels: star player and skipper flirts outrageously with a massive club, gets to the brink of leaving, then has a last-minute change of heart and decides to stay. His next season is below-par, he becomes disillusioned and full of regret, and by the next summer, he wants out. We sold Vieira pretty much behind his back for £14m. And now it seems that Arsene is prepared to do business with Barca over Henry.

Of course, we’ll only let him go at the right price. With Henry signing a four-year deal last summer, we’re in a pretty strong bargaining position, and can afford to ask for at least £20m. However, all indications are that just as Arsene only let Ashley Cole go in exchange for William Gallas, he won’t be happy with any deal that doesn’t involve Samuel Eto’o coming to Arsenal.

It would certainly make a lot of sense. We were in for Eto’o when he went to Barca, and have tracked him since his early days at Mallorca. After his fall-out with Ronaldinho, it might be the ideal time for him to leave Barcelona. And if we don’t want to be seen as a selling club lacking ambition, what better move than to bring in a younger yet arguably equally as competent replacement for a sulking Henry?

People might talk about the disadvantages of signing another African striker with the Cup of Nations just around the corner, but if you look at our fixture list, January and February aren’t actually that taxing.

Of course, Thierry Henry is a great player. In my opinion, he’s the most talented footballer to ever play for Arsenal. However, last season, his attitude stunk to the high heavens. It now seems that Arsene knows that he’s never going to be quite the same for us, and it attempting to do what he sees as best for the club’s future. We should support him in that, whatever the consequences.

Henry may stay. But it doesn’t feel that way.

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