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The temptation to make up news is enormous.

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I promise that’s not what happened with the supposed “third kit“. But the fact remains: with the World Cup on a two day hiatus and Arsene busy writing an amusingly bad blog, Arsenal news is thin on the ground.

Though I suppose to a certain extent that depends on what you call “news“. Is it, for example, news that the Emirates Stadium is “almost ready“? Not really. “The Emirates Stadium is ready” would be a hell of a headline. “Almost ready” is a comparatively damp squib.

Edelman rubs salt into the wound by stating, “We will be naming parts of the stadium but we will not be releasing that for a bit yet“. Thanks Keith. Ridiculous. It’s almost like the Emirates Stadium has been built with no consideration for what I’m going to write about. More pics of our amazing new ground can be found here.

Meanwhile, Tony Adams has joined Pompey’s Russian Revolution as Harry Redknapp’s assistant and potential successor. Adams, who had previously been at several placements with Dutch clubs, has said of Redknapp: “Harry’s a guy I respect and one I’d love to work with. He obviously thinks a lot of me to approach me and I’ve got a lot of admiration for him.” Personally, I’m not sold on Adams as a coach. When, during Euro 2004, he advocated dropping Wayne Rooney in some bizarre attempt to be different, you couldn’t help but wonder what on earth he was on about. Still, Wycombe was probably not a fair reflection of his abilities as a manager – with little resources and an incredibly young squad, he was always going to struggle.

Who knows, maybe he’ll manage Arsenal one day. Maybe Jurgen Klinsmann will, if Jens’ comments are anything to go by. What a turn up for the books that would be.

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