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Watching the Wembley Final will be painful

554 comments May 19th, 2007

Not only because whoever wins will be hard to stomach for Arsenal fans, but because we ought to be there. In the last ten years, no side has had greater affiliation with this final than us. But for a brilliant Benni McCarthy goal, who knows if we might today have been gracing the turf of a stadium almost as magnificent as our own?

It does promise to be a great game – an effervescent United against a weary and depleted Chelsea. It somehow feels like a greater sense of occasion has been restored to the event by its return to Wembley, which makes me feel all the worse not to be involved.

That might be more to do with the fact that a large percentage of my family are Chelsea fans, and many of them will be attending the final. Indeed, my slightly overexcited brother jumped a fence to get into the Chelsea hotel late last night, and managed to catch a glimpse of Arjen Robben walking around in his underpants. Nasty.

I hope Chelsea win – not for his sake, but because the thought of United being the first side to do the double since us in 2002 sickens me.

Finally, in Arsenal news, I’d like to point you towards this promising article in The Times:

Wenger given £40m fund to strengthen Arsenal squad

The second paragraph of this article reads:

Arsenal have the facility to spend £40 million on players over the course of next season as a result of a loan from Barclays, but such an outlay is unlikely.



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