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How Kolo Toure got lost on his first day at the Emirates.

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As you’ll know if you read yesterday’s entry, this morning I was lucky enough to be allowed in for a glimpse of The Emirates Stadium as part of the club’s Members Day.  I had to leave at around 11am, and the doors opened at hour late at 10.30, so I have to confess it wasn’t too eventful. However, I will always remember the occasion, for two reasons.

Firstly, my first look at the stadium.  It’s simply gigantic.  However many pictures you look at you can’t be prepared for what it’s like when you finally get there for real.  It’s like an enormous concrete spaceship, containing the most beautiful green pitch you could possible imagine.  The only criticism I can have of the new ground is that due to the inward sloping roof, the big screens are quite hard to view from the upper tiers.

The second incident is the one that gives this article it’s title.  As we queued outside the Orange quadrant, desperate to get in, a silver car came flying round the outside of the stadium.  Except, it was going the wrong way.  And it was about to crash into a team of paramedics, who were treating someone suffering from the intense heat.  After much waving and shouting from the paramedics, the driver stopped, and wound down his window.  It was Kolo Toure. He was looking for the dressing room, and he was lost.  After learning he was infact going the wrong way aroung the circuit, he was forced to perform an embarassing u-turn to the ironic cheers of the Arsenal fans.

Being the diamond guy that he is, he still found time to chat to the fans and make fun of himself.

I took a not-too-great picture on my camera-phone which I’ll post tomorrow.  ‘Till then.

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