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Wanted: Have you seen this dog?

412 comments May 17th, 2007

Gunnerblog is offering a reward of £4.99 for information leading to the arrest of this dog:

Have you seen this dog?

Who he is: Late on Tuesday night, in West London, a 44-year old man was arrested for preventing police from carrying out their duties in seizing the aforementioned dog, who for the purposes of this report, we will call “Dogba”. Dogba is still at large.

Why he’s wanted: It is suspected that Dogba has recently travelled to Portugal and back without spending the required amount of time in quarantine. It is therefore possible that he is carrying rabies, and an unreasonable amount of duty free. Unconfirmed reports suggest he has a Toblerone that is three feet long.

Where he may be hiding: Under Rui Faria’s hat.

Distinguishing physical features: Wet nose, dark eyes, small v-shaped ears on head.

Potential disguises:
Disguise #1Disguise #2Disguise #3

Please note: This dog is potentially armed, and most certainly dangerous. Approach with care. Perhaps distract with some sort of stick.

We at Gunnerblog appeal to you: Look into that creature’s eyes. How can such we allow the likes of these monsters to continue to roam our streets? Dogba’s involvement with the 44-year old man in question is only the latest crime in a chequered history.

Your children’s children’s children’s children will not be safe unless we put a stop to this menace now. By any means neccessary.

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