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  1. Chris   •  

    Fuck! :(

  2. Victor   •  

    Not to worry mate. I personally think when we qualify next season, with a better squad and i hope wenger buys three players to complement the spine of the team, Defender, Defensive midfielded and a striker, we will go all the way. This defeat i am hoping is the turning point in how we approach our home games in the future. I am hoping for 0-0 whenever we play at home first or a slight advantage but never a loss again. The idiots trolling wenger and ozil are not arsenal supporters but disguised as ones. At the stage of the season any critic of the team who professes to be a supporter is either dumb, stupid and ignorant or was never a supporter in the 1st place. Lets win the FA cup and end as high as we can in the league and go again next season. i believe wenger will win the champions league before he leaves Arsenal. COYG

  3. Wrinkly Voyeur   •  

    well….errrr……overall I belieeeeve if the players had just sniffed little bit the lint from my dirty underpants they would have shown great spiwit and belief and mental strengz

  4. Wadeyzf   •  

    I admit I got sucked in on the miracle, I really thought they could do it. deep down I knew it would be 2-0, inches away from history lol. Its part of being an Arsenal fan. On days like these I always remember back to my youth and recall watching Warsaw beat us, West ham beat us in the FA Cup final, and remembering the Arsenal teams I watched as a kid never gave me the chance to dream we might be able to get into the final 8 in Europe. As frustrating as it can be, there is still no other team I would ever support, and lets face it, could always be worse, we could be in the situation Spurs fans have :-)
    I have always loved Arsenal, there was never another team for me, 47 years and counting. COYG

    • Wadeyzf   •  

      of course, I forgot, I watched the 5 minute final, the 89 league game at Anfield and the invincible’s too. I watched Charlie Nicholas’s shot, got to see Liam Brady play, Tony Adams, Henry and Bergkhamp and so many other greats that I guess being an Arsenal fan is pretty sweet, we will get there again, don’t ever give up.

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