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Arsenal 3 – 1 Fulham: I blame the minute of applause

150 comments April 30th, 2007

It’s a lovely gesture, and a fitting tribute, but the minute of applause for Alan Ball and Arthur Milton backfired for Arsenal yesterday when it became immediately apparent that a crowd that’s quiet at best had completely exhausted themselves before the game had even kicked off. This led to a fairly drab display that allowed Fulham back in when they should’ve been dead and buried.

Fortunately, Emmanuel Adebayor rescued us, and Gilberto rubbed their noses in it. Full report later today, but right now I’ve got to run.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

A little late, but here’s the match report.

Almost no point now, but I thought I’d add a few more thoughts on yesterday’s game. After going in front so early on, it looked like we’d run away with it, but lo and behold we failed to make the most of several good opportunities.

After a while, we became complacent – showboating at 1-0 is never a good idea, and a Fulham equaliser became an inevitability. Mad Jens showed a new contract hasn’t settled him down in the least by charging out of goal to allow Simon Davies to lob him from a feeble punch.

Fortunately, Adebayor produced a calm finish and Gilberto a cool penalty as we quickly restored our lead. It was almost as if we required the equaliser to spark us into life once more.

If we want to beat Chelsea next weekend, we’ll need to play a whole lot better.

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