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  1. ThaatArsenalGuy   •  

    I was actually pretty happy when we re signed flamini. Hes bevoking a bit of a liability now

  2. ThaatArsenalGuy   •  


  3. Ollieroscoehop   •  

    Thanks for doing these James! Always good to hear your thoughts just after the match! Looking forward to the arsecast tommorow, Cheers

  4. kiwigoonerz   •  

    Glad we seem to have signed a CB this Jan (assuming Paulista goes through). Still really hope we pick Winston Reid up for free in the summer.

  5. santori   •  

    Disagree with regard Flamini.

    I think we are a little too carried away with Coquelin.

    He does provide more energy and pace and is more technical but Flamini has improved since coming in for Arteta.

    Often he is the lightning rod to all things evil when it goes wrong.

    Frankly he is not under performing. He just recently returned from injury and when you watch the game again, he does pretty much what Coquelin does pitching in with a last ditch block which gets no mention for obvious current bias against him.

    Coquelin made 3 two footed challenges against Stoke which were risky at best. had that been Flamini, we would hear no end to it.

    Similarly, Chambers has been at fault positionally on many occasions this season which have ended in goals against us. Again had it been Flamini, he would have been spit roasted.

    The difference when Coq came on at Brighton was not because he was better rather we had two DMs on.

    Also the issue at heart to our problems this season is NOT Flamini or a soft centre. This is a myth.

    Our issue has always been an unstable backline with a number of players positionally creating uncertainty due to inexperience or being played out of position. This all stems from a lack of Cback options recently rectified.

    We have conceded most goals from wide areas and set pieces since pre-season.

    This is because we have been pretty much bereft of the Meterscielny partnership.

    There we barbed criticism recently of Per with the usual moan about his ‘slowness’ being a liability. In contrast Koscielny has been lauded as the better player in need of a new partner.

    Well against Brighton, we see this facile view debunked. Koscielny’s weakness was as easily exposed as was Per’s when without the other.

    Simply put, the problems are in the back 4.

    Flamini is not a poor player. He has been more disciplined in recent games. On ocassion he almost created an assist against City. Yet the bias against him is such that he will suffer criticsm for no apparent reason. A close assist will draw criticism that he is too adventurous bombing forward. Sitting back shielding will draw criticism that he is less dynamic.

    he can’t win.

    In truth, Coquelin is not as good as everyone is saying (yet). These are early days and there are flaws to his game His passing completion rate is not up to Flamini’s which has been in the 90% range.

    Nor is Flamini as poor as everyone suggest.

    A bit of levity and balance is needed.

    Both players IMO are about equal with Coquelin improving quickly. Hopefully he can sustain his resurgence.

    Both players are still very useful. Flamini’s experience and distribution is in equal measure to Coquelin’s attributes in pace and technical ability.

    Personally I hope Coquelin does the business for us because it would at very least put to bed some of the moaning about needing a new DM. But Flamini is no slouch either and this whole idea that he is in a slump is utter nonsense.

    Watch the games again and Flamini in particular.

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