Arsenal Transfer Requirements 2013/14

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If you’ve played Football Manager or FIFA 13, you might think you know how the transfer window works.

You’d be wrong.

The common perception is that it is an activity led by the clubs. They identify the players and then make an official approach to the appropriate chairmen.

In reality, it is rarely such a streamlined process. Transfers are conducted primarily through agents and middle-men. Take the case of Robin van Persie’s protracted move to Manchester United: the finer details of his contract would have been all but agreed before there was any official contact between United and Arsenal themselves.

Even the occasionally naive board at Arsenal are savvy enough to understand the way things work. That is why they, along with almost every other Premier League club, issue a ‘Player requirements’ list to Europe’s major football agents on the eve of every transfer window.

Each summer, the offices of agents are laden with spread-sheets and post-its detailing the individual needs of every Premier League club. They then play cupid, matching players with itchy feet to clubs with bulging budgets, and taking their 5% off the top as recompense.

Sometimes Arsenal are able to rely purely on the work of their extensive scouting team. Sometimes they are prepared to take a punt on a player proposed by an agent. It varies year on year, but the briefing they have put out ahead of this window gives us an insight as to what might happen this summer.

It’s another hugely important transfer window for the club. When United took Van Persie, the gap between them and us United widened agonizingly, like a freshly-cut Chelsea smile. Seeing them celebrate winning the Premier League last night, crowned with a Van Persie hat-trick, was agonizing. The Dutchman will face a cauldron of hate at the Emirates on Sunday, but will wear the armour of triumph and conviction. If we’re to stand any chance of reeling United in any time soon we need to improve the squad significantly.

My understanding is that Arsenal’s list reads very simply:


My immediate reaction is surprise that the list doesn’t include a goalkeeper and a right-back. Perhaps Arsene Wenger has more faith in Wojciech Szczesny than we think, and perhaps Bacary Sagna is closer to a signing a new contract than we previously imagined.

It’s equally possible that these positions haven’t been mentioned as Arsenal have already identified and approached the players they wish to bring in to fill those roles.

What we can gather is that Arsenal are looking for a new spine.


This one shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Arsene Wenger is fond of telling anyone who’ll listen that we have three top quality centre-backs. However, one of those (Thomas Vermaelen) has had such a poor season that he isn’t trusted to start despite the fact he is supposedly the team’s captain. Furthermore, beyond the trio of Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker, we are woefully short of depth.

Johan Djourou and Sebastien Squillaci are likely to depart the club in the summer, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vermaelen join them. Typically, Arsenal lose at least one major player each summer, and this year could be Vermaelen’s turn. The Belgian’s stock is  still high enough for him to earn a move to one of Europe’s glamour clubs, and Arsene might see this as an ideal time to cash in on a player who has under-performed for more than a year now.

I have no idea who Arsenal will look to bring in. Ashley Williams has been mentioned and would certainly make sense, although I suspect he’ll be reunited with his former boss Brendan Rogers at Liverpool. A player with that kind of Premier League experience would be useful though. Wenger must surely regret not going the extra mile to secure the signature of a young Gary Cahill from Bolton two years ago.


When Arsenal sold Alex Song to Barcelona, Arsene Wenger elected to replace him with a repositioned Mikel Arteta and a rehabilitated Abou Diaby.

While Arteta has generally been consistent in the ‘pivote’ role – only Santi Cazorla has started more games this season – Diaby has spent the majority of the season injured before tearing an anterior cruciate ligament at a crucial point in one of his many ‘come-backs’.

The good news is that Arsene Wenger has already identified his replacement. My understanding is that preliminary talks are taking place as early as this week between Arsenal and representatives for the Lyon midfielder Maxime Gonalons.

Gonalons is a 24-year old France international, who was made Lyon captain by former-Gunner Remi Garde this year. Garde and Wenger are still close, and it seems that the former may have a given Gonalons a glowing reference. He’s been linked several times in the press, but from what I’m told this has developed beyond the usual transfer tittle-tattle.

This is certainly one to watch as the summer approaches.


Our greatest need is for a new centre-forward.

Olivier Giroud has had a good first season in English football, but it’s clear we require an alternative to the powerful Frenchman. With Giroud hoping to kick on in his second campaign, it will be tempting for Arsene to bring in someone who can play second fiddle to the handsome target man.

However, as I said on last week’s arseblog arsecast, my ideal would be to bring in a marquee name. A big signing would help fill the aching void still left after Van Persie’s departure, and transform the atmosphere around the club. As for Giroud: if he is going to develop in to the player we need him to be, he will respond to the increased competition and fight for his spot.

Stefan Jovetic is the name being linked most frequently in the press, and you can understand why. He is a different type of forward to Giroud – mobile, inventive and technically-gifted. He offers a similarly diverse threat to that of Luis Suarez, only without the biting.

Manchester United have shown the value of adding a star striker to your ranks. Let’s hope Arsenal follow suit this summer.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Larry Mbaco   •  

    Thanks for all the updates GS. Hope we can add some real quality in the summer. Noticed you’ve used the term “understand” quite a bit. I do hope it’s not the BBC/Sky sort of “understanding” that happens during the transfer windows! Jokes aside, hope we get the 3rd spot and get some quality signings in sooner, rather than later.


  2. Ed   •  

    Just out of curiosity, what are your sources for this information?

  3. Apostolos   •  

    I thought with Garde at Lyon that Golalons was pretty likely, although I still think Etienne Capoue is more of what Arsenal needs. And if Jovetic doesn’t work out I really hope Wenger takes a good look at Josip Ilicic at Palermo a flase #9 type that’s now scored in 4 straight games for Palermo . As far as CB just sign the Big Autrian at Basle Dragovic and get it over with.

    • santori   •  

      Capoue is consistently getting better despite being in a struggling team.

      He has weighed in with more goals and assists than Gonalons over the last two seasons

      Crucially, he is also able to play as a Cback.

      This will negate the need for an addition in the Cback position which I feel we don’t need. Vermaelen should be given one more season to come back and we have 3 promising young Cbacks in Miquel, Hadrovic and Hayden to choose from in auditioning for the fourth spot (with someone like Capoue or Kayoute providing insurance)

      • Apostolos   •  

        Couldn’t agree more Santori, oddly enough those were the same two names I figured Wenger would buy since the summer. Capoue/Kouyate for the same reasons you mentioned they could both also play CB and pretty well. There’s no 1 player I would like to see at Arsenal more then Etienne Capoue unfortunately I think he’s going to PSG this summer. In 2-3 years Isaac Hayden will be that player for Arsenal to play CDM/CB I actually think he’ll even be a fixture in Arsenal’s starting 11.

        • santori   •  


          which is why I don’t see Cback happening.

          Provided we bring in a CDM who can cover at CBack, that fourth spot should be reserve for either of 3 promising young Cbacks. – Miquel, Hayden or Hadrovic.

          Despite myth, we are that much more solid at the back this season.

  4. Ed   •  

    Fair enough, I understand protecting a source. Makes it hard to know what to do with this information though – it makes sense a lot of sense (personally I’m not surprised to find that a new goalkeeper is not on the list – Wenger wants Szczesny because he’s a product of the youth system, and no self-respecting goalkeeper’s going to want to come to play 2nd fiddle to a 23 year old) but it’s difficult to separate this to the dozens of other articles about Arsenal’s transfer needs.

    • santori   •  

      I doubt anything is inked in stone at this stage.

      Pricing will start to become clearer as the market starts to move.

      As an example, with regard srtiking options, there may be some other players to come onto market for us to consider vis-a-vis the experience and quality they may bring against an obviously youthful and promising JOvetic.

      Higuain may come on market and if some more well lined clubs decide flavour of the month is Falcao or Cavanni, Gonzalo may be more affordable than we think.

      At 25, he brings experience at top level (CL) not to mention plenty of pace and invention, something we lack on apex.

      There is also Leandro Damiao who combines speed and skill with no compromise to height or power, albeit he may prefer warmer climes to England.

      And of course, if pricing remains high for Jovetic, Michu is a perfect consideration having been proven over a very successful season. He won’t cost terribly much.

  5. Zorro in the box   •  

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Julio Cesar head to the Emirates with QPR going down. As for Sagna, he’ll probably leave and that will be the headache position next season

    • santori   •  

      I hope we keep Sagna. he is good for another 3 seasons at least to 34 (Much like Dixon) and will afford space and time for Jenkinson to take over, Bellerin, with insurance.

      Most importantly, he provides crucial institutional memory in being one of the longer serving players in Wenger’s system.

      • santori   •  

        Further to Sagna and possible movement out :

        Some possible cheap pick ups within the PL…

        Yanga Mbiwa has been poor this season at Newcastle but with proper redirection and tutelage may be able to cover efficiently at RBack (+ give cover to Cback). Cos there’s also Debuchy.

        Fulham’s RB was also very good.I believe he is Bulgarian.

  6. Lulu   •  

    I was surprised how hefty Ashley Williams was when he played at the Emirates. And I mean a Grant Holt sort of hefty. I would like him to stay loyal to Swansea but I guess wages at pool or arsenal would be too good to refuse.

    • santori   •  

      Why would we want Ashley Williams? We sold Swans a perfectly good Cback in Kyle Bartley.

      truth is we have 3 promising young CBacks which produced a push factor with Bartley. Miquel, Hadrovic and Hayden are all likely to get a shot at the fourth spot.

      Vermaelen is in poor form but working hard on redirecting it. Likely Wenger will give him another season.

      An added DM who can function as a CBack for insurance (Much like Song provided for us) will give us plenty of insurance in this position.

      I don’t think we’ll add here unless injury occurs.

  7. Hard Ogura   •  

    It makes sense to me because I also don’t see the need for a new keeper. Goals concieved by Arsenal were as a result of poor defending and lack of a natural defensive middie like Song and Gilberto.

    But a romour has it that a middie in process at the moment is Nigerian Mba @ 700,000 pounds.

    Dfenders, Williams and Nsamba of QPR would do but Wenger seem to be fishing in Spain and specifically Sevilla at a reduced price due financial crisis there.

    With the striker, Jovetic is interested and a fit in @ Arsenal but that is not Wengers price unless there will be some exchange involved. But it would be better to stick on him like a stain or else Benteke is also available.

    With Arsharvin on the way out, an attacking left Middie would be a bonus as Podolski is being lined for a cemtral role.

    • santori   •  

      For price and effectiveness this season, you can’t beat Michu, even if Swans decide to mark up at 100%. Forget Benteke.

    • Mos   •  

      Samba from QPR? He has been an absolute shambles after coming back to the English league.

  8. adi   •  

    Well, an ideal summer would be those 3 positions being filled by podolski-level players.
    Personally, I would like to see Gonalons, Jovetic/Lewandowski and Williams

    • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

      actually, an ideal summer would be cuntene cuntger being made to eat a steaming bowl of his own shit whilst being poked with a cattle prod a few hundred times with someone whispering in his ear about spiwit and mental strengz. either that or watching him being mauled by a 1000lb bear while his supporters are also mauled as they attempt to distract the bear.

  9. santori   •  

    Completely agree with the need for a striker and a DM.

    I’m not sure the options are quite as clear cut though, unless your sources are spot on.

    1) Striker – Jovetic seems the most likely choice. Invention is key to what we need up top (without too much lost of height) and JOvetic brings both. I’m not sure if he is the quickest but he is relatively mobile compared to Giroud who is always a foot behind everyone.

    However there are other options as well that might play out according to price.

    Leandro Damiao is a strong powerfully built striker with good skill and quick on his feet. I don’t think he wants to play in England which counts against us but he brings a lot of attributes we are missing as an alternate to Giroud at the moment.

    Also there is talk that Gonzalo Higuain is unsettled at Real with all the going ons around Jose. Likely dependant on price (salary), he is still only 25, very quick, immaculately skillful/creative and may bring better experience to the frontline than Jovetic would at present.

    Finally there is also the budget option of poaching Michu from Swansea. Likely a fall back plan since Michu is 27, but he has proven elusive and efficient and likely even with a 100% hike, will be one of the cheaper options with PL experience to boot.

    2) DM- The foolishness of selling off Song last summer is slightly cancelled out by the good fortune that Arteta remained fit most season. relying on Diaby though was always fanciful. And whilst there has been a lot of praised heaped on young Ramsey for his improved performance, it came at the expense of games at the start of the season where he wasn’t up to par and cost us. Nor has his improved performance anywhere approach the level of defensive and offensive contribution that Song was able to bring last season. So I’m not sure what all the hoopla is about.

    With regards a DM (with height I stress), Gonalons is certainly an option having had a good season at Lyon.

    But I won’t rule out Capoue either. and there had been talk about us monitoring Senegal International Kayoute at Anderlecht.

    Both these players are over 6’2 and bruising players, the sort of no nonsense characters we should have next to the more cultured Arteta or Ramsey.

    but crucially, unlike Gonalons, both Capoue and Kayoute are also comfortable covering at CBack, something Song also provided for us.

    Crucially, with some excellent CBack material in the making in Miquel, Haydens or Hadrovic, this may allow us to cover at CBack sufficiently whilst adding in other areas I feel may seem covered but are negelected.

    Which brings me to

    3) CBack. HOnestly, whilst TV has been poor this season, how many times have blogs been proved absolutely wrong when players come back into good form.

    There is no reason to get rid of Vermaelen just yet. He has showed a willing ness to work through the poor patch and he may come back strong as has Ramsey for example or Fabianski for the matter.

    I don’t think we need a CBack.

    Metersecker, Koscileny and Vermaelen with one of the younger Cbacks is sufficient cover. Particularly if we add a DM (as mentioned above) who can also cover for this position.

    Instead, i think we need to consider adding one more player out wide.

    Provided we sign Sagna to an extension (which we should) and our keepers continue to improve against each other, the wide position is an area which we seemingly have sufficient cover in Gervinho, Walcott, Chamberlain, Santi and Podolski (not to mention Gnabry, Miyaichi)

    but with the exception of Santi (maybe Podolski), most of those players tend to be fast direct where I think we may need someone with added invention to complement Santi.

    This is also a requirement I feel in the middle somewhat where Jack and Santi may vy for the AM role but Rosicky is likely to start retiring (with Eisfeld as a possible successor)

    Thereby we do oursleves a lot of good if we could bring someone who can provide the sort of injection in creativity, quick feet and ball retention ability to unlock defenses rather than passing sideways.

    Someone like Konoplyanka (at Dnirpo and Ukranian playmaker)will add the vision and creativity we will need to hedge against a Santi injury. Worthy to note that Konoplyanka is also fully ambidexterous and can play across midfield comfortably.

    There you have it.

    We have again been 2 players short of being fully competitive (for the major titles). Lets hope we get it right this summer. If RVP, has proven anything (circumstances permitting) we know where we have been a little short (sighted) in recent seasons.

  10. santori   •  

    Just for convenience regarding our shortfalls and requirements per position versus cover :

    1)CF – Giroud, New Striker (+Podolski)
    2)RW – Walcott, Gervinho (+Santi or Chambo)
    3)LW – Podolski, Chamberlain (+ Santi)
    4)AM – Jack, Santi (Rosicky when fit)
    5)CM – Arteta, Ramsey (+Jack)
    6)DM – (New DM), Capoue (+Arteta)
    7)RB – Jenkinson, Sagna
    8)LB – Gibbs, MOnreal
    9)CB – Per, KOscielny, TV,(Miquel + DM)
    10)GK – Fabianski, Szsc (+1)

    As you can see, Santi covers for a number of positions and his creativity in the team is key.

    Whilst Eisfeld, Gnabry and maybe Miyaichi should start to push for spots in the first team on peripheral competitions, none of them have sufficient experience as yet and are likely options to replace Podolski, Gervinho in 2-3 seasons and Rosicky earlier.

    Thereby, not crucial but we do ourselves no disservice in picking up another International grade playmaker to cover Santi. Cback IMO is sufficiently covered with the right sort of no compromise midfielder in.

    • Scott (USA)   •  

      Agree about Capoue. I believe he would be a great fit and really seems like a no brainer. Gonolans would a good fit for Arsenal also. I would take either one but I think Capoue would be my first choice.Not a fan of selling TV5 just yet. I don’t think Arsenal would get a good price right now but maybe.I would hope we would sell Gervinho. He doesn’t work. JoJo is quality. Sign em.

  11. flinky   •  

    Gonalons & Jovetic = perfect summer

    • Apostolos   •  


  12. Demetra   •  

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    Thanks a lot and I am taking a look ahead to touch you.
    Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  13. Sameep   •  

    I don’t know why but I think Julio Cesar may become available this summer. I think it will be a good option for Arsenal. I would like to see him at Arsenal. Won’t be too pricy as well.

  14. Munitionsman   •  

    The number one transfer requirement is for a new manager. Wenger can no longer be trusted to either spend the money on the right players but more importantly can no longer get the best from what he has. We need a new manager first. But once we drop out of top 4 even the board will see that. Soon brethren… Soon

  15. Sajit   •  

    Has our interest in villa died ?

  16. Munitionsman   •  

    This bloke needs to learn a thing or two from wenger. Wenger is the batter manager because he doesn’t have to concern himself with how the opposition play.

    Bayern boss Heynckes said: “I realise the enormity of the occasion. If you win 4-0 against Barcelona it’s a fantastic performance by your team.
    “It is very important that you analyse the opponent and know them perfectly and have a plan and discuss it with the players.
    “What the boys did on the pitch and the tactical way they played was just fantastic.
    “I analysed how Barcelona played and made a PowerPoint presentation for the players to see all the moves they make.

    • Son of Cock Hunter   •  

      Haha, you think that German dick is better than Sir Arsene? How many trophies has he won? What’s his win %?

      You don’t need to analyse the opposition – that’s for fools. What great Military strategist ever looked at the opposition when waging war? With our great players, we will bend the opposition to our will.

      We are unrivalled in spirit, focus, determination.

      You should all pay homage to Sir Arsene.

  17. Wanadoo   •  

    You guys are so thick! It’s quite astonishing – and GS I’m surprised at you.

    You talk about transfer targets like there’s any possibility of it happening.

    Every year it’s exactly the same – why do you expect anything different this year? In order for something different to happen – at least one of the major decision makers has to change – and there is no sign of that happening.

    No doubt there will be some business in the transfer window and this is how it will go….

    1) We will sell one or two of our best players; Please choose from Wilshere, Santi, Sagna

    2) We will buy a couple of young “hot” prospects.

    3) We might buy mediocre replacements for the departed.

    And then Arsene will tell us, how it’s difficult to improve upon our ready World Class Players.

    And then next season we are a bit worse again – as we have been every season since 2004.

    And then some of Cock Hunter type will appear on hear and scream Wenger’s praises even though we will be looking at a 9 season trophy drought.

    Only fools don’t learn from recent history. And if you haven’t spotted the repeating pattern for the last 8 years – then you are that fool.

    Wenger & Gazidis, both are about as useful as a sack of shit. Another season with those two in charge will see us further down in the mire and will be harder to rectify for a new regime.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Correct. GS source is probably a low level flunky tasked with selling season tickets. And GS like a good apologist laps it up like catnip.

      But the league doesn’t get fooled by spin. Finishing fifth will end wenger.

      • Scott (USA)   •  

        Santi and Nacho were bad buys? Go back to football mgr…..

  18. ed   •  

    Its Kouyate NOT kayoute.

  19. RealisticGunner   •  


  20. RVB   •  

    Man U barely missed out on the league title last season and they splashed out for RVP. With great returns.

    Looking at our gap, I wonder if all those players you mentioned would make any significant difference.

    Proven world-class players usually cost world-class fees, take world-class wages and prefer world-class clubs.

    So suck it up because we don’t play in enough of the 3 factors.

    Changing managers doesn’t change those factors too. Just look at Liverpool. Sh*t just come in a different flavour.

    Our only chance of getting a crop of top players will only come from breeding them internally. That could explain Henry and Beckham’s visit to the Emirates.

    I personally will remain patient and hope this group of players improve together and make the core of Ox, Walcott, Wilshere, Poldi, Ramsey and Gibbs world-class.

    It’s another tough 4 years IMO.

    • shaun   •  

      if wenger is still in charge we will win nothing he does not have a winning mentality and is 90% of the arsenal problem , when have we seen in the last eight years an arsenal team play with the intensisty and desire that dortmand showed last night and those players are probably on half the wages the arsenal jokers are on …all that crap about comming out and not being focussed and looseing two goals imediatly before the game has even started is just not exceptable and this is all down to the manager ….we here he was going …was being the operative word here as always with wenger …to buy the dortmand playmaker but surprise surprise someone got in before him , now why is that not surprising I think he would be better off in japan and he likes it there after all

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  23. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i dont tjink were doing badly. recent form is good. if we get 4th plqce trophy, wenger should resign evetyone on long term xontracts and buy some kids

  24. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i want to buy a do you lads play tennis and what would you rexommend if you do?

    i plan to ask american chain stores their advice and then buy off an aussie internet site. that is both patriotic and cost effextive

  25. Sofyan Wijaya   •  

    i think arsenal need to buy Valdes, Gotze and some foward..

  26. Matthew Thompson   •  

    If Summer signings go to rumours favour, then this is what the side mat look like;

    New Squad Players Out
    Vito Mannone Lukasz Fabianski
    Wojciech Szczesny
    Asmir Begovic – Stoke City

    LB – Nacho Monreal Bacary Sagna
    LB – Kieran Gibbs Johan Djourou
    CB – Per Mertesacker Thomas Vermaelen
    CB – Laurent Koscielny Sebastian Squillaci
    CB – Nicolas N’Koulou – Marseille Andre Santos
    CB – Ashley Williams – Swansea City
    RB – Carl Jenkinson
    RB – Micah Richards – Manchester City

    Wing – Lukas Podolski Abou Diaby
    Wing – Gervinho Aaron Ramsey
    Wing – Ryo Miyaichi (Loan Out) Mikel Arteta
    Wing – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin Tomas Rosicky
    Wing – Remy Cabella – Montellier Andrey Arshaven
    DM – Emmanuel Frimpong Denilson
    DM – Francis Coquelin (Loan Out)
    DM – Nathaniel Chalobah (Loan Out) – Chelsea
    CM – Geoffrey Kondogbia (Loan Out) – Sevilla
    CM – Jack Wilshere
    CM – Stephane Sessegnon – Sunderland
    CM – Alexandre Song – Barcelona
    CM – Cesc Fabrigas – Barcelona
    AM – Santi Cazorla
    AM – Isco – Malaga

    Olivier Giroud Marouane Chamakh
    Theo Walcott Ju-Young Park
    David Villa – Barcelona Nicklas Bendtner
    Stefan Jovetic – Fiorentina Joel Campbell

  27. Matthew Thompson   •  

    Sorry about the previous Posting, this is how it should have come out;

    If Summer signings go to rumours favour, then this is what the side mat look like;

    New Squad
    Vito Mannone
    Wojciech Szczesny
    Asmir Begovic – Stoke City

    LB – Nacho Monreal
    LB – Kieran Gibbs
    CB – Per Mertesacker
    CB – Laurent Koscielny
    CB – Nicolas N’Koulou – Marseille
    CB – Ashley Williams – Swansea City
    RB – Carl Jenkinson
    RB – Micah Richards – Manchester City

    Wing – Lukas Podolski
    Wing – Gervinho
    Wing – Ryo Miyaichi (Loan Out)
    Wing – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin
    Wing – Remy Cabella – Montellier
    DM – Emmanuel Frimpong
    DM – Francis Coquelin (Loan Out)
    DM – Nathaniel Chalobah (Loan Out) – Chelsea
    CM – Geoffrey Kondogbia (Loan Out) – Sevilla
    CM – Jack Wilshere
    CM – Stephane Sessegnon – Sunderland
    CM – Alexandre Song – Barcelona
    CM – Cesc Fabrigas – Barcelona
    AM – Santi Cazorla
    AM – Isco – Malaga

    Olivier Giroud
    Theo Walcott
    David Villa – Barcelona
    Stefan Jovetic – Fiorentina

    Players Out

    Lukasz Fabianski
    Bacary Sagna
    Johan Djourou
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Sebastian Squillaci
    Andre Santos
    Abou Diaby
    Aaron Ramsey
    Mikel Arteta
    Tomas Rosicky
    Andrey Arshaven
    Marouane Chamakh
    Ju-Young Park
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Joel Campbell

  28. Gooner77   •  

    I think we will bring Gnabry (LW) and Bellerin (RB) into the first team squad; keep Sagna for another season for Jenkinson to develop further, then allow Sagna to leave. If Sagna was to go this summer we might go after someone like Micah Richards to provide RB and CB cover.

    I think we should buy a defensive midfielder (Capoue or Gonalons), can’t see us going for another African who will miss 6 weeks every other season.

    We also need at least 1 experienced striker (Higuain or Jovetic).

    Rumours persist of a new keeper: not sure which games Matthew Thompson has been watching but Mannone isn’t good enough and should be moved out asap.

    I’d shift out Gervinho and bring in someone with pace and composure to play on either wing.

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