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A Return to Standards

70 comments December 8th, 2006

As some of you may know, over the past few months I have really struggled for regular internet access. The main people to blame are the Internet Service Provider I foolishly signed up to upon moving into my new flat. Let’s give them and imaginary name. Let’s call them, say, “SpeakSpeak”.

Well, after complaining to the CEO of “SpeakSpeak”, I finally have the internet that I started paying for some months ago. Obviously, I’m delighted. But you should all be pleased too. In my absence the site has fallen down ever-so-slightly: less articles, less exclusives, and less translations from dodgy foreign press reports about players we’re “set to sign”. But now, I’m back online. And that also leaves me in a much better position to police the comments section on a daily basis.

A win for Arsenal against Chelsea would have much the same effect as me getting the internet will have on this website: reinvigoration, and a fresh start. Gilberto, for one, believes that we’re in the process of “saving our season”.

The Brazilian might have to fill in at centre-back if Johan Djourou and William Gallas don’t recover, though it looks like Djourou will make it. Either way, Philippe Senderos looks set to start, and Jens Lehmann think he may finally get over his phobia of Didier Drogba:

“Philippe will be OK against [Didier] Drogba – he’s intelligent. It’s not a problem. He has played some great games this year so we will see how he will cope on Sunday.”

It’d be a shame for Gallas to miss the game, as his appearance would add a lot spice.  Should he not play, Emmanuel Adebayor says “We will all be playing for William on Sunday”, and talks of being ready for “war” with Chelsea: it may well feel like war with the presence of Ashley Cole. Lehmann says of the traitor:

“Of course Ashley should expect criticism from supporters on Sunday. He should get criticism. f he didn’t it would have meant that he wasn’t an important player, but he was. So obviously he should expect some negative emotions when he plays against Arsenal. I do not understand why young players write books. I do not know why a player at 25 wants to tell me all about their big experiences. When I consider the age I am now, I would have a lot to tell people. But it seems to be an English habit to come out with books that nobody needs.”

If any opposition fans wonder why Jens Lehmann is so popular at Arsenal, they need only look at the honest and forthright views displayed in those quotes.

Expect more team news and build-up as we hurtle towards Sunday’s showdown…

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