Arsecast Extra 48: Coquelin, West Ham and a horde of eels


The latest Arsecast Extra is here to warm your wintry ears, in which we answer the biggest question of all: who is the real villain of The Lord of the Rings?

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If I don’t appear here before then, Happy New Year in advance!

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  1. 1NiltotheArsenal   •  

    Great podcast as usual. The Birds & the Bees – check that – The Eels and the Bees – was hilarious.
    OK, so here are a couple for the next podcast:

    1) If you were forced at the point of a gun to take either John Terry or Ryan Shawcross to shore up the Arsenal defense for the remaining half of the campaign (January-May 2015) who would you pick and why?

    2) If you could take back any ex-Arsenal player currently playing who would it be and why?

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    Nice read…

    Have not visited for a few years ?

    Where all the post these days ?

    Welbeck injured for New Year’s Day great eh ?

    • GilbertoSilver   •     Author

      Hey mate. Still here, but if you check my twitter account I’m writing a lot elsewhere too…

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  


    Amelia in his prime or Henry !

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  



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