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  1. Gerardo Audelo   •  

    Why Wenger and most people insist on assuming Welbeck is a better option than Podolski is beyond me.
    The usual reasons for not playing the German are A) he isn’t tall or tough enough, B) he is not young and in all likelyhood isn’t going to improve and C) he does not defend very well.
    All those things can be said about Welbeck as well.
    That Welbeck is faster rarely compensates the fact that he misses sitters (frequently) for both club and country and has been doing this for years. He should have been fourth choice at Man Utd behind Rooney, RVP and Chicharito, yet was played more often than the later one and had a much lower goal per minute ratio. But perhaps being an acadamy product and, let’s face it, being brit played a huge part in his selection.

    I’m not saying to sell Welbeck instead of Poldi, but the reality is that if there is a one-on-one with the keeper or a good shooting option inside the area, any sane person would rather see the former Koln man take the shot instead of Welbeck.
    With the results we have been getting, I’d rather let a World Cup winner with a hundred caps play than the usual underperformer.

  2. Betsey   •  

    This inrifmatoon is off the hizool!

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