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Saints Provide Arsenal Sinners with an Opportunity for Redemption

241 comments February 26th, 2005

Losing 3-1 at Munich wasn’t entirely in the plan. But then, plans are overrated.

Like that guy who sat next to you at school, and carefully planned every essay, doing an underlined title for each paragraph.


And he’s probably not even that much more successful than you now. So who cares.

Apparently, the best essays happen when you’re not really thinking about them. So, I suppose, in a slightly irrelevant way, we should hope the best Arsenal performances come when all the players are injured. Hurrah!

These are the few that will stagger onto the St. Mary’s Turf tomorrow:

Southampton are a decent side under Harry Redknapp, and with an inform Henri Camara up against the ever-so-slightly-slower Pascal Cygan, it could be another nervy 90.

Ah well. C’mon the boys.

Munich Misery

Add comment February 25th, 2005

It’s been a pretty depressing few days.

First the disaster of Munich, and then the suspensions upheld for Dennis Bergkamp and Jose Reyes.

I was emotionally exhausted after Wednesday. But Kolo’s late goal means we do have some hope. 2-0 is achievable, but with Michael Ballack set to return, we’d need the kind of excellent defensive performance we haven’t produced all season.

But why? Well, east lower helpfully pointed out that “in the league this season â?? 27 games – our first choice defensive unit (that’s to say, Lehmann, Lauren, Toure, Campbell and Cole) has only played together four times”.

Well, that won’t get fixed anytime soon, what with Sol Campbell still out for some time.

Oh, I should add that everyone else is injured too.


Freddie Star Striker?

1 comment February 22nd, 2005

Gratuitous Freddie Starr reference.

The Evening Standard suggests that Arsene will go for Steady Freddie upfront, with Jose Reyes and Super Bob supporting on the wings.

I’m certainly happier with this scenario than the possibility of the torture that is watching Robert Pires try and play upfront. Out on the left, Jose will certainly give Sagnol problems, and perhaps provide better cover for the inexperienced Gael Clichy should Ashley Cole not make it.

Meanwhile, Patrick Vieira insists that “We have learnt out lessons” in Europe, and are in with a chance of winning the whole thing. You have to feel Paddy – people still doubt his commitment, even though whilst playing in freezing conditions tonight, he won’t even get to watch his beloved Real Madrid.

Anyhow, ‘Game On’ and all that.

Loads of news as Bayern loom on horizon…

Add comment February 21st, 2005

…without, quite possibly, their best player. That’d be good.

No-one knows if Ashley Cole will make it (or if he’ll be too busy being wined and dined by Chelsea), but Edu and Thierry Henry are set to return.

Also, should we get past Sheffield United, we’d face Bolton away from home in the quarter finals. Jose Reyes, however, could be banned from this fixture after being charged with violent conduct.

I say “could be”. I haven’t been arsed to work it out.

Wenger’s £40m Transfer Kitty?…

18 comments February 18th, 2005

Or so The Standard would have us believe following the release of some particularly promising financial figures.

£40m? Imagine what we could do with that. £40m is:

  • Four Thierry Henrys
  • Three Sylvain Wiltords
  • Two-and-a-half Jose Reyes’s, or
  • One hundred and sixty Kolo Toures.


Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has defended our right to select non-British players, saying “Some people can be surprised by the fact we had non-British players but we have a club based on values, qualities and attitudes and, when I work with the players on a daily basis, you don’t look at where they come from”. Well put.

Arseblogger has given us a little insight into the side that will face Sheffield United at Highbury tomorrow, revealing that Flamini, Fabregas, Almunia, and Van Persie will all, as expected, start.

I really hope we make a big push for the FA Cup. It’s probably the simplest path to silverware left open to us, and it’s a competition that we have a great affiliation with, especially in recent years. The semi-final defeat against Manchester United last season was a real disappointment, and to bounce back by going all the way to Cardiff would be a tremendous thing for the club, and especially us fans.

C’mon you Gooners.

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