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If Reyes had scored 50 goals last night…

508 comments June 18th, 2007

…he still wouldn’t be coming back. Even if a brief but dazzling performance impressed Arsene enough to want to keep him, in this age of “player power” (a concept so commonplace that the term has become almost redundant) there’s absolutely zero chance of convincing Reyes to return to London.

It’s a bit of a shame really, considering our desperate need for width and pace. However, the indications were that he would never really have settled here, despite glimpses of genuine talent. I don’t think Arsene ever really wanted to lose him – before reluctantly agreeing to the Baptista deal, he turned down various offers, including one that offered David Beckham in exchange.

A few words of sympathy for Justin Hoyte who was the victim of racial abuse against Serbia U21s. Remember: anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except a lobotomy, perhaps.

Finally, Gilberto has come second in our Official Player of the Year Awards.  Who the hell has won?  Fabregas?  Perhaps after using the captaincy to keep Vieira and Henry, we’re using the Player of the Year award to try and keep Fabregas.

Now that the Spanish season is over, Titi should be out the door any minute. Tick-tock.

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