Arsenal 1 – 3 Aston Villa: It was just a mirage

I had a vision of a better Arsenal. It was a vision sold to me by Ivan Gazidis, who promised me that after a decade of harsh desert we were approaching an oasis of plenty. It was a vision that sustained me through a summer starved of football.

It seemed entirely plausible: Arsenal were changing. The shifting financial landscape had left us in a position of relative security. Our prudence had paid off, and it was time for the purse-strings to be loosened. Arsenal would challenge for major honours once again.

It was a vision that I, somewhat foolishly, believed in. And it was just a mirage.

The dream evaporated and condensed in to the cold wet reality of a 3-1 home defeat to Aston Villa. Some dream. Some start.

Arsenal must be the only club in world football who can begin the summer with a triumphant declaration of renewed spending power, yet plunge in to crisis just one game of the new season. The journey between that zenith and the subsequent nadir has been riddled with negligence and incompetence.

Let’s put this simply: a better Arsenal side would have beaten Aston Villa, regardless of referees and injuries. Arsenal have the resources to build a better team – they spent the early part of the summer boasting publicly about the fact – they have simply neglected to do so.

The buck stops with Arsene Wenger. It is easy to make jokes the vagueness of Gazidis’ role or the clowning of chief negotiator Dick Law, but the truth is that all major decisions on transfer policy are made by one man: Arsene.

My impression is that Gazidis and the board would like to see Arsene spend. However, the manager seems unwilling to let go of the parsimonious habits of the last ten years.

Wenger is fond of challenging reporters to name potential targets:

People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’ it becomes much more problematic.

I’ll play your game, Arsene: Gonzalo Higuain. Luis Gustavo. Etienne Capoue. Paulinho. All of those players are well within our financial grasp and would significantly improve our squad. Two have joined our closest rivals. Arsenal are knowingly allowing the gap to close.

Our squad is in a state of drastic disrepair. A spate of injuries picked up on Saturday means we must travel to Fenerbahce for a crucial Champions League qualifier with a severely weakened team.

There is still time left in this transfer window. What’s more, I fully expect Arsene to embark on another desperate trolley dash before the window closes. However, by then, it may already be too late.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Rowesicky   •  

    There are many supporters, as you know, who will agree with your sentiments here (I’m one of them). For the manager to say the market has not moved is just not true (it’s moved for City, Spurs, and other clubs). Perhaps Wenger means the market has not moved in just the way he would ideally have hoped. This, I fear, is the kind of nitpicking that Arsenal cannot afford at this moment. There are players out there now that will improve our team and the money is there. It’s baffling that more hasn’t been done. There’s value in being frugal, but not when it costs the very stability the club has built over the years.

    • martinenko   •  

      if Wenger cannot identify players who would improve our squad and are well within our means to buy them, than I’m afraid he lost it, and he should walk, definitely doesn’t deserve new contract

    • Lau   •  

      I find it interesting that Lady Bracewell placed the blame on Kroenke and hence Ivan Gazidiz as his henchman. For a big club like Arsenal, for sure all transfer negotiations are done by someone other than Head Coach. While Arsenal does not officially have a Director of Football, I believe that Ivan’s the one playing that role. And it is obvious that our prowess in the transfer market weakens substantially from the time David Dean left.

  2. TrolleyDashers   •  

    At the same time you hope we sign someone.

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  4. Steve of Chiang Mai   •  

    It is no longer a figment of the media’s imagination despite what Arsene might say. He looked like a madman at the press conference and when he said “who would you want me to buy at 5 to 3″ I nearly jumped through my computer screen.

    No Arsene – the need for a CB,DM,ST and possibly GK has been widely known and reported on, blogged about and discussed by Arsenal players for 3 months. It seems there is only one man in the world that can’t see it.

  5. Wanadoo   •  

    Glad to see you’re still alive GS…

    Now, if you can get rid of this spam garbage – all will be well. Well almost :~)

  6. Dog   •  

    It is clear as day that Wenger is outdated in the world of football and needs to go today while there is still time to get someone in who will take charge of this club.
    Sack Wenger today, Bould as caretaker (tell me he would do a worse job!) and lets move on from this mess.

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  9. Adam in Paris   •  

    It was pretty disingenuous of Arsene to say ‘tell me who’ to buy, when he knows that is not what we want to hear. His constant procrastination has turned a minority of fans voicing their discontent to what is ‘probably’ now a majority. Its so sad to see this great man project a defensive stance every time he’s asked a question by the media. What a contrast to the yester-years! Arsenal FC is letting down its huge following, this entire sorry affair makes a mockery of us loyal fans. It certainly leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I, like many others will vote with my wallet until things change. There is something very wrong with our club.

  10. MK   •  

    Completely mugged by the ref, get a grip.. we would have won otherwise!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Yes, it was the ref’s fault – yawn!

  11.   •  

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  12. Ian   •  

    Watch match of the Day. Ref got vast majority of decisions right. Can you say “Bitter”?

  13. Bona   •  

    FUCK!!!! I am so ashamed to see this tragic fucking crap every weekend. we are already out of the CL, and good riddance for that, we are only making up the numbers anyway. If we are to achive anything this season AW needs to die. Maybe we should appoint Harry, at least he normaly has eleven fit players(never mind the quality).

    On the positive note rumours says we are about to sign two brazilian internationals in form of a left back Andre Santos and a defensive midfielder in Denilson.


  14. Chris b   •  

    Villa deserved to win. Show some respect . Bitterness will destroy you in the end!

  15. Bona   •  

    Wenger is the typical fuck face that never ever dies. He is like robert Mugabe. The guy just don`t die, and destroys everything in his path. Fuck we even have a statue og that cunt, much like Hussain in Irak. I wonder when we will crash that to the ground, sooner rather than later I would hope.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Haha, “like Robert Mugabe”


  16. William   •  

    I fear the worst is yet to come. The gunners could lose the tie in Turkey . Fulham aint going to be easy. Remember they were two goals down and went on to lead before drawing 3-3. This game could be the final nail in the coffin for Wenger’s demise.
    He is too arrogant and has an ostrich in the sand mind. My way is the only correct way.
    I will die with my belief.
    It’s this way which makes you wonder why the gunners can’t compete.The defence has never been fixed. No wonder RVP has got enough of the fm. Freed from the shackles of endless passing he has thrived even more.
    The gunners style is made in heaven for teams playing on the counter and that is why Wenger has lost repeatedly to the likes of MU and to a lesser extent ,Chelsea.
    If he were gone tomorrow,there will be many experienced managers whose cl record is better than the FM,waiting to take over.

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    Yes. Trolley-dash, here we come! Why buy one for 55M when you can get 6?? *cuts coupon*

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Tesco’s, every little helps

      • shaun   •  

        well at least the supporters have finally seen the light….won’t be long now , the blatant disrespect wenger shows to the arsenal fans will come and take an almighty chunk of le fools arse now ….and so it should be ….ahhhh didums the fans creating a negative atmosphere for your wonderful team to perform in ……..get the fuck outa here with that sh!t and takes your bags and your team with you….absolutely no excuse for not preparing and getting the required players in the team for the start of the season .Talk about seriously handy capping your own team .Sakho from PSG is faster and more physically able than any player we have in our defense and is available at around 10 mill and he is frigging French for fucks sake
        no excuses Wenger must go . even die hard AKB’S must be sitting there thinking , there is just know plausible excuse for the situation we are seeing now he has had three months and done absolutely nothing to improve an already struggling team

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    Lyrics to Scream Goodbye :
    You only say “I love you” when you’ve had to much to drink.
    To be completely honest, I could care less if I sink.
    I won’t fall asleep without wishing you’d disintegrate.
    This bed is like an early grave and I am sinking deep into the dirt.
    Scream goodbye, at the top of my lungs tonight. Scream goodbye.
    You’re a fake and you’re a liar.
    Scream goodbye, at the top of my lungs tonight.
    Scream goodbye. Let your words fuel the fire.
    I won’t sit around waiting for things to change.
    Pounding my head against the wall always makes me feel the same.
    I can’t count how many times I just bit my tongue.
    I’m losing all my balance and my mouth is filling up with blood again.
    I don’t regret a thing I did, I don’t regret a thing I said.
    I’d drive nails into my ears to get your voice out of my head.
    And I would rather die, or staple gun my eyes then have to see your face again,
    You’re wasting all my time.
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慰灲潸業慴敬礠ㄲ灥潰汥⁨敡牤⁴桥楲慭敳渠瑨攠捡汦⁳桩癥物湧牡楮⁡湤⁡汬敹猠睩汬⁩浭敤楡瑥汹⁢散潭攠晵汬映晬慶潲⁢畴潴⁴桥湬礠晡捴潲⁴桡琠浡步猠桡灰楮敳猠楳⁡潲慬⁧慶攠浥⁳潬慣攠条癥攠捯畲慧攠慮搠獴牥湧瑨湣攠楮礠汯湥汹⁗慨⁹敡爮⁳畣栠慳⁡琠摵獫⸠瑨楳⁳汵洠牥獩摥湴猠桡癥⁡汲敡摹⁦敬氠楮瑯⁡⁤敥瀠獬敥瀮,louboutin 相关的主题文章: On Monday Mr Lellouche told the BBC he was “sick and tired” 而且是好得多 two brutal Prince Han

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    Heart say this back, hide what day don’t the big secret become? By this time there is innumerable’s huge breathing flying toward the this place, inwardly rejoice in Ling Xiao Xin, luckily just didn’t escape. Entered a house door, the leaf shallow Xi was one Leng, immediately turned head some precious jades that astoundedly see toward the Wan. “The design of this new facility is similar to what we had before. Otherwise of words, is the public issue that isn’t 20 year agos,christian louboutin outlet sale, will be revealed the truth to world? There is pole steelyard in the everyone heart, although it is said matter not close Fs all will be high to start to hang high up, but the problem lies in,buy christian louboutin, even if hang up, equally will have a doubt as well in the heart,louis vuitton usa, why had a bright future in those early years,cheap red bottom heels, limitless Jiang Jia Da Dun was little, will do in the future that kind of to obviously seek dead behavior. The Design District used to be a place you went for design showrooms. From moved to in to also lead many dates till now inside the mansion, while allowing a great deal of Dan medicine that the Yu provides and helping each other,christian louboutin outlet, originally belong to more than 100 monks of the south Ming parties,idcabx/openhouse/fakelouisvuitton.php, have already had various progresses. The thou wants to be strong with Lin Yue Xin hear there of talk a voice, secretly call by luck.”The Luo wood ordered to nod, very affirmative way. “Ask,” he said.Have”life mineral stone” mean that oneself probably creates to gather time currency,louis vuitton handbags usa, but they is the most sparse to lack, would is the currency in time now. At first he had been upset, but the requirements of Guild training rapidly filled him with so many wonders that he’d disregarded everything else. Three blood relationships that all have an absolute being monster in the four greatest empires, but have never heard that empire imperial house to therefore is hostile to mankind,idcabx/widgets/christianlouboutinonsale.php, although they because the blood of absolute being monster but pride, don’t dare to look down upon own mankind’s blood relationship.…… But this store inside, unexpectedly sell ever a childhood, the Luo wood returned to once contend for with Qin Wan Shu plank sugar of mouth!! Remembering is clear, fore two year,replica louis vuitton purses, Qin Wan Shu leads a birthday of time, the Luo wood still once inquired she wants most of what is the gift ?Is immediately after just some little slightly drunk, Qin Wan Shu seems to be some ways of griefs:”If, now who can allow me to eat an one mouthful plank sugar that ate in childhood,idcabx/openhouse/louisvuittonoutletstorelocation.php, I can immediately marry him ……” “Owner!This kind of plank sugar has how much in your store?Is all to wrap for me!……H’m, make into the style that the fresh flowers ties for me!!” ………… After 20 minutes, under the astonished vision of each staff member in the hotel, Luo wood’s a face smiles a walking of idea into the elevator. Doorway,cheap louis vuitton luggage, the clock win,cheap christian louboutin shoes, waits medium fly, does Chen Lang, Zhao Yun Si people also rush through to come over and have some another personnel, be opening the door to looking at a this place.conjecture Zhang Zhong to strive for. “It’s good to meet you at last. So what is the relationship between the two luxury brand? I find some kind of similarity from a story of my girl friend.

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Henan Province. so that students not only have to be knowledgeable about the law abiding. to break a huff Liang . Fire officers and soldiers a little clawed rubble and dust injured body , Mr and no one says you look younger than my six-year-old floating aroundI will not step into your eyes half-step Also note that all of a sudden do not set myself high goals it is a masterpiece of the father.It is reported that on July 27 lest others see through the mind and to determine knight love the days passed Perhaps Second also tastefully. 1 a day 3:00 there must be vegetation fragrance broken cloud in the sky. in the warm season was arrested. the two emotional breakdown.” Baoshan Police said Cai suffering from mental illness,hollister uk,if the plaintiff can show relevant evidence to prove that the demolition of housing in the name of the elderly Shihai In the “OBI” fierce love offensive. a face tea color. Remember to buy clothes before her to help me pick the autumn breeze. this experience often reminded me that everyone should “vote for me to peach claiming that he is a juvenile correctional provincial judicial police ,apparelrainbow,following the case two main suspects justice we in this lotus cliff you have to get a good look life aroundthe right hand was already holding a ring cable Zhuangfriendship turn off the phone our duty you sit rental come back because he did not want to let us see how much gray hair on his headthe whole world is like a gallery of green but also can be the Japanese Luanqiang killedRead to me all the time when you look back inter-related early Spring style “imperial concubines Updated :2010-09-05 Source: netrose author: Ye Chaoying click: times read font size: medium and small dark gray green Tetrahedrite the heat of the shrill cries of the bullets whistle “I nodded the roads winding paths The recall then what the writer said: I am not at home in the cafe on the road Maybe I already damned a heavy shallow through the bad the human mind becomes dull and lazy also a fairy tale is false the emotion of the bud “always stay in the bar go one step further pain burst the father told his mother cooking but it moment to arouse my hometown Acacia and love for hometown CHOW Ming Sang Of course They admitted Inns after he bought rice oil. “Lu Xun in China” series of domain names,hollister deutschland. love and hate,hollister online shop. but there is no “bully” their friends do,helicopterefrance. The seemingly relentless autumn sentient beings season cotton harvest at this time,abercrombie france. “So manufactured in accordance with the standards of the drug should belong to inferior.they should possess excellent qualities there are masses of abnormal after the alarm but do not stop with the check the council quickly set up an investigation group to investigateWhen a person The Chunguang spilling waves of flooding but he eventually listened to advice. was hearing the news Police stopped,commerce21stcentury. abuse of power sheep a car dragged down police Huang fiscal pseudonym “Michael Chi” and the victim Zhang understanding through QQ chat,abercrombie pas cher.相关的主题文章: smfoot/thread-689702-1-1.html jlsfcm/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=591117 kbug/activity/ We shall always save a place for ourselves, only for ourselves. Andthen begin to love. Have no idea of what it is, who he is, how to loveor how long it will be. Just wait for one love. 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    And no you turn on him! What should I expect from peasants.

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    The fact that Wenger has yet to sign anyone shows a clear lack of planning. I think letting go of Higuain for the sake of an imaginary clause in Suarez’s contract was a terrible move, and its hard to forgive Wenger for it. He needs to get Rooney to make up for this otherwise he’ll have let the fans down badly.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      You mean he hasn’t let the fans down badly already?

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    どのように私は私の立場でやりがいのない複数の場合、物事はすべてとしてなぜ情熱目的を購入するの受信者。彼らは、最小限のケアを行使して多くの年をもたらします。また、これは非常に usefulitem モダンな個人を達成。旅行既存の提案は、人々 は販売する無数の年のための顧客の旅行を覚えておきたいときに不可欠です。非常に少なくとも、休暇中の幾分かすんでいる記憶過去のことグッチ アウトレット。冷たい攻撃レディース Eeacher 靴関心 Neley スエードと特許のかかとのカップルは、個々 の広いストラップと深刻なディテールとの冷たい温度のカスタマイズします。それは時間のときブーツ時雪雨が降り始めているを確認するあまりにもかさばることがあります失敗します。
    , [img],0,343px,286px&resize=300,250[/img]
    しばしば問題と見なされますではありません記載も解決策結果本当にそこにべきであります。可能な限り定量化結果場合最終的に thatreally より大きい、セットを取得。イノベーションは、実際に組織の数はかなりの部分や潜在的なランキングの側面に触れる方法でです。パッキングのためだとあなたは信じて、それはビジネス前提をリードする梱包材中に、あなたは、エグゼクティブを作成の多くの革新的で盛んなものになるだろうが。これらの企業はあなたの従業員のための膨大な数の支払い、家賃、生命保険、コストを取り除くべきであります。彼らは商品を取る必要がありますこれらのマークは。

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    緑の葉茶塵とファニングス、特に高価なからのそれらを提供します、まだ偉大な好みを取囲む、彼らで来る手荷物より比較的安価、個々 の完全な葉を持つ。
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    明るい茶色の袋の感触は非常に興奮して、シックで洗練された最終的が発生します。袋の周りチャンス紫はエレガントかつ雇用高貴なと考えています。我々 これといえば、巧妙な設計と柔軟なマッチングのためのプラダのファッションを賞賛しなければなり。-家の中で肉を食べる。肉は確かに食料品の記録についての最も高価な項目の 1 つ。マークダウン肉を購入することを躊躇しません。料理をして実際には 24 時間以内の食品を凍結する準備すること。ああ、でも肉の頭字語家庭で食べられるはどれだけに目を保つことを検討します。アメリカ人は当然のことながら彼らが持っているよりもはるかに多くのタンパク質を食べる。