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Walcott Medical Tomorrow?

29 comments January 18th, 2006

Rumours are suggesting that Theo Walcott will have a medical at Colney tomorrow. Personally, I believe the stories.

My take on it is that Walcott will be an Arsenal player by tomorrow night.

Brief, I know, but it’s late.

Arsenal Lead Shortening in Walcott Race

11 comments January 18th, 2006

Theo Walcott is the fastest player in The Championship. The worry for Arsenal now is that he’s sprinted out of sight.

This weekend, The Gunners seemed certain of a deal. Walcott’s agent even went so far as to declare the deal “70% done“. Meetings on Thursday had progressed with little difficulty, and it was thought that only a duck-shooting trip for Rupert Lower had delayed the deal. Most observers viewed Arsenal’s lead as insurmountable, and expected Walcott to be an Arsenal player by Tuesday.

But he’s not. Southampton’s stalling tactics have worked a treat, with two other clubs, believed to be Liverpool and Chelsea, now firmly in the race. Both clubs represent massive threats. Chelsea’s financial might is unmatchable, and if Walcott’s head is turned by Roman’s roubles, we don’t stand a chance. Liverpool, meanwhile, are the club Theo has supported from boyhood. He’s only sixteen: those ties are still strong.

Southampton are currently weighing up the bids, but they may find they have little option. For Wenger to come out his his now infamous “two and a half” signings comment, I believe he must have come to some sort of firm agreement with Walcott. A man who is normally so quiet over transfers would not make the same mistake did with Julio Baptista. If, as some sources suggest, Walcott is 100% committed to Arsenal, Lowe has no choice but to accept the bid or risk losing the player to a tribunal.

Arsenal remain favourites to sign the teenager. But be sure: our club will not be dragged into a bidding war over a player who as yet has shown little more than awesome potential. Everybody at the club, above all Arsene, wants Walcott to come to Highbury. But with the ominous threat of three other clubs circling the St. Mary’s stadium, more and more it seems that the final decision will rest with the player.

Nerve-wracking stuff.

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