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International Roundup + New Comments System

1 comment September 13th, 2007

After the latest round of internationals, I can’t seem to find a single story about an Arsenal player getting injured.  This, surely, is simply too good to be true.  Perhaps in the changing room after Holland’s disappointing 1-0 win over Albania, a furious row ended in Marco van Basten removing Robin van Persie’s legs with a hacksaw.

Understandably, if this has happened, the Dutch are still covering it up.  I’d expect a press conference later today on the matter.

Eduardo da Silva grabbed another poacher’s goal in Croatia’s six nil win over Andorra.  Click here for a video of Croatia playing against what appears to be a pub side cunningly disguised as an International football team.

Stuart Pearce is showing a degree of patience and understanding with Theo Walcott that has so far been denied him by Premiership defenders.  Worryingly, he was withdrawn after less than an hour of both U21 games this week after failing to make an impact.  Not great.  But then at least he’ll be fresh for the weekend…

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve got a new comments system in place: The Guns.  For this we owe everything to Tom from arseblog, whose ingenious “arses” system has been craftily adapted for our own needs.  There’s still a bit of tweaking to do, but the new comments are a marked improvement on the old one.

There are two main benefits: first of all, the fact that each gun has a bit of code at the bottom that is unique to your location.  For example, when I’m at work, mine is 3fd90.  Granted, you’ll have a different number at home, but it makes impersonating people nigh impossible.

Secondly, the old comments were killing the server.  And these ones won’t.

It’s also far easier for me to ban people on this system, and it goes without saying I expect respect for others and a degree of common decency.  I’m not going to spell out any “Rules”, but if anyone crosses the line they’ll know about it pretty quickly.

Let me tell you about some of the features of the new system, starting with the buttons at the top of the comments:

GUN: Clicking this immediately takes you to the bottom of the comments and allows you to post one yourself.
Blog: Self-explanatory – this takes you through to the homepage.
Stealth Guns: This takes you to a plain text version of the page – ideal for work, where no-one will be able to tell you’re wasting time on my website.
FRESH GUNS: Simply reloads the page and updates any new comments.

This will all be familiar to anyone who uses the arseblog arses, but it’s worth explaining for those who aren’t.

At the moment, the best way to reach the guns is to go to the homepage and click the link beneath the post title (this link may work, but it will open in a full-screen and there may be various other issues.  Truth is, I’m not sure yet.  Just go to the hompage, you lazy so-and-sos).  Within a couple of days there will be a link to the guns at the bottom of each post, which will be more convenient for everyone.  Like I say, it’s early days.

Speaking of the old comments, they’re all still there.  Just click the title of a post and scroll down to read all the rubbish you’ve chatted in the past.

Enjoy yourselves.  After doing no real work all week, I have until 5.30pm Friday to do all the stuff I should’ve done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as well as all the stuff they’ll give me to do today and tomorrow.  It should be hugely entertaining.

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