Arsecast Extra 49: What we think we’ll spend in January

The latest Arsecast Extra is here, featuring lengthy discussion on Theo Walcott, Francis Coquelin, and Joel Campbell. Andrew and I also make our prediction as to what we think we’ll spend in January. It makes for scary listening.

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  1. garry grant   •  

    Schniederlin will NOT be coming this January. Its simply idiotic to this that a 4th place team would do this. But outside that what are the names out there that make sense at DM? And Im not sure Khedira is really a DM.
    I saw Carvalho play twice this year in league games and very average.
    I remember when my portuguese friends had me watch a game to check out who this player of the year, Matic was. Carvalho doesnt have a fraction of the offensive skills that Matic had in Portugal but his defensive positioning and intensity failed to impress me and it wasnt the most intense game Ive ever seen play. I was expecting seeing some guy bossing around the center of the field and kept seeing a guy take himself out of position all the time.
    People keep saying we need a DM but I never hear anything that makes sense.

    As for CB, every team is looking for one.
    Look at United, they spent 150mil this summer and every time I see they have Evans, Jones and Smalling out there. That guy Rojo has been hurt but neither he or Luke Shaw have proven to be a next step player.
    City have frozen out Nastasic (and could be a great option but Citeh would rather sell him to Mancini. He’s very young but is better and has more experience than Chambers. Could well be third CB behind KosPer and eventually replace them but once Kompany was hurt, their prize young signing has proven to not be ready for the english league. And is DeMichelis really a world class CB when Kompanyisnt around?
    Chelsea have a more than mediocre Cahill and a creaking JT whose career has been extended by having Matic right in front of him. That Zouma kid is raw, Good but absolutely raw. If anyone gets hurt, they have to move Brana the bulldozer from right back. They are not loaded on defense.
    Honestly I dont even know who plays for Southampton.
    But my point is the 3 big money teams have not signed world class CB but young kids who have potential. I see no guys mentioned who are top 5 in the world being bought or sold by Chel/Man/Citeh.

    Sanchez is amazing but how much you wanna bet well have about the same amount of goals as last year? Arsenal has never had problems scoring. But apart from Ramsey’s player of the year form before he was injured form, they havent had a player who could and WANTED to take charge.
    An alpha male who is willing to lead and does so by example every single time he steps on a field.
    Some call this kind of man a leader, some call them a captain. He really is like a vegetarian Suarez.

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