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From Seventh Heaven to… well, rubbish.

61 comments January 21st, 2006

I’m as befuddled as you, Thierry.

That, my friends, was rubbish.

As a scholar, Theo Walcott still only earns £90 a week. If he spent £7 of it on this PremPlus match, he would’ve regretted it. Let’s hope that’s not all he regrets.

After winning our last match 7-0 using a 4-4-2, Arsene thought it wise to revert to the eternally rubbish 4-5-1. Brilliant. Playing Freddie Ljungberg in central midfield? A masterstroke. Or not.

Playing Gilberto Silva at all was what turned out to be our downfall. He was so bad. He couldn’t pass, tackle, head. He could barely walk. It was like the whale trapped in the Thames. You just thought it best to put him down. Dreadful.

The way that away from highbury our entire midfield just collapses is dreadful. Cesc was one of our better players, but even he got himself stupidly sent off late on. He’ll now miss three games, virtually guaranteeing that we’ll be seeing plenty more of Gilberto.

Abou Diaby came on for his debut, but judging by the performances from some of the midfielders out there, it won’t be long before he’s in the first team. Crazy though it sounds, it won’t be long before the same is true of Theo Walcott.

Infuriating stuff.

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