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Cole findings published in full, and it ain’t pretty…

13 comments June 4th, 2005

24 pages of lies.

But some of them are quite interesting lies.

Patrick Vieira has fiercely denied Johnathan Barnett’s claim that he sent Ashley Cole a text message saying “don’t accept less than 80k”.

Perhaps even more worrying is Peter Kenyon’s explanation of the reasons behind Cole’s “determination to leave Arsenal”:

“He was concerned that the relationship
with the manager was not good, that
there was definitely a series of cliques
and the team was primarily run by the
French boys. So the relationship, to our
surprise, he articulated very strongly that
he was not happy with it.”


Finally, and fundamentally, the Commission’s findings:

“21 The Commission concluded that it was inconceivable that:
(1) PZ did not inform JB of the arrangement to meet CFC.
(2) That JB did not inform AC and
(3) That JB and AC were unaware that PK was about to arrive â?? but they
may not have known that he was to be accompanied by JM.
We accept that PK had no other business with PZ that afternoon and that
the sole purpose of PK and JM travelling to the hotel was to meet AC. In
summary, we are satisfied that every individual was fully aware that a prearranged
meeting was to take place and that its purpose was to discuss
with Ashley Cole his future.”

Oh Ash.

And he’s now appealing.

I have absolutely no idea whether he’ll ever play for us again.

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