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Why David Dein won’t be back for a while

314 comments April 20th, 2007

The Times says that senior players in the Arsenal camp are confident that David Dein will make a swift return to the club. Well, I hate to break it to Titi & Co., but I have to say: it seems unlikely. On his Talksport radio show, Ian Wright claimed:

I know this for a fact that the manager and the players are 100% behind David Dein and I can see real repercussions coming off the back of this.”

But to be honest, the chances of Ian Wright knowing those things “for a fact” are rather slim. I love Wrighty, but you can’t forget that sometimes the quotes he comes out with are more suitable for a fervent self-publicist than a football pundit.

Yes, the players will doubtless be surprised and perturbed that Dein is gone. Certainly, it would make sense for Dein to merge with Kroenke and force his way back onto the board as part of a hostile takeover. But is that really what he wants?

Arsene Wenger said yesterday that Dein’s heart is red-and-white. If that’s the case, does he really want to be seen by the fans as the man trying to destabilise the club? In backing Kroenke, there were two major incentives for him: a) money, and b) power. I’m sure he would argue that there’s a c) the club’s best interests. If he is truly a man with the club’s interests at heart, then he will move on, or at least allow time to heal the wounds of Hill-Wood and the rest of the board, who clearly feel Dein has attempted to undermine them.

Although public comment from the club has been very restrained, there must be a huge amount of anger there. And the fans aren’t idiots. If Dein forces his way back into the club in an effort to create chaos and force a takeover, then the supporters will turn on him even further, whatever the potential benefits to the team.

The bottom line is this: Dein doesn’t want to be booed at a stadium he didn’t even want to build. So he won’t be back.

The Independent think Arsene will appoint the man to replace Dein. However, The Independent once published an article claiming Christian Vieri would sign for Chelsea the following day. It is certainly true that the Chairman met with Arsene yesterday, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they discussed bringing someone in as a negotiating figure. Arsene’s opinion would be very valuable, especially if the club expect him to stay in the long-term.

Whilst it’s all very nice to sit around and speculate about this stuff, I can’t help but feel that Chelsea and Man U blogs are having more fun talking about possible Trebles and Quadruples. I hope this Summer I’m writing about exciting transfers, not boring board-room politics.

And so, the on-pitch stuff. Cesc Fabregas is a doubt for Spurs, but Abou Diaby should be fit. Although fourth spot seems to be in the bag, losing to that lot is completely unthinkable.

Today is press conference day. have promised more news on the futures of Baptista and Lehmann for the third week in succession. Who wants to bet that Arsene says:

“There is no news. When there is, you will be the first to know.”

No? Nobody?

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