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  1. garry grant   •  

    Whoa there Sparky.
    3rd should be the goal.
    Im not sure the minimum part is realistic when one loss can put us back in 5-6th.
    One thing at a time.
    We are learning to win in different ways but were not still running smoothly,
    Throw in the cup and CL and Im just worried going through that stretch unharmed, not about 1st or 2nd.

    On a side note, I was thoroughly enjoying the whining of my Chelski loving cousins this week at the yearly family get together. The two PK’s they were refused and the resulting tie was simply the cherry on my sundae of footballing joy (our futsal team won office bragging rights).
    But I must admit when I saw that foul on Matic I had the same empty feeling in my stomach I have had too many times with our own players being savagely taken down over the past decade.
    I replayed all those gory moments which are as fresh in my mind as the great goals and cups.
    Just like I did 2yrs ago when that Wigan thug broke the leg of some young french kid with a knee high tackle but the league couldnt do a thing because the referee hadnt seen it..or saw it and only gave a foul… or whatever retarded excuse they gave, it resulted in a season ending foul going unpunished (and that Whelan idiot saying it was a fair tackle because he once broke his leg)..

    What was more annoying than the vicious foul is the same offending player had muay thay kneed a Chelski defender who was jumping for a header without even a foul given and the announcer couldnt figure out why the defender was offended by the dangerous play. We still have too many announcers who are even more clueless than referees and confuse physical contact with career ending fouls.

    We have so many mindless campaigns about diving, political correctness and social brainwashing, Id love to see a groundswell for preventing real dangerous injuries.
    If a referee cant tell a dangerous foul from a regular one, then maybe there should be a mechanism which sends keeps them away from the PL for 3 weeks or more.

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