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A good news day for Gooners

Add comment September 15th, 2009

After the crushing defeat at Manchester City, suddenly there’s good news cropping up all over the place.


Eduardo da Silva’s two-game ban from European competition for “simulation” has been overturned.  From an Arsenal perspective, it’s great news as he’s now available for the games against Liege and Olympiakos, but I think UEFA have done themselves a favour too by avoiding the administrative nightmare that would be attempting to ascertain the veracity of every penalty appeal under their jurisdiction.

Hwoever, were I working for Arsenal’s press office, I’m not sure I would have sanctioned this statement from Eduardo proclaiming his innocence.  Even if there was minimal contact, Eduardo definitely engaged in some simulation to attempt to coerce the award of a penalty.  The appropriate punishment, I suppose, would have been a retrospective yellow card.  I can’t help but feel our success at the appeal is due more to UEFA’s realisation that they’d opened a huge can of worms than a foul by Artur Boruc.


Emmanuel Adebayor has been charged by the FA with violent conduct for his stamp on Robin van Persie and improper conduct for his celebration in front of the Arsenal fans.  The former will result in a three game suspension, whilst the latter could add another game or two at a later date.

Adebayor’s punishment, when it arrives, will be absolutely deserved.  It will hit City hard, but then Adebayor is too selfish to have considered that in the moment.


The Premier League will introduce a quota system from next season which imitates that already in use in the Champions League.

From next season, each club will, at the end of every transfer window, have to name at least eight “home-grown” players in a squad of 25.  To qualify as home grown, a player will have had to be registered for at least three seasons at an English or Welsh club between the ages of 16 and 21.  This squad of 25 can be supplemented by players below the age of 21.

Richard Scudamore says:

“It will encourage youth development and the promotion of young players.  It’s a rule which we think will give clubs an extra incentive to develop players, and to make a better return from their investment in youth.  Make, rather than buy, is our intention.”

He could be reading from a script written by our own Arsene Wenger – especially when the system does not specify that the “home-grown” players need to be British.

The system will also prevent monied clubs from buying up massive squads of experienced internationals, and will thus promote healthy competition.

I think it’s a fantastic ruling, and one that will hopefully encourage clubs to invest in youth in the same manner that we have.

Liege preview tomorrow, but there’s injury news here and it don’t look pretty.

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