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The headline so bad The Sun turned it down

428 comments April 25th, 2007

I'm so sorry

And like any much in such a position, he knows it. Look at those eyes. Pained.

Another man who knows it is Safety over at arseblog. If you stick with this one, it’s a good read, and another shot fired in the blog-based PR war over the takeover. Hill-Wood and his posse will be quaking in their boots after learning that Arsenal Muse have joined ANR in the Kroenke corner. Who knows where I stand. I suppose I’m Switzerland.

The Independent have said what anyone with half a brain already suspected – that the “we won’t sell for a year, honest” deal put together by the clubs major shareholders is “reversible”. And not like this. I have a feeling this takeover thing is going to drag on for a hell of a long time.

Arseblogger reckons we might sign Pele. Yohann Pele, that is – the Le Mans goalkeeper. I would write one of those Signing Suggestion thingies to accompany this news, but truth be told, I know little to nothing about him. Any French fans reading who could enlighten us, feel free to contact me. A french-speaking ‘keeper can’t be a bad idea seeing as that’s the first language of every defensive squad member we have, bar Justin Hoyte.  Poor Justin.  I imagine they all sit at the back of the bus, from where they throw garlic, baguettes and berets at him.

Don’t forget yesterday’s competition, which could afford you the chance to run around in a Pires t-shirt, remembering the days when we were good.

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