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Thomas Vermaelen could captain Arsenal one day too

1 comment October 9th, 2009

Things are a bit quiet in blogville as far as Arsenal are concerned.  That’s all down to the horrors of yet another International break.  This one is particularly dull for English fans: not only can you only watch the national team through some dodgy (yet still expensive) stream, but Theo Walcott isn’t even in the full squad.

Probably the biggest Arsenal-related news is that flavour of the month Thomas Vermaelen (who pipped ‘Cookies & Cream’ at the post) has been named Belgium’s new captain.  Admittedly, that is a bit like being named King of Luxembourg (ie. not half as impressive as it sounds), but it is yet another indication that the 23-year old has leadership qualities beyond his years.

The appointment means he’s already captained his country and Ajax, one of European football’s most recognised clubs.  Ally that with the fact that he’s vocal, an organiser, a centre-back, and looks well ‘ard, and suddenly the case for him being a future Arsenal skipper becomes rather clear.

Of course, we do have a rather excellent captain in situe at the moment, and I would never suggest that there was a strong possibility of him leaving in the next few years.  To go to Barcelona.  Oh no.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is so that if when it does come to pass, I can claim that I called it.

Fans of Nicklas Bendtner: Watch this video.  Go to 00:28.  Marvel at the skill, the dexterity, the technique.

Gavin Hoyte, whose career has taken something of a backwards step since being unfairly drafted in for that awful game at the City of Manchester Stadium last year, has joined Brighton & Hove Albion on loan.  Hopefully some good performances there will boost his confidence and get him back on track.

That’s about it from me.  It might continue to be a little quiet over the weekend, simply because I’m not interested in the vast majority of games that are happening.  The most intriguing from an Arsenal perspective might be Andrey Arshavin’s Russia taking on Germany, in something of a winner-takes-all affair.

Enjoy your Fridays.

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