Transfer Update: Arsene’s Inertia Could Cost Arsenal Dear


I don’t know why this blog is called a Transfer Update.  There are no transfers to update you on, really.  I’m writing it in the immediate aftermath of reading some truly baffling quotes from Arsene Wenger.

I’ve studied Arsene for more than ten years.  In the last few seasons, I’ve watched every one of his press conferences.  I have grown accustomed to his verbal ticks and repetitious rhetoric.  In recent months, amidst all the familiar traits – the wit, the charm, the searing analytical brain – I have seen a new trait creepy ominously in: doubt.

It used to be that when Arsene spoke about transfers in the press, you could write it off as bluff.  Bluff, however, is grounded in logic. Arsene’s recent words are those of a man who can’t quite make up his mind.

This very morning, he said:

“In England you are always under pressure to buy. We are still working in the transfer market but we only want exceptional players … Our squad is quite complete already.”

This comes just over a week after he told the media:

“I will be active, yes. Will I be concrete? I hope so. We are looking everywhere.”

The conviction is gone.  It’s a trend that’s not unfamiliar to those who’ve had to deal with Arsene Wenger in recent months.  Ask any agent who has spoken to him about a potential signing: his reaction is never more than lukewarm, never without caveats.  Despite the fact his Arsenal squad continues to to convince, the man solely responsible for recruitment is not sufficiently convinced by anyone outside it.

Meanwhile, through our gloomy transfer window, we watch good players come and go.  We know Arsene admired Demba Ba, but he decided not to move for him based on a fairly spurious belief that he was too similar to the significantly less predatory Olivier Giroud.  Arsenal scouts have watched Wilfried Zaha for months, but it seems the player will be allowed to join Manchester United uncontested.

The consequence for Arsenal is crippling inactivity.  Arsene sets a bar of “super super quality”, and sets about looking for a player to ease his own apprehensions about entering the market.  Such a player, of course, does not exist.  Arsenal procede to do nothing.  Perhaps, in a final scramble and with need for sheer numbers, they sign a player out of panic who is not good enough.  They then spend the next few transfer windows struggling to offload this player from their wage bill, hampering their financial potential, and so the cycle continues.

If you know who you want, January is not a complicated time to do a deal: Liverpool went and signed up Daniel Sturridge before the window was even open.  The club are not prohibited from looking for potential signings in the months between August and December.  If they haven’t found anyone of the requisite “quality” by now, I have no faith that they will do so in the coming few weeks.

Forgive me if this sounds a little over the top.  I am merely struggling to understand how an unconvincing draw with Swansea has done so much to erase Arsene’s belief that this team needs reinforcement.  Our rivals will doubtless continue to improve around us, so we ought to push on and do the same.  If we don’t, there is a very real risk that we will fail to achieve our basic goal for the season: Champions League qualification.

If our squad is “complete”, then why are Arsenal sixth?

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Lewis West   •  

    Is it bad that I can’t tell the difference between a real Wenger quote and one from @WengerKnowsBest?

  2. The Cabbie   •  

    Ever thought that if he rambles we might believe he is in the market and keep us silent

  3. William   •  

    We have one super signing ,Diaby,coming back from injury. He will take the epl by storm.
    At the end of the season Arsenal drift to mid table due to Wenger’s dithering. Enough of this french magician.

  4. Samuel   •  

    This has always been my problem with wenger,Because gradually i am losing faith in him…His press conferences of late raises doubt and i must say he has LOST it

  5. Norlean s Gunner   •  

    I’m back

  6. Ubong Edet.   •  

    Wenger is shot of ideas. It is time, he is releave of his duty at arsenal. Pls tell him to stop those liars of top top qualities. In short, Mr Wenger is confuse and should go now.

  7. justin fallous   •  

    we have a crazy coach in wenger. He normally wants to fool the arsenal fans by his words. Last two weeks he was saying in every position. today he says he has a very strong squard because the enjured players are back. sack this rabish coach

  8. Efe Oyubu   •  






    • jon   •  

      shutup u clown

      • Jerry   •  

        You are the clown here. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to know the Arsene and Board tactics. My thinking, we loose against Mancity and Wenger goes to the market for panic buy in the level of Schillaci et al.
        I pray we come 10th this season and we all come back to reality

  9. Shubham   •  

    I can sense some upheaval. There will be some serious introspection done at the management level this summer. The way this team has shaped up is not good the 4th spot. To reach 70 points Arsenal will have to win 12 of the remaining 18 games which is very difficult. The games this month will clearly indicate the outcome of the EPL season. Hope heaven smiles on us. We can only pray which we surely will. God bless Arsenal.

  10. Nixon   •  

    Wenger should just retire and let Pep come in bcos he his running out of idea….

  11. immi   •  

    seriously.. i am huge admirer of wenger for what he has done for the club but now even i think he has lost it… how many times do you say the same thing.. “we will buy only exceptional players?” are the players in the current arsenal team exceptional? may be 2 or 3.. but football is a game of 11 men.. i think the club just need to tell the fans clearly if they are looking to add or not.. every transfer window is frustrating now a days..

  12. Highbury Spy   •  

    Wenger lost the plot years ago. He hasn’t a clue anymore and has lost all enthusiasm for improving the team. I could name four players off the top of my head that would be available and improve the team immensely this month: Zaha from Palace, Yanga Mbiwa from Montpelier, Belhanda also from Montpelier and Jonas Olssen from West Brom. I know Chamakh and Djourou never played but at the moment the squad is weaker than on 31st December and he never plays Arshavin either so he may as well not be there. I am my wits end with Wenger. He no longer has the ability or desire to manage a club the size of Arsenal and should be sacked immediately. As for finishing 4th this season…dream on. We are in an inexorable decline and only getting rid of Wenger and starting all over again with a new manager will stop it. Michal Laudrup anyone?

  13. BoB   •  

    Ok guys, I have it in good grounds that we are in contention for Zaha. I work closely with Palace and the talk is that there will be a tussle between us and ManUtd. My gut feeling is we will lose. We normally do. The only battle for players we’ve won against them was Ramsey. Recently we lost Phil Jones to them. But this is an all too familiar trend at arsenal. Losing without putting up a fight. Today’s comments do not come as a surprise. His ability to buy ‘exceptional’ players has long left him. Exceptional players cost exeptional money and he is not prepared to spend that sort of money. The only thing exceptional is the price of our tickets.

    Why is the replay against Swansea a cat B game when the league game earlier in the season was a cat C game?


  14. Fed Up Gooner   •  

    I am probably going to get cursed out for this but I do not want us to make 4th place. I think we’re at a stage where we need to go backwards to go forwards. Maybe no CL next season is just the wake up call Mr Wenger and the board need.

  15. Sammykins   •  

    Time and time again he fails to strengthen, and time and time again we fall short every season. How is doing the same thing over and over again ever going to help us progress as a team, we are going backwards. I hold no hope of anyone arriving. The player returning from injury is “like a new signing” in which case Diaby must have signed up at least 5 or 6 times. As is apparently Theo extending his contract. Wenger’s spin is designed to have us all believing he’s improving the squad while he’s actually sitting there on a warchest doing squat because he can’t face being wrong about the players he’s put faith in. On the face of it quite admirable. But part of success is recognising when your wrong and addressing the problems before they become terminal. Wenger will never win Arsenal another trophy, his philosophy and tactics are shot to pieces, he’s been found out and he has nowhere to hide. He’s blind to the problems and is doing nothing to address them. Change is not easy, and initially we will not see instant success with him gone. I for one though would rather see something different than more of the same. My heads getting sore, and that brick wall shows no sign of giving way.

  16. Gooner   •  

    Simple really.
    If he fails to strenghen at all then we as fans have to make his position unattenable.

    It’s a really bad thing to do and it makes my heart bleed thinking it due to all the great things Wenger has done for us (in the distant past mind) but we have to get out of this rut.

    At this stage I’d have no problems with a mass 60,000 wenger out chant at home games.
    It may have a negative impact on the team but we have to do something.

  17. Bill   •  

    It’s a real shame things have gotten to the point that I’ll be seen as trolling by suggesting that we view developments at Arsenal with some perspective. It baffles me that top Arsenal bloggers and twitterers and fans appear not to want to fully accept what they often acknowledge — that Wenger’s statements about transfers are not intended to give a full and complete picture of his intentions and activities. None of us are really ITK. In fact we have vastly more misinformation and disinformation about what Arsenal is actually doing behind the scenes. We have no idea, until often years later (if ever), why certain transfers happen or while Arsene failed to bring in X or Y player.

    I have no problem with people judging what’s on the pitch, since that ultimately is what matters, and since we *can* judge what we see, but I don’t understand why people feel compelled to opine on and make dramatic judgments about things (like our transfer activities) which they effectively have no good information about.

  18. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    Of course GS, and the rest of you on here all know better than Sir Arsene. It comes from the decades of experience that you have of coaching top level clubs. Oh wait! Football Manager hasn’t been around for decades.

    So who do I trust?

    A French Master that has won titles and trophies or A few Englander peasants on a blog that complain.

    Me and my dad know what it’s like to be amongst the best Arsenal supporters in the world, and when we eventually go to an Arsenal game we will be the best EVER.

    • hunter13   •  

      A French Master that has won titles and trophies or A few Englander peasants on a blog that complain.

      the french master obviously ! lol he has proven it after all.

      what have the little engladers ever proven other than that they are a bunch of useless twats with golden generations claims and wollies with brollies ?

      go lear how t lay the grass properly in your national stadium (wembley) first you comedians and then come tell wenger anything you want about that sphere object you lot whack up and down getting stuck into eachother.


  19. Taylor   •  

    I think this window will determine many fans’ opinions of Arsene Wenger and if he should go or not. I doubt arsene will sign anybody and if he does, it wont be an “exceptional, exceptional” player. I remember when Pat Rice was retiring and everyone was calling him a “yes man” and how that contributed to our decline. But I think the real culprit is Ivan gazidis; he has no ambition and is the boards pet. No one to tell arsene no or he needs to sign someone. No one of the same stature to stand up to arsene. Steve bould might be able to improve the training sessions but can’t stand up to arsene without consequences. I believe Ivan should get fired, move arsene into his job and hire pep guardiola.

    Many say why in the world would guardiola want to come here. I say because it offers an exciting challenge that Chelsea or man united can’t offer. If you remember that is why pep left Barcelona, he had done everything possible at Barcelona and wanted a rest but more importantly something new where he can improve. Arsenal is perfect for that.

    But this will never happen because the board is happy with 4th place every year and pocketing the money of selling stars- so the board would never fire arsene. That’s why we should boycott the games so the board understands we’re not going to pay the highest tickets in Europe to get 4th place. We need to demand something drastic be done or else we are going to continue down this road of decline

  20. The game   •  

    Does not matter if we dont qualify for the cl next season Arsenal attract only el players anyway (one exception being Santi) so ending 6th won’t change anything for the fans only change Will be that gazidis Will have a smaller bonus next year!

  21. Wilfred   •  

    A poll has shown a significant % of fans have lost faith in him.To redeem himself he has to go on a winning run without any major investment.Anything else will backfire on him.

  22. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    you have to uderstand that wenger is misleading people so we can get on with resigning Diaby in private

  23. BoB   •  

    Todays admission that selling RVP to United at his peak would almost certainly guarantee them the title shows how we have dropped in recent times under his reign. Unforgivable.

    Building a 60,000 stadium as nice as it is was supposed to help maintain our position as genuine title contenders. Instead we are now the academy of Europe and a cash cow for the board and shareholders. Disgraceful.


  24. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    Before Sir Arsene came, we were winning so many trophies I lost count. Oh wait a minute it was a trophy every 10 years on average.

    Now you might think that George Graham had a better win per year ratio – but you’d be wrong. Because in the background Sir Arsene was coaching him/advising him what to do all along. So that trophy haul belongs to Sir Arsene. If you remember he even signed Berkgamp before he arrived.

    Without Sir Arsene there is no Arsenal – wake up to that peasants.

  25. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    GS, how dare you criticize Sir Arsene. You should get back to shining his shoes.

    Do you think he has any obligation to go out there and tell you peasants what he’s thinking of doing in the transfer market? Yes, let’s announce to world what ‘my’ next moves are – just to placate the readers of GS’s blog. Afterall ‘I’ really care what they’re thinking :-)

    • hunter13   •  

      yep i agree GS would make a good candidate shinning wenger;s shoes, especially after i read how he was blaming wenger for letting gilberto go…

      lol GS did you see many of gilberto’s games for panathinaikos then? ( his next destination after us?)

      you were mad at awnger for letting a 32 year old with no pace go? gilberto who couldnt even handle pace of a clealry inferior league, you wanted him to be in the epl when our team was playing the game at a very fast speed for him?

      you scouter you…

  26. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    Arsenal have no option but to charge high ticket prices, Arsène Wenger said yesterday, and the manager added that he had little sympathy for visiting fans at the Emirates.

    Arsenal’s match against Manchester City tomorrow costs £62 for the visiting supporters, and City have sent back more than 900 tickets to be re-sold to home fans. Despite all this week’s criticism, Wenger said Arsenal need to charge high prices if they are to compete with those clubs funded by benefactors.

    “Ideally, you want ticket prices to be as low as possible,” Wenger said. “But, on the other hand, the only way we can pay my wages and compete without any external help is with the ticket prices because it is our main income. Therefore we are in this situation where of course the prices are high.”

    Wenger was more sympathetic to the home fans than those travelling to the Emirates: “I am really worried they are high for our supporters. For the visitors, it only happens once per year so that is less a concern.”

    Wenger said that individuals had to choose whether to attend football, as they would with other forms of public entertainment. “If you want to go to a concert tomorrow, you look at the price of a ticket and after if it is too high for you, you say yes or no,” Wenger said. “That is everybody’s individual responsibility.”

    • Elvis   •  

      you’re a cock

      • hunter13   •  

        you forgot to add _sucker at the end


  27. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    the arsenal are scouting for one specific attribute. sometimes it takes two years to gain enough trust for a young player to open up enough to enable a scout to measure a players talent!

    and y’all should known what talent im talkin ’bout!

  28. fu   •  

    some fans are looking for wenger to move upstairs but that would be a disaster. he needs to be a completely removed with no more influence

    • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

      he needs to be locked in a room, strapped to a chair and poked with a cattle prod a few hundred times while someone whispers in his ear about spiwit and mental strengz, and then he should be made to eat a steaming bowl of his own shit.

  29. fcArsenal   •  

    “If our squad is “complete”, then why are Arsenal sixth”

    Because the team is still gelling, Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla are all new.

    THe team has plenty of quality we have had results like 7-5, 7-3. 6-1, 5-2 x2….

    It’s an age old problem of keeping he team together over th years.

    • Joker   •  

      Yes the team are perpetually gelling because of Wenger’s gross mismanagement.

  30. Munitionsman   •  

    Go easy GS cock hunter isn’t wired up for truth where his dad is concerned. It’s obvious wengers time is up when both Gb and ab are saying it. It’s over arsene. Ivan be a good vet and put him out of his misery.

  31. Stevieo   •  

    Cockbreath spouting more shit I see.
    Selling Silva was a mistake. Replacing him with Denilson was an even bigger mistake. He clearly had the pace for our game didn’t he? Anyway, that’s an opinion. Letting Pires go was a mistake. Letting Lehmann go and replacing with Almunia was a mistake. All opinions. The list for the last 8 years is fucking endless!

    The problem you have cockbreath, is that you don’t hold any opinions. Your stance is that Wenger is always right. There are AKB’s on here that defend Wenger, but still have a critical eye for some of his decisions.

    And what makes your stance all the more pathetic, is that you openly criticise Fergie and even go on United blogs to make your points. It’s funny how posters on here are not worthy to hold an opinion that is negative to Wenger, simply because of what Wenger has achieved. So by the same reasoning, how can you possibly be worthy to hold any views against the most successful manager in the history of English football? Do you see now why everyone thinks you’re a cunt.

    You deride Fergie for keeping Scholes and Giggs. I agree with that, and so do United fans. Fergie’s had his dodgy keepers too, and the United fans know it. Yet anyone on here saying Chamack and Gervinho are shit is a cunt?

    Why don’t you try thinking for yourself instead of this suicidal religious faith you have in Wenger. When someone says Gervinho is shit, you will never argue that point. Do you rate him or not? Or does slating a shit player on a blog make you a traitor to Wenger? Your usual answer that the grass in Wembley Stadium was shit and that the English eat bangers and mash doesn’t give much insight?

  32. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    steveio, agree with wenger is a matter of choice. chamakh and gervinho have won league titles in france. they did well at arsenal at first. they are not crap players. they may not be right for arsenal now, but they are not crap.

    they only indispitable facts are.things that can be measured. like my penis. which is faxtually very long!

  33. Shaun   •  

    Been waiting to see the middle setup like this ,should be interesting

  34. CL   •  

    Another great display from Wenger quality team, LOL.
    2-0 downand it could be 5-0, another half to go, even if we lose 10-0 AW will say its down to having 10 men and not the need for new signings.

  35. CL   •  

    Good job Spuds and Everton only drew yesterday as we’d be dropping way off the pace, alothough we are far enough off it already after todays dross, Chavs away next week so another defeat is on the cards followed by Liverpool at home, we wont beat them either so we could end up 10-12 points off top 4 with Spuds away still to come.
    Wenger simply has to buy at least 2 new players. Midfield is lacking badly, Diaby is back which is good news but he’ll need a few games to get back upto speed as he was way off the pace today. Shows how bad we are when you make a sub and Ramsey is your only option. If M’Vila is a bad influence or whatever then go for someone else, like Capoue but a DM is a must.
    Secondly a CF is another must, we look better as a team when Giroud is on helping Theo, Theo cannot play that role on his own. The problem is Giroud is not good enough to play every week for us, he’s far too inconsistent and misses great chances like the header today from 6 yards, unmarked, thats his bread and butter and he misses far too often.

  36. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    Look at you little Englanders, Half the stadium was empty with a few minutes to go. What kind of supporters are you.

    Me and my dad have never been to an Arsenal game – but I can tell you, we will watch every minute of the highlights on Match of the G’day – That’s why we’re the best supporters.

    And while you peasants still have difficulty in laying turf on Wembley, Sir Arsene is shagging Sonja and pouring Cabernet Sauvignon down her breasts and it only costs Arsenal £15 per minute for his wages.

    And Stevio, we don’t think that everything Sir Arsene does is right – for example Merlot is a much better wine to use.

  37. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    once again havr shownngreatental strength and spirit. only 0-2 loss against second best team in comp? formidable!

  38. Stuart   •  

    I think we need to bring in players who are proven in the premier league. A CB like hangeland or samba or even steven taylor would be an improvement (still annoyed we didn sign cahill). The perfect DM for us i think would be tiote, a beast of a player who would protect the defence. We need a winger but i cant think of anyone we could sign, nani would be good but i cant see it happenin, hoilett was a player i thought we should of bought. I dont think we need another CF, we have podolski walcott and giroud who are capable of gettin goals, its just creating them that we’re strugglin with, oh and defending

  39. Adam   •  

    Lost fight for mata, hazard, demba ba, mbiwa, remy, m’villa and many others..

    Most of these players are already proving to be good buys.

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