Ken Dyer says the Carrick deal is off…

…so I suppose we ought to believe him.

After all, he is Ken Dyer.

Various other people, not including Ken Dyer, think we might sign Michel Angulo, the Valencia striker. Intriguingly, a friend over at the wonderful Arseblog feels Le Boss might want to squeeze Angulo in at right-back. Don’t ask me how.

There isn’t much other news, if I’m honest. A bunch of unreliable sources say Vieira might join Real on Thursday. It’s gripping stuff, I tell thee.

‘Till next time.

UPDATE (2:37am) Francis Jeffers has joined Charlton. I’m sure we’ll get over it. The £2.6m they’re giving us will certainly speed-up the grieving process.

I’m a bad person…

Sorry for my absence. You know what I’m like.

Thinking about it, you don’t, do you.

I’ve been a bit busy is all. But I’m back now. And better than ever (DISCLAIMER: This may or may not actually be true).

Yesterday was the Community Shield. And yep, we won. 3-1, in fact.

I’d type up a full report, but the fact is, it’s now been so long since the game and so many other writers have published their thought that mine now seem somewhat irrelevant. I do however have a couple of players that I’d like to give special mention.

Jose Reyes looked superb, and nearly scored a truly brilliant individual goal. As it was, he set up one for Gilberto, and swept home the second. Was easily the man of the match, and looked like he’ll be one of this seasons genuine stars if he can keep up this form.

Cesc Fabregas was also thrown in at the deep end, and looked a worthy successor to Ray Parlour’s hallowed number 15 shirt. Got stuck in well, and played a couple of truly superb passes. Kept Keane out of the game. I think that his performance made a lot of people feel a lot better about the possibility of losing Vieira.

In general Arsenal news – there isn’t much. Apparently, Patrick Vieira might leave . We should know by Saturday, according to Le Boss. Jeremie Aliadiere is out for 3 months after a knock picked up in the shield (Shock. Horror.), and Michael Carrick could sign this week.

Back soon, I hope.

Why there was no post yesterday…

It’s because I’m tired. Not just physically, but I’m now drained entirely of any ability to add even more to the pack of lies surrounding this:

Arsene yesterday categorically denied accepting a bid, and I probably believe him. However, the phrasing suggests there has been a bid, but negotiations will continue.

I suppose the question of who might replace Vieira will eventually have to be raised. The current favourite is Maniche, but here Merse claims that the Portugese player “couldn’t even lace Patrick’s boots”.

I’m tempted to agree. Maniche is without any doubt a good central midfielder, but he’s a very different player to Paddy. Far more Lampard-esque.

Other potential targets include Stephan Appiah, Mark van Bommel, Xabi Alonso, some Argie kid, and interestingly Michael Carrick.

Of those, I’d prefer Xabi, but do reckon the Argie’s quite likely.

Despite the claims of The Sun, Freddie Ljungberg isn’t leaving. His denial of rumours, coupled with those of Edu’s, make Vieira’s silence all the more embarassing.

In other news, Hatem Trabelsi could sign within 24 hours.

That’d be nice.

UPDATE (9:57am) : I saw Paddy this morning. With mine own eyes. He popped out of his house to get a french loaf, then dashed back home again. Lovely Aston Martin. Anyhow, it’s only worthwhile telling you because there were a few dodgy reports that he was out in Spain.
Arsenal have a press day today, and if Paddy turns up, that’s a very good sign.
Perhaps another clue as to the big Frenchman’s future arrives in the fact that Real have left the number 4 shirt free.
However, conversely, Florentino Perez here seems less than certain of a deal.
Oh, and Matthieu Flamini, who would’ve started, is out of the Charity Shield after legal wranglings with Marseille. Wangers.

Real-ity Bites

Remember this boy?

This photo was taken in August 1996 – Arsenal were taking on Sheffield Wednesday, and an unknown french midfielder signed from AC Milan for £3.5m made his debut.

The rest, as they say, is history.

And so, it would seem, is Paddy.

I can’t think of much to say right now. The article sums it up much better than I ever could. Apparently Maniche is coming in as a “replacement”, but we all know that nobody will ever replace Paddy. When Ian Wright left, Vieira took over the mantle of my favourite Arsenal player, and carried it well for the seasons immediately following WWW’s departure. The boy came here as a nobody, and will leave as the greatest centre midfielder in the world, and one of our best ever players. How often in history have Arsenal had a player who was undoubtedly the best in their position in the entire world, bar none? That speaks volumes for just how massive Vieira has been for Arsenal football club.

But now, he’s off. He’s done everything he feels he can do with us. Or wants to do. Whatever it is, he wants to play for Real Madrid. That’s understandable. They are the most glamorous club in the world. If he is a success at Madrid he will be remembered as one of the all-time great footballers. At Arsenal he’d undoubtedly be a legend, but I don’t know if his star would rise quite so high as it can in La Liga.

I’m sad that Vieira is going. I’m happy that this all seems to be nearly over.

I trust in Arsene, and I know that he’ll manage to make this work.

Goodbye Vieira; See you Paddy; L8rz PV4; Tata Skipper; Adieu Le Long; Au revoir La Grande Saucisson;

Hello Tomorrow.


I’m a student. In the summer, I have to work.

I hate work.

I know I’m going to have to do it for the rest of my life, and that depresses me. I don’t really care about it nearly enough for it to be remotely interesting. Like now, for example. Technically, I should be typing up “competitor analysis”. The closest thing that I’m doing is writing CHELSEA ARE SHIT in really big letters.

A lovely man called Anti, who’s posted on here a couple of times, has asked me to add a little codey bit so that when you click a link, it opens a new window. I’ve promised him I’ll do my best, but it’s equally likely that this will result in the death of the site. So just in case: Goodbye. Forever.

There is some news. The Mirror and The Sun are reporting that Real faxed an £18m-ish bid over yesterday. Though it could be bollocks. And the fact is, nobody really cares anymore.

More as and when.

UPDATE (10:57am) : Sky claim Real have confirmed that they have tabled an £18m bid for Vieira. More later I’m sure.