Newcastle Preview: Jubilation or Recrimination?

It’s tempting to compare this to cup final day: a one-off game to decide the destiny of the sole remaining prize on the table.

Typically of Arsenal, however, we’re talking about a cup without a trophy; a prize without a medal. Champions League qualification is rightly a priority for the club, but it brings with it no formal garlands.

Nevertheless, it’s important. Supporters are generally united in their desire to see Arsenal flex their financial muscle this summer; European qualification makes that infinitely more likely. It’d also us to avoid the significant heartache to be pipped up at the post by our neighbours and rivals, Spurs.

It’s in our own hands. Victory at St. James’ Park guarantees fourth place; perhaps even third if Chelsea slip up at home to Everton. Tottenham know they must beat Sunderland at home to stand any chance of leap-frogging us in to the Champions League.

Arsenal ought to have enough to secure three points today. In these end of season games, the side who needs victory more generally takes it. Footballers are hard to motivate at the best of times, and Pardew will have a job getting his lacklustre Newcastle side at the races for a game that matters little to them.

News broke last night that Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has offered a £1m bonus to the non-playing staff should they beat Arsenal. That doesn’t change much. Incentivising the dinner ladies is somewhat redundant when the dinner ladies are unlikely to be playing. I suspect the circulation of this story is a PR move designed to counter Alan Pardew’s ridiculous assertion that he “didn’t care” if the Toon Army got tonked now they’re safe from relegation.

As far as the team goes, I’d stick with the same back four that started against Wigan. Nacho Monreal has generally started the away games, but this is no time for rotation, especially at the back.

Olivier Giroud has returned from suspension and I’d favour immediately reintroducing him to the side. Podolski finished well twice against Wigan but his contribution to the rest of our play was minimal. Giroud provides a focal point and could prove useful for set pieces at both ends.

Finally, if there’s any way at all we can Mikel Arteta on the pitch, we should. Even if he can only manage an hour, it could be vital. He is the de factor captain of the team, and there is no direct replacement for him within the squad. If he picks up another knock and has to come off, he has several months to recover. One thing is certain: Arteta himself will be desperate to play.

When Arsenal take to the field at 4pm, I’ll actually be at work. I’ll finish at almost exactly the same time as the match, and log on to furious recriminations or wild jubilation. It seems absurd that a 38-game season can be decided on one match, one point, one goal.

That’s because it can’t. Whatever our final league standing is come 6pm, it’s important to remember that’s not so much down to the events of today as it is the story of the entire season.

Whatever happens, a backwards step will be required to assess this season properly. There’ll be time for that next week. For now, it’s time to cross all available digits and hope for the best. Come On You Gunners.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. GunnerPete   •  

    Well here we are….all the Arsene knifers waiting for failure so they can scream disgrace for another3 months. The simple fact is that despite all the grave talk from this mob we can only finish at worst a couple of points behind Spuds and Chelski. Now considering the dire doomladen crap that has vomited out from this group since last May about AFC being lucky to finish higher than 10th etc….we are one bad ref decision away from 3rd. Yes it has cost Chelski another £100 mill for those extra points and yes Spuds have had a one man team…but the anti crowd still cannot accept that AW has so nearly found the formula again. I do not worry about todays game as what will be etc. But I do want AW to prove to these AFC haters that support is more about loyalty than BUYING trophies.

  2. Gullygoon   •  

    If we don’t make CL, Wenger should really consider his future, period!

    • hunter13   •  


  3. mike   •  

    Newcastle will probably give it a shot but i honestly cant see them playing their arses out. Its going to be another great escape by the gunners. Cant wait to watch this one just like i cant wait to watch any arsenal game. Coyg

  4. Fraser   •  

    Exit from all cup and scrapping into Champions League against clubs with less than half our income. With huge squad and resources this can hardly be seen as any sort of success. At the beginning of next season all other 91 league clubs will have changed manager since Arsenal last won a trophy..

    • hunter13   •  

      dont cry :)

      in wenger we trust


    • hunter13   •  

      hey son, did you like your medicine then ?


  5. True Gunner :D   •  

    The trolls that post here normally are crying today

  6. Bona   •  

    Let us all stand up for the BFG!! He is slow and maybe clumsy at times, but we have loved that type and seen the value of it. He is so slow he never gets out of position. Vermalen on the other hand, is up field down field, jumping, sliding and closing down. He seems to be every where just NOT where he is supposed to be. Vermalen is a good footballer, but sadly not a good defender.

  7. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  


  8. Saapman   •  


    Weird comment, I mean weird timing. Mert was very clumsy again, Kos was the key man as usual.

    • Bona   •  

      Maybe Kos was the key man. But BFG has been the boss at the back, so I was praising him for the season as a whole. People seems to miss the fact that when BFG playes we concede a lot less than one goal pr. game, while when he don`t play we concede more than two goal

  9. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    G’day mate who are you going tonight and tomorrow night and the other day and night?

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