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I hate International Week…

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That’s why there’s been no update, really. It’s just so bloody boring. I suppose we can all watch Ashley Cole tomorrow, but we’ll all just be wondering whether he’ll even be our player next season. As I’m sure you know by now, the FA have charged him for approaching Chelsea, as well as Chelsea for tapping him up, and Mourinho for poor conduct. Fines all round, probably. But as for Ash’s long-term future… well, that’s anybody’s guess.

And then there’s this:

For those of you whose Spanish isn’t all that great, this basically reads:


Oh, and Patrick Vieira‘s been slagging off the club for relying too much on youth.

See, this is all part of why I hate International week…

A tribute to a better site than mine, and almost certainly a bigger man too

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There is no real Arsenal news of any significance, other than the tragic passing of Steve Gleiber. Steve’s webpage is one of the oldest and most popular Arsenal sites there is, and certainly one of the first I ever visited. The sincerity of the contributions made on his forum show quite the respect this man held.

Steve’s cousin Rob K says it much better than I ever could:

“I am very sad to have to say that my wonderful cousin Steve Gleiber, host of the forum, passed away a few hours ago. Stevie was only 41 years old but has finally lost his battle with cancer. He is survived by his loving family Jutka, Janche & Susie and his wonderful partner Angela. He was a big guy with a bigger heart. Even though he in lived in Sydney, and we, his maternal family, live in the UK he was always a large part of all of our lives and we loved him dearly. He loved his family & partner, life & Arsenal passionately. I miss him already.”

The greatest memorial we could give to Steve would be the continued discussion of our beloved Arsenal in the polite, dignified, humorous manner that he personified and, by virtue of his site, allowed so many others to indulge in.

Our thoughts are with Steve’s family.

R.I.P. Steve

Will Jose or Will he go now?

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It doesn’t quite work as a headline, does it. But I’ve done my best.

It’s supposed to be like:

“Will he stay or will he go now?”

Ah dear. Don’t know why I bother.

Every day, though, it looks more and more like our little matador might head home. We’ve only paid about £8m for him so far, so if he were to leave, we’d probably recoup a profit of some sort.

If he does go, we could do worse for a left-sided replacement than Emre.

I’m in a good mood today. Hurrah.

United – Arsenal Final Looms

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Yesterday we drew Blackburn in the FA Cup Semi-Final, which of course means that Arsenal and Man U have been kept apart, teasing the possibility of a positively mouthwatering final.

But before that, we must focus our attentions on beating FA Cup specialist Mark Hughes’ Blackburn side. Only one hitch: we’re not very good at that. They’re one of those tricky, Bolton-esque sides that always seem able to turn us over, just when we really don’t want them to. Another battling performance will be required if we want to go back to Cardiff on the 21st May.

Meanwhile, there is some rather encouraging news on Gilberto Silva: he played his first game for 6 months in a strong reserve side’s victory over Chelsea last night. Nice to see another long-term absentee, Jeremie Aliadiere, grab a hatrick.

That’s all for now.

Ashley’s Sol-ution….

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Is to walk away on a Bosman, if you listen to the Daily Mirror. With a full two years still to run on his current contract, I’d be surprised if this has entered Ash’s mind yet. A slightly miffed Arsene Wenger said “I am surprised by the whole story. How can it happen in the centre of London? Why did they not do it in the middle of a roundabout on the M25, then everyone would have known about it?”

On a return trip to Spain with his family, Jose Reyes has revealed that “Anyone would want to play for a club as big as that – but for that to happen the directors must speak.” Nice and reassurring, there. Arseblogger eloquently discusses the possibility of selling our Spaniard. I’m not quite sure where I stand on this one yet, but I’m sure you’ll be the first to know when I do.

Monday morning. Yawn.

Swiss Toni leads Arsenal to FA Cup Semis

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Swiss Toni is a particularly fitting nickname for our young defender, Philippe Senderos. Swiss? Fairly obvious. Toni? A homage to his great predecessor, Tony Adams. And Swiss Toni, the lascivious car dealer from The Fast Show.

Thanks to Blogasaurus Rex for the image.

I’m not in anyway suggesting that Senderos is as good as Tony Adams. Or that he ever will be. I’m merely praising him for a couple of sterling performances in central defence over the past few games, as our lads have picked up four consecutive clean sheets.

And that was the key to our win over Bolton. After an early Freddie Ljungberg goal, we were able to hold off Bolton’s attack, aided by the stupidly deserved red card to El Hadji Diouf. Semi-finals here we come.

Jens Lehmann was solid between the sticks, Big Phil held the back-line well, Vieira put in a captain’s performance in midfield, and Jose Reyes seemed to regain some confidence in a striking role.

Gael Clichy was also excellent at left-back, with a headline-making Ashley Cole on the bench. Arsene has been a little more candid about his views on the Chelsea scandal, but the whole thing is surrounded by such a cloud of smoke that it seems pointless even to comment on it.

Man U in the final?

From Bayern to Bolton

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Well, that’s the European dream over for another year. There’s nothing more to say that hasn’t been said. What I’d rather do, is look forward to the match with Bolton later today.

The FA Cup is seen by many as the great consolation prize, but I’d still take great pleasure from reaching the final, and even more from winning it. Progression in the competition could also give us another chance to break our recent hoodoo with Man U. What is it now, 5 games without beating them? Community Shield aside, that is? Wouldn’t it be nice to beat them on a way to a trophy?

We’ll have to do it, at least tomorrow, without Thierry Henry, who, by the way, didn’t moan about the board, and isn’t leaving.

C’mon Arsenal.

Bayern Blitz Required Tonight

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Tonight’s game with Bayern is massive. A 2-0 win is required to see us through, and on paper, it looks a tough prospect.

However, my nerve’s have been calmed somewhat by arseblogger’s revelation that we will actually win 3-0. Phew.

Arsene certainly seems pretty confident, and interestingly was in a hurry to point out “the quality of the defenders”. Despite his assertion that “Senderos is going to be a very good centre-back”, it’s fascinating that after the disaster of Munich he should choose to praise our defence.

In attack, Jose Reyes will start ahead of Robert Pires on the left, with Dennis Bergkamp joining Thierry Henry up front.

I don’t get to watch the game, which, as I’m sure you can imagine, is really rather frustrating. Oh well.

3-0 it is.

News Now?

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It’s been a long time, but I should now be back with the lovely NewsNow. I say “should” – If I’m not, I’ll look a right pillock.

First, congratulations to Vik Akers’ womens’ side, who took the League Cup with a 3-0 victory over rivals Charlton, with Faye White hitting an absolute scorcher for the third. Apparently, they’re on for the quadruple. Better than Chelsea, then.

Ahead of the crunch tie with Bayern Munich, Arsene Wenger has proclaimed his faith in young Philippe Senderos, who will combine with Kolo Toure to form the heart of our defence.

The fact that I can’t actually make it to the tie pretty much confirms we’ll win it by at least 8 goals, so I wouldn’t worry were I you.

A couple of goals from Thierry Henry would certainly be welcome, and incidentally (smooth link here), his hatrick on Sunday has brought him to within just 8 goals of Ian Wright’s record. Do-able, especially if we stay in the two cup competitions.

Big “if”, though, isn’t it.

Chalkias helps Henry Chalk up a Hatrick

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Arsenal 3 – 0 Portsmouth

I know we complain about our goalkeeping problems, but neither of our lads have anything on Kostas Chalkias. Signed in the January transfer window from cash-strapped Panathanaikos, the Greek International has taken over Pompey’s number 1 slot.

Fair enough, you’d think. Except Pompey already had two very able goalkeepers: the veteran Shaka Hislop, and the exuberant Jamie Ashdown. And perhaps even more importantly: Chalkias is the worst goalkeeper in the world.

Error after error have dogged his time in the Premiership, and yet the utterly bizarre figure of Velimir Zajec refuses to displace him. Each to his own. Personally, I find it hilarious.

Saying all that, we’ll probably end up signing him.

Chalkias’ pure form of rubbishness was never more evident than yesterday, when his dreadful ‘keeping and some inspired work from Thierry Henry conspired to give our fleet-footed frenchman a probable hatrick. I say probable because our mate Kostas may lay claim to the third.

Philippe Senderos was solid, Mathieu Flamini fantastically frantic, Gael Clichy and Ashley Cole combined well on the left-hand side, and needless to say, Thierry was superb. Quincy also made a very good fist of a well-earned Premiership debut.

Pascal Cygan, however, picked up a knock which will keep him out of Wednesday’s crunch-tie with Bryan Munich.

That ones impossible to call. We’re perfectly capable of beating them 4-0, but equally, we might lose 3-1.


One thing that might help is that one of their key defenders has decided he’d rather be playing for us.

Superb, Sami.