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Robin van Persie might be a rapist.

618 comments June 16th, 2005

But I pray to God he’s not.

I’ve found the past days’ news particularly hard to stomach. Van Persie is one of my favourite Arsenal players, and guilty or innocent, this is an extremely distressing time for both him and his family.

Admittedly, headlines like mine yesterday might not help. But to be honest, I doubt he reads Gunnerblog.

There will be no retraction of my previous article. It takes one glance to see that I only every suggest that van Persie “might” be a rapist. As he might. That is why he is a suspect. He is, thus, a suspected rapist. This is beyond argument. Never did I name him specifically as a rapist. I may included the expression “the rapist” in my headline, but it would not take the most literary mind to see that I might just have been alluding to the general theme, or stereotype of “the rapist”.

I have a function which enables me to delete unwanted comments on my site. But it’s a function I would never choose to use. I respect your opinions, positive or negative.

But please respect mine. Respect my freedom to write what I choose. And for God’s sake, don’t waste your energy castigating me over the wording of a meaningless article.

I admit, it is a frustrating time for Arsenal fans. After the Ashley Cole saga, a cloud now hangs over the future of van Persie, and it’s almost impossible for us to comment.

We can pray that the allegations are false, but if they prove to be true, we will have to do the honourable thing and wash our hands of a player whose career would, essentially, be over. At 21. It’s a horrible, horrible thought.

I won’t be commenting on the matter any further.

For those of you who were so offended yesterday, I do apologise. I feel there has been some misunderstanding. But at the end of the day, I’ll write what I want, and if it means losing some of my readership, so be it.

Much love,


Ps. It’s my birthday today, and Arsene might just have arranged a present: there is expected to be some significant movement on the Aleksander Hleb front. Wait and see, I guess.

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