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Transfers: “So far Arsene hasn’t come up with any suggestions”

500 comments May 9th, 2007

Peter Hill-wood is a good man. And he is a very honest man. However, today that honesty is a little disconcerting for Arsenal fans, as he confesses:

“We have got funds available, but Arsene is not a buyer of players just for the sake of it. So far Arsene hasn’t come up with any suggestions, which is good news and bad news.”

Not really, Pete. It’s pretty much entirely bad news. Granted the season hasn’t finished, but that hasn’t exactly stopped Man U. I can tell you from my own knowledge that most clubs have a very clear transfer strategy developed at least a month before the end of the season. Perhaps this is a sign of the disruption caused by the departure of David Dein?

With United, Chelsea, and Liverpool all certain to strengthen, we can’t just bank on the magical improvement of our young players. It’s not like they go off on their summer holidays and come back different players. As things stand we are ten points ahead of Everton. We are more than double that away from Man U. We have to be very careful we’re not cast adrift. People talk about United having two years of transition but they were never, never this far off the pace.

It needs to be a big summer. Otherwise it’s all bad news.

ps. Congrats to the ladies. Considering they’ve won every single domestic match this season, I can’t get overly excited about the FA Cup, but the UEFA Cup was a remarkable achievement.

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