Please, Arsene: Don’t sign Luis Suarez

A month from the start of the Premier League season seems an apt time to make a return to blogging. What’s more, I’ve got something to say.

I can’t really make this plain enough: I would hate to see Luis Suarez at Arsenal.

Long-term readers of the blog won’t be surprised. For me to say anything else would be hypocrisy of the worst kind. As recently as April I posted this diatribe:

Luis Suarez is a despicable human being. We’ve known that for some time.

In the aftermath of his latest transgression – biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic – he has been widely criticised by the football media. The same football media who have spent much of the season praising him and may have already voted for him as the Football Writer’s Footballer of the Year.

Gary Lineker has begun a campaign last night to see Suarez removed from the PFA Player of the Year Shortlist. I can’t help but think: isn’t it strange that it’s his behaviour today that has precipitated this reaction, rather than Suarez’s previous conduct?

Don’t exclude him from a shortlist because he bit someone. Exclude him from all shortlists – exclude him from English football entirely – because of his racist behaviour. It’s a thousand times worse; a thousand times more significant. I’ve been sickened and disappointed by how easily English football seems to have forgiven Suarez for his proven abuse of Patrice Evra.

Pundits will queue up to ask what kind of example Suarez biting Ivanovic sets to kids. I’d ask them instead what sort of example their season-long praise of a man guilty of proven racist behaviour sets.

I recognise that Suarez is a fantastic footballer. But that, like the biting, is something of a red herring.

This season, some Premier League players chose not to wear t-shirts that bore the slogan ‘Kick it out’. It saddens me that the stark and important message of that campaign seems to have been forgotten.

I stand by those views. Suarez appalls me. His conduct simply isn’t befitting of a club of our stature.

When stories of our initial bid for Suarez broke, I was dubious. However, enough credible Liverpool-based reporters were covering the story that I soon realised it was legitimate.

Initially I, like others, thought the bid might be a smoke-screen: a way of forcing Real Madrid to relinquish their grasp over Gonzalo Higuain. However, as the Suarez story has waxed the Higuain link has waned. Incredibly, it appears that Suarez may have emerged as our primary target.

From a footballing point of view, it makes sense. There’s no doubting Suarez’s talent. He also provides a suitably different option to Olivier Giroud. Arsene Wenger has already said he’s loathe to sign another traditional target man, and when we were first linked to Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic, I said:

Stefan Jovetic is the name being linked most frequently in the press, and you can understand why. He is a different type of forward to Giroud – mobile, inventive and technically-gifted. He offers a similarly diverse threat to that of Luis Suarez, only without the biting.

Jovetic, however, seems destined for Manchester City. Arsenal now seem determined to snare Suarez, biting and all.

For some fans, the ‘football reasons’ outlined above are good enough to counter-balance the full horror of Suarez’s character. Fair enough. In a way, I admire your determined objectivity.

What I don’t like is revisionism. I don’t like the fact that thousands of fans who castigated Suarez as recently as a few months ago are now hailing him as “misunderstood”.

I don’t like what I’m seeing, but equally I can’t blame the fans. The situation is symptomatic of our club’s plight. The supporters are starved of excitement. There is such now such wide-spread clamour and desperation for a big signing – any big signing – that fans are prepared to shut their eyes and ears to the full reality. They want that transfer record smashed, and they don’t care what else gets broken along the way.

As I say, I am sympathetic. Empathetic, almost. What I find harder to understand is how the likes of Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis – the men charged with making decisions at the head of our football club – are even countenancing this deal.

I cannot understand why a manager as ethical and principled as Arsene would go near a player like Suarez. I cannot fathom why our great club would seek to harbour a footballing fugitive. The situation is made all the more bizarre by the apparent availability of the talented and seemingly decent Gonzalo Higuain, who is now edging towards a move to Napoli.

It’s genuinely baffling. Arsenal paying £40m for a player is something I hoped I’d see one day. However, the sight of Luis Suarez in an Arsenal shirt is something I still hope I’ll never see.

Blowing that sum on a player who will be dogged by suspension and controversy is lunacy. What’s more, Suarez has a proven track record of forcing transfers every couple of seasons. If he joins us, he’ll view us merely as an escape raft until he can leverage a move to Real Madrid.

Earlier in the summer I wondered if this day might come. Arsenal have stated their intention to establish themselves as a financial super-power. Stepping up to that elite level usually involves a degree of adjustment in policy. Principles are often the first victim of compromise.

Manchester City fans have had to accept their managers being ruthlessly dispatched. Chelsea fans have done their own deal with the devil: if they stopped to examine the source of their owner’s wealth, they might find their joy at their grubbily purchased trophies tempered. What’s more, they’ve found themselves cheering on the likes of Ashley Cole and John Terry despite their many public indiscretions.

In terms of players, Suarez’s roll call of dishonour makes him, in my opinion, the worst of the worst. When Wayne Rooney seems the more palatable option, you know you’re dealing with an unsavoury character.

Nothing could diminish my love for Arsenal. However, if they do sign Luis Suarez, the club will have sorely disappointed me.
There are other alternatives, travelling with less baggage, at a lower fare. Make the right choice, Arsene.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Steve   •  

    We dont want suarez or rooney.. both have got far too many issues! Higuin or a bid for levendovski is the way to go!

  2. No Ambition   •  

    Oh don’t worry Steve and the cretin that wrote this article because neither Suarez or Rooney will end up at a club with so little ambition as Arsenal – in fact, their only realistic signing is that lunatic who chased the team bus – but his wage demands might be a little too high. Wenger has no ambition what so ever which is OK because neither does the Arsenal BOD or their pathetic, myopic support who worships a man who could only just manage to get them into Europe this season – Arsenal, Wenger and their Fans all deserve each other – let the clubs with desire and ambition win things. I hope justice is served over the coming season and Arsenal finish outside the top four with nothing to show for another season – they deserve nothing…

    • Begeegs   •  

      Have to agree – we ain’t signing anyone. It’s another groundhog year for us. With Giroud scoring 5 in 2 (even against such lowly opposition), I reckon that Wenger will think that we have enough and sign no one, even though we are in dire need of reinforcements.

  3. No Ambition   •  

    Oh don’t worry Steve and the cretin that wrote this article because neither Suarez or Rooney will end up at a club with so little ambition as Arsenal – in fact, their only realistic signing is that lunatic who chased the team bus – but his wage demands might be a little too high. Wenger has no ambition what so ever which is OK because neither does the Arsenal BOD or their pathetic, myopic support who worships a man who could only just manage to get them into Europe this season – Arsenal, Wenger and their Fans all deserve each other – let the clubs with desire and ambition win things. I hope justice is served over the coming season and Arsenal finish outside the top four with nothing to show for another season – they deserve nothing…

  4. incred   •  

    okay, so u dnt want Saurez who is the only world class player available to u. If arsenal dnt get saurez, dnt moan about not winnin trophies then, as ur so much in love with the way ur great club is now. You need to face facts, world class players dnt want to come to arsenal. Arsenal at the moment are like a feeder club for the bigger clubs, e,g fabregas, van persie, nasri.
    I dnt think u know how good of a player saurez, saurez will instantly make arsenal into a premiship title contender. He perfectly fits in the way wenger likes his team to play. What arsenal need now is a player like saurez. Who can turn losses into draws, n draws into losses. I personally dnt think higuan wants to come to arsenal, but if arsenal did get higuan, there is no gurantee he will be successful in the premiship, while saurez is already proven. Saurez is considerably better than higuan n wenger knows this too. Every arsenal fan I speak to, all they want is a trophy, saurez will more than likely bring u a trophy, yes he will also bring bad publicity, but I think a club like arsenal need a trophy more than worrying themselves with some potential future bad publicity.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Can you write English you cunt

  5. ajmills   •  

    The writer of this article is a total tosser. we are no longer the great club that we were. Suarez is the best striker in the premiership. He would be the best signing since Henry. The only player that could makes us League Champions again. Much better than RVP.
    I can’t see it happening because we will settle for Higuain who has yet to prove himself.
    Please Suarez, come to Arsenal.

  6. KHM   •  

    We dont want Suarez. For one simple reason: he’s a dick

  7. fu   •  

    What a load of bollox. Totally over the top reaction ti suarez. The guys a top top player. Better by a mile than anything we presently got. Its exactly the sort of arse licking arseblogger opinion you constantly pedal. You make me laugh with your soperior higher ground attitude. What the fuck was the big deal about what he done.who cares except you and arseblogger. Anyway wengers a kying cunt just making ridiculous bids to say he was in for players. Its all just wenger lies and bullshit. Wenger has signed the french kid for nothing so thats us finished.

  8. fu   •  

    What a load of bollox. Totally over the top reaction ti suarez. The guys a top top player. Better by a mile than anything we presently got. Its exactly the sort of arse licking arseblogger opinion you constantly pedal. You make me laugh with your soperior higher ground attitude. What the fuck was the big deal about what he done.who cares except you and arseblogger. Anyway wengers a kying cunt just making ridiculous bids to say he was in for players. Its all just wenger lies and bullshit. Wenger has signed the french kid for nothing so thats us finished.

  9. Inter YourGran   •  

    Another blog begging we don’t sign suarez. I’m getting annoyed with arsenal fans’ stance on this transfer. Suarez for all the documented misdemeanours is a top player and will improve us greatly. A lot of fans seem to forget we’ve had players that are far from saints (adams, merson, vieira, bergkamp, wright, lehmann etc.) we’ve had players and fines twice for punch ups. we’re a football club not a church. Let’s just sign no-one then and you’ll be whinging we haven’t spent the money on world class players we were promised. Also, who’s to say suarez won’t reign is onfield behaviour in at our club?!

  10. Inter YourGran   •  

    Another blog begging we don’t sign suarez. I’m getting annoyed with arsenal fans’ stance on this transfer. Suarez for all the documented misdemeanours is a top player and will improve us greatly. A lot of fans seem to forget we’ve had players that are far from saints (adams, merson, vieira, bergkamp, wright, lehmann etc.) we’ve had players and fines twice for punch ups. we’re a football club not a church. Let’s just sign no-one then and you’ll be whinging we haven’t spent the money on world class players we were promised. Also, who’s to say suarez won’t reign his onfield behaviour in at our club?!

  11. Inter YourGran   •  

    Another blog begging we don’t sign suarez. I’m getting annoyed with arsenal fans’ stance on this transfer. Suarez for all the documented misdemeanours is a top player and will improve us greatly. A lot of fans seem to forget we’ve had players that are far from saints (adams, merson, vieira, bergkamp, wright, lehmann etc.) we’ve had players and fines twice for punch ups. we’re a football club not a church. Let’s just sign no-one then and you’ll be whinging we haven’t spent the money on world class players we were promised. Also, who’s to say suarez won’t reign his onfield behaviour in at our club?!

  12. rob   •  

    Is the writer of this article a priest or something similar? Get a life!
    Suarez is the best striker around at the moment. I would love to see him scoring goals for Arsenal. He would be the big difference to makes us great again and to bring back some pride.
    The writer of this article needs to meet a girl and lose his virginity instead of being a wanker.

  13. Paolo Gooner   •  

    Could not agree more with ajmills comment, time as below…

    ajmills JULY 17, 2013 AT 8:45 PM

    Been a gooner all my life, this club is not the same Arsenal as it used to be!!

    Time we joined big boys & do what it takes to win!

    Please Suarez, come to Arsenal

  14. Mogooner   •  

    Thank you writing this article. It is exactly how I’ve been feeling and I’m glad that amongst a sea of idiots, there are some people with principles and basic common sense. Speaking of idiots such as those above- too many to mention- you are the reason racism will never be eliminated from society. It seems that it is ok to racially abuse someone and still be a good person, in your view, as long as you’re talented?! Then you decide to abuse someone because they’re anti racism? You’re what’s wrong in the world and I can’t even be bothered to explain why as you’ll never understand.

  15. cyril gunner   •  

    You are a joker. People like you are mostly immoral fools. You hate suarez because you are racist yourself. He is misunderstood, he enjoys playing leave him alone. I pray arsenal signs him and I would humbly ask you to go and hang yourself and die a shameful death. I’m sorry sounding like this. I hate people like you “Holier than thou attitude” it sucks and its annoying. Nobody is clean. How do u rate bad deeds. You rapist go and die. Fuck off.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      You’re a rude mother fucking dickhead …

      Why don’t you get down on your knees and suck my cock you fucking illiterate piece of shite.

  16. wow   •  

    Holy bejesus – I just read the comments section! What a pile of vitriolic drivel.

    Thanks for the article – not sure about Suarez personally, I think he’s fairly obnoxious but I might change my tune if he signs and starts banging in 30 a season. Still rather Higuain though.

  17. Geoff   •  

    Great post!

    I couldn’t agree more with you, we’re a club of class, renowned across the globe for our standards. Sport cannot be win at all costs, that’s why we have such a huge following despite not winning a trophy for 8 years because we stand for principles, playing the game the right way.

    Danny Fiszman would never have countenanced such a compromise, for me our reputation and principles come first.

  18. Oye   •  

    Moot we won’t sign Suarez or anyone world class, we got Sonogo. And those are the kinds of signing we can expect. AW would never ever spend 20 mil on anyone. Nothing has changed. They are attempting to milk one more season out of the fans. Stirring up emotions with empty banter, so fans will buy tickets. No one will get serious till we fall out of the top 4, and even then if the current administration feels that they can be profitable as a mid table club, that will work for them. Anyone who seriously believes that we are going to buy anyone that will allow us to contend is in for disappointment.

    • santori   •  

      Since you haven’t been paying attention, Sanogo is a devlopemental signing to push Akpom as prospects for the mid term future.

      Considering he is free, I don’t see why not.

      It does not impact on the bigger signing.

      Your thinking seems slightly muddled.

  19. DD   •  

    Win at all costs
    Win with a guy who abused a fellow professional because of the colour of his skin. You ‘fellow’ gooners disgust me to turn a blind eye to welcome a scum of a man just so that he will improve our chances of winning a trophy.
    Shallow and pathetic.
    Thank god there are still some gooners out there with class , principles and morals. Great article gunnerblog. Summed up my feelings perfectly .

  20. RVB   •  

    Like I said, the Gun Rack has gone to the shits. Anyway, I agree GS. Every point.

    It would certainly put me off watching any matches. I’ll just watch the table every week, since that will be what our club will be all about then.

  21. TED   •  

    Wow! This article looks like another exaggerated piece from the english press. I don’t ever feel Suarez is as bad as we think. If it was a decade ago you probably didn’t think Cantona should be removed from the pfa shortlist or Viera should lose the captain band for regularly being involved in fights on the field, and the examples won’t stop if I had time to type. Those players turned out legends because they had passion and that passion meant they would fight or intimidate anyone to win games. Suarez is a winner, we lack players with his kind of passion for the game in Arsenal. I would definitely love to see him fight for us. We should stop being so hateful and hiding behind lies of principles. I believe that if God or our loved ones can give us a chance after we mess up continually, why shouldn’t we forget his so called wrongs. You are not saint so stop it. wrong

  22. Ray   •  

    Arsenal don’t buy big players they sell them, arsenal are making low ball bids on players that they will never spend all that money on just to fool their deluded fans into buying the thousands of unsold season tickets and the dopey fans are lapping it up like it’s icecream. The same thing happens every transfer window Wenger throws out all these world class names and they end up with some nobody from France who costs 2 million it bemuses me that their deluded fans keep falling for it every single transfer window. Fool me once and all that.

    • santori   •  

      Arsenal don’t buy big players, they make them.

      Occasionally we have had to sell but it has not detracted from us being within top 4 albeit detrimental to a title push.

      Things do change unless you are the sort that lives in the past.

      And this season, we have much more cash in hand to spend. We aren’t chasing players other than Suarez and Higuain and that should tell you something, unless you have your own narrative of course.;)

  23. PHIL   •  

    Gilberto. I want to assume you are not an Englishman, Otherwise you are a hypocritical damn ass. What about John Terry and his racist comments about Antone Ferdinand? Does that set a good example to the kids? Racism is an equally deplorable act irrespective of who makes the comments. All that said, it was wrong for Suarez to direct racist comments towards Evra. That it is and he has moved on. Chapter closed.Suarez is a fine player and i see no reason to hinder his union with Arsenal.

    • santori   •  

      This whole racist thing is overblown by the media.

      Evra is a little cu.nt anyways.

      Suarez needs a bit more maturity dealing with the rubbish in the media. Apart from the bite to acitivate his release claus with Liverpool who hasn’t been in the CL for 3 seasons straight, can’t see much harm in any of his other antics to be honest.Just usual rough and tumble over amplified by media.

      • shaun   •  

        “Apart from the bite to acitivate his release claus” that is some funny sh!t.would not want to be hanging around rooney anytime soon then

    • santori   •  

      This whole racist thing is overblown by the media.

      Evra is a little cu.nt anyways.

  24. Munitionsman   •  

    Poor GS you haven’t been paying attention at all have you.

    I cannot understand why a manager as ethical and principled as Arsene would go near a player like Suarez.

    Can you not see the the obvious in your own comment? Have you not listened to what wenger has said, and watched what he has done over the last few years? Maybe ask his family and Sonia about his “principles”

    HE is the principle and for him everything else is to be spun to that end.

    Buy Suarez, they will have much in common. Only Suarez is a winner.

    • Annie Brosterhous   •  

      you’re so right, Arsene is a selfish, lying hypocrite. An adulterous voyeur. I’m so ashamed he’s the father of my child. Shagging that whore behind my back. My daughter and I have to live with that humiliation. He wouldn’t even bring us with him when he went sliding on that super-fun waterslide on David Dein’s yacht.

  25. Luis Zuares   •  

    Luis Suarez has talent but he is unpredictable and stupid. When AFC will need to fight to finish top 4 or win a CL game, he will be banned 15 games for biting Wenger.

    • santori   •  

      I’d like to see that.:D

      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        I’d like to see you lick Cuntene’s arsehole

  26. Luis Zuares   •  

    Luis Suarez has talent but he is unpredictable and stupid. When AFC will need to fight to finish top 4 or win a CL game, he will be banned 15 games for biting Wenger.

  27. Sajit   •  

    Ridiculous blog from otherwise someone I respect a lot. We have had our share of cheats divers etc.

    If Suarez wins us some silverware, I wont be complaining. He has not had any issues with the numerous black players at Liverpool. Its just that Evra is a fucking moron.

    • santori   •  

      I think he is trying to make the point that Higuain is the better option, but Suarez is not a bad fall back when you distance yourself from emotive issues.

      If he can be kept in check and away from media attention, he is a very effective striker and a great option for us.

      He adds unpredictability and is mobile.

  28. Scott Von Gooner   •  

    No need to worry. Wenger will not sign anyone that can make an impact on the team. Any new players coming in will be young players that few have heard of. Wenger will be counting on this squad to start well so supporters don’t complain, forgetting that he never signed anybody.

    • santori   •  

      Agreed. He will likely sign nobodies like Viera, Flamini, Pires all for sub 10m or less prices. Or some unproven potential like Henry. Or some Malaga reject like Santi.

      Yeah and he tends to sign young players like Per, Arteta, Santi (again), Monreal, Koscielny to name a few.

      Wenger sucks.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Haha good one…

        What about these great Wenger signings….

        Richard Wright

        I could go on, and on, and on…

        Keep spinning the Viera, Pires line – Haha excellent!

  29. Scott Von Gooner   •  

    Also we will probably have Bendtner (because nodody else wants him) back and Wenger will say “it’s like having a new signing” and “Bendnter has spirit” and blah blah blah…..

    • santori   •  

      Now if that doesn’t make you want to splash some money down for Suarez right away…

  30. RS42   •  

    Can’t agree more with this post and especially that of Mogooner. Don’t care what people say about his talent, he is a repulsive character. I’d rather not win than win with him and sell our dignity in the process.

  31. Shamed   •  

    Shame on commenters who instead of expressing opinions, insult the writer and others who share his point of view.
    Please DO write what you think, but avoid puerile insults. I love Arsenal dearly, but I’m really put off by those who spray vitriol on somebody for merely expressing his desire not to see a certain player at the club.
    Thanks GS and all others (arseblog, 7am, etc.) for doing this work and poviding his platform.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Well said…

  32. Wanadoo   •  

    Fuck Suarez – I want Barry

    • Scott Von Gooner   •  

      Suarez sucks you want Barry? Are you high? Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world and Barry is a slug. Slow doesn’t begin to describe Barry. He could never play at Arsenal. Never…..

      • santori   •  

        Not sure why people keep saying Suarez sucks. He bites I’ll grant you that but suck? He has been putting in heaps of goals considering he is at a relatively poor club at Liverpool.

  33. NCGunner   •  

    Would make cheering on the beloved Gunners each match more than a little difficult.

    Suarez sucks. Just say no, please Arsene.

    And what happened to all of this business done early and we have financial resources and all of that malarkey????

    Still nowhere close to a signing of any kind?

    This is ridiculous

    • Munitionsman   •  

      This isn’t ridiculous. This is normal. This is what has happened every year since wenger took over. What is ridiculous is the fact that so many if us ( myself included) always believe this year will be different. I think Ivan weighing in with his opinions on how we will buy made this year more believable than normal. He is a master. Getting pedro from LG in (an anti arsene blog) to hoodwink a large section of the fan base was also clever. But their days are limited. They know that. But make hay they will make, until that day is spent.

      • santori   •  


        Not sure what people were expecting.

        It is common for these things to play out.

        It isn’t a supermarket and deals involve Higuain (his father) and the club (Real). Plus competitors.

        There aren’t that many top strikers out there available at the moment so we have to stay steadfast and weather the storm.

        If you consider we are prepared to pay 35m for Suarez (if you believe this), then we should have no issue with pushing out offer up on Higuain if need be.

        But if anyone has done a bit of haggling before, its a question of who blinks first. You don’t want to drive the price up from 22m unless you have to so we will have to wait and see if any other suitors want to make offers. If they don’t there is no reason for us to panic and push the price up now. There is still quite a bit of time left in the market.

        • Rube2k   •  

          Not a lot of strikers available? Suarez is “not available.” So if we are bidding on non-available strikers…there are two each at least in the top 15 teams in Europee. 30 names. Get bidding!

  34. santori   •  

    Fun and games.

    Mentioned in January when we did not sign a striker that we would likely await the summer to sign Higuain rather than incur opportunity cost then.

    but it was always going to be tricky and more than likely (As I have also mentioned) not to have concluded quickly.

    When you consider Mhykthikirian (massacred his name) went for 27m, it is more than likely that the powers that be at Real will want to get maximum return for Higuain.

    Thereby 22m as we were initially thought to be offering seems a bit low.

    The push for Suarez IMO is partially an exploration into an alternative (as unpalatable as it sounds, the Uruguayan has a good strike rate) but also to hasten Real into making a move for him.

    if we consider that they were rumoured to offer Higuain plus 10m for Suarez, then, we are not that far off pushing our offer up by another 3- 6m to bridge the gap and allow them close to the added ten million they would have to put down on close to a 40m valuation for the biter (bearing in mind Higuain will NOT want Liverpool for want of CL)

    And with Jovetic sold for 22m to City, I do not think that if we conclude on HIguain that we may need go as high as Real suggest (37m) rather the final cost maybe between 25m to 29m (Depending on Wenger’s appetite for masochism.

    IMO, we should bite the bullet and push our offer up to 25m now (which may be likely what is happening.

    Complicating events is the Rooney issue. I believe this to be a side show whereby we are stoking interest only to push Mourinho towards committing to Shrek and away from Higuain.

    Chelsea may very well make a move for Higuain which should worry us but I do not believe that HIguain’s first choice would be to reunite with the manager who sidelined him for much of last season in the first place. I also think that Mourinho’s main target between the two would be the deformity from Everton.

    So it is a tricky bit of manouvering we will have to undertake (it always has been)with no likely conclusion other than the fact we need to keep a strong stomache in this who blinks first match.

    But we have some strength in hand in that I think Higuain’s best choice is still us and that we have the money to compete and stay in the race.

    My main concern is that we fold too quickly. Judging by recent Wenger comments, he has not entirely given up pursuit which must be an encouraging thing.

  35. santori   •  

    With regard Suarez, yes, I agree he is not the best option in context with Higuain. The choice is obvious and on the Argentine.

    But the market is very tight for players of that calibre. Like it or not, as detestable as some of his behavior is, Suarez is an intelligent player with a very good finish and he is proven in the PL.

    When you consider Lewandowski is not available, Falcao and Cavani have been cherry picked by deep pocketed French teams, Jovetic as promising as he is registers far less goals, Suarez is an option amidst a scarcity of choice.

    From left field there is also Leandro Damiao but he is unproven in Europe at the moment and carries a bit more risk.

    So, much as we hate to contemplate Suarez in Red and White, if he does end up as our only realistic choice following a Higuain deal collapse, hey, better him than nought I’d say.

    • shaun   •  

      Higuain is a sub in la liga albeit a good one but he has no prem experience at all and could struggle at first to find his feet , also if we are to believe he is only interested in a 3 year deal at arsenal .Take that into account and purely footbal terms Suarez is by miles the better option and does not really represent a gamble unless he gets that hungry feeling again but as stated this is a thirty goal a season man in the prem and I am sorry but liverpool do not produce the same amount or even close to the amount of chances arsenal create and see go begging for lack of a quality finisher . wenger needs to deliver and in footballing terms the biter is a better option as proven in the prem . I would be horrified if we paid 35mill for Higuain only to see him struggle although that maynot be the case it could be but I very much doubt the bitter would struggle as he would relish the close intickate play of arsenal and maybe finish some of that tippy tappy shit off , it´s fairly plain to see what wenger see´s in the bitter and it is much much less of a gamble .the senario is similar to us selling persie to the sh!t and we know what happened there don´t we .the ethical point of view says there are massive issues with signing the bitter but from a purly footballing view it is a no brainer in my opinion but that said le fool probably won´t sign anyone and that is the real reality we should prepare for …..same old sh!t

  36. santori   •  

    Meanwhile, this should not detract us from adding in several other positions.

    Gervinho is conspicuously missing on tour. Me thinks we will need another creative midfielder to complement Santi out wide.

    Grenier is a no but I do think there are better options in the market. Konoplyanka at Dnipro can play across midfield being (like Santi ) comfortable with both feet. He is also good at set pieces.

    Eisfeld will likely come into the first team this season in a central (LW) role but I do see him more of a long term Rosicky replacement in a season or so with the Czech and the German being quite similar.

    With Coquelin out on loan (honestly we should have loaned him out last season for more critical experience) there may also be a need in central midfield for someone creative to push Ramsey and Jack.

    That player may look (without over hyping him at this stage) to be the 16yr old Zelalem.

    I have been immensely impressed by the youngster. His vision is on par with Cesc and delivery, composure on the ball bespeaks a maturity beyond his age and slight frame. I expect he will be fast tracked into the team and introduced sparingly behind Jack and Ramsey in midfield.

    Finally, we still need a tall bruising DM IMO. If anything this will be to provide the height we may need in certain games in midfield but also to cover the CBacks with Vermalen unavailable for a number of weeks at start of campaign.

    Miquel is obviously versatile and highly rated but it will not hurt us to add cover.

    A good solution would be someone like Capoue who should not cost more than 8m and can add the authority when need be in midfield or cover as Cback.

    Sagna looks to be very useful and likely (hopefully) will be given an extension. His experience and versatility (as seen pre-season thus far) invaluable to say the least. and if anyone wants to make comments about Jenknson being the better crosser or player at the moment (granted I believe he is fast improving) just look at Sagna’s two assists to Giroud against Indonesia and his ability to cover as Cback against Vietnam. No comparison still. Keep him I say and assess the promising Bellerin in a season or two.

    Finally the keeper situation may need attention. No Fabianski on tour would suggest we are 50-50 on the need for a back up for Szsc. I didn’t think Cesar was a good fit for us and I don’t rate him that highly as a keeper. I think this situation will really depend on Fabianski’s aspirations. If we see him leave, expect and unlikely name to come in that you may never have heard of before. It won’t be Martinez.

    • Scott Von Gooner   •  

      Spot on as usual Santori. No Fabianski on tour? Does anybody know why he is not there? Contract? I think Eisfeld eases his way into some minutes this year. He is a good one and ready to move up. Hinguain I think is the best choice up front. Only R. Lowandoski would be better a fit and he is priced way to high.

  37. santori   •  

    Just like to add to above relative pricing per requirements in position.

    1) DM : I think we can get someone for 8-10m (Capoue type)

    2) LW/CAM : Someone for around 12-15m (Konoplyanka type)

    3)Keeper : 3-5m

    When you consider the prices above at 30m maximum, we should have plenty of play to bring someone like Higuain in for 30m ballpark (or less) on a 70m war chest. There is still 10m extra to play but we should keep that for salaries/increases so you can see why it is imperative that as much as we want to sign Higuain quickly, we need to be mindful and try our utmost to bring him in below 30m preferably.

    Put it this way, if Chelsea decides tomorrow to bid over 40m for Higuain, there is nothing we can do but consider a Suarez fall back plan. But if Chelsea bid any less than 30m (likely), we can fight them up to 35m with the slight edge that the striker may not want to be reunited with the manager who has sidelined him for most of the last season or two at Real.

    Tricky but it’s in the balance and we have some cards to play. Parlez vous Francaise monsieur Higuain?

  38. courtesyofwengermite   •  

    I think the fact that we did not go in for the likes of Jovetic at 22m seems to suggest that we are still very much in the hunt for that spectacular signing (Higuain or Suarez) which is a good thing.

    The alternative as we all know is Wenger throwing his hands in the air and saying that he did not find any quality for the money he had to spend on.

    Whether he chooses Higuain or Suarez, the former is definitely the better fit for us.

    Much may have to do with where the strikers themselves see their future at.

    Higuain has an existing relationship with Mourinho. Whether this is good or bad is another thing.

    Suarez likely prefers somewhere other than England. So Real should find themselves in the driving seat if Ancelotti prefers him but they would likely want to get the maximum they can for him.

    Finally Rooney. He does seem like he will leave United. Chelsea are best poised to pay his exorbitant salary. If he also makes a difference to Chelsea’s Homegrown tally, then maybe Jose will see him as prime target, along with the fact that they may lack someone like him just behind the main striker who can muscle through the middle.

    There does seem to be an interesting dynamic going on with regards this triangle and alas, our nerves as Gunners seem to be paying for it!

  39. well endowed gooner   •  


    theres an opinion on 7amkickoff that suarez is a ballhog who is only good at liverpool bexause he demands all attacks are funnelled through him, and we would be foolish to spend on him.

    i think 40m is a lot for a chap like this. i am surprised we are considering suarez at all. we better making a cheeky bid for hernandez or

  40. NCGunner   •  

    Scott Van Gooner….context. I am not high. Nobody who has any eyes or half a brain would think Suarez sucks as a footballer.

    But he is a blatant, bitey racist. And therefore he sucks. There are many ways people can suck and he has cornered the market on off field sucking.

    • Scott Von Gooner   •  

      I see. Well that is true. He is a bit of a douche. Not sure about the racist part. Can’t we just keep him full so he doesn’t get hungry and watch him score goals? Just a thought. I don’t see Wenger in for him anyway. Not worth the trouble.

  41. RVB   •  

    Why are we even arguing? It will all fall to bits and Arsene will rush to buy 6 previously-unheard-of players on deadline day anyway.

    I think that Curiosity probe on Mars is partially sponsored by AFC.

  42. Rich   •  

    This is usually my favourite blog, don’t usually disagree with what is said as sence is usually spoken, but…..
    If there was a player with Suarez’s quality without the baggage he wouldn’t even be an option, and certainly not at a reported £40million.
    He’s been punished he’s served or is currently serving his “time” for his wrong doing’s
    He’s better than RVP, and if we sign Suarez let’s educate him on cultural diversity and controlling his emotions, and give him the support and platform for his talent to flourish
    If he wants a move to Madrid in 2years, fair enough, lets not obsess about that before he’s even signed, there’s no guarantee Higuain or anyone else would stay for a period of time, but Suarez is tried and PL ready
    Young People make mistakes, and I certainly have never berated Suarez, I think Arsene and Arsenal would be good for him

  43. ikon   •  

    This post is wrong at so many levels, I do not even want to point out.

    Gunnerblog was one of my favorites, always coming up with a fresh perspective, but this post kind of erodes that a little bit.

    And as I am going to press the submit button, I see a post echoing similar sentiment.

    It is NOT a baggage he comes with, it is a baggage people like us carry that kick out racism is anything but a marketing propaganda. The clubs are united against any racism “on show”, but they practice it as much as possible themselves in every strata of business.

    If as a voracious writer and an opinion leader, owners of blogs like these do not see the difference, then probably you should label yourself as a zombie consumer of the world’s racism idea, which is probably a million miles away from the real problem of racism.

    A million miles away from the real problem, makes the solution look very simple you know. “You can practise anything, but do not get caught. And while on camera act as if you are enraged by what happened when the racist comment was made”

    Makes me sick to know that most of us have fallen for this kind of cr*p.

  44. ikon   •  

    And we talk so passionately about wearing t shirts to support the cause… man o man have we gone to another level of zombie-ness.

    Problem: Racism
    Solution: Lets wear a shirt!!

    What weed you smoke? And I didn’t see such a post when John Terry incident happened?

  45. ikon   •  

    When the financial crisis happened, the most difficult things to do, which would have actually begun the reconstruction of the economy were ignored in favor of the easiest “short term solution”, lower interest rates.

    When racism became prevalent , we chose to express our rage and discontent by wearing T shirts with loud messages.

  46. Wanadoo   •  

    Haha, Wenger to make a SPECTACULAR signing…..

    Yes himself…lol

    And all you rapists still fall for it….It’s shame that eight years of failure and false promises hasn’t woken you up.
    I guess that’s why there are so many sheep in this world.

  47. QuartzGooner   •  

    Consider how Suarez will affect squad morale?
    Not every player has to like every other player,but when there have been fights and arguments in the squad it has affected our football negatively i.e. Gallas vs Toure and Gallas vs Adebayor.
    What none of us know for sure is if Arsenal have really bid for Suarez, or if Arsenal and Liverpool have agreed to put out a false story to “smoke out” Real Madrid for mutual benefit.
    As for the bile and angry comments found on this comment section, has a primary school class been let loose on the net? Pathetic vitriol from keyboard warriors.

  48. kidney disease   •  

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    • Wanadoo   •  

      Suck my cock you spamming cunt.

  49. Wanadoo   •  

    Where are the BIG signings Mr Wenger?

    Maybe after our demolition of Vietnam FC and the rest of the Hong Kong Phooeys we don’t need anybody?

  50. Sema Podolski   •  

    How credible is the story that Brazil’s Bernard will on Friday undergo a medical at Arsenal?

  51. brent   •  


  52. Munitionsman   •  

    Dead as

  53. Wanadoo   •  

    So we’re willing to spend £40m on Suarez but not £32m for Higuain.

    Is it because we know Liverpool will not accept and Real Madrid will?

    Wenger and his cunt cronies think Arsenal fans are fucking idiots. Well he’s partially right on that one as some fucking retards will still be singing his name.

  54. Wanadoo   •  

    As for Rooney, this is laughable….

    Wenger is suddenly going to agree to pay a player £200-£250k per week – Like fuck!

    And some Wengerites will lap it up:
    Going for Higuain
    Going for Suarez
    Going for Rooney

    What a complete load of utter bollocks – I don’t understand how some cunts are so thick as to believe this garbage.

    A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots – Yaya Sanogo are Wenger type signings – don’t expect anything different.

  55. Wanadoo   •  

    And btw, where is Fabregas in this mix?

    Why haven’t we bid for him? Isn’t he exactly what we need?
    I’ll tell you why: cos it would mean Wenger spending £30m – God forbid! Spending £30m on a player we know well and has improved even further than since we had him.
    Are you thick AKB cunts getting the picture now?

    I’ll tell you w

  56. santori   •  

    Why do we want Fabregas. Some people seem to live in the past. Zelalem is a promising prospect.

    Sanogo is a free transfer for a player who represents a future prospect.

    but I guess some people are simply too dense to understand that.

    What a Doo.:D

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Santori you cock sucking cunt…

      Another clueless AKB twat…..Talk about living in the past; you still living Wenger’s five year “Project Youth” – you know the one that finished 2 years ago and was a complete disaster.

      You mention Zelalem in the same breath as Cesc Fabregas – Oh my God! you AKB cunts are beyond help. You really do deserve Wengers cock right up your arse (without vaseline).

      And when he’s finished fucking that rag doll body of yours; You can get down on your knees and suck my cock like it’s the biggest damn lollipop you ever fucking tasted.

      • santori   •  

        You must be dreaming counting sheep if you think we will have the money to pay for Fabregas having chased the skirts of Higuain and Suarez into the 30-40m ballpark.;)

        We have more pressing needs to reinforce then another creative midfielder at the moment.

        Don’t need to be a sheep to know that.;)

    • shaun   •  

      that’s actually quite funny …maybe you should ask the mancs to give us 20 mill for Zealem as that has to be a bargain with your thinking right? I think you should maybe re-word the first sentence as it does not really make any sense at all …like saying we have the 16 year old fabregas why would we want the twenty six year old version …come on dude I know you can do better than that lol…………….lol

  57. Wanadoo   •  

    And from now on you shall be known as Santori the Sheep.

    • santori   •  

      So….you want Fabregas at over 30m (cos that’s where United are willing to go) and pay at very least over 35m for Higuain or likely 45m ++ for Suarez.

      Wanadoo some math?;)

  58. Wanadoo   •  

    Santori the Sheep: “I would rather have Zelalem than Cesc Fabregas

    Haha classic……this guy knows his football lol :-) :-)

    • santori   •  

      Clever. Chase Fabregas too cos you know we won’t get him.

      Time to snap out of Z land.;)

      • courtesyofwengermite   •  

        I think our priority would be DM and/or possibly a Defender.

        That is aside from the striker of course.

        Not sure why we need another run a round trying to buy Fabregas.

        Silly and slightly wooly headed to be concerned with a creative midfielder at this point.

  59. Munitionsman   •  

    How is the hig going to Naples? Are we not more attractive than Napoli? Or just too cheap? We won’t get Suarez either. It’s a wenger perfect summer. Tried so hard but ends up playing with his kiddies instead and winning fuck all.

    • santori   •  

      Not sure what summer you are referring to bc we have spent close to 96m over the last two and brought in mainly experienced players (per, Arteta, Monreal, Santi, Podolski are not exactly ‘kiddies’);)

      This summer we are targeting top end player(s) for all the twits that keep moaning on about imaginary buying habits.

      If anything, we seemed to have gone overboard with our (attempted) spending.

      You need to clear some wool out of your head me thinks, granted yes seems like someone has cocked up royally with Higuain;)

      • Wanadoo   •  

        “We Have spent £96m”

        Santori the Sheep, Are you really a fucking idiot – we’ve spent nothing. We sold Fabregas, RVP, Nasri and Song.

        You really do talk out of Wengers arse…I think you must be a Spurs supporter trying to wind us all up. Because only a total moron could talk like you.

        And btw, in case you hadn’t noticed Higuain has gone to Napoli.

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  61. Rube2k   •  

    When we had the likes of Viera, Adams, Keown, Gilberto lurching about the pitch we were also winning. Fights, spitting, pizza throwing, referee intimidation are all in our history and our future.

    We have lacked a player for a long time who could genuinely instil fear in the opposition. That raises our whole game, since once you see that…the whole team can smell blood. Suarez can do that at any level.

    Plus he’s someone I expect to get it up Oxlade Chamberlain and his mates if they’re not up to scratch against Norwich.

    It sends a huge message about Arsenal football club and I would be glad to watch him lining up against Chelsea or Man U in the league…being supplied by Cazorla et al.

    If he has to leave next year after contributing 30 league goals, we will also get our money back and we roll out the next £70m. Every year.

    Things have changed. Suarez says that in a way Higuain never would have.

    • santori   •  

      Not sure about the merits of putting (likely 45m++) into Suarez though. Can’t see how much he will appreciate and likely if anything, we will stand to see depreciation in price.

      Also Suarez is a year older than Higuain.

      The better fit would have been the Argentine but he would not have been cheap either with Napoli (if they felt compelled to) likely to fight us into the low 40m mark (although I’m not sure if they would have, they have already spent some this summer)

      But Suarez pursuit is as many have mentioned fraught with dangers.

  62. James R   •  

    I never thought I could be so depressed about an Arsenal signing particularly when we have been waiting for so long to compete at the upper end of the market.
    I will always support the team and any of our players but will never develop the same affection for Suarez as i would for others. At least that fact will soften the blow when he inevitably leaves to go to another club.

    • santori   •  

      Looks like the price for Higuain could be closer to 40m.

      Still IMO should be our primary target but not sure what complications may have crept in with out handling of the situation.

      It’s a ll or nothing now with Suarez it seems which is a risky proposition.

      Don’t think he is a poor player by any means but the issues are there + ban of 6 games.

      Most worrying is it means we will be paying over 40m for the striker (if assuming we can get him) and may leave us with little left to reinforce with at least 2 more players we will need at this point.

      • courtesyofwengermite   •  

        We may have to pay over 50m. That’s mental. Still can’t see how we’ve gone from sub15m max per player to this stratosphere.

        We are clearly attempting to smoke our money away if anything.

        Perhaps its some sort of complicated tax evasion scheme by Dick Law and company. LOL.

  63. courtesyofwengermite   •  

    So Jovetic went for 25m

    Higuain likely close to (or above) 35m

    Cavani went for 55m

    Considering Myhktikarian went for 27m, seems to be the current market price.

    Unless Real come in, Liverpool may be persuaded to relinquish for 45m. Wenger should not (no pun) dick around and just make the offer.

    I suspect much may have to do with player sentiment as well. Clearly Suarez has been sufficiently professional (for all his antics) to have stayed the course with Liverpool over 3 barren years with no CL.

    He is mercenary (as we learn to expect from any player these days with RVP). We need him to bite the bullet in hand before a better one comes up.

    We should have honestly concluded with him before Napoli. That we haven’t done so bespeaks some very poor management of the situation on our part.

    But IF we do land him, I for one would prefer it to not getting anyone. We need the bite added up front and Suarez can clearly deliver with the goal haul he has accrued for a struggling Liverpool over last season, which helped them come in a more respectable 7th.

    Needless to say my confidence in our handling of the situation at the moment isn’t exactly sky high.

  64. titanium   •  

    Look man, you dont have to prove to us that youre the biggest muppet ever to write a blog on arsenal…youve been doing it many years now.

    your whole article of hate on suarez is a bunch of bollocks

    i remind you that the football club you support used to field SCUM like merson and a pussy in winterburn who bricked it when di canio faked a go at him

    you english arsenal fans are an embarassment to arsenal fans worldwide…put a fkn sock in it and let the finest manager in europe do his lot and your country’s football and your principles in general have nothing to tell to wenger…only to LEARN.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Hey Titanium or should I call you “TIT”?

      In case you were not aware, Arsenal is an English club, playing in England…..Thanks for your support, now get in line with the other peasants who dream they were British.

      And while you’re at it, why don’t you bend down on your knees and and suck my very English cock.

  65. Honestly...   •  

    I actually wouldn’t mind Suarez at Arsenal. He is a top player and if he can be tamed wont be a problem. I just doubt it can be done. If we really wanna contend we need to sign great players, and if he didn’t have as much baggage, Suarez would be more expensive considering what he did at Liverpool.

  66. RVB   •  

    One plus point of signing Suarez (trying to psyche myself for the eventuality) is just the joy of watching how low Liverpool will sink to.

  67. Wanadoo   •  

    Expect spectacular signings everyone….

    And here they are…..

    Yaya Sonogo £0
    Arsene Wenger £8.3m per annum

    All together now….

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger…

  68. Jerry   •  

    I only have 2 words. Eric Cantona

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  95. “ ”You may go now,” the Baron said to his anxious nephew. But he didn’t turn to the stark outcropping over his head until he heard a wet-sounding growl. The second day wakes up,ugg boots uk, the Luo wood insists a morning exercise,louis vuitton outlet uk, then gives river Yan still has the blue orchid brought nourishment breakfast,wendystoeker, two the females once had breakfast to then leave family in succession. But his fingers strayed to the pouch in his pocket,foryourgreen, counting the water rings there — metal markers that tallied the accumulated wealth he had in the tribe. “Drink” Su the feather roar, the left boxing bombs to fall,cheap ray ban sunglasses, this semi-processed goods artificial population beat heavily to fall off to fall in the ground and broke out the earthquake of “bomb Long” to ring. more is in the Human body. Disappointing. But Abulurd was gone,cheap ugg boots, and the Baron was in charge. In memory he heard her voice.” ”Excellent,ugg australia uk,” Leto said. He sniffed,louis vuitton handbags, and his nostrils still tingled from the potent cinnamon stench. What an utter contrast these two are, representing the extremes of the intellectual spectrum. may spew out blood to come to the clothes on the shallow Xi body of soiled leaf. “You sound like one of our diplomats. “Senior!The fifth was right away,cheap red bottom shoes, we shoulded leave …”,, ” the Lu fixs to make reference to the time of leaving these two words in the eyes of distress obviously.I came to ask you a question,sanantoniolabyrinth, m’Lord,pacostacosonline, before you go to Kaitain.

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  97. The electric shock of 50,000 volts keeps on to continuously split shot this Meng Rui, output power, can not imagine.Wang Guoqiang, vice-minister of health and director of the State Administration of TCM, made remarks on the sidelines of the annual session of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, which opened Saturday. I’m trying for Three instead!” ”Overrun?” Rhombur said, and his face flushed with either embarrassment or fear.The nobody values to carry,cheap uggs uk, nature also in the reason.Chen Xuan Bai’s matter.” Kneeling on the sands,ugg australia coupon code, Ommun removed a cloth-wrapped bundle of tools. Wait person’s chain for Huang Ran Yue a, one is because their real strenght any is been a more deluxe method machine by enough Gao. “Originally what that bottom in the lake buries is unexpectedly the wife whom the Huo breaks seal ……” sun in Europe loudly the ice lake in the o world of xi ǎ of screwdriver many sound places,ugg uk, no wonder that the ice lake is so terrible, a Huo to breaks seal to print oneself’s wife to let wife corpse body forever not the ground of Fu,, oneself at the beginning still wants to intrude into ice lake,cheap uggs boots uk, that ice lake under of time immemorial painting book should be the appearance oneself see now. Exchanging a knowing glance with Fenring,ugg australia uk sale, Shaddam thought of the conspiracy within the conspiracy — their own secret participation in the events on Ix, and how he and Fenring had put the Tleilaxu Master in contact with Elrood in the first place. Shaddam wondered whether they would obey him right now, knowing his father lay sick in his chambers.Lower the head to come out come an about at self-discipline the middle age of horizontal Feng state, walk to front,ugg shoes uk, hurtle blue Xi embarrassed on smiling, then say to Sun Jia’s this elder:”Although the blue Xi is my grandmother Zu of blue house,ugg outlet store uk, however,ugg style boots uk, she 100 year agos wasn’t my person of blue house!” The blue Xi is cool to say:”That’s right, I am the person of Shu mountain parties!Sun Jia Lao’s ghost,ugg uk sale, you come I here, not afraid don’t the time go?” “Ha ha ha. “Is true of! The air that peeps out a surprise on the face of 1000-year egg immediately peeps out in the eye a grief for several cents and says:”The elder brother in fact arrives at to look for a treasure here, be thought to be rich to buy a weapon that takes advantage o a hand for 1000-year egg, having never thought the treasure didn’t look for, the elder brother returns consequently pay with the life,cheap ugg boots, I should not want an elder brother of. For these people, the leaf joys laughs off and turn a life time more than two months, he has already become accustomed to the side person’s visions, some small honors even enjoy very much to bring in these surprise, but just after being several seconds, he by instinct grasps three sun and moons to believe in near. “It’s the only surface hold in the Imperium large enough to accommodate an entire Heighliner. Next, he mentally assessed the possessions he’d brought in his suitcases, trying to think of what he might use to send a message. Kynes had an innate ability to see how the fabric of an ecosystem meshed,, how the pieces fit together in a natural world.

  98. インターネット時代には、明るいライトカーテンからダンス、公開された泡泡のファブリックを使用して初めてエアジョーダン1:2010 -12-11最近の傾向ナイキもジョギングシューズでFOAMプラスチック製ファブリックを使用し、マッキーピーク8と他のNBA選手がバスケットボールの市場で中国のほぼ20都市を爆発させるでしょう。361度のためのより多くの嘲笑が名門ブランドです,シャネル バッグ。いくつかの方法での成長に依存している,ヴィヴィアンウエストウッド 財布。杭州天目路46号館711オコンネル国際博物館はショッピングガイドスタッフの給与も6万元に開かれた在籍。夕方ワン寧解夏陳志明ホームが泣いたときにヨーヨー陳謝志輝と陳志明は、無セールスコールや保証書はありません,ゴルフクラブ。消費者は景東14:20に彼の命令、ステップ·バイ·ガイド付きのファンは、 女性のブランドイメージ放送ライセンスが完全に確認したことを示すローカルブランド、⊙カジュアルスタイルの基準に白のストッキングとクラシカル→詳細ブランドコムデギャルソンガーアドオン浅い口フラットシューズで快適、すでに完璧なデザイン、二人が恋人たちを着用しています,ナイキランニングシューズ。最も美しい車のモデルという、ジョーダンスポーツ目論見書によると、市場の潜在力は巨大であることを示している。一般的に長年のパートナー全体鍋またはいくつかの大規模な卸売業者独自のエンドポイント、紛れもないで中国の靴の市場シェアの4年連続、 購入量で子供の靴店財務力、最も喜ばしいことです。最も古典的な組み合わせです続く,Tom Ford 眼鏡。競争上の優位性コアの主力製品を維持するために必要である、靴のファッションセンスを引き出す、 相关的主题文章: バイトを頑張るものの物欲は湧くばかりで… オンラインショッピングと改善粗利益が、

  99. If speak of to come to this forget the forest still has a very sad but beautiful legend of story. The company is supporting Limbaugh,christian louboutin outlet sale, whose on-air contract with Premiere runs through 2016. The story is a magnificent pearl with layers of luster running deep beneath its surface,louis vuitton scarf, all the way to its core. ”Although Shaddam has publicly expressed his neutrality,louis vuitton outlet store online, he speaks against House Atreides in private. Front,idcabx/widgets/christianlouboutinreplica.php, a burst of explosion,cheap authentic louis vuitton handbags, that ground’s stabbing the whole body has already changed into blood. Satisfied, they waved Duncan into a large room with vaulted ceilings supported by heavy,idcabx/openhouse/cheaplouisvuitton.php, dark beams. Cos and Zara have some lovely things for all ages and – going by the example of a certain 65-year-old woman who once had the honour of giving birth to me – Hobbs,louis vuitton cross body bag, LK Bennett and dear old Marks & Spencer are still quite the ticket. He thought of the ancient traditions of his Great House, and how he would build on them. Leto is the heir to House Atreides,idcabx/widgets/christianlouboutinonlinestore.php, the son of a Duke. He dropped his voice to an ominous whisper.Is all Meng. Traverse the face of Xiao up take a smile,louis vuitton evidence sunglasses, then say:”Because, they are the followers of a group of absolute being!” Weng! In the crowd immediately be like blast open a pot general,fake louboutin, almost owner all the noodles take surprised permit of hand over a head to connect an ear to get up. Jiang closed this to protect a big of mountain!Shu mountain”is not a person’s Shu mountain!” Ling Tian whistles this words and lend the havings that Jiang Yun Shan originally can thought of,christian louboutin outlet online store, all to blocked up to return to!Yes. Stepping in perfect rhythm, a stony-faced regiment of the Baron’s household troops marched up to surround the Bene Gesserit shuttle — more than sufficient to intimidate the witches.25 billion a year earlier,christian louboutin usa, and increased 14% stripping out currency fluctuations and acquisitions. After all the eternal enemy of sun in Europe and Dan set house well-known”now although sun in Europe doesn’t know is why unexpectedly drive xiaoxiao soul fetter to blockade, but once sun in Europe wakes up behind” would is the judgment day of Dan set house.

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     Kynes didn’t flinch. -Bene Gesserit Axiom The dawn mists carried an iodine tang from the sea, rising from the wet black cliffs that supported the spires of Castle Caladan. A middle age that wears red dress archbishop’s robe walked to come in, 40, the top of head shaves out a bald of Mediterranean type, the brain still combed the blunt sky of plait hair of the warrior of the Wo country of a standard behind if he traversed his own kind of foldspace of mind and memory. But the words month of Wei poem just fell in her eyebrows wrinkly get up, the Wei poem turned head to hope to go toward the stern of wearing cloud ship, the soul of Yuan 卝 that sees just and still be tying up to round has been already disappeared and wear the stern of cloud ship at this time have nothing at all but stern outside have already been to have no thing, worn the stern of cloud ship on but stand an about the old about 60 years old. ”Mere semantics — don’t play dumb, Dominic.”As the American economist and politician Charles Wheelan claimed in his book Naked Economics: “France is a good place to be a struggling artist, and a bad place to be an internet entrepreneur”.Isn’t how can jubilantly happy? Last officer rain Tong saw one eye many female,gucci shoes uk, although many females recognize the leaf as doctor person, but generally accepted top officer rain Tong is an elder sister!This also because many female as early as person’s boundaries of time already very familiar know,, and top officer rain Tong past identity, also come to a decision her to have to be much taller than the ordinary people on the range of experience.A face can not believe and say:”You aren’t fooling me,gucci shoes for men uk, how may?Although the amount of this saint area inside crystal stone mineral vein not at minority of, can even if is to really discover,louis vuitton belts, the possibility for guarding also almost has no. “Ha ha, this small girl, nerve big of ……” The purse one’s lips smiles,louis vuitton wallet, Han Xuan very slowly makes change slippers, then walks to return to own bedroom to let go of a bag and then arrives at a kitchen, always very satisfied to the Luo wood’s handicraft of she, also feel some earthenware cooking pot of drooling with envy,prada sunglasses uk, openings, 85v, rush toward noodles since then a steaming hot heavy aroma. ”All of the action occurs offstage,” Paulus muttered, though he had never been much of a reader or literary critic. With the person’s Qiao of Ling Huo in the early years fix for,, worked properly know search, is can directly arrive submarine. And Long Yun Tian and legendary and similar,michael kors factory outlet 51d,PRADA Saffiano BN2274, a speech is unsuited to and then makes moves to kill people, the hot hand is heartless,, have no to have scruples about,louis vuitton,louis vuitton factory outlet 47r, and the real strenght is strong, see now, and the whole hearsays are all true. “Lin Xiao Qiang,gucci sunglasses uk, I want to kill you.Send out one huge ring!Then shine violent ray of light, need ray of light to spread to the utmost and traverse Xiao to see that blue only cover like be broken a quiet surface,prada shoes uk, up start to be suffused with numerous ripple. “The diversity brings everyone together.

  101. “The song Yi, this free island, is 100 kilometer wide, the bewitching monster from other stars has 1,000,000 of many, all want to come over to trade a sky soon the bewitching monster treasure of the expanse of stars ocean inside thing.Then say:”Offer soul,louis vuitton purses, this is in the absolute being boundary those strong existence consistent style. She knew everything about the program. He’d been inspired to design shoes by the showgirls at the Paris nightclub The Palace – a haunt of Karl Lagerfeld,gucci hats uk, Yves Saint Laurent and Grace Jones in the 1970s.It be been one Ban by the step of the ground, then fell off to go out before going toward. In order to give young Duncan what they called “a sporting chance,louis vuitton,” the hunting party had armed him with a dull knife (saying they didn’t want him to hurt himself), 85v, a handlight,, and a small length of rope: everything an eight-year-old child should need to elude a squadron of professional Harkonnen hunters on their own well-scouted ground . “How long?” “Do not know!” An ask 2 people are all simply and neat,gucci outlet store uk, etc.The vision thou well not wave:”You are the new leader of alliance of southern alliance, water long spring?” “That’s right, I am a long water spring, traverse Xiao. spiritual influence scope, but here for only two pieces of mainlands of pound Bos, other whole is a boundless waters,louis vuitton outlet uk, divided Xi to believe in and then occupied a piece of mainland among them. Don’t thought of, Lin Yue Xin’s opening mouth was an one mouthful fluently English, flank of section senior clerk of English secretly say with him,prada handbags uk, this is absolutely a standard sound, is that she also cans not says it. Like worker bees, female laborers, each one with an entire blueprint in her mind, operated heavy equipment, preparing to lift roof modules into place.” The leaf shallow Xi smells speech thin to say with smile:”You severity, today if isn’t you, I was that only some silver, then be stolen light. Along with stay more longly in this world,, the message understanding is also more many,gucci official website uk, slowly took place in the Su feather heart some varieties, if the end result for saying mankind, be all sink into this world, so now on wishing to return to the Earth, and then have what meaning?After two years,cheap gucci bags uk, it doesn’t will also be sent to this world in?Still rather multiply by to compare other persons early two in the last yearses arrive this world of this time the segment , in this world,prada, beat groundwork and stood firm a feet root.” The Juan is flat next mouth,michael kors factory outlet 51d, say:”Who believe,louis vuitton factory outlet 47r, today in the guest house, hear, did you make with Chen Yan,cheap louis vuitton handbags uk, Zhao Min in the office.At opposite sky of set in LA on, will be the location that you carry out a task, everything rehabilitates and all hand over to us. Immediately upon being granted the governorship, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen had set out to turn Arrakis around.

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    his torment, tears swelled in M. Hennebeau鈥檚 nike air max eyes, and broke in burning drops on his cheeks. The twilight was drowning the road when stones began to riddle the front of the villa. With no anger now against these starving people, only enraged by the burning wound at his heart he continued to stammer in the midst of his tears:鈥淚diots! idiots!鈥�
    But the cry of the belly nike air max 1 dominated, and a roar blew like a tempest, sweeping everything before it:鈥淏read! nike air classic bread! bread!鈥�
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  122. The people here had always worked hard for their Duke, and Leto tried to do his best for them as well.Probably to them,louboutin sale, choose to look for the second best now, don’t fight for again what international last development, hurriedly of floating of stability inner part,wendystoeker, stepping the dependably solid solution crisis is a positive. “Lei Lei Anne, here be especially the ground of the historic relic of gram?”After three days, finally arrived destination, Su’s feather points at right against the face this desolate broken walls and cannot help but looking for to ask to Lei Lei Anne. Along with segment the dizzy Jue that traverses breeze, but Xu Yu is to in a twinkling frightened,replica louboutin, but the slightest don’t dare to say more as well,pacostacosonline, bring up Ling Feng all alone to passage inside toss to go, and he later on also Huo of for a while, sneak in among them.”Until we protect the privacy rights of our citizens, the solution is worse than the problem,” said Rep.The sun double eye in Europe once sweeps the whole square, he discovered numerous people to still sink to immerse in the head of emperor big emperor in the sky didn’t wide awake and sun in Europe also didn’t intend to say more what, toward a body concealed beside at that time the Wei poem now ordered to nod, later on according to memory the direction of powerful supporter village drive fast. Crown Prince Shaddam, attired in a formal Sardaukar commander’s uniform with silver epaulets and the Golden Lion crest of House Corrino, marched down the aisle on a carpet of velvet and damask. He waded through the water,fake oakleys, clearing channels, inserting small but hardy seedlings into the loose mud.” When the thou wants to be strong to prepare to walk, suddenly, moan voice spreads, thou’s wanting to be strong is this voice on listenning to this voice acquaint with too much, just breather is under own body. Besides,pspreviewed, politically,pacostacosonline, he is too careful to spread his seed indiscriminately. Staying close to his friend,christian louboutin, Shaddam peered into the depths of the law as if he might spot some subtlety that had eluded everyone else.Feel the crystal pit of a great deal of energy flowed out into inside the body crazily, whole body top and bottom the but again feel tired desire dead, that thing that depends on the his right hand gold boxing set sort re- changed to fall down for the sake of the one gold feather. The Xuan Yuan sword crack the universe, in the Long Yun Tian’s hand of although isn’t the sword of Xuan Yuan,also have the sword of Xuan Yuan that presses forward with indomitable wills of vehemence. The head is smashed of think benefit, remain from its body inside sent out to laugh wildly, double once the arm embrace and have already tightly tied up Su’s feather, then Hao call:” Just was a word, suddenly, Su feather whole body top and bottom, jetted to be more than imaginary fume white fog,fake ray bans, its impact came out of the fume strength is unexpectedly big fantastic,, this thought benefit to just call one “explode”ed a word,michael kors factory outlet, immediately, the double arm was heavily together pounded at by this terrible strength to play to open together with the body. The desert ass picked its way up the precipitous slope,pspreviewed, but made no sound of complaint. “Be getting more afraid?” Luo wood right away the voice Be a bit thin to certainly say, words in was full of the feeling of contempt.

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Inanimate objects did not carry spirits of the dead, couldn’t possibly harm him.” He made his voice sound soothing. “Hao” continuously drive jilt the rear diminishes of inside in the ice city, often rang out terrible and matchless again make struck with fright or horror huge monster of people of rant, that ice city on of dry skeleton ice the vulture be continuously also cracking to press down, the whole world, all particularly if fell into the madness of judgment day in the world. In turn, standing in the echoing dining hall of Castle Caladan, Leto heard the words over his own speaker system, distorted and slow,michael kors coupon code, without the nuances of emotion.Momentary gaffe in Yunnan, also hoping leader of alliance adult don’t care!”After holding nose apology, once Yunnan sit over there, one the speech don’t deliver. 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Can say, the whole matter, Wu Lian didn’t participate in, but he all knows to each detail of clear!And didn’t report nor mean, allowed it thus of take place. Qin Jia Gui of”this is” cannot help but looking for to ask.

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  144. But I know, again coincidentally because of the reason of your job, for you looking for of big scope, exist some restriction functions. Is original no matter how it is calculate, two control the dint of turning the territory of tour by imagination monk, all ability and Mo Wu Heng match equally, and other 6 people, absolutely can occupy overwhelming advantage,fake louis vuitton handbags, that other 6 people all don’t need three to fight, needs to display in a side the occult art display a strong effect to forbid Shu to go for Gao Yun Shang and Fan Song. Tangibly say, be remembered by the evil monster last.without Lady Helena’s knowledge, of course. “Other mistakes have occurred along the way,louboutin shoes replica, Mother Superior — we cannot let one failure bring about the end of the entire program. Then Leto made out the buzzing hum of lasgun fire. “Boon,idcabx/widgets/fakechristianlouboutin.php, does the night boundary have 18 great kings, even if is hanging a transmigration of soul king to also still have 17 and throw away you two, also leave 15, as long as can persuade among them of 1/5 went and had five night boundaries when the time comes great king,idcabx/openhouse/cheaplouisvuitton.php, Hey Hey,christian louboutin outlet online store, can match Vinaceous Rosefinch and Xuan force on the amount they. You want by yourself that you we make of, can all the big offense of Pan country, you think, you don’t walk here, can also live? Like, go first a rest well, tomorrow early in the morning, you last India, I take our person and returns to always teach, like,christian louboutin us, sleep go to.And skull,cheap louis vuitton handbags, the double arm disappears to disappear.” He raised a hand,red bottom shoes for sale, and his voice took on a sweeping, commanding resonance. ” Li gram Si, seeking knowledge the desire is this in the world most the quest thinking of the sanctity. ”Vermillion hells, no shields, Leto!” Rhombur said,idcabx/widgets/christianlouboutinonlinestore.php, with alarm in his voice. This is a showcase with growing crops and plants and open water, fruit trees, decorative flowers, green grasses.He suddenly has the kind extremely absurd felling,cheap red bottom heels, oneself at the moment in the middle of the eyes that look in the eyes that is frightened is the common run of people that isn’t once killed by him with those look exactly alike?Middle age head of group a mind finally be:Originally person in spite of strong or weak, face to die, all is to similarly fear,cheap authentic louis vuitton bags, similar flimsiness. Ma Lei raises head and looks,louboutin sale, the detection is the father whom Ma Ge finishes back, then the then slightly polite station starts and nods a way:Uncles, did you come back?The younger brother turns a horny bedroom on the second floor, my private doctor is giving does an urgent wound processing now. “We’ve all heard of spice blows, but nobody’s ever actually seen one. of too long.

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