On The Whistle: Who would you swap Giroud for?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? Right now, who would you trade Giroud for? On current form, I’m not sure there’s anyone in the Premier League I’d rather have. There are better players out there, but I’m not sure any of them are outperforming the Frenchman.

Anyway, have a watch of the video. I’m off on an international break of my own to Morocco. There’s an Arsecast Extra here for you too with chat on Newcastle, Walcott, Welbeck and more.

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  1. Drain Bammage   •  

    Yeah, that Giroud. He’s shit, ain’t he?
    Saw more videos of Arsenal fans claiming that we need real strikers like Jovetic or Dzeko.
    We have a lot of fans who are idiots who keep thinking that there are ‘better’ players all over the place.
    Oily Ollie brings a lot to the table outside of scoring, his link up play with his speedy midfielders, his aerial control skills (not Fellianiesque but close) and simply his height which is that plan B that Arsenal was always claimed about not having. No, he’s not an over the top Aguero type but few, few are at the top levels now that Tevez and Suarez are starring in Italy and Spain.
    Giroud interplay with his teammates is probably at its highest when Ozil is playing it seems.
    Or was it just the coincidence that they came back around the same time?
    Does Giroud success have anything to do with Alexis drop in form or does Giroud comeback correspond with Alexis burning out by himself from a combination of overuse, lack of rest, overexerting in each game as opposed to Barca where the ball moved? Wenger himself spoke of him being in the red zone. Costa at Chelsea also hit a mid-season wall as as Cesc who knew what to expect. Chelsea had 8 players playing over 2000mins played while the other 4-5 top teams have 2 or 3. Im sure Alexis is one of those on Arsenal. Per also had a long streak where he played with a different fullback each week at CB and didnt rest at all.

    Please no international injuries!
    Please no international injuries!
    Please no international injuries!
    Please no international injuries!
    Please no international injuries!
    Please no international injuries!

    Le Coq is the real deal but we still need to reinforce at the position.
    Coquelin-Arteta-Flamini with supposedly Chambers being considered a long term solution (!)
    is definitely better than how the season was started but if you can get a close to international level addition at the position, you have to do it and Arteta or Flamini dont come back.

    I really like Bellerin. When Debuchy returns, I dont see Chambers ever playing RB again barring injuries with those two others. And with Gabriel looking like he can help rotate 3 CB’s for the two central spots, I dont see Chambers getting much playing time there either. Will he start a game before the end of the season?

  2. Wrinkly Voyeur   •  

    Hey James could you please post a picture of arsene doing that thing where he’s sitting in his chair during the match and he raises his legs way up in the air? And also the one where he’s crouching down like he’s trying to take a dump

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