Wigan Preview: A relegation six-pointer

As a man once said: it’s squeaky bum time.

I’ll confess: I don’t really know what that means. Not literally. It could refer to the squeaking sound created by edging forward on your seat in excitement, or the flatulence created as a consequence of anxiety. I haven’t got a clue. I’m not sure anyone really knows. People just accepted it and laughed, because that’s what you did if you wanted to stay on Alex Ferguson’s good side. More of him later.

Figuratively, I know what it means. It refers to the unique tension experienced at the business end of the season. It’s a tension all too familiar to both Arsenal, as they chase a Champions League spot, and tonight’s relegation-threatened opponents Wigan. This ought to be a hell of a game. Anything other than a win for Wigan will see the Lactics effectively relegated. Anything other than a win for Arsenal will hand Spurs the initiative in the race for the Champions League. It’s a straight-up shoot-out. If I were looking to put a bet on in a place like Unibet in this game, I’d be scouring the live betting odds for more than four goals in the game.

Going gung-ho will suit Wigan, who are more comfortable in possession than under pressure. They will be buoyed by the weekend’s FA Cup Final victory over Manchester City, and with good reason: few sides in the bottom half of the Premier League could take the game to City with the ebullience and effervescence Wigan displayed. The attacking trio of McManaman, Maloney and Kone would grace teams far higher up the table.

The Wembley turf is famously energy-sapping, and Arsenal will be hoping to exploit those tired legs tonight. The permutations could not be plainer: Chelsea’s win at Aston Villa has all but secured them a top four spot. If Arsenal win both their remaining games, they are guaranteed to join them.

If Arsenal do relegate Wigan tonight, I’ll be sorry to see them go. Few teams in this league play football with more ambition and artistry. However, I’d far rather see Wigan go down than see Arsenal effectively relegated from the top four – especially if Tottenham were to benefit.

Arsene Wenger faces several selection dilemmas. The return to fitness of Lukasz Fabianski threatens the place of Wojciech Szczesny, while the manager must also choose which of Kieran Gibbs and Nacho Monreal is best suited to cope with the trickery of Calum McManaman. In midfield, Jack Wilshere will be pushing for a recall, while Lukas Podolski’s inert performance at QPR could see his claim to the central striking role come under threat from Theo Walcott and Gervinho.

Whichever side Arsene names tonight ought to be good enough to secure three points, but we’ve been here before. In this fixture last season, Arsenal were foiled by a tactical masterclass from Wigan. It won’t be easy.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t think it would come to this. I didn’t expect Chelsea and Spurs to pick up quite so many points from the run-in as they have. Last season, it felt as if no side wanted the Champions League spots. This side, no-one wants to give them up. It would be cruel and painful to miss out so late in the day.

A word on Fergie. Whatever your opinions of the man, it’s hard not to have an enormous amount of respect for what he’s achieved in the game. As I watched him bid farewell to an appreciative Old Trafford yesterday, I couldn’t help but hope that we’re eventually able to give Arsene Wenger a similarly warm send-off.

Two wins this week would help make that a little more probable.


Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Bona   •  

    Top gun (not hard these days). Anyway, If it wasn`t spuds I would happily lose to Wigan if they stay up and we finish 5th. It could be a healthy experience for arsenal, that they don`t go around thinking this squad is remotely close to challange for anything at all. I mean our top striker is way, way off what is required for a real challange, not to mention our 2nd and 3rd choice, tragic.

    It says a lot when our best feature is our defence. Things needs to be shaken up, and maybe 5th place will be that shake up. I think we will struggle anyway at N`cast so 5th is looking very much a possibility now, just a god damn shame that spuds will be the one to benefit of our short commings.

  2. shaun   •  

    we here ,jags is going to united ,fellani is going to united and worst of all fab might well be on his way there , but what do we here from our manager” i new fergie was gonna leave ” priceless …….it is entirely possible that we will loose tonight as the players reflect the manager …..plain and simple not up for the fight ,weak and zero north london pride as they will just shrug there shoulders and move on if the spuds beat us to fourth place as arsenal are not winners and have not been for 8 years and counting and are showing no signs of a team that is cabable of winning ….why are we seeing a winning run now with the exact same players we had at the begining of the season yet the first half of the season ‘s displays were horrible and majorly lacking in focus and effort which I am afraid is really not acceptable this is all down to one man …tranfer targets will be missed again and average second tier players bought in who will not be good enough but here’s one that will really tickle you ….apprently wenger is interested in rooney lol………………lol that should tickle even the most harcore wenger batty boys and as for giving wenger the same reception as fergie when he leaves ….that has to be a joke , one is a cold hearted winner at all costs And the other a philosophical type who is to stubborn to change his ways which are quite obviously dated and not producing the consistency he so craves ……I quote “we just play our game “ well dude you need to be doing a little more than what is currently being produced as it is not good enough another display like the one we saw against QPR and we are goners but then will they and arsene really be that bothered ?

    • RealisticGunner   •  

      Spot on Shaun as always

      especially saying: “it is entirely possible that we will loose tonight as the players reflect the manager …..plain and simple not up for the fight ,weak and zero north london pride as they will just shrug there shoulders and move on if the spuds beat us to fourth place as arsenal are not winners and have not been for 8 years and counting and are showing no signs of a team that is cabable of winning “…so so true

      its bleak either way…like you said a win and securing top 4 almost certainly garauntee’s wenger to buy NO-ONE this summer and for the players, manager..board to have the deluded thought that we ARE good enough and deserve top four finish

      sad sad state of affairs

      wish it was wenger that retired rather than fergie

  3. Avisitor   •  

    Do readers really have to put up with this homophobic nonsense in the comments?

    “hardcore wenger batty boys”

    shameful morons

    • RealisticGunner   •  

      gotta speak the truth avisitor

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