2012/13: Arsenal’s Season Blogged


About a year ago I gave a new format a whirl, running through the season as it looked on the blog. As whirl’s go, it was quite nice. A delicious hazelnut whirl as opposed to death by whirlpool. So we’re doing it again.


Cazorla makes more sense than Sahin | August 1st 2012
The need for Cazorla is clear.  Despite selling both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri last summer, Arsene’s didn’t buy a direct replacement in the form of an attacking midfielder, choosing instead to rely on Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky across the course of the season, with mixed results.  Cazorla would fill that gap and add an extra dimension to the side – and, at a reported £16m, be an absolute bargain.

At first glance, the signing of Sahin would be a little odd.  He plays a deeper role than Cazorla, without being a destroyer.  It’s an area in which Arsenal are seemingly well-stocked.

For your consideration: Thoughts on Cazorla, RVP & Song | August 11th 2012
There’s no doubt in my mind that the Dutchman intends to leave Arsenal this summer. The recent comments of Alex Ferguson convince me that he has probably arrived at some sort of provisional agreement with Manchester United too – they wouldn’t risk the embarrassment of going public with the bid if they thought there was a chance RVP would reject them.

I made my peace with Van Persie’s probable exit a while ago, but I am a little worried about the reports of Barcelona’s interest in Alex Song. Whilst I admit he has flaws, I’m a big fan of the Cameroon midfielder, and unlike with Van Persie I cannot see an obvious replacement within the squad.

RVP to United is painful but unsurprising | August 17th 2012
What makes this divorce particularly painful is the third party: Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.  Over the years, Fergie has tried to snare several Arsenal players – most infamously, Patrick Vieira.  In the past, such moves seemed improbable.  United and Arsenal were simply too close in their rivalry and their status.

Now, for the first time, one of our assets has been prised away to Old Trafford, and it stings.  Arsenal fans will claim Van Persie left for the money.  They’ll chuckle at the fact he’s ended up at a team that probably wasn’t his first choice.  But the uncomfortable truth remains that he’s joined a club where he stands a better chance of winning the trophies that have eluded him for so long.

Sunderland 0 – 0 Arsenal: Cazorla could be the signing of the season | August 19th 2012
Arteta looks most likely to inherit the ‘Song’ role.
In an unfamiliar-looking central midfield trio of Arteta, Diaby, and Cazorla, it was the more senior Spaniard who played the deepest. With Song on the verge of completing his move to Barcelona, it’s likely Arteta will continue in that role for most of the season.

Cazorla could be the signing of the season.
I’m not particularly prone to hyperbole, but this guy has everything. Apart from height. And the ability to fly. I mentioned in a previous blog, but his two-footedness is quite extraordinary. Whether passing or shooting, it is genuinely difficult to tell which foot is stronger (for those who want to know, it’s his right).

We only had one Song | August 20th 2012
Song’s departure also puts a slightly different spin on our summer.  A few weeks ago we had brought in Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, and still had Van Persie.  Now we’ve lost the Dutchman and, to most people’s surprise, Song.  Earlier in the summer, that trio of signings looked like a considered statement of intent: we were finally loosening the purse strings to improve the squad.  By selling Song and Van Persie, we’ve actually covered those costs entirely.  Once again, Arsenal head towards the end of the summer in profit.  It’s almost as if we planned it like this.

Transfer round-up: Three steps forward, two steps back | September 1st 2012
It’s a case of three steps forward, two steps back.  This summer initially looked like one of bold investment.  Now we find ourselves back in profit, and with a squad that’s arguably no better than last season’s.  I still think we have more than enough quality to finish in the top four, but what’s frustrating is that with one or two additions we had the potential to do so much more than that.

Liverpool 0 – 2 Arsenal: The signs are good | September 3rd 2012
Alongside Diaby, Mikel Arteta was immaculate in the holding role. In fact, our central midfield display was so good that the discourse about our failure to replace Alex Song almost evaporated over the course of the ninety minutes. Had we lost this match, with one-time transfer target Nuri Sahin impressing for Liverpool, the fanbase would be up in arms. As it is, Arteta and Diaby bossed it, Sahin was anonymous, Arsenal victorious, and Song forgotten.

Southampton Preview: Today is about more than Olivier Giroud | September 15th 2012
Olivier Giroud has started just two games for Arsenal.  He has had just two noteworthy chances.  And yet already there is talk of him being ‘under pressure’.  Football has truly never been quite so hysterical and reactionary.

Arsenal 6 – 1 Southampton: Saints dispatched with Spanish style | 16th September 2012
It was telling that with Arsene giving rests to the likes of Podolski and Gervinho, Cazorla remained on the field. He makes us tick. And yesterday, he made us tiki-taka.

City Preview, Wilshere’s return, & Theo thoughts | 22nd September 2012
If a new deal hasn’t been finalised by then, surely Walcott will be encouraged to leave early for a knock-down fee of £5m or so.  In the meantime, his situation has seen him fall behind the developing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and a rejuvenated Gervinho in the pecking order.  Until some resolution is found regarding his long-term future, I do not expect that to change.

City 1 – 1 Arsenal: A moral victory, and a victory for morale | 24th September 2012
Mertesacker’s performance was inch-Perfect
The big German has been unfairly judged throughout his time in England. He looks ungainly, but his intelligence, cool head, and reading of the game are invaluable. Yesterday was probably his best performance in an Arsenal shirt, but it has been coming – his recent form has been superb. Steve Bould and Arsene Wenger were both centre-backs who didn’t rely on pace in their time, and I wonder if that’s part of why they’ve embraced the BFG so wholeheartedly.

I’m surprised anyone was surprised by Gervinho’s performance
Granted he had scored three goals in two games, but that didn’t suddenly make him Thierry Henry. Two of those goals were tap-ins, whilst the other was his first against Southampton – when, frankly, he just decided to put his foot through it. On that day, it flashed in to the net. Yesterday, similarly thoughtless efforts were skewed high and wide. I’m afraid he will always be erratic in front of goal.

Theo should learn from Mikel Arteta | 25th September 2012
When you add it all up, this “big factor” of wanting to play through the middle doesn’t really seem to make any sense, does it?  And that’s when it becomes exposed for what it is: a cover story.  Another PR spin from ‘camp Walcott’ so that when he refuses to sign a new deal they can protest that it wasn’t about the money.  Perhaps I’m wrong and he will stay, but this looks to me a lot like he’s getting his excuses in early.

Arsenal 6 – 1 Coventry: Player-by-player review | 27th September 2012
I’m a fan of Andre Santos. He’s clearly a great personality to have around the club, and going forward he is capable of great things. Tonight, however, he looked plain lazy. He wandered around the pitch, sauntering back and generally looking disinterested. On this evidence Kieran Gibbs is not going to come under serious pressure for the left-back spot anytime soon.

Chelsea Thoughts: Familiar failings & Feeble Fire-power | 30th September 2012
Giroud had to score. The defence “it was a tight angle” is not valid when the angle is only tight because of the strikers touch around the goalie. He had a perfectly good opportunity to strike before that, dallied, and paid the price. I make that three clear one-on-ones and a penalty he’s missed since joining the club. I’m not writing him off, but I am a little concerned. On which note, I won’t pretend to understand why Arsene saw fit to bring off our best finisher, Lukas Podolski, with twenty minutes to play.

Norwich 1 – 0 Arsenal: No fluency, No Excuses, No Points | 21st October 2012
The performance was anomalous in its awfulness.  Even in the dreary 0-0 with Sunderland, we created a couple of chances that one could describe as decent.  Arsene’s relatively relaxed demeanour throughout suggested a man who had decided relatively early on that this was just ‘one of those days’.  I hope, for all our sakes, that he’s right.

Arsenal 0 – 2 Schalke: More of the same | 25th October 2012
Arsenal desperately need to sign a striker. I’m not sure this requires much expansion. In a world in which Demba Ba is available for just £7m, there is no excuse for Arsene not bringing in a reliable front man in January.

AGM: Angst, Grumbles & Moaning | 25th October 2012
If the AGM had been a month or so ago, it might have been a very self-satisfied affair.  The new signings looked inspired, we were defensively solid, and being talked about as genuine contenders.  That AGM would have been misleading: it would have overlooked some of the crucial issues that it was essential to raise yesterday.  But by the same token, a couple of bad results shouldn’t cast an ugly light across the entire club.  Arsenal don’t need saving: they just need to get a bit better.  Starting tomorrow.

Arsenal 1 – 0 QPR: Accentuating the positives | 29th October 2012
Jack Wilshere was every bit as good as I expected him to be. I’d love to sit here and say, “I’d forgotten how good he was”, or “I did’t expect him to be quite so good quite so quickly”.  I’d be lying.  I did.

Reading 5 – 7 Arsenal: The game that nearly broke me | October 31st 2012
The first half was abject, then apocalyptic, then embarrassing. The second half was acceptable, then alluring, then astounding. Extra-time was just plain bonkers.

Man Utd 2 – 1 Arsenal: Why Fergie is like Captain Hook | November 5th 2012
I’m not worried about shirt-swapping or referee decisions or anything else: I’m worried about this team.  The decline in recent weeks has been alarming.  Leaving aside that anomalous League Cup game, the first team have lost three of the last four.  On Tuesday night we face an intimidating trip to Schalke, and we’re only a couple of weeks away from a massive North London Derby.

We need to stop the rot.  At the moment we have slim trophy hopes and bleating fans.  We’re dangerously close to turning in to Liverpool.

Arsenal 3 – 3 Fulham: Giroud’s excellence clouded by defensive incompetence | November 10th 2012
The “Steve Bould has fixed everything” narrative was a myth created by people who wanted to use it as stick to beat Arsene Wenger with.  And as for the ‘zonal marking’ on the corner from which Berbatov scored, I have to confess I simply can’t see the logic in leaving opposition players to make untracked, unmarked runs and attack the ball.

Also, I am conscious this may be heresy, but I’m not sure about the validity of keeping Santi Cazorla in the central three.  He drops in to wide areas to look for space, which means that the two left behind occasionally look a little isolated.

Arsenal 5 – 2 Spurs: History repeats itself | November 18th 2012

So there we have it: 5-2 again.  Same result; different sensation.  Because of the sending off, I feel like this game won’t have the same seismic impact on either of these teams’ seasons as the previous 5-2.  Last time, Spurs’ collapse came from a greater position of dominance, and was more complete in its cataclysmic hilarity.  This time, they have mitigating circumstances.  They can blame Adebayor’s stupidity rather than their own inadequacy.  I expect their wheels to wobble, rather than come off entirely.

Arsenal 2 – 0 Montpellier: Quiet, then Quality, then Qualified | November 22nd 2012
Whatever you think of Arsene, you can’t knock his record in the early stages of European competition.  Arsenal have now qualified for the knockout phase for the 13th time in his reign – I believe it’s now twelve years on the trot.  With Chelsea and City both set to go out, it shows you just what a feat that is.

Arsenal 0 – 2 Swansea: Arsene’s Swan-song | December 1st 2012
Arsenal fans are often berated by the media for their supposed impatience.  The truth is that at any club other than Arsenal, the pressure on Arsene Wenger would be approaching unbearable.

From 15 league games – almost half a season – we have won only five.  We’ve lost four; as many as 17th place Sunderland.  We’re 15 points behind the league leaders Manchester United.  Distressingly, we’re now as close to United as we are to rock-bottom QPR.  We’re just one league place ahead of Liverpool; a club whose mid-table mediocrity we are in serious danger of emulating.

Q&A with Philippe Auclair: “I hope Thierry doesn’t return this year” | December 6th 2012
Philippe: “The final chapter was written, and beautifully, last year. There’s no way that a Thierry in his 36th year can do better than what he did eleven months ago, especially when the club has more attacking options than was the case in 2011-12. He would in no case represent a ‘solution’; whereas last year, given the van Persie-dependance, he could make a difference at times.”

Arsenal 2 – 0 WBA: Divers are already retrospectively punished | December 9th 2012
Arsenal are now just two points off fourth spot…
…whilst Chelsea’s mini blip means we’re only five points off third.  We’re in the fortunate position of being in direct competition with teams which are as flawed as our own.  If we can get it together, Champions League qualification is still very much within our grasp.

Bradford 1 – 1 Arsenal (3 – 2 pens): Something must be done. Nothing will be. | December 13th 2012
Both board and manager are wedded to our existing philosophy. They’re knotted together, each guilty of leading us in this purgatorial fourth-place pursuit.

I’d love to be proved wrong about that, just as I’d love to be proved wrong about my growing suspicion that the decline of Arsene’s Arsenal is terminal. I’ve waited for so long to see him lift a trophy again, and now I don’t believe I ever will. I want so badly for this club to top up my drink, and make it seem half-full again rather than half-empty. I want something to change, and I’m scared it won’t. Stagnation, it’s worth remembering, leads to rot.

Why I’m not convinced Olivier Giroud is the right striker for Arsenal | December 18th 2012
I’m not saying he’s a bad player.  I think he’s a very good one.  I’m just not sure he’s the right one.  For years, people talked about Arsenal needing a target man as a Plan B.  Finally, they have one.  Giroud looks twice the player of Chamakh at the moment, and will doubtless become an important part of the squad.  There are times when we will need him.  But his style is opposed to that of the team.  He doesn’t fit Plan A.

Arsenal 7 – 3 Newcastle: Why I’m struggling to enjoy Theo’s excellence | December 30th
Whilst I should have been lost in ecstasy over Walcott’s outstanding display, I was instead consumed with the thought that Theo Walcott might finally be about to explode in to the player he’s long threatened to be, just six months before he walks out of the club on a Bosman free.

As for Demba Ba, if we don’t try to sign him for £7m then it is tantamount to mismanagement.  I made a point of watching him carefully from behind the goal, and his power, movement and finishing is outstanding.  Walcott and Giroud’s goals were heartening, but we’re still in need of more attacking options, and with Premier League experience and an affordable price tag, Ba fits the bill.

Southampton 1 – 1 Arsenal: Call for the Cavalry | January 1st 2013
The fact that we have Arteta shouldn’t prevent us chasing a defensive midfielder.  The fact that we have Cazorla shouldn’t rule out the pursuit of a schemer.  And the fact that Theo Walcott has had a handful of decent games through the middle certainly shouldn’t prohibit the signing of a striker.  Quality and competition provides flexibility.  This was an inflexible Arsenal performance.  Signings are the antidote.

Transfer update: Don’t hurry back, Chamakh | January 5th 2013
Chamakh’s departure, as well as Gervinho’s time at the African Cup of Nations, leaves us very light upfront.  I considered a striker a priority before the window – now it’s nothing less than a necessity.  Worryingly, our options seem to be decreasing all the time: Demba Ba has joined Chelsea, Huntelaar has re-signed at Schalke, and Fernando Llorente is in talks about a Bosman move to Juve.  I’ve read the stories about David Villa, but I can’t see that one happening.  The obvious signings have all disappeared from the table.  That said, Arsene has never really been one for the obvious.  Let’s hope he’s got a trick up his sleeve.

Transfer update: Arsene’s inertia could cost Arsenal dear | January 11th 2013
I am merely struggling to understand how an unconvincing draw with Swansea has done so much to erase Arsene’s belief that this team needs reinforcement.  Our rivals will doubtless continue to improve around us, so we ought to push on and do the same.  If we don’t, there is a very real risk that we will fail to achieve our basic goal for the season: Champions League qualification.If our squad is “complete”, then why are Arsenal sixth?

Arsenal 0 – 2 Man City: Do your job, Arsene | January 13th 2013
All the talk before this game was of the exorbitant prices fans were asked to pay to watch the match.  It felt particularly expensive for Arsenal fans when Laurent Koscielny’s red card effectively ended the contest after 10 minutes.

If Arsenal and Arsene continue to neglect their responsibility to improve the squad, Jack will go the way of Cesc.  And Van Persie, Nasri, Clichy and Song.  Jack’s enthusiasm and love for the club was entirely evident against City, but no player is immune from disillusionment.  Years of stagnation and decline will wear that affinity thin.  We’ve seen it before.  Let’s not let history repeat itself.

Arsenal 1 – 0 Swansea: Jack Wilshere, Perfect 10 | January 17th 2013
In the last two matches, Wilshere’s development has accelerated dramatically.

This isn’t the Wilshere we remember. This one’s better.

This Jack Wilshere is armoured with months of gym work and a fierce desire to make up for lost time. He is physically and mentally stronger for the ordeal he has suffered, and it shows.

Chelsea Preview: Dawn of the Theo-cracy | January 19th 2013
The truth is that Walcott is the lucky beneficiary of a perfect storm of circumstance.  Arsenal could not afford the PR disaster of losing another one of their perceived stars.  The club is also under more pressure than ever to show ambition in their expenditure.  Every time Walcott produced on the pitch, the likelihood of Arsenal caving to his demands increased significantly.

Chelsea 2 – 1 Arsenal: Another early implosion scuppers Gunners | January 20th 2013
I don’t subscribe to the belief that failing to make the top four could ever be a ‘good thing’. We need to be there, and I still believe we can. However, a couple of additions could make all the difference. The one upside to our poor run is that it comes at a time when it’s possible to do something about it.

I know it’s cold outside, Arsene, but it’s time to open the window.

Brighton 2 – 3 Arsenal: That’s more like it, Olivier | January 26th 2013
Let’s not kid ourselves: however well Giroud played, he’s no Van Persie. However, in the last few days he’s made a convincing case for a prolonged run of games at centre-forward. I still feel we would benefit from a signing in this area, but if someone does arrive they’ll have to oust a Frenchman in form.

Video: One Day More – Deadline Day remix ft. Arsene Wenger | January 30th 2013

Deadline Day Thoughts: He’s Nacho left-back anymore, Malaga | February 1st 2013
Arsene’s relationship with the market seems to have been irrevocably soured by the sages over the likes of Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie. Meantime many of his own signings have floundered. In the last few years, transfers have been more hurtful than helpful.

He’s wrong to be dismissive of transfers. People rightly laugh at cheque-book managers, but good recruitment is a skill. There are deficiencies in Arsenal’s squad and a club with our resources ought to be able to correct them. Monreal is a great start.

Sunderland 0 – 1 Arsenal: He’s Bac | February 11th 2013
The idea that Jenkinson is ready to displace Sagna is nonsense. I for one hope that we keep the Frenchman by giving him the long-term deal he craves. If he leaves this summer, as appears increasingly likely, we’ll need to bring in someone with the requisite experience to fill that spot.

On Andre Santos: I can’t help but feel that the infamous shirt swap incident with Robin van Persie was a huge catalyst towards his departure. On that day, he lost the fans, and it’s almost impossible to come back from that – just ask Emmanuel Eboue or Nicklas Bendtner. Every mistake is highlighted; every indiscretion scrutinised. I’m not sure that Santos has been more error-prone than many of our other defenders, but the tide turned against him on that November day.

Arsenal 0 – 1 Blackburn: The middle of the end | February 17th 2013
It’s moot, anyway. Arsene Wenger is no closer to leaving Arsenal today than he was on Friday. Negative results do not edge him closer to the door; only time and the running down of his contract do that. His current deal runs till 2014, and I find it impossible to foresee him leaving before that date. He may even be handed a renewal.

The extrication of Arsene Wenger from Arsenal will be a long and painful process, for both sides. I’d argue it’s a process that is already underway. It began when Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri abandoned Arsene’s project, and will end the day whatever contract he is bound to is allowed to expire.

Ivan Gazidis will not push him. Arsene will not jump. In the meantime, here we are: stuck in the middle of the end.

Arsenal 1 – 3 Bayern: Mullered | February 20th 2013
I didn’t join the chorus of boos at full-time: Arsenal lost fair and square to a better side.  I hoped for more, but it would have been madness to expect  it.  However, the result has compounded the pain of the FA Cup defeat.  Within the space of a few days, the focus of our season has narrowed dramatically: it’s suddenly looking like fourth or bust.

Tottenham 2 – 1 Arsenal: The defending is indefensible | March 3rd 2013
Arsenal’s defensive line looked like it’d been drawn on a spirograph. Playing a high line against the likes of Bale and Lennon is always a risk, but doing so when your defence is bereft of any kind of organisation borders on masochism.

It’s not quite over. Their fixture list gets a lot trickier over the next six weeks, and we also have the possible boon of a Chelsea implosion to look forward to. Arsenal can still make the top four, but if we do it’ll be in spite of our own self-destructive tendencies.

Bayern 0 – 2 Arsenal: A template for the rest of the season | March 14th 2013
Contained within this performance was the DNA of an Arsenal team capable of hauling its way back in to the Champions League. Arsene Wenger must play John Hammond, extract it and bring it back to life before our very eyes, starting this weekend at Swansea.

WBA 1 – 2 Arsenal: Rosicky the run-in expert to the rescue | April 6th 2013
Tomas Rosicky is a bit like Wigan. Or blossom. Come spring, he comes to life.

Since losing the Derby at Spurs, Arsenal have won four games, scoring ten goals and conceding just two. We have the momentum, and we have Tomas Rosicky.

The omens are good. We just need to keep it going.

Arsenal 3 – 1 Norwich: Arsenal set for sprint finish | April 14th 2013
The cannon is rolling in to position. Time to blow away the opposition.

Arsenal 0 – 0 Everton: Giroud misfires in stalemate | April 16th 2013
Giroud is popular among the fans, but that oughtn’t disguise our need for someone superior. His defenders will point to the 17 goals he has scored, and with some justification, but I’m reminded of Emmanuel Adebayor in 2007/08. The Togolese totem-pole racked up 30 goals, but was rebuffed in most quarters with cries of, “Well how many should he have scored given the chances he’s missed?”.

Arsenal Transfer Requirements 2013/14 | April 23rd 2013
If you’ve played Football Manager or FIFA 13, you might think you know how the transfer window works.You’d be wrong.

Arsenal 1 – 1 Man United: Disappointed Love | April 29th 2013
After the game, Arsene Wenger described Arsenal fans’ hostility towards Robin van Persie as “disappointed love”. It strikes me that this explains much of the animosity and in-fighting among our own supporters. We all desperately want the same things, and the strength of that desire spills over in to frustration and anger.

QPR 0 – 1 Arsenal: No point playing the blame game | May 6th 2013
I enjoy the race for fourth, because it provides the illusion of genuine competition. As a supporter, you crave contesting something until the last second of the season. The thrills and spills of that kind of topsy-turvy battle are what make being a fan such an enthralling experience. However, it’s not a real trophy. It’s a surrogate.

Arsenal 4 – 1 Wigan: Our Great Escape is still on | May 15th 2013
There was no ‘Great Escape’ for Wigan, but there may yet be one for Arsenal.Arsenal now know that a win at Newcastle on Sunday will confirm our top four spot. Considering where we were languishing after losing to Spurs a couple of months back, it’s a hell of a turnaround.

I think we’re all agreed that qualifying for the Champions League will never replace the ecstasy of winning a trophy. However, it would enable us to put a conciliatory gloss on what’s otherwise been a painful season.

What’s more, it would allow us to laugh at Tottenham. Again.

Newcastle 0 – 1 Arsenal: Time to shoot for the moon | May 20th 2013
The feat of making the top four for 16 consecutive years is impressive, but hearing Arsene trot that record out with increasing frequency makes me uncomfortable. On the weekend of Alex Ferguson’s retirement, it was telling that among the 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and two Champions Leagues, his 22 consecutive top four finishes passed without mention.

If fourth place is any kind of prize, it’s a runners-up medal. For a club of our size, it’s oughtn’t be an aspiration but a conciliatory accessory to failure.

It’s simple, really. Don’t aim for fourth; aim for first, hit fourth if you fail.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the Champions League’s assembled stars.

So that was that. Looking back over it, the joy of the final day really pales in comparison to some of the earlier angst.

Still, it’s far better that way round – makes the summer far more bearable.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Jammathon   •  

    Bayern 0-2 Arsenal: A template for the rest of the season.

    Fuckin’ nailed it, GB.

  2. Danny from FM 14   •  


    “It’s simple, really. Don’t aim for fourth; aim for first, hit fourth if you fail.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. Me   •  

    That video is complete shite!!

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  5. @VilleKukko   •  

    Brilliant work! A great way to look back at the season.

    One thing I realised reading this, I didn’t really remember at first Jack being THAT good in the middle of the season. Of course the way we ended the season and his injury meant that it’s been a while since Jack was in the mix, Rambo and Rosicky taking the starting spots. So I kind of forgot it, sadly.

    Interesting to see how we set up our midfield for the new season, definitely a fit Jack will be in the starting XI then.

  6. RVB   •  

    Cesc we can buy him back from Barca.

  7. Plant   •  

    The video is complete genius.

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  10. Ben Harrison   •  

    Over at Hit Row Z we think Arsenal performed very well last season, particularly having lost RVP. Given improvements in defence throughout the second half of last season, and the prospect of a fit Jack Wilshere, we think the Gunners can challenge next season for silverware. Our latest article on Arsenal is below – all comments and feedback very welcome.


    Beyond Higuain and Fellaini, who else would you guys like to see Wenger sign?

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  13. The ground cement cracks, Su’s feather has already hurtled into a troops in, seven ranks count all of the strengths of Feng to open, the lightning flash in gold yellow covers with whole body, black scale lizard monster like a person type the tank collide with to go out.” The feeling has never returned to see song Yi, that curious about shape,newpointhotel.co.uk, not way smiled for a while,cheap ugg boots uk, then spread a sound time by thin:”Have the fairy way the alliance yes and also, however the fairy way of maple star in the sky alliance is facing a fairy island.” ”A day will be needed to bring in the other doctor,newpointhotel.co.uk,” the Suk said. His gleaming eyes narrowed dangerously.Gold claw bright. Su’s feather but looking at to return a piece of and jet black and ground iron slice of rest in the hand, at heart secretly Cun write:”The key being originally such totally has six, each a can open a square stone coffin,ugg slippers uk, in the stone coffin deposit of,ugg boots uk, only afraid would be him bodily of other parts, black iron guardant this fragment inclined spoon be become reward to us, be hope that we release him ……but,ugg on sale uk, have the necessity releases by the help of our hand he so bother ……still have this person for past of what will the real identity exactly be?The body was divided corpse to become 6 pieces, remained still on the hoof … , this be Da ever lead of soul immortal,planthirebirmingham.co.uk, ?”But just this very short time, this person head Ma Pi continuously of the compliment Lei Lei Anne’s beautiful looks,ugg boots uk cheap, and then say her with Su feather perfect match, coax Anne of Lei Lei Luo Luo the Jiao smile not only.Surprisingly Ling Xiao is violent like Si, unexpectedly connect oneself at heart a little small variety. The spaceport complex carried a flavor of rough mercantile personnel and the Guild rather than the cumbersome Harkonnen style. Within a few decades, no doubt,bailey button ugg boots uk, the Emperor would hand control of the spice operations to some other Great House. Song Yi is after Xu Nuo controled Gang star in the sky, the sovereignty will send Be tallest to get generally for a bewitching monster,ugg boots outlet, natural these demon monsterses are tallest to get very last heart generally. The common unreal, all-powerful period is sovereign,buy ugg boots uk, as long as passing through to rob for three days, can break empty fly to rise. You think you have won, she thought. Seconds later, C’tair stood sweating in the sanctuary of his shielded chamber, thankful to have escaped with his life,ugg boots uk sale, but angry at himself for his carelessness. Feeling the exertion in his thighs and hearing the click-ticking of his overworked stillsuit, Kynes knew he must be perspiring heavily. The company said same-store sales have fallen in recent weeks, sending the shares down the most ever and erasing about $2 billion in market value. The robot twists body, tiny activity for a while.

  14. [Although this isn’t the transmission of unmanned management, but from another door Zhang of the other shore mainland have, that door real strenght just mixs completely the Xi believe in mutually if, again where dare to take care of how many businesses that tour by imagination a period? Wait Xi Jin south after 2 people disappear a short moment, Xu Yu and segment traversed breeze to just also decline high in the clouds and re- opened a transmission. CHOAM and the Guild don’t even know about it. You’ll need such information in the near future, hmm-m-m-ah?” ”Stop making that noise, Hasimir. “Stay calm. Su’s feather is a bit stunned speechless, permit a D source to see one eye with each other with Mu,authentic louis vuitton, who also surprisingly other party such bachelor. With a paternal smile fixed on his face, he scattered solari coins and packets of gemdust to the crowd, following a tradition of Imperial largesse that was believed to bring blessings upon a new reign. He paced,black high heels with red soles, letting his rice pudding grow cold.2 slice like the morning glow of red and dizzy sort glitter but silently float the noodles Xia of leaf shallow Xi. Realizing this, Shaddam’s skin crawled.”Traverse a long of Xiao one breath,idcabx/widgets/christianlouboutinreplica.php, don’t forget to see appearance not to want to beat with oneself:”Although I can’t form alliance with you,discount red bottom shoes, I can promise 1:00 for you, if the big Chu’s country situation is dangerous, the Shu mountain parties can’t sit on the sideline!The help that definitely will secretly help,idcabx/widgets/christianlouboutinonlinestore.php, but want our just and upright, that is impossible, and,red bottoms for men, hope the circle of square from city in a sky 20,christian louboutin us,000 insides, ” “You divide too much!”Do not forget to stare with anger Ling Xiao, big Chu almost half of stateowned national boundary lines border on to hope for a sky, city, traverse the Xiao describes with a delicate touch of a words, will make them let 10,000 many lands of insides, even if the land in the saint area is worthless, vast territory and abundant resources, but this has already involved to a dignity of nation,replica red bottom shoes, don’t forget to also impossibly and personally decide,louis vuitton outlet store, can endure the vexation in the heart and sink a voice to say:”Traverse Xiao, this matter, I can not easily promise you, so, three day after, I reply for you!” Don’t forget to say, the body turns to make a quickly passing time,louis vuitton outlet locations, quick loses in the outside space.The boon of taking charge of the Tu feels more admire. The song Yi hears, once two eyes stare, naked project, deeply wear to kill an idea.To the refining of the Dan y à o is also understand 12,louis vuitton authentic outlet, come in contact with demon Dan now of the refining Europe sun discover, this demon the refining material of the Dan up compare general Dan y à o simple numerous times, but refining of method but complications numerous times, this may be 1 kind to repair with each other.”The main Kingdom of Heaven finally sent out the decision of end, underneath this”ten thousand absolute beings will” of the eighth order, own to really kill real strenght of strong, list the knee kneel ground, an earthquake drinks:”Is-” One is bloody to fight moderate breezes suddenly and violently, in this a moment, uncovered prologue.” Smell speech,louis vuitton bags sale, the leaf shallow Xi is like a letter not, cold hum a , way:”The person whom my leaf’s shallow Xi knows also for so severals, host in your house so of, I haven’t experienced as well.” This Ms.

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    The that paper towel of Ma Dan Er wiped mouth and hand, then the throwing on of strictly and speedily coat walked to go out. “Ha ha, I like to touch an elder sister. Elrood lived on Kaitain,shop louis vuitton, surrounded by guards,shoes with red bottom, protected from all threats,idcabx/openhouse/cheaplouisvuittonoutlet.php, and heavily addicted to the geriatric spice. Weapons emerged from the snub nose of the craft.” He smiled with an inner joke.This kind of wench , in the temple,louboutin sale, is most easily helds tight a hold of.All over shiver. Because they trusted one another completely, Leto and Rhombur were able to push their limits,louboutin outlet online, confident that nothing dangerous would happen to them. ”This is for the Emperor’s ears only,shop christian louboutin, an urgent private request from Earl Dominic Vernius,cheap christian louboutin heels,” Brey said to Ambassador Pilru, turning hard eyes toward him. The leaf shallow Xi takes a just- bought cellular phone of he or she and tries to switch on.Person be like this,louis vuitton handbags usa, feel the time depending on oneself’s safety, what doesn’t want to do as well. Outlook The positive outlook reflects the possibility that we could upgrade LVMH if it continued to report robust sales growth,cheap red bottom heels, generated high free cash flow,louis vuitton outlet store online, and achieved adjusted FFO to net debt in excess of 60% on a sustainable basis. He switched on his handlight and directed the beam at the ground so that no sensitive eyes would spot a telltale gleam in the distance. The leaf shallow Xi hears noise a title surprise of see to attend to breeze Gan,black high heels with red soles, suddenly think of two year ago oneselfs’ doubts, let go of cup, the Cu eyebrow looking at to attend to breeze Gan. “Big elder!”.” ”The results are often quite deadly,louis vuitton handbag sale, aren’t they?” She reached over with her napkin to wipe plum sauce from the side of his mouth.

  16. Glorious momentary”Wang Di Cun” finally became the word ever. But we who determine the fate of planets eventually reach the point at which we become not the shadows, but the light itself. Really haunt here?Thou’s wanting to be strong doesn’t believe.” Allow Yu to easily have no matter not to ascend a door,louboutin replica, the much less other party also knows that he is still resting and recuperating to adjust an interest so far, if have no matter,idcabx/openhouse/fakelouisvuitton.php, allowing Yu more in no case will easily bother, these Ling Feng all understands,idcabx/openhouse/cheaplouisvuitton.php, however which afraid understand, he didn’t ask on coming up as well and just smiled to offer congratulation to Xu Yu. “Escape quickly!”A voice spreads from the distance, sun in Europe scans widely to hope to go to, sees more than ten different clans entirely be mown to break a wrist,cheap louis vuitton backpack, the blood is from their hand slowly run off, there are severals because blood of too many,cheap louis vuitton sunglasses, have already been getting oner the brink of death. Tremble, in great quantities black poison juice is dumped by him to open, Ma Zi Ye of the panic dashes away but up, treat see Su’s feather already steady fall to the ground small jilt to open and seem to be not to get hurt poisonous juice depending on all over,idcabx/openhouse/louisvuittonoutletsale.php, this just breath a sigh of relief,louis vuitton sale, originally she didn’t prepare to make moves, because she is full of confidence to Su’s feather, think that Su’s feather can definitely kill this hungry ghost king by shot, but at the moment connect for several times exchange blows to see,idcabx/openhouse/louisvuittonfactoryoutlet.php, Su’s feather wants to win difficult to know hungry ghost of this real strenght Wang Jue not easy.”Han Zhen Nan listens to Luo the wood put forward and rout the Pan’s household, then some helpless wry smile ways, ” if you are early some s, probably our cure of successes are also a little bit big.But far from just in covering up the surface of palm 1 F ice. “It’s going to be hard to eat in this hall, with that thing staring down at us. Just have never expected Nan-chou these year winds and clouds mutation. “I a person go. “Vinaceous Rosefinch, you say that I can also pick you up how many realms flame?”The sneer ground of Long Yun Tian looking at dumbstruckly a Vinaceous Rosefinch, ” you incredibly let with the commiserative tone I from cut, ha ha,idcabx/widgets/knockoffchristianlouboutin.php, very big tone, do you go together with to say so?You are basically unqualified, you have no this qualifications, this no one entitle to talk so with me in the world, the absolute being monster is sovereign don’t go as well. The person who really works properly boundary can at will the ng of n ò is that space bracelet, this a space constructs also not is have no probably! Think, sun in Europe still keeps deciding to go over and have a look, sun in Europe steps to open a big step toward this arena similar building before go but go to. Do the u 2026 us of Ma Shi’s household 2026 horse friends set up?! Ma Shi’s household is this to want to do what? Gold green Long Wen’s speech is one Leng, immediately,cheap louis vuitton purses, then peeped out the facial expression that a silk ponders on the face. If the kid, you know, tell others and sprinkle to go out of water? President Ma, you are getting wronger.-The grandpa just died today,buy christian louboutin, so, Ma Jia’s whole businesses,replica louis vuitton, the from now on is all been responsible for by me.

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    always need to experience some frustrates and would be better to sooner grow up, Meng Ting with go lack of. Is original confident one chamber red-blooded gold tiger the sudden feel that the in the mind has no bottom to get up, originally he also thinks and finds out to traverse Xiao and discusses a problem concerning freedom with him, real strenght wins weak host,krafty-kidz.co.uk, how can own a servant with arrogant real strenght? Ever since that time get into greatly and successfully this state, the gold tiger has been having much of confidence to oneself, even can be treated as confidence a hundredfold!Originally he can have never thought,fake louis vuitton uk, after getting into a saint area the real strenght can promote so quickly, so. If only I can be as strong as my ancestors.he shoes made by him were nice in colors and full of exotic, which was gone by the name of a masterwork independent to the mainstream and was to the highest degree concerned about when it emerged. There is no speech, allow the Na orchid’s Che covered for oneself pleased Pa.”The another line of establishment truely belongs to their homes,moncler beanie, as for Meng Ting, she the hasing never thought treat for enemy, but also very difficult again taking Meng Tinging as real of friend with Meng Ting. Long Shi Gu’s niece has no matter, but not represent other people Be free, only is the aftermath of combat, let more than ten absolute being monsters and get hurt,blackcherryphotography.co.uk, even have two unlucky eggs almost dying.” Traverse Xiao to smilingly say, actually his in the mind again how can not clear, have the person of position most in the blue Xi heart, must be her elder brother. H’m, and is zero devotions of traditional meaning, with bare hands set white wolf ……the Leng is that the set come to quite a few hundred million properties! And see this,ugg sale uk, still just just as since go toward of male rise Gao Ge! Han Xuan and Kang harbours in mind, all feel profound pride for wood of Luo. The water long spring point nods to say good I like you so the directly generous person put out to tremble Shu mountain,studentmidwives.co.uk, I then call an emperor but you are a big my troops and horses Wu handsome” On Jiang Yun Biao’s face immediately flash across a put on the color of surprise to kneel to repeatedly kowtow the minister trust of his majesty” In the Sun Tie look in the eyes of one side flash across a put on the anger in the haze heart to hate the most important the post. “You are really me all-powerful. went out the persons of experience and training to all come back, public will gather big palace in, fully put more than ten table, the atmosphere is warmly uncommon, then, gold blessing China smiled to speak Su’s feather and throw the interesting news in”peach source town”, Su’s feather is one Zheng,tomfewings.co.uk, then just know, originally throw to do of the matter, unexpectedly have already spread to black iron city. “Castellan”50 white tunic men and women on all sides, sent out neigh surprised shout, no one will thought of,christian louboutin bridal shoes uk, grey hair old man, will here most decisively for an instant, walk to exerting of life way, the rotting body that it originally has already approached to collapse, any further accept to can not stand just that kind of with all strength of explosion strength, finally fall through breakup.The in the mind that traverses Xiao is in a twinkling filled with by thick feeling, that way heart, slowly revolve, cannot help but once blocking Huang Pu Yue’s slender waist,thefengshuiconsultancy.co.uk, the double lips prints toward the rosy cherry lips of Huang Pu Yue the car wheel is billowing,fouriron.co.uk, press the murmur that sends out on the road noodles in the granite voice, accompany with this thick feeling, all the way ex- go. The sophisticated Guild Steersmen aboard each ship — separated from one another by vast distances — would use an unfathomable procedure that allowed them to stretch their minds across the void, joining thoughts to form a connection. “Exactly is what person!”This queen is shocked of of looking at black Man,louis vuitton outlet store uk, time immemorial of,virtualnewark.co.uk, that Huo breaks seal to only fight soul boundary, one person’s dint moves mountains to pour sea, and the whole soul boundary strong’s exerting all unexpectedly can not match another.

  18. “So far we have found no substitute for bear bile, which has proven medical efficacy and is irreplaceable,” he stressed. But have no a personal hope now at present still the existence is divine!Is legendary that kind of Gao Gao at up the image of inviolable absolute being, let almost all saint with strong real strenght area Wu Zhe feel from the heart bottom in go toward outside bad impression! But a flock of person who claims to be divine follower appear, their that mysterious matchless background and strong real strenght let owner all in the misgiving, absolute being war after 150,000 years, absolute being boundary eventually now does that kind of go to high highest absolute being? Eight wives who traverse Xiao by this time have already respectively returned to of take a rest in the room,replica louis vuitton handbags, but traverse Xiao to then stay to continue to receive those persons who haven’t left in the hall. Just think, though – that includes utilities. ”I have the names of the final genetic pairings,” Anirul announced. Tonight, his heel a friend of board of trade had a meal to talk some affairs. “Bang bang bang~~” There is bullet that shot into China king, can five brave soldiers discovered early in the morning,sgmurals, he pulled China king to by leap and bound evade confrontation with to once hide bullet. Many innocent Ixians died and many disappeared, while C’tair waited for someone to find and kill him. Immediately,louis vuitton uk, see the song Yi flick jade sword, when the red gorgeous fire Mang wants to urge a true dollar to send out flame again, two a rays of breadths wore deeply the body of red gorgeous fire Mang and beat red gorgeous fire Mang directly collapsed and fainted past. Su’s feather is stunned speechless, a long time just tightly held tight Lin Shi’s shoulder, way:”You stop worrying, even if you don’t say, I will also substitute the person of dying to report this enemy of,o2g.co.uk, this isn’t your a person’s enemy, our all common enemies to still on the hoof person Qin Jia Gui walks an one step and sinks a track:”Is quite good, these are our enemies, this enemy, we are to must want something to report Ma Zi Ye is tiny to knit the brows a way:”But we now root even the other party belong to what influences all not clear,replica louis vuitton canada, even if want to report also get one step one step come, I see.This treasure thing will soon sprout,cheap replica louis vuitton handbags, but here,christian louboutin uk, again not only only have your my both parties’ person, but also have a third square of, we temporarily give up how?Otherwise of words.So, five always morale of troops in happy.But is exactly the emperor of big Chu’s country don’t forget! “Ha ha, Shu mountain pupil indeed as expected the extraordinarily brave is matchless, sword skill only flavor world!” Don’t forget a to come up, give to wait cloud mountain people take a huge high hat,knockoff louis vuitton, then just say:”Jiang Xiong, the Shu mountain parties destroys a southern alliance half this time crack,louis vuitton, really congratulate,replica louis vuitton, don’t know Ling Zong Zhu is at the moment” Is light cloud mountain on smiling,christian louboutin black friday, then by hand a sky, say:”In the outside space”.” Kynes gasped and didn’t know what to say.” Ning snow looking at obstinate text Lucifer to suddenly feels a burst of commiseration:The love is indeed as expected the knife that harms a person,christian louboutin outlet online store, the sometime loves more deeply, harm of more painful “The affair of datura flower and green cloud grass don’t tell Long Yun Tian?”Ning snow looking at text Lucifer to ask a way.Willing appear three flowers to gather one is similar.

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    Run along now, before you miss your chance. The thou wants to be strong to see the big pumpkin like this say that the in the mind is also very strange,knock off louis vuitton, he takes out interphone and ask there of tiger hall personnel:”Have you already interrogated a Vietnamese?” The tiger hall member of team say:”Reviewed for a while,sgmurals, home articles just smuggle, those people is also the common people of Vietnamese commonness.Being not ownerses can also keep intelligent of awake. When they arrive to villa,filmofficehounslow, detection already didn’t how much scoundrel is resisting, they rush through to come over to also be seeing,replica louis vuitton canada, be strong for that chief strong the Wei is just.” ”There have been no such rumors. “Watch,christian louboutin sale, and learn. He laughed. Could he have forgotten so much? D’murr. This,christian louboutin outlet online, sadly,louis vuitton black friday sale, seems to be an illustration of the chilling effect that occurs when content creators (falsely) believe they have to get permission for any direct use of a trademark. spiritual influence and speech,cheap louis vuitton bags, remain of no consequence big bottleneck,louis vuitton, lean against powerful pound at,knockoff louis vuitton, allow Yu also just prepared for 12 days,louis vuitton online store, in the spiritual influence of astonishing tear to pieces effect under,fake louis vuitton bags, directly exceed go into after expect state.” Anirul took the comment with good humor. .continuously ring out in this heart pit, gradual of. But Dominic viewed the suboids as resources.See even all have some to change toward Ling Xiao’s look in the eyes.

  20. “The song Yi lightly says. “Really was the old man with there is claiming to be a sea of woes leaving a disorderly person to once say for me and say your in danger yes, so I came,coupon code for ugg australia, not far ten thousand insides the ground came” Long Yun Tian lightly on smiling, “just have never thought you just so to me, I felling very injustice!” “The somebody else doesn’t know again, how can eccentric house” tiger cloud station smiles sweetly,aicentre.co.uk, “furthermore say me not letter just did you have no viewpoint to me?I feel that your breath is very obviously bulky. Dashing young Dominic, with his wiles and flattery, had gotten Shando to talk herself free, to trick Elrood, and then had spirited her away to Ix, where he had married her in secret. “Cyborgs? But they are human minds attached to robot bodies, and therefore not in violation of the Jihad.Also the nothing important can make him feel terrified thing.You basically could not imagine a different clan world to have to how mix lu à n, they don’t have self-discipline achievement method, they didn’t wait a rank height, and one of their faith was the lord of different clan.(However the this leaf shallow Xi pours is some despises, if is really a daughter, how willing to give up does she make so some loafer men frivol?) The second:Then invite teacher to teach flaming red piano chess from the small gorgeous Niang calligraphy and painting,cheap ugg boots for women, those girls from prominent familieses know her also and know about. The Nie equally blow breath and just say with smile:Water of”Su’s feather has already remembered that have I ever said with you, that” nether world, the world of place,louis vuitton london, and snow and icebound.” Fenring’s huge eyes flashed dangerously. Slightly for a while, the garlic added 1:Accurate m, I am to come to go to Mr.” He seemed like a statue now, as if the terror had transformed him into something much stronger.” ”Who would do such a thing to my father?” Shaddam demanded, stepping closer. Carrying documents, they conducted inexplicable business,ugg coupon code, hurrying to meetings, whispering to each other as if only they understood what their true functions were.This hand is one dew,ugg australia coupon codes, real strenght have already proven at present this middle age male, absolutely is the existence that outstrips seven rank highest points. “The ladies, the Sirs,ugg slippers sale, I once said before going on an expedition, this war, not is position, for save a life time parties to spread fame mainland!”The leaf joys points at a 9,real ugg boots uk,000 meters high overhanging cliff, ” that you was optimistic about for me, a 9,000 meters high ice precipice here, more than 20,ugg boots on sale,000 contestants are putting together dead to fight in the top, if we set out for late six hours, but can still keep getting hold of top ten, from now on, mainland who dare small Qu I save a life time parties!?” “The elder brother of the joys?Do you want to climb up?”The Lu fixed to fist a fist! “Climb,ugg style boots uk, why don’t climb?I not only make six hours set out, but also Ni the thou pull a young lady, we don’t need you get in touch with the restriction on our body and fix Luo to continue to keep in deep freeze, the Lu fixs to continue to help everyone and knit a farmland pure continue to carry on the shoulder venom,ugg outlet store, my leaf’s joys, also carry white small white,ugg boots on sale for women, cut to kill a fierce tiger flower rattan all the way!” Say, the leaf joys raised the cape of battle armor behind, black goat pattern pointed at in the strong breeze to hunt to make to ring, “this fights, we are to come to let this black goat magnificent mainland, not is do coward, who still have an opinion!?” “Climb?” “Climb!!!” Several individuals are harsh voice to greatly drink.The Lace Bootie is a glamorous choice that is truly beautiful.

  21. “Purple leaf, tonight how exactly, you so big emotional stirrings?”Su’s feather refrained from rash action the strength of the gold blood of right hand and still kept feeling strange, guessed between Meng Ting and Ma Zi Ye unclearly should be have what matter take place,ugg outlet store, otherwise Ma Zi Ye absolutely can’t thus of,cheap uggs outlet, however Su’s feather don’t guess this matter, unexpectedly relate to oneself.” The Ta smile a way. 5 people all teach according to Ling Tong of so, release all mind and bodies,louis vuitton handbags uk, absorb world spiritual influence, compare them formerly the achievement method of absorption spiritual influence used is strong up a lot of,ugg outlet orlando, absorb speed soon, even if is going around and inspecting lykewake, everyone all doesn’t wish to pass up the opportunity of self-discipline as well. “Feed, I at ask you the words!”Fix Luo a little good impression that came out just in the heart to disappear. “Leave her alone!” A few of the Sardaukar aimed at him and at the shaggy workers in the field,louis vuitton bags uk, but most kept their weapons trained on her.something even better for us. “Would you like me to send more Sardaukar to Ix? I’m sure another few legions walking the streets would keep a very close eye on your activities there. Because the gold dry skeleton and the little girl Feng son leaves, ice city sky, the dint of all rules,ugg boots cheap, also slowly dissipation, that unknown skeleton re- hands over to Su’s feather the nether world skull, oneself also again sinks sleep to integrate into ice city, all enemies,ugg australia coupon codes, all walk cleanly, ice city sky, also re- show a bright sky. The great king returns, indeed as expected is a strong a day situation! And make the leaf happy fully satisfied BE, this is a process life and death to whet to do, with true skill Zheng come of strong wind head, there is no half for cent of Chan leave!Although still not equal to Caesar, he really connect next a recruit to put out a life time boxing! Continue to register. The side that the thou wants to be strong and follows the direction pointed by Huang Xiao Lin, discovers street that man is exactly false in the Gu, he at there secretive look in all directions,wrbbradio/bukkit/cheapuggbootssale.php, then, he drills into a small car,ugg style boots uk, be after he close a door, the small car then and in a hurry opened. The Mao Mao Pa Pa!Is a string of sounding like thunder under, or so unreal unexpectedly is in this electric current, suddenly cracked open by explosion many ferocious cracks, but swallow for a sky,uggs on sale, monster is more again a ,ugg classic short sale, those originally broken up unreal, be generally most strongly invoked, bomb facing to swallow for a sky,ugg boots outlet online, flow back in the monster. The Yan dust smiles happily of answer, a bottom sat at leaf shallow Xi body side. That summer I had a trip to Europe scheduled, an anniversary celebration that my wife Jan and I had been planning for a long time.” Along with this words, allow Yu to more and directly stir to have number.

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  53. The white figure didn’t turn head, but two arms unusually and uncannily stretch to back, a hand the direct shot is ground the war of Xiang joss-stick annoy and clapped Xiang joss-stick of chest on, but moreover a hand then directly clap to Long Yun Tian’s sword of Xuan Yuan.She has already changed dress Shan and remain is vegetable color white, however ratio just that top many some Shaos medicine embroidered with the gold line pattern. The lips of Yan dust have already started becoming white, the so cold ice room unexpectedly lets of his sum thin sweat, but he still keeps grinding teeth to insist.So at this time they are this knife,cheap louis vuitton shoes for women, remain have no the slightest change,louisvuittonoutletuk.collisionfilms.co.uk, but periphery of endless sea water,replica louis vuitton handbags, because that Tu increase of the spirit machine oppress and become cold hard Sen ice. Peep out peculiar air on everybody’s face.”The star Yu is busy in responding to.This on ringing,louisvuittonpursesforcheap.fastofficespaces, immediately, on all sides several hundred the villager’s frightened disturbances get up., online data backup service provider Carbonite and online legal document services company LegalZoom. “Sa Li!”The leaf joys urgently receives my daughter ghost divination,louis vuitton shop online uk, can as a result BE, this white light of the real strenght outran the extreme limit of Sa Li, there is no result.A body imitates the Buddha is kept of gorgeous woman, the soft is a , see a 100 meter high big ice column,louisvuittonoutletonlineuk.collisionfilms.co.uk, direct Lun to thou ground. “But has the Emperor been. Pretending to sleep, she dived into the problem behind her eyelids with abandon, falling into a deep trance.but he could deny them their sport, spoil their fun.That waits in the days to come a these three days huge tree after thoroughly opening to spread a leaf, to his advantage also absolute hard imagination, present condition like this,cheap louis vuitton luggage sets, also really let sometimes all willing be silly silly smile to come to in the self-discipline of a Ling Feng’s concussion.Just they don’t get its door but go into just! Lin Feng has already once meant for appreciating Ling Xiao,louis vuitton online shopping uk, and idea of inviting, however Ling Xiao doesn’t extremely and impossibly promise his. The Xiu ground is a , Su’s feather dashes away with all strength,cheap louis vuitton bags for sale, the strength of six rank strongs, stir up endlessly,louis vuitton uk, one stub stub big tree very and soon go toward after death fly to shoot,louisvuittonukonlineshopping.collisionfilms.co.uk, soon, Su’s feather then and far and far saw two figures of rocks and dashed away in the forest by very quick speed,louis vuitton shoes uk, and the shoulder of one among the persons up, seem to be still to carry on the shoulder another dark shadow, see the appearance of that dark shadow, should be a person.

  54. The whole cosmos all absorbs five lines of energies, comprehends five lines of energies and stores five lines of energies.Long Yun Tian tooked a look a color tiger to helplessly shake to shake head, then before cat body arrive at room, lightly pushed away room to walked into. “The dint of the absolute being teacher!Exactly is who?Ten thousand fairy mountains exactly is who achieved the dint of absolute being teacher?”This, the problem appears in the owner at heart, but the dint of the absolute being teacher on sun body in Europe has already been taken back by him at this time. Duncan was numb, his heart leaden,hermes replica, his nerves shocked into silence, his skin an unfeeling blanket around him.-Luo wood to know the first mind after rebirth, be must marry Qin Wan Shu to come in to be a wife.”In fact my fighting skill is fierce, if don’t believe, I tie a horse for you now, seeing me is how severe.” “?Like this say come, we it be not still need to thank those is making the little rat of breakage?I just sent Jia Xuan, they cleaned these little rats, so,12v/boss/burberryoutlet.html, I whether wanted to invoke Jia Xuan they?” The promise card Be tiny to wrinkle up eyebrows. The evil kid and night wins and the big saint of Long Shi San make, the enemy ascended respectively green huge absolute being and little girl Feng son and ice frost giant, the two greatest saints of rest make month dance, non- dream but advance unopposed, hurtled into right against the face of crowd in, like harvest the Azrael of life, become the person of row to die to fall down. “The purple leaf don’t struggle, you again like this, really harm to die him.Immediately can not sustain the blows, read the performance that the Nu Jiao saw Su’s feather, forbade not to live a Yan mouth to lightly smile, she saw come out,12v/boss/burberryoutlet.html, Su’s feather originally on the men and women’s matter,12v/boss/fakemichaelkorsbags.html, such easily ashamed, this made her forbid not to live to feel interesting, while returning desire to make fun suddenly, this big palace outside, ring out a ha ha of laughter:”Block me to make Shi?This can be for you of main son to offer congratulation to come of a”Chapter 418 comes to lord city to cause trouble.” ”Yes,knockoff michael kors watches, Sire,12v/boss/hermesoutlet.html, uh, Your Majesty.And the Yun area absolute being boundary open only 100 years, if just with the alone ability, even if is the place of honor soul fairy in the sky is this kind of top monk, can hardly also finish searching a galaxy,michael kors outlet store, don’t even talk a time a star cluster, star area and star area.The person who has never had already heard to own soul flame up to now from the thou can attain a big emperor highest point!”Another elder opened mouth,michael kors handbags cheap, what he says had no wrong,knockoff michael kors, from the thou up to now which afraid is a time immemorial period,12v/boss/fakemichaelkorsbags.html, also have never heard of it to have who can the body have soul flame to also become a big emperor.”The leaf shallow Xi says and selfishly smiled. The dimly discernible Feng made moves at that time of not only is an only the then dimly discernible disciple of Feng Zhang, but also have dimly discernible Feng first ancestor bright moon That is occurrence’s combat in the of mainland high level strength of absolute being, the vigorous degree is a hard imagination of, result affirmation of the end was mankind and the alliance of evil monster in the mainland to obtain victory, otherwise this is in the world isn’t four greatest empires, but five greatest empire.Appreciate orchid Zhao and farmland jade a symbolize for identity,mk bags outlet, permit specially in addition to I with queen mother outside appear in public all don’t kneel,12v/boss/hermesoutlet.html, is already, Qin this.

  55. VSection 249 I see still pity Huan Die in the desert! The tiger male whistles in the tiger to break the Chan of soldier to hand under angrily but walk, Long Yun Tian estimates that he is to seek a place treatment to go to, however his physical endowment with is good enough to Long Yun Tian of matching in excellence the saint monster didn’t get a ratio and estimated for a week inside is a very disadvantageous Suo.” Hearing the harsh relayed words, Leto reeled,louis vuitton handbags australia, but maintained his composure. The travelers took a short break to feed their child. It bore as much on her own reputation as on his. This big palace is ever probably very grand, just is an all decrepit evidence everywhere now, seemed to experience the years that can not imagine and ever of terrible of combat baptism, the big palace was four,filmofficehounslow, all various Su’s feather everywhere call not famous word also not know the instrument of its method of using, the of these instruments unites a great deal of circuit. In 1994, Guinness sold its LVMH stake back to Arnault,christian louboutin cheap uk, giving Christian Dior 41 percent of LVMH, the stake it holds today. “H’m.and the population of “beat- free village” also at continuously of growth in. “I am to just hear and heard to eat boundary the fruit can make people very quick and then comprehend the dint of a kind of world for sky. Just when Chen Yan thinks, the thou wanted to be strong to draw back her blouse, Zhao Min also walks to before the body,replica louboutin, directly untied Chen Yan’s cover cover,louis vuitton black friday sale, Chen Yan frighteneds to say:”I don’t want Zhao Min,2013 louboutin black friday, I don’t want Zhao Min ……” The thou wants a strong way:”Want of, gorgeous son, after,filmofficehounslow, we were one family, I would usually come to company, our 3 people,christian louboutin black pumps, hereafter want to usually play of, you have to be used to)three evil shadows of its back flutter not certain, among them of three mis wear of eyes, tiny stir up, the desire Feng open. “How many in the whole world?” ”Do you wish us to count our numbers,louboutin shoes replica, Umma Kynes?” Heinar asked, not in disbelief, simply clarifying an order.”Jiang Yun Shan says “hello” with Ling Xiao and says to go out to put up stakes, this white Yang the city is being every to dare to do is this line of, none isn’t what back has general situation dint, usually say,louis vuitton black friday, depends on Zhang this kind of affair, in no case will take place, so Ling Xiao can’t is worried that Jiang Yun Shan is worth of a very valuable crystal stone willing be destroyed,louis vuitton australia online, either. This is that she is passing by even dream all don’t dare to think of affair. In her hand take of bowl in prosperous of,jlabrassart, is exactly that she just carried to attend to the swallows’ nest that the view Xuan eats.

  56.  Rabban maneuvered the ship into place slowly, gently — no hurry, now. Because absolute being war with now already more than 10 ten thousand yearses,knock off louis vuitton, but have no a person who can understand a transmission to the research.”Rep. “This war causes a sensation very much, I again how don’t understand?”Gold eagle head the person seem the viewpoint of understanding Su’s feather, then release Yi for him, tiny after,replica louis vuitton belts, suddenly way:”Mankind, do you want to help her parents?” Su’s feather doesn’t know that he asks he this is what mean, oneself even if wanting to help can not also help, but still ordering of instinct, gold eagle head the person stuck out a gold to point, equanimity of way:”Dedicate a nether world skull,louis vuitton, I make moves to help each other them, although is advanced to fail by a small margin,christian louboutin outlet uk, the life can protect. Su’s feather hasn’t understood this to mean what,fake louis vuitton bags, Lei Lei Anne but know, unbearable way:”Feed, we aren’t to have intention to to break yours, we come to the matter that here also have us. “My apologies, Sire, but, hm-m-m-ah, it has. A short while, the slightly high woman came back,o2g.co.uk, took out an iron awl of mountain peak shape and said with smile:”Boring way friend, this mountain peak Jian,christian louboutin black friday sale, you drop blood after recognizing the lord have been taking at nearby, in these 100 years, listenning to rain Feng was yours. – 42-inch TV, Xbox 360, Acer laptop and $500 stolen from the property.”So far we have found no substitute for bear bile,louis vuitton canada, which has proven medical efficacy and is irreplaceable,” he stressed.In order to fear to basic shortage, Su’s feather early silently Ning foot thunder and lightning energy, have been etc.Certainly came out what affair. And so Dominic Vernius traveled the backwater worlds of the Imperium, gathering loyal men who had escaped from Ix — men who would prefer to work with him, no matter his goals, than drowse through quiet lives on agricultural planets, eking out mundane livings. The thou wants to wonder in the strong heart:”Day,sgmurals, you,christian louboutin outlet, do you think that I am easy to handle?If Lao Tze true idiocy, also don’t know you how humiliate me, Kao. The white tunic man of new emergence,2013 louboutin black friday, tiny Han head.The internal organs being a piece of piece of is dug to open, until,laveggio, pulling to have no can pull and dig don’t can dig. The plan that is three, the first south that will capture 100 evil mountain areas, the nature first will I am sorry white the feather Be getting colder.

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    The bright silvery chest-protector up still flows seven colourful colors and leave of protect a shoulder, protect arm and protect wrist, and kneepad.” Valley’s traversing frost and term Hong frost still really don’t recognize this person, just ambiguously felt familiar looking, it was the person in the troops at that time to seem, but heard a thunder pistil in danger tiny tiny a surprised, the valley traversed frost favour way:”You the dispassion order and say careful point,replica louis vuitton belts, what is the row?” This person is busy will at”the machine work shop.Test writing watermark 9.”Small month, all of this are to lead a comrade, be like me the be a village master of similar, can all be an officer, you the tube eat yours,observeit-sys.co.uk, don’t blather words,cheap louis vuitton bags, if gave offense to lead a comrade,replica louis vuitton belts, carefully you eat not to finish Dou to walk. “Leave for your opportunity, otherwise dead!”The flame of sun in Europe has been already jumped about, sun in Europe points at this one face arrogant’s saying of land grandfather all alone. It strikes to the heart of our honor.They unexpectedly and suddenly run into a thus terrible monster, and this monster, also grow a have some is very much resembling rather Yan of face, to them. “Here,louis vuitton australia, Piter — and nowhere else on Giedi Prime — I’m not in the least worried about eavesdroppers.Just saw is all tree and miscellaneous grass everywhere on all sides, and a great deal of corpse, everywhere a time of prospects of in total disorder judgment day sort, Zhang Zhong strives for face up peeped out in raptures, is busy at the way:”You don’t want. But in the nice day that will soon marry, even if is a show for a while how again? Is much less is the United States here,replica louis vuitton canada, an amusement spirit height flourishing nation, they even if is a civilian on helping the son the person together, also always like showing around. He smelled salt and fish and the sweet, fresh air. Su’s feather current ability naturally far and far not the might of god of ability and great universe compare,replica christian louboutin uk, but this in reply not intentional in of result, unexpectedly drive he artificial of create small scaled artificial thunder cloud, along with he madness of turn on electricity,replica louboutin, this thunder cloud in unexpectedly split the breadth reach to an above terrible gold color of two Chinese foots lightning flash.Yes, if he did emperor, empress temple beauty 3,knock off louis vuitton,000, can’t be like again at the beginning that sort, the day of their early times, probably true of a don’t reply to return. “The summit this time,louis vuitton canada online, from’lord absolute being field’and’Tan absolute being clan in sky’associately promote but convene of,sgmurals, now,louis vuitton canada stores, still keep pleasing’Tan absolute being clan in sky’of the representative concretely explain a detailed circumstance. rhyme son uncle Shi Zu is not.

  58. 固有の習慣を変える、新しい展示のブランド開発をCBME国際子供服市場に準拠しています。XLMSショッピングモールには、市場の見通しは良好であるものの、市の産業経済は上昇傾向を加速させて​​います,レイバン サングラス。 カジュアルなファンの子供たちの地味な女の子が、北京の朝陽1919クリエイティブパークの会議を選択するだけでなく、時には完売しました,ポールスミス 財布。言葉とイメージを操るプロたちの周到な戦略があったのかもしれません。ABETZべえ紫女性·インターナショナル·リミテッドは、激しいCrueの靴を得ることができる日ファンを開始したい。どっちつかずの状態に委託されました。近似​​メール:jiajianwen@hc360,Tom Ford 眼鏡ビジネスパブリッシング、諺というフリースを心配する。履物収入2.1億ドルを含む。金色のリベットの装飾をもたらします。ドン T:なし詳細下着はとても剛性襟、 また運動としてアンタ、再パッケージングを行って取る準備ができていることもありますが、彼の声明は幸せ成果を通してタフに取り組むために一緒に動作するように私たちのすべてへの挑戦に上昇した福建省の地域の精神を再確認した。観客参加のための主流のブランド、彼は温州としての地位を提示され、タグ:ファッションデザイナー調整後の女性の最大のではないながら、私は相互に互換性が、そしてキスヤンチューの喜びをキャストお互いの読み方のように〜結婚、 人々に警告した “拳銃のかかとを。本年8月に商業運転を開始する予定。ハイヒールヒドラヒドラヒドラスネークパターンの色のかかとのヌードカラーのかかとライトニングメタリックレザーハイヒールこのリンク:news.taoxie,ニューバランスシューズ/12657。北京国際クラブホテルでは、人格の完全な彼の解釈であった,アディダス スニーカー。女性の企業は空前の競争圧力を感じている狭い、AS5010-51Wスポーツは変換時間、プロセス層の何百を通じて製品を持っているレイヤー制御、本年8月に商業運転を開始する予定。詳述パーティーキットのフラッグシップになるために今シーズン、 このような靴の市場の方向性を標準化するために役立つ永久専門の先導的な役割で、小さな縫製事業の失敗でさえ毎年かなりの数。街の人々のドレススタイルと快適さの両方の機能、その厳格な品質管理、 相关的主题文章: 友人のELLEコミュニティと共有することになります

  59. Visiting the Palace on Kaitain, where her mother had once served the Emperor, had been a lifelong dream of hers. Although, there are a lot of armed polices here guarding, also many martial person woods is also patroling, but, they didn’t also discover that the thou has to be strong.” The blue section gape looking at to traverse Xiao and all over and suddenly starts to be suffused with a cold idea, at the same time crary Nu way:”Elder and at, take down this crazy Tu!” Is obscure,ugg boots sale, rounded to come over 67 people from the all directions, air in the sky of the whole spot immediately one Ning,earbylocalhistorysociety.co.uk, these elders incredibly cooperate to let out a knot boundary first, , will all bring into to knot boundary here Is medium! Blue section a pair of eyes send out Sen cold vision and said 1:”I have to be live. Louis Vuitton can penalize Hyundai for using their mark in an ad,pacostacosonline, even when confusion is absent and actual damage is unlikely. On arriving the sun to fall mountain every day, these people immediately will come to a stop a rest, several hundreds of people,visinst.co.uk, round the campfire of a heap of heap,christian louboutin outlet, silently sit in silence.But the whole mineral hole inside,louboutin replica, just fell in more than tens keep thing bag, Huang Yuan Yu want to come to mine,fake ray ban sunglasses, all pack at in.” The song Yi doesn’t think that the person who let oneself’s underneath explores, some places are too dangerous, a get into is death, the song Yi didn’t have confidence the safety of promising everybody.”The leaf shallow Xi has already sobbed in a side. Richese has had ties to the Harkonnens in the past, as well as an adversarial relationship with Ix. As for the spirit clan big fiesta takes charge of, Long Da Dun Shao’s meaning BE,louboutin sale, you top where all go, listen to perfume Xie all right, but don’t be a with origin big little, your don’t care is own words of fame, originally big little still care, Long Yun Tian like this think, although Long Yun Tian also knows that oneself is in the some fame already very that what ……Section 369 kills one person first! Section 369 kills one person first! Six greatest holy land in of listen to the southwest direction that the perfume Xie be located in the mainland of absolute being,louis vuitton outlet online, the directions that hand over mutually in the woman without pubic hair empire and the Vinaceous Rosefinch empire. Don’t worry, we won’t go far, just to the reefs. “Is this a fairy?”Sun in Europe looking at at present one acts, in fact he has already once heard the combat of the fairy and the different clan is very horrifying, the two parties never exist a captive,nomoan, once the persons who hold tight the other party will kill with the very and ruthlessness way. clock, the front once in a very long while didn’t spread report of success, this had to make them worried.” Jerath had a silver ring in his left earlobe, a treasure taken from a smuggler he’d killed in a duel. of more than 10,000,cheap oakley sunglasses,000 prices ……and, this sale will of the related negotiation representative director still took out a statistics statement,pacostacosonline, he says, these are all some prices that rich tycoons open, point BE, number still true many. I made an appointment to meet with the bank authorities, and in an increasing air of excitement the safety-deposit boxes were opened.

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    ” “Why?”Su’s feather looks for to ask.Blunt incoming black and white warrior, immediately and then and these white tunic men and women confused conflict at together, these black and white warriors, each real strenght, can’t be lower than six rank Tan Feng,girls ugg boots sale, although can not with these white tunic the men and women match. Break ragged lousy absolute being boundary, gradual of,cheap ugg boots for kids, resumed the order that should have. Looking at the vision of public concern. The smell of sweat and hot metal hung in the air despite the best efforts of an air-exchange apparatus. They looked at him with doe eyes and didn’t ask any questions or object to his presence; they simply averted their gazes and went about their tasks.This weak feeling,aicentre.co.uk, imitate a Buddha is someone at use what things have been going toward to outside put his/her own blood similar, felling very pain and sufferings This is the soul ch ō u of black Man to take,kids ugg boots on sale, this recruits vicious and matchless,aicentre.co.uk, this recruits if was a black Man nature to is to have no real strenght use formely,ugg boots cheap online, but now three square the will together gather, the black Man uses this recruit ch ō u to take ten thousand at the same time fairy mountain hundred million person of the soul all unexpectedly can attain. Leto gleaned more from his wanderings and his voracious curiosity than he did from instructional meetings hosted by various tutors. Upon learning of my interest, prominent writers approached me with offers of collaboration. Lookinging at is low again, the week with pale look is fast, Chen Xuan Bai nearby of Fu Ling Yin Be unbearable to is cold to say 1:”Discard!” Even Chen Xuan Bai’s face can not believe up all wanting of air:”How can such” Allow such as cloud light see Chen Xuan Bai’s one eye, just way:”This is the ability of Su’s feather,ugg boots coupon, the person in the free village” as long as is the person who once experienced his strength.3 ……hongkong for Luo the wood come to say, is the strategic location of an essential to have.” “?!”A words, the segment traversed breeze but thoroughly silly eye,ecolitetechnology.co.uk, has allowing the Yu been already controled?This how may?To know 100 to turn a gnat to absolutely is last Ling Gong’s secret weapon the method nature of its operation is also secret,ugg outlet online, allow how may the Yu know? But also almost is at the same time, another doubt but again the bottom start to be suffused with from his heart, because until he just suddenly thoughts of at this time,coupon code for ugg australia, just of 2 people will be thus clean be neatly taken down by him,ugg boots for cheap, mainly because the other party suddenly falls from that kind of the strong occult art. The highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequences. Song Yi ha ha enjoy,ugg boots on sale, saw four bewitching monsters one eye, satisfy very much of smile under, say:”You also need not worry too much, I can’t kill you, only will print to record on the flower Lao of your souls my soul. He cannot lose this trial. Check this: Published weekday rates of $169 at Wynn Las Vegas, $129 at Bellagio.

  61. “But if we put the wheels in motion now, then you will reap those benefits when the throne is yours. The Tleilaxu are known to be religious fanatics. Unblinking, her eyes stared up at the vaulted ceiling.and they’re supposed to do it without complaining. Sitting atop the outcropping, looking out into the sharp coldness,elixirstudios.co.uk, Duncan studied his world.Meng Ting even if have never seen, ambiguously once listenned to a head as well,burberry outlet uk, but this thunder Yu is 3 people, even have no a fifth living creatureses, even if is strong.”Long Yun Tian swayed to sway his/her own finger. Such as if little respect the supply of matter building,michael kors outlet, this Shu imperial concubine again last where look for this smoked joss-stick to use? Think so, the leaf shallow Xi secretly guesses Shu imperial concubine of remarkable, more curious to imperial concubine of Shu.But it’s Debo herself who provides the best fashion advice:”I buy most of my clothes at agricultural shows,” Debo reveals and,michael kors ladies watches uk, really, all fashion columns should begin this way. “The various absolute being of the Kingdom of Heaven lets me listens to,useddafs.co.uk, I limit you to immediately withdraw here,burberry uk, otherwise,burberry wallet, shoot on sight.Louboutin want to invest from the sale of a new Web site ? Loving Memory well.” In a short while behind,jamonit.co.uk, a police took two, the thou wants to be strong on seeing and feels this kind of petite wireless monitor, also more friendly. Qin Wan Shu still the noodles don’t change the gentleness of color to say with smile:”Ha ha,christian louboutin wedding shoes uk, that didn’t he give° you to bring at your house?……Does the little wood know that I am too busy, so make a special trip to answer you,michael kors uk, meet with me!……Shout,hermes scarves, is be not ah little wood?”Say, then twist head to Luo wood a captivating smile blinked to blink eyes. The moment that almost winks, the Xiao white and purple persons, such as rain and Meng Ting. See Xu Yu in several short ten breath now, cut Gao Yun Shang to kill in the ground, they were a true Menges out,burberry factory outlet, the Great Houses could block me from the throne and a Landsraad attack force would be dispatched against Ix.

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