Transfer thoughts: Koscielny, Grenier, Higuain, Jovetic and more

Football’s annual auction is also known as the ‘silly season’. I’m not sure silly does it justice. For starters, it sounds a lot more fun than the seasonal process of being pillaged, gazumped and ultimately disappointed.

This summer, we’re told, will be different. We’ll see. It felt worryingly familiar yesterday when Laurent Koscielny started mouthing off about his future. The quote that made the headlines was:

I want to lift trophies and to have a winning record. I hope the club will give me the means. If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere. Paris [Saint Germain]? I don’t know. I’ve not heard anything.

Clearly Kos isn’t content with finishing top of the Fair Play League.

In seriousness, I’m not sure there’s much to worry about here. Koscielny is merely echoing the sentiment of the fans: we all want the club to push on and compete for trophies. He also told Eurosport “I do not want to go anywhere”, but that just isn’t as interesting to journalists.

The PSG link seems entirely spurious. Here’s a transfer window tip for you all: if you ever see a player quoted as mentioning a club in the form of a rhetorical question, it’s because they’ve been asked about it directly by an interviewer. They haven’t brought it up themselves. No-one talks like that.

I am not hungry right now, but eventually I may want to eat something. A sandwich? I don’t know. I’ve not heard anything. Of course sandwiches are delicious, so I am flattered to be linked with them.

This journalistic quirk also accounts for the quotes from Gonzalo Higuain suggesting a move to Arsenal may be on the cards:

There have already been offers and I hope that Madrid do the best for me and themselves.

Arsenal? They would suit me, I’m still young and I have goals.

I’m glad Higuain still has goals. Arsenal could use about thirty of them per season.

I’d love to see a player of Higuain’s undoubted calibre at Arsenal, but as yet there’s little evidence that there’s much substance to this story. There are an unusual number of high quality forwards available on the market this summer. The likes of Higuain, Villa, Rooney, Benteke, Cavani, Falcao, Gomez and more could all be on the move. Everyone knows that Arsenal need a forward, so it’s just a question of connecting the dots to create a story. It’s almost impossible for us to know how legitimate any one of these rumours is. The chances are that one is bang on. If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters, they will write a correct transfer story on

The story with most smoke around it is the link to Fiorentina forward Stevan Jovetic. The most recent twist is that according to The Times Chelsea have entered the race. Wouldn’t it be just like Mourinho to announce his return to English football by ruining our transfer plans?

Anyhow, after that detour through the apparent rhetorical habits of footballers, back to matters closer to home. If Laurent Koscielny’s future seems safe, the same can’t be said for Bacary Sagna. The full-back insists that talks with Arsenal are ongoing, but the lack of progress is telling. I suspect the club are unwilling to provide Sagna with the length of deal he’ll be offered elsewhere. For a player who has suffered two broken legs inside two seasons, security will be paramount.

Arsenal may be faced with a choice: sell Sagna now, or allow him to hobble away on a Bosman in a year’s time. Personally, I hope they choose the latter of those two options. Sagna still has plenty to offer, and another season would help Arsene decide whether or not Carl Jenkinson is ready to inherit his first-team spot. What’s more, Sagna’s market value is not sufficiently high to demand selling now. It’s not like we’d be throwing £20m+ away, as with Nasri and Van Persie.

Sagna is French. So is Clement Grenier. As this article has worn on, you may have noticed that my links have become progressively more lazy. I wrote a brief scouting report on Grenier which you can find here. Grenier is a central attacking playmaker with the shuffling gait and effortless technical skill of Robert Pires. He is not, at first glance, the midfielder that we need.

Heading in to the window, many expected Arsenal to recruit a holding midfielder. Indeed, I mentioned a month or so ago that talks had taken place with the representatives of Grenier’s defensive-minded Lyon team-mate, Maxime Gonalons. Subsequent links with the likes of Victor Wanyama have strengthened the idea that Arsene Wenger is looking to add steel rather than sheen to his midfield.

However, perhaps the outstanding performances of Aaron Ramsey in that role have given Arsene pause for thought. In recent weeks, with Cazorla playing predominantly on the wing, the number 10 berth has been shared between Tomas Rosicky and  Jack Wilshere. Given the increasing age of the former and the fitness problems of both, perhaps recruiting a new playmaker wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

We can but wait and see.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. The Ryo Slim Shady   •  

    Lazy journalism!!! Where is the guff about the fat evertonian false 9!!?

    As a South African diehard gooner I love and loathe the silly season in equal proportions… There is so much media optimism surrounding the number departing, and hence the number coming in, that one can’t help but be optimistic. At the same time, when you read of all the ‘done deals’ etc, you realise that speculation is just that and that announcements are the stuff of wet dreams. Arsene will be arsene and he always makes us anguish.

    No respite.

  2. innocent   •  

    wenger shld nt allow kos to go. May be sagna can go and be replaced

  3. Lex_Gunner   •  

    I really think with the current squad and some investment we are ready to kick on. I think a realistic expectation in the summer window would be the four additions of Wanyama, Grenier, Jovetic/Higuain, and a central defender.

  4. Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

    i am posting a comment just for the sake of it.

  5. Munitionsman   •  

    I still think Ryo Myachi is ready to make the leap and be both our new CF and CB. He has all the ingredients.

    • Scott (USA)   •  

      Are you high?

  6. shaun   •  

    well I think ryo has the ingredients to be a world class CB as well. but the breaking news and something we should all rejoice is that arsharvin ,deni and squill are off the books at a cost of 11 million a year but hey arsenal are really good at the economic business side of things as I probably took a team of twenty people working day and night to bring such great news , you couldn’t make the shit up , poor, poor and poor from arsenal as usal …..if chelsae want rid of torres and are willing to sell at a loss wenger should be sensible and take him instaed of this jovtec guy whos stats are poor at best , seems injury prone and is definately not the prolific striker we are looking for , wenger needs to get his dick out his as and start earning his money ,torres will probaly go to the spuds and wenger will tell you he was not aware he was available and that’s the truth

  7. Plant   •  

    Thanks Shaun.

  8. Munitionsfloribundii   •  

    Blossums, I will be visiting the realm from my australian hideaway and will come down to London as part of my tour. Can anyone from the mother country recommend a hotel in the 80-100 quid bracket (or thereabouts)?

    I would ask for someone to put me up but cant risk being stabbed by a closet AKB who knows my views!

    We will be travelling from the glorious city of Hull on the tube. Please do not make a fuss and meet us at Kings Cross with thousands of singing children and mounted police. We australians do not like a fuss.

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  22. According to Devarajan, the potential for growth in consumer spending is greatest in Ghana, where an oil boom fueled economic growth of 14. After pondering very long, the Luo wood finally thoughted of a new plan:”Now permanent stability horse danger may come any time, Ma Jia’s person’s affirming will guard at his nearby, and recent Ma Shi’s household took place too many affairs, international inner part in Ma Shi will appear the vacuum of certain degree. Long Zhan Tian’s husband and wife and west door Rui exchange blows, the Ao snow of madam dragon has already risen in rank a method saint stage as well;A method saint, a control various taboos war skill of peak Wu Sheng,idcabx/openhouse/cheaplouisvuitton.php, west Rui in the door finally depend display taboo method Jue, own real strenght promote a small rank,louis vuitton purses outlet, come to a for a middle just Long Zhan Tian’s husband and wife’s serious wound, just haven’t come yet and the cutthroat in pain,cheap authentic louis vuitton handbags, Long Jian Tian arrived to. Stilgar’s unwed sister Frieth was offered to him as a wife. Ten”the tooth plays to explode” project crazily, again continuously of be taken back again project go, the Su’s feather full field flies to shoot. Soon the Navigator would go into his trance, and the ship would be under way.Its heel grows.” The old farmer listened attentively, then gave a grave nod. But it happened that other party be not,cheap real louis vuitton bags, he is true to fix for just return, even if is controled the dint of turning the territory of return,fake louis vuitton handbags, as long as touring by imagination monk initiative to guard against,replica louis vuitton handbags, similar can lean against one degree advantage, far and far mourn to snuff out, can fact is the other party be like chop down melon to slice vegetables, connect cut 2 to expect before touring by imagination.Wish:”See, lift the medical condition of bending the province still not very good,louboutin replica, oneself wants to think way and thou to want a strong time a Z country. He took a long drag and exhaled smoke. Duncan had known nothing else in his eight years. A long time, the sky of thunder cloud spread to go,fake louis vuitton purses, the dint of the thunder and lightning gradually weak, but Su’s feather one roar, its body on,louboutin fake, the thunder and lightning in 100001000 blue white released and formed a square circle the terrible thunder nest that reaches to 20 meters,louis vuitton outlet store location, here, the Ji Si of”Pa Pa” breaks out a sting in ground ring,knockoff louboutin, all in everything here, will be smashed. After Su leaves feather, the Chong fills the whole Noah’s ark of unreal slowly constringency, changed into entity, then again continuously of transparency, finally blend with the unreal on all sides, disappear.appreciate your water, Stilgar,cheap authentic louis vuitton bags,” Kynes said with a forced smile. With a muffled groan, C’tair realized that virtually all of the grand Ixian public artworks had been destroyed, including the stylized Guild Heighliner model that had graced Plaza Dome. Jins, international honored guest? These students, all be not what Hao the progeny of big household in the door, but the xes all know, recently the capital city just held for several decades seldom a meet of across the capital city of the sort in century to canvass business general assembly, this time, the invitation comes to the super Hao door of each nation and the representative of the big financial group to take part in, other book friends see as usual:.

  23. Rhombur,, who had received the temporary protection of the court, came at the same time each day. Far more than he had suspected! ”And the number of actual Fremen on Dune is approximately ten million.Winter boots to keep warm, Christian Louboutin, the space inside the shoe to be more lenient,louis vuitton shop online uk, replica Christian Louboutin sandals, so that both feet of space for a small piece to promote blood circulation, to prevent frostbite. her,” Helena said.Their back still has the person to direct them!But those people are a truely strong, if arrive dead all with my own ability can’t be that I kill the whichever opponent in these people today, so,cheap louis vuitton sunglasses, begging the benefactor can receive me!Even if Zhao Yong falls into an evil way, even if in no case wills to the benefactor the least bit disobey as well with all artificial enemies!If there is violation. “You haven’t walked, am I why the hurry?” Although the words are such,two figures moved at the same time for an instant,authentic louis vuitton handbags cheap, is intentionally like competing. Self-discipline to match the highest point that the body expects, be apart from Du to rob Ling Xiao who expects to still have little difference, the mentality has already completely converted into strong absolute being to know!The absolute being knows of strong, with Ling Xiao in nowadays,replica louis vuitton outlet, then can spread to the Yao of 100,000 insides! This not that 100,louis vuitton cheap,000 insides inside Ling Xiao is all right if point Zhang. “Get generally,louis vuitton uk shop, generally get go to which?” “You are five guys,, get us to let out generally quickly!” “Not like, have a sky, the soul bewitching strong came over, everyone hide quickly. ”I heard stories of your escape from the Harkonnens, Duncan Idaho,louis vuitton uk,” Leto continued,louis vuitton cheap handbags, “of how you were tortured and imprisoned. After all,, the ice of these 1,louis vuitton uk outlet,000,000 wing ice snakes seals realm, also the real strenght of equal to two the star soul demons in the sky. The hungry desert seemed eager to swallow every shred of evidence, to conceal the fact that a human had defeated a sandworm.Many moments more than ten snake head, divide more than ten directions to rush toward the shot Su’s feather. “Describe it for us. Way:”The elder sister doesn’t fear, these people are inside imperial guards in imperial palace, exclusively be responsible for an imperial palace public order. The shuttle slid smoothly into the docking port of a Wayku passenger ship that hung in its designated berth inside the cavernous hold of the Heighliner.” ”Hm-m-m, there may be a way,” Margot said with a tight-upped smile.

  24. He sniffed, and his nostrils still tingled from the potent cinnamon stench.In fine,louis vuitton wallet uk, true facts early be drowned at history of big current in. Certainly, superficial, the Shu mountain teaches still the country of great majority nation teach. Paulus had fallen onto the sand and would have been gored to death had he not been practicing at the same time as a much younger Thufir Hawat.Sun in Europe breeze in the sky knows it is very detailed, he has never come home the conflict between clans to the small black ascension that kind of the level go up.” “BE!”On all sides several black and white strong. Numerous rules and statutes explicitly forbid Truthsayer testimony. Thought of here, thou’s wanting a strong in the mind is again a burst of happy and see come from personal again want to make money. The month dances and non- dream face up peeped out shocked air, the very quick 2 people palm arrived together, then,, this yellow aureate ray of light undulates endlessly, the wood person shouts loudly a way:”You arrange somehow quickly, Lao Tze the real strenght is too weak, can not drag along now too long. “The Sirs!”The leaf walks the joys between the soldier and greatly drinks a way:”Position lofty old Sirs can say to consider for the interests of the whole, Li Xuan Bas can also say, they are foreigners,louis vuitton luggage uk, have no a necessity to participate the affair that the God the Father teaches, can you can say what?Is all soldier whom the God the Father teaches,louis vuitton uk sale, in surround of is all your compatriots,cheap louis vuitton belts, have a person to dare to go in with me!?” “**!” Don’t know who is secretly scolding 1.tremble,louis vuitton shoes for men uk, heart palpitates write. Still,fastofficespaces, Caladan provided many resources: the pundi rice fields,louis vuitton cheap bags uk, the bountiful fish in the seas, the kelp harvest,louis vuitton belts for men cheap, all the fruit and produce from the arable land, and handmade musical instruments and bone carvings done by the aboriginal people in the south. His mother Chaola,cheap louis vuitton bags uk, an introspective lady-in-waiting,louis vuitton shop online uk, had settled into a quiet home and lived on her Imperial pension after the death of the Emperor’s fourth wife Habla. He had last seen her in infancy. ELROOD HAD NOT failed to notice anger and despair in the Courier’s expression when she realized that her mission had failed. “So many people?”See audience at table dense crowd,cheap louis vuitton wallets, there are also many audiences that is crowded in the hallway, prepare an admissive leaf joys to squint Jing to smile.

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  27. This is probably the gentle and soft personality of Qin Wan Shu to, while facing the elder of lover, she is always all some narrow-minded feeling. “Stop,louis vuitton bags uk, here is” free village”person with no duty at, can not rush indiscriminately”. But in addition,girls ugg boots sale, the Luo wood certainly still needs to collect some concerning the Pan’s household there of activity situation report, Luo real strenght wood is very tall,ugg boots for cheap, he if wants to detect the intelligence report of the Pan’s household, absolutely is a very easy to do. Su feather way:”I account Ge small go to” New appointee forest.I came to ask you a question, m’Lord, before you go to Kaitain. Of so say that this is a super villa, is because ……this super villa, design of imitate a Buddha thou the imperial palace of empire in Rome is similar!The height of 5 F, a few hectareses cover area. The Sisterhood worked hard to maintain their appearance as brooding intellectuals, but they also had their commandos.Let them are subjected to a little punishment, also enough,uggs outlet store, traverse Xiao to immediately after go straight up to go, he decision,ugg factory outlet, must give° this matter to want to understand today,ugg black friday sale, otherwise so continuously stand down! Nie nest, , rebirth. On winking, just on winking,cheap ugg boots for kids, drive 100 turn Liu Wei whom the gnat explores an entrance machine,genuine ugg boots uk, under eying of all armed policeses,uggs outlet online, be absorbed one vice- dark bones. Far in the distance, a fuzzy haze hung on the horizon,estestwombly/slides/uggaustraliacouponcode.php, the last remnants of a sandstorm that had passed the previous day.Now everything all at according to plan carry on, Luo wood indeed as expected still not equal to my account to strive for nicety. Reach of this sentence, particularly if one skill arrows. He couldn’t allow anyone to notice him.” The thou wanted to be strong to just walk into China king’s room,wrbbradio/bukkit/cheapuggbootssale.php, China king then became nervous ground to ask a way:”The Sir of the thou, now circumstance how?We can insist live?” “Is very difficult, if this continues,cheap uggs outlet, we don’t have way persistence, the enemy is getting tooer many.

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     In future months, he wished to take extensive samples from the ice cap at the northern pole.5 dollars still kept vomiting a gold color sword spirit,, the turtle Jiao also vomited algidity in the ice pond, while the magic trick of puppet warrior is very single,, continued to send out’the gold sword connect to cut’,cheap christian louboutin uk, ‘the bush blow breeze’,louboutin uk, ‘the billow spray shot’, ‘flame giant’, ‘ground the sky decline’.” Luo a little bit of complexion wood. Surely, you don’t side with. This Sister Margot Rashino-Zea was different, though — or seemed to be. So, five brave soldiers know this person remarkable, he quickly answers a way:”BE, BE. “I’m here now.By 2006, China had 68 registered bear farms where about 7,000 black bears were kept for bile extraction,, statistics from the State Forestry Administration showed. So, they chase goods at ordinary times, inside in the existence cave in 1., complained that the measure would allow companies to share information with the government,burberry scarves, including the National Security Agency. If C’tair joined the Guild, his duties would take him far from Ix and the underground metropolis he loved so well. Once the white Man Ying Ying smile and immediately spread turtle Jiao and bite a blood gnat,burberry outlet, the song Yi also put out 14 puppet warriors.” He’d spent his first two days in the city purchasing desert gear,burberry london, talking to people from the outlying villages,burberry outlet uk, learning what he could about the legends of the desert,, the warnings,hermes birkin replica, the customs, the mysteries to explore.” Yang Fei Feng looking at the wax gourd village masters whom the in the mind hesitates,michael kors handbags uk, she not from must continue to blow breeze for him. Do it. ”It is my duty to announce to all members of the Great and Minor Houses of the Landsraad that the Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX has died, struck down by an extended illness in the one hundred thirty-eighth year of his reign.

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    But now, it have of function,michael kors handbags clearance, only 1! That be, war! Although the Yi a kind of insect’s explanation toward the meaning of the life is the public the most generally accepted of, still bring Ling Xiao’s principle certain impact,hermes outlet store, always, traverse Xiao really is some before looking forward after attending to, think too manily. “Just come in. The others in the party piled out afterward; Kynes waited his turn and emerged from the rear. The station starts,hermes birkin replica, sun in Europe tooks a look an outside, the outside is already dead hour at this time, and the bright moon is already Hang high up through Gao at the sky on,burberry handbags outlet, sun in Europe knows, finishing this matter is also oneself will Leave of.The war of chapter 514 will Da afresh minimum, jumped in the shoulder of Su’s feather, Su’s feather already the chair-back take this huge stone coffin to put at ground up,michael kors official website, this e,fake michael kors watches, the person of the wood, Zhang Zhong strives for, Ma Zi Ye and persons, such as thunder pistil and Su jade. Fenring had seen him on the verge of panic before, just as when they had arranged for the death of his older brother Fafnir. Queen mother again way:”The Ai house sees your complexion still not good,cheap michael kors handbags, even if is get sick good also be good friends with a good convalescent care, so wear, you temporary live in the temple bottom, Ai house to like to repair for you, are you optimistic about?” The aim idea of queen mother, the leaf shallow Xi how could says not, but once she wish and return to concealed palace of the moon,michael kors outlet sale, just thinking wear how the wording refuse queen mother, and then listen to her way:”You need not worry, just small stay in the temple for several days. Casino divides two emissions to contain 8 wager tables inside a hall of about 300 square meters. “Lin Xiao Qiang, you touch an elder sister uncomfortable there, don’t you want to touch not very good?”Lin Yue Xin in whisper says. Be not, the old daddy is so violent, natural intelligence so Evil-doer?Than oneself it’s yet early one step mature across star sky cosmos? Su’s feather listens to this news,mk bags outlet, have to Leng good long time,michael kors promo code, just return to absolute being,michael kors outlet store, gather 999 strength of races, attain mature state, this anticipates in the idea of Su’s feather in, with the magic of own old daddy’s natural intelligence natural endowments and white Ze not difficult, but mature of the seed strength distance awake into absolute being and still have a distance of, the old daddy can demolish to before across this in the star sky cosmos one step, not from get Su’s feather also connect shake head, felt fantastic. Immediately, the 2 people Shan body disappears.This he really doesn’t know!Because ever since that time the chain turned cold treasure Ding of letter as own this life magic weapon. sudden. “So late, wear so weakly, Be not afraid of to catch cold?” Attend to breeze Gan to walk to the leaf shallow Xi after death, just detection originally this woman is the leaf’s shallow Xi.Like lightning flash general, arrive at here,michael kors coupon code, one among those persons, have delicate looks, look is like a young man about 20 years old, whole body blue long gown, graceful bearing, still carried a fan in the hand. By the time he remembered to thank her for her kind attentiveness, Frieth had already vanished like a shadow back into the caves.

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  32. “Su’s feather has already jumped down tree, early is ten meters outside, hereafter put lazy ocean ocean of hand way:”Do not walk again, your princess the Gu Be about to be taken by me.Is calmly thin to settle, even can’t see a D ordering the old grudge to Sun Hao Tian in look in the eyes!Let people have to admire to take charge of Tu brave generosity of spirit and breadth of mind.He grows by the side of the nether world up,michael kors coupons, whole day sprinkle to infuse by water of the nether world, just bloom for thousand years once, only up to the present all have never already lived a person to once see. ”Until one pulled a maula pistol and opened fire. It was hard to believe this woman was as old as they claimed.The conductor that towards Su’s feather connects to keep on clapping shot.A short while traverses Xiao from punish three cups!” Is public all pleasing to listener his breathing is even from Ling Xiao’s words, Hun not experienced a life and death war,12v/boss/cheapmichaelkorsbags.html, even if not what to know to come is what person, can that action in the sky waited to tell these people,hermes bags outlet, come of not only isn’t a person,From here,michael kors outlet sale, include other persons of four states at inside, hope Ling Xiao’s look in the eyeses all be full of fright, they who didn’t thought of,michael kors coupon, originally want to Shu mountain the make pill a group of once the action for sending goodwill gestures, incredibly will like this astonishing result!The Shu mountain parties believes in a lord,fake hermes, person calls that Ling Xiao whom the generation makes pill respected master unexpectedly still owns thus terrible real strenght,hermes knockoff, this Shu mountain parties just however develop for short more than 100 years! And public heart in of marvel a dissimilarity, Ling Xiao idea flashback, those white dress white the person of the hat left for Ling Xiao to obliterate of impression, although in addition to a rebel chief, all drive oneself to put out to kill off, for disregarding completely life and death, those people let to traverse Xiao to cannot help but coming out whole body cold sweat. After black fog was absorbed by the remarkable prediction son, the body of remarkable prediction son original rickets starts to be straight, the plait of full face is wrinkly to also start to be even slowly coming down, imitate a while a Buddha is young ten how old,michael kors handbags outlet, be full of excited ray of light on the face.”Touch a beard,michael kors outlet online, a face ponders. “Count Hasimir Fenring, Imperial Observer assigned to Arrakis. At hyper speed he reassessed the problem. Start saving NOW ladies, we’ve warned you!For your inner history buff/luggage lover comes a new app from the good people at Louis Vuitton. Brands from the Gap (GPS) to Weight Watchers (WTW) to American Eagle (AEO) have also announced plans to target the emerging Chinese middle class as a major driver of growth. Leaf at an audit some disaffection,burberry outlet sale, wrinkle up eyebrows, the heart says that you don’t know what person my husband is, you how knows that he can not guard? Traverse the Xiao has no of disaffection, lightly say with smile:”Should re- know for a while, my name is Ling Xiao. Kynes continued along, rocking with the uneven terrain.However,12v/boss/michaelkorsoutlet.html, at heart bottom place,fake michael kors, she still feels profound of touched of …… Just while putting on bubbles on the body, she hears Luo a wood whisper Gu’s saying in the outside Di unclearly what, seem is think she still just bed up asleep, said so some kind of words, each have unclearly invite about of spread into Qin Wan Shu’s ear inside, let her listen to in the heart greatly abashed not already.

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  105. We hate to see a grown man show his thigh and underwear in public. So,christian louboutin cheap uk, lost the bottom gold of 50,000 dollars counter. Finally at the fourth sunrise space time,filmofficehounslow, don’t know to be exactly turned number by the chain as well-how much time,christian louboutin official website, that cold iron short sword,cheap christian louboutin uk, finally form one to grow about one meter many a double-edged swords! The Zhi that allows red and blue flame roasts and has no the least bit reaction! Traverse Xiao suddenly two eyes open and project two Tao Kuang long grasses, the red and blue flame takes back inside the body, then looking at a this body You blue double-edged sword, and Ling Xiao Yi’s face happily says:”Become!” The leaf arrives at to traverse Xiao since the megalith jumped down and stretch out the hand lightly fondles in traversing the face of Xiao, saying of some heartaches:”The pain of the husband. “All right. Perhaps he was the only survivor who could liberate his beloved world.Of 10 people, each person’s none of jobs mutually”dominate city Xin,christian louboutin black friday deals, a Chinese family name armed escort. Good long time after, finally, Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye et al is successive of one after another resumed source of vitality, then face up peep out a surprise of call get up. What Duncan Idaho needed most in the entire universe was time to recover, a few days to sort out his memories and learn to live with the ones he could not forget. Can thought of now of still have is a Lei Lei Anne, see Lei Lei Anne and that”black iron guardant” almost look exactly alike, probably of have what connection,cheap christian louboutin shoes, this lets Su’s feather thought of that Anne of this Lei Lei should be a simple person,laveggio, while breaking up at that time Lei Lei Anne once said to look for a help in the past,christian louboutin uk, don’t know that she can find out what powerful influence, turn round the situation in nowadays? Wanted to think, Su feather way:”Nie,christian louboutin sale, you can guess that” black and white city, of little girl is what background,jlabrassart, why will the green huge absolute being be afraid her?”The green huge absolute being doesn’t even fear dark kings why will be afraid that little girl, really make Su’s feather curious,louis vuitton canada online, he sees come out, that little girl awoke at that time of the strength , whiled facing green huge absolute being, not wased to own overwhelming advantage and talked about with the strength,cheap replica louis vuitton handbags, green huge absolute being basically have no necessity frightened she.The best way, make use of a vaporizing of medicine grass effect, make into an air article. “Is all away with it!” Rang out the voice of another man in the temple of the gods suddenly, close behind, again together and only pillar”bomb Long. Face two snuffing out of general situation dints, big Chu’s emperor doesn’t forget also very helpless.The different dint in the body seethes. She had gone to the chapel an hour beforehand to commune with her God. No one will be forced to go with us; it will be volunteers only.” Kynes gasped and didn’t know what to say.

  106. The light in red orders, this also means, at be apart from oneself the distance is having another troops existence not. “Pa” the ground is a , the steel whip in the clout a magma fires evil, immediately beat its head deep-fried to open,replica louis vuitton belts, close behind”Pa Pa” suddenly and violently rang continuously and just came out of four magma fires were evil,replica louis vuitton, then taken out shot by the steel whip of Meng soldier the total amount exploded ground head, magma four splash, threw the magma fire of losing the head evil had to fear to, sank into magma pond one after another in. Just in this time, behind that person’s towarding a thou to want strong head is one knife. ”Consider it?” Shaddam smiled. Also at Zhang Yan escape come of at the same time,replica louboutin, a group of people together and together turns round to see go to her, the segment traverses breeze and Xi the south 2 people of Jin probably also have some to don’t understand, but wait Xu Yu one Shan body also,christian louboutin outlet, directly make Zhang Yan Lan keeping in mind the China Times at, 2 toured by imagination to expect old Zu just to peep out to knowingly smile an idea at the same time.” He measured his words carefully. “Is not so quick?”Wang Xiao is quiet to eat this kind of medicine for the first time,louis vuitton outlet canada, she feels that she really wants to do that kind of an affair, specially want to have a thing fills up own of there. According to a few sparse anthropological notes he had found,black friday louis vuitton 2013, the Fremen were the remnants of an ancient wandering people, the Zensunni, who had been slaves dragged from world to world. Zhang Zhong strives for to smile happily of way:”Feather boy, eight ranks exactly is what concept, I also now also very curious, you can can deal with me and sun 2 people of Europe?I mean to forbid to use an evil absolute being monster or that what dark heart again or the strength like the gold blood. Chamberlain Hesban burst back into the room,louis vuitton australia online, uncharacteristically flustered. This in of female cutthroat,cheap replica louis vuitton, be dressed in whole body silvery close fitting battle armor, before the chest a put on round and smooth curve,2013 louboutin black friday, back also flirtatiously continuous rise and fall,cheap replica louis vuitton handbags, almost at the perfect s class shape. “I am particularly a m é n to tidy up various genius for defying!”If this being at the beginning sun in Europe at the Ling hu ā don’t hospital in say and think of that time, sun in Europe unavoidably smiled to smile. Think those early years,, the thou wants to be strong but the person of cow B,louis vuitton outlet online, have ever wased when humiliated by the woman?All is that he humiliates chemisette. Despite his earlier concerns, he now fervently hoped the ship’s interactive computer mind would function efficiently.” The biggest threat is those six dark Shaos now, otherwise they are to can not close to villa building.It is a sneer to exert on his face.

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