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Competition winner: Bad luck, bro

136 comments April 27th, 2007

As I’m sure you know by now, we’ve been running a competition on Gunnerblog this week to win a Robert Pires t-shirt.  However, when my Chelsea supporting brother heard about this, he was inexplicably interested.  “I rate Robert Pires”, he claimed, before following up with the bluntest of questions: “Can you let me win?”

“No, I can’t”, says I, keen to preserve the integrity of my website.  “If, however, you enter of your own accord and happen to be drawn out the hat, then I’ll readily congratulate you”.

He did enter, complete with entitling the email “Nudge nudge wink wink”.  As far as he could see, all he had to do was answer the simplest of questions, and surely I’d fix it for him to have a brand new t-shirt:

Which club did Arsenal sign Robert Pires from?

According to my bro, Metz.  Oh dear oh dear.

Congratulations instead to Nicole Smith, who correctly identified Marseille as Pires’ previous side.  My bro should’ve known better – Bob scored an absolute cracker for Marseille against his beloved Chelsea just before he moved to us.  I’ll be in touch with the winner over the weekend – thanks again to our friends over at, who’ll be giving away another t-shirt here in just six weeks time.  In light of their affiliation with Gunnerblog, they’ve added a bunch of new Arsenal shirts, which are all worth checking out.

Not a huge amount of football news around today, but I suggest you listen to the arsecast for the greatest technical accomplishment since man landed on the moon.

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