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Transfer activity today? Not for Theo or Cesc.

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The internet is a funny place, particularly for football fans. Rumours can begin from nowhere. Obscure weblogs can make idle suggestions, and before you know it the story is all over the papers. Hilarious, really.

This Walcott to West Brom rumour has gathered such pace that his agent has had to speak out to deny his depature. I really feel that we don’t know the full story with Walcott. We have no idea yet if he is good enough to play in the Premiership at such a young age. Perhaps a loan spell isn’t the worst idea, but if he is to have one, it should surely be a Premiership club, where we can see him tested at this level?

One player whose definitely not going anywhere is Cesc Fabregas, after his agent back up Arsene’s announcement that the player is not for sale. It’s becoming clear that both Theo and Cesc have fairly decent people representing them. Fabregas’ man said, “Cesc prefers playing at Arsenal next season and I think a lot of seasons“.

Great news, and unsurprisingly Arsene agrees. Cesc is part of a golden generation of young talent, with the likes of Senderos, Van Persie, Walcott, and Djourou (our new number 20) set to step up to the plate.

There are rumours today that they might be joined by a signing in the very near future. Like I said earlier, the internet is a funny place, and be prepared for these to be rumours and nothing more. However, whispers are gathering that we are on the verge of a new squad member. Javier Saviola would be the obvious guess, but my bet is on Franco Semioli. The Italian winger is a right-sided player whose pace and skill is not dissimiliar to that of Franck Ribery. Rumours in Italy suggest we are not far from agreeing a £5.5m fee for the Chievo wide-man.

Or maybe it will be a deal for one of the Juventus players, who are set to be relegated this evening.

Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll beat Watford to the punch on this

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