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Writing a blog is nothing like having an addiction

750 comments May 26th, 2007

For example, there is no “cold turkey”. As you’ve perhaps noticed, I haven’t been online this week in the midst of what has arguably been the busiest week of my otherwise uneventful life. Sadly, this means I haven’t been regularly updating the blog. But in spite of doing so almost every day for the best part of three years, I didn’t miss it at all.

Indeed, when I did find a few moments to write something, it struck me that there wasn’t really anything to say. Stories that usually would provoke entire articles (William Gallas moans about something, some striker is injured, we’ve signed a hawk etc) suddenly seemed rather uninspiring.

And it is on that triumphal note that I return. Hurrah.

Spurs have signed one-time Arsenal target Gareth Bale.  He’s now firmly on the Michael Carrick-established path of going to Manchester United via Tottenham.  I doubt he’d have got in ahead of Gael Clichy at left-back, but it might’ve been interesting to see him play further forward.  Alas.

It looks like Jose Reyes is on his way to Athletico Madrid, with some sources indicating a swap deal for Fernando Torres could be on the cards.  However, considering our need for width, and with Franck Ribery possibly about to move to Bayern Munich, maybe an exchange involving one-time Spurs target Martin Petrov might be wiser?

Ah. Sugar.  Have to run.  I’ll add links later.  I dunno, jsut google it or something.

I’m not dead

1,045 comments May 23rd, 2007

Sorry to disappear without explanation. I’m sure you’ve been fine.

The thing is, I’m having the busiest week of my life. Something had to go. And it wasn’t going to be watching telly.

Emmanuel Adebayor has signed a “long-term” contract, which is nice.

After Friday everything should be back to normal here. Consider that the date I report back to pre-season training after a Summer lay-off. Or something.

Watching the Wembley Final will be painful

554 comments May 19th, 2007

Not only because whoever wins will be hard to stomach for Arsenal fans, but because we ought to be there. In the last ten years, no side has had greater affiliation with this final than us. But for a brilliant Benni McCarthy goal, who knows if we might today have been gracing the turf of a stadium almost as magnificent as our own?

It does promise to be a great game – an effervescent United against a weary and depleted Chelsea. It somehow feels like a greater sense of occasion has been restored to the event by its return to Wembley, which makes me feel all the worse not to be involved.

That might be more to do with the fact that a large percentage of my family are Chelsea fans, and many of them will be attending the final. Indeed, my slightly overexcited brother jumped a fence to get into the Chelsea hotel late last night, and managed to catch a glimpse of Arjen Robben walking around in his underpants. Nasty.

I hope Chelsea win – not for his sake, but because the thought of United being the first side to do the double since us in 2002 sickens me.

Finally, in Arsenal news, I’d like to point you towards this promising article in The Times:

Wenger given £40m fund to strengthen Arsenal squad

The second paragraph of this article reads:

Arsenal have the facility to spend £40 million on players over the course of next season as a result of a loan from Barclays, but such an outlay is unlikely.



Can’t stop, addicted to the shindig

940 comments May 18th, 2007

Literally can’t stop. My life is a blur at the moment. And not a blurry mirage of some heavenly oasis. It is the blur of something moving very fast towards you, probably with the intention of killing you.

Anyway, talk about a bargain.

Signing off.

Wanted: Have you seen this dog?

412 comments May 17th, 2007

Gunnerblog is offering a reward of £4.99 for information leading to the arrest of this dog:

Have you seen this dog?

Who he is: Late on Tuesday night, in West London, a 44-year old man was arrested for preventing police from carrying out their duties in seizing the aforementioned dog, who for the purposes of this report, we will call “Dogba”. Dogba is still at large.

Why he’s wanted: It is suspected that Dogba has recently travelled to Portugal and back without spending the required amount of time in quarantine. It is therefore possible that he is carrying rabies, and an unreasonable amount of duty free. Unconfirmed reports suggest he has a Toblerone that is three feet long.

Where he may be hiding: Under Rui Faria’s hat.

Distinguishing physical features: Wet nose, dark eyes, small v-shaped ears on head.

Potential disguises:
Disguise #1Disguise #2Disguise #3

Please note: This dog is potentially armed, and most certainly dangerous. Approach with care. Perhaps distract with some sort of stick.

We at Gunnerblog appeal to you: Look into that creature’s eyes. How can such we allow the likes of these monsters to continue to roam our streets? Dogba’s involvement with the 44-year old man in question is only the latest crime in a chequered history.

Your children’s children’s children’s children will not be safe unless we put a stop to this menace now. By any means neccessary.

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