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Still in the thick fog of International week…

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Don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m stumbling through a desolate misty moor, clutching at any news story that feels like it might be of the remotest interest.  Take, for example, Patrick Vieira stating that he won’t be joining Arsenal in January.  This is not, traditionally, a news story.  If anything, it’s a refutation of the potential for a piece of news.  It’s a news contraceptive.  And yet here it is, the first thing I have cause to mention.

Arsene Wenger has also been producing some non-news, stating that he won’t name Arsenal’s new manager:

“If they consult me I will give an opinion but I certainly will not name the next manager because that’s not my job and I wouldn’t like to do anything other than my job.”

The Arsenalisation process continues, with the latest mural to be erected featuring the likes of Charlie George and Dennis Bergkamp.  Whilst I like the idea, I do occasionally wonder if the players’ figures could bear a closer resemblance to their real-life counterparts.  In the first mural, for example, Thierry Henry cut a rather tubby figure.

Right, that’s really it.  If I were you I’d just bury your head in the sand till Friday, but given how inconvenient that could prove to be, I expect I’ll see you tomorrow.

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