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Calderón coming for Fabregas

10 comments July 3rd, 2006

Well, the final votes in Real Madrid’s Presidential elections are being counted, and it looks like Ramón Calderón is the winner. Worryingly for Arsenal fans, Calderón’s policies included bringing Fabio Capello, Kaka, and Arjen Robben to the club. Oh, and Cesc.

I spoke the other day about Cesc’s likely unwillingness to leave. Indeed, he spoke about it himself. However, having been voted in, Calderón has said he hopes to “deliver on all the promises we made“. His exact words on Cesc were, “If we win I am sure he will come“. Whilst Arsenal will not welcome any approach, if Calderón is to save any face, and retain any sort of credibility, he will have to approach the club with a significant bid. If it’s rejected, he will be able to tell the Madrid fans that he tried his best. However, a failure to enter into negotiations will not be tolerated by those who voted him in.

There’s a bit of a nothing story about Thierry having further problems with achilles. He hasn’t seemed too troubled by injuries in a World Cup where he’s scored 3 goals in 5 appearances.

If he has got a problem, we needn’t worry: We’ve got Theo Walcott. He had an excellent World Cup – he can quite confidently say that he didn’t put a foot wrong. Sven yesterday defended the decision to pick young Theo, saying:

“I’ve seen Defoe 15 or 20 times this season. If I’d thought he was the better option, I’d have picked him.”

Quite how gigantic an insult it is to Defoe that he then took a player he had never seen play cannot be underestimated. Funny, really. Arsenal 1, Tottenham 0.

Oh, and Spurs’ signing Didier Zokora on his new club:

“It is fair to say they are less prestigious than Arsenal.”

Ha. At least he’s under no illusions.

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