Swansea 2-2 Arsenal: Podolski shows the value of having quality in reserve

Swansea 2 – 2 Arsenal
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I think arseblog called it right when he said this was a game we could have lost and yet should have won.  For a long time, it looked as if this was going to be one of those games for Arsenal: we had plenty of possession without doing very much with it.  Swansea, however, were typically efficient, and looked a threat every time their passing game developed in to a full-blown attack.

The first half was a tepid, turgid affair.  This Arsenal team seem to have an ‘all or nothing’ approach to fluidity; when they fail to click, it’s like milking a rottweiler: painful for everyone involved and ugly on the eye.  The game only exploded in to life with the introduction of Michu.

The Spaniard came on as a 56th minute substitute.  By the 58th minute, he’d scored.  He looped the ball over Per Mertesacker, sprinted past the off-form German, and held off Laurent Koscielny to score his fifteenth goal of the campaign.  Just as at the Emirates a month or so ago, I was hugely impressed by his movement, strength, and technical ability.  Come the start of next season, he ought to be playing for a Champions League club.

The goal came against the run of play.  Arsenal had begun the second half with considerably more purpose, with the tireless forward momentum of Kieran Gibbs a key feature.  It was a substitute of our own who would help bring just reward: Lukas Podolski.  He himself had been on for less than ten minutes when he turned to volley home after Swansea failed to clear a Theo Walcott corner.

It was a stunning finish: for all the talk about Theo Walcott, the German is the most clinical man in front of goal at the club.  Some supporters seem frustrated by his habit of disappearing in certain games, but I’d suggest that pattern is typical of a forward in a side struggling for fluency.  When we’re off our game, his movement goes unnoticed and he can be very quiet.  When we’re in the groove, however, there is no player I trust more to make the most of opportunities to score or create.  His goal yesterday takes his tally for the season to 10; impressive for a player at the halfway point of his first season in English football.

Having grabbed the equaliser, Arsenal had all the momentum, and there was a touch of Podolski about their second goal too.  Kieran Gibbs played a one-two with Olivier Giroud to meet his clipped pass with a sumptuous volley that had more than a hint of Poldi’s against Montpellier about it.  It was just reward for a storming performance from Gibbs.  Whilst I appreciate he is prone to the occasional defensive lapse, his energy, stamina and positive running from left-back make up for it on balance, and I was delighted for him to get a deserved goal.

Having taken the lead with just seven minutes to play, most teams would expect to hold on for the victory.  N.B. : ‘most teams’.  Arsenal had other ideas, and their static zonal marking came a-cropper again when Danny Graham was left free at the far post to thump in a late equaliser from a corner.  Mikel Arteta will be particularly disappointed with his failure to close the striker down.

All in all, I’m content with the draw.  It meant Arsenal went in to the hat for the fourth round, when for 83 minutes that looked dubious at best.  The impact of Podolski from the bench was a lesson in the value of having quality in reserve.  The problem Arsenal have going forward is that Podolski was only on the bench to save his tired legs.  Ordinarily, they wouldn’t be able to turn to someone of that calibre to bail them out.

You can see where I’m going with this: with loan departures for Marouane Chamakh and Johan Djourou now confirmed, it’s time for Arsenal to take advantage of that space in the squad and bring in some new players.  Arsene repeated his post-match mantra of being on the lookout for “one or two” additions; I hope he’s bluffing and that those targets were identified long ago.  A month is not as long as he seems to think.

Arsenal now face a replay with Swansea on the 16th of January.  The winner of that game will travel to Brighton in the FA Cup fourth round.  Along with the rescheduled game with West Ham, it means Arsenal have a pretty hectic month ahead, and any reinforcements will thus be all the more welcome.

Arsene might be worried about 8 games in four weeks, but for supporters it means a veritable feast of football.  Bring it on.

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  1. pistolpete   •  

    Imagine getting 7 million a year, the highest paid manager in theleague, and don’t have to win anything for 8 years. Would you break a contract. We will never again win anything with wenger in charge simple. He must go at the end of the season.

    • santori   •  

      I’m glad you are not in the team.

      If players thought the way you do, there would not be the sort of come backs we’ve seen.

      If everything is a forgone conclusion, why bother?

      News flash, We are still in the FA cup. As is United who incidentally also drew to poor opposition. It happens.

  2. h4rj   •  

    Why should we get rid of our best ever manager to win things?
    It makes no sense.

    • quantize   •  

      your best ever manager? are you dumb? arsenal won ten premier league titles before arsene came,second best team before the premier league era after liverpool and you think we can’t live without arsene? man you must be a joke!

      • fu   •  

        arsenal would collapse without wenger. all the world class players would leave if he left. we were nothing without the great man. he should be on amillion pounds a week for the money he makes our beloved board. in fact i think we should look into changing the name of arsenal to arsene fc. weve been arsenal long enough so a change to arsene fc is a great idea.

      • hunter13   •  

        arsenal won ten premier league titles before arsene came

        oh thats nice ..so from 1886 till 1996 ..thats 110 years …lol arsenal had won ten mighty super titles from the english domestic league..fuckin phenomenal ..juve madrid and the rest were always afraid of arsenal..ajax too..they were terrified at the prospect of meeting arsenal in european semis and quarter and finals ……1 league title every 11 years in average… compared to wenger;s 1 league title every 5,3 years id say thats an improvement, plus new stadium plus champions league football plus henrys vieiras etc etc …..arsenal’s greatest era = wenger’s reign

        you know it mug :)

        • Son of CockHunter13   •  

          You tell em Dad!

          Even Bradford, Swansea and Southampton were terrified too….you fucking Englander peasants.

          Even the last 8 years have been better than anything you have been used too or deserve. That is why me and my dad are better supporters than you will ever be – even though we have never been to an Arsenal game ever or even own an Arsenal scarf.

          • santori   •  

            bradford, Swansea southampton (not to mention Spurs whom we beat), they don’t play the additional games that is CLeague.;)

  3. Munitionsman   •  

    Ludrup gave wenger a lesson. Giroud off the field. Afc without a leader. Cheecky sub and bang 1-0. Glad you were satisfied with a draw GS. It was the mighty Swansea afterall

    • hunter13   •  

      laudrup gave a lesson with michu scoring on the counter ?


      so what did wenger do when he turned it into 2-1 in the space of minutes with all his players inside swansea’s half ?

      : u dumb fuckin cretin

      keep bashing arsene, its all you peasants know

      great fans you got here GS …keep preaching !

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        Yes great fans GS, Sir Arsene doesn’t win trophy for 8 years and they complain….peasants!

        • hunter13   •  

          8 years ? and? is that a stick to beat the club with you think?

          lol if thats the case then i can beat the club with a bigger stick for all them decades goin on with nothing to show for it…

          :) yep you are a peasant and a disrespectful little englander , you took that from your mother obviously …..

          • santori   •  

            Who cares? Spurs haven’t won one since black and white.;)

          • santori   •  

            Have to say maybe we should buy Michu. At 100% markup off 2m, he is still a bargain.

            At very least he won’t score against us in the return match up.;)

            Wenger’s got a week to sort it.:D

  4. Munitionsman   •  

    Wenger given a lesson by ludrup. At 1-0 down wenger sits on his hands and won’t make sub. Why? Because it is not “sub time” so we faff around until it is “sub time” then poldi scores and its game on.

    Why does a crippled giroud stay on? Why isn’t the ox unleashed or rosicky?

    Wenger out!!

    Where is our second cf at the club? How can a team like awfc only have one cf???

    I don’t count poldi cos wenger doesn’t.

    Vivre Le modele de socialist!!!!

    • Son of CockHunter13   •  

      You silly Englanders, you have no idea….

      Sir Arsene wanted a draw all along, don’t you get it?

      By getting a draw, Sir Arsene has just made another £3m for our club…this is not monopoly money you peasants, this is real ££££’s

      Sir Arsene has the whole Premier League and works the system perfectly. He has the midas touch….ka ching. That is why he gets paid £7.5m compared to you lot who get £5.66 an hour for turning burgers and delivering Pizza’s :-).

      You see after his days work, he goes back to his North London mansion, pours himself a delightful Cabernet Sauvignon, and makes love to whomever he wants.
      When you peasants get back from work, you pull out a warm beer, and jerk off to Anne Robinson. :-)

      • hunter13   •  

        he can go to his miami mansion too if he likes..after all he has done more for this club than you or any other little englander


        • santori   •  

          Hmm… by gettinga draw, we are still in the FA cup. I’ll go have the Cabernet Sauvignon with the gaffer then.:D

          Silly not to.

  5. CL   •  

    We were terrible again today, first half was dire and we never looked like scoring, we played for the last 20 minutes so why not dock wages by 75% for the drab they produced?
    Aaron Ramsey tripped himself up in the box, Wenger is certain it was a pen, it wasn’t and Ramsey needs to be fucked off to the reserves quicktime, the guy is dogshit. That shows how bad we are when to rest Podolski the only option you have is to bring Ramsey in, what a shit team.
    Arteta is knocking on and aswell as getting used too much it’s badly affecting him, he looks like he struggles to run, only ever passes backwards after hogging the ball for too long and getting himself in trouble, the man is a shadow of the old player but again the same problem, who comes in to replace him from the squad, Ramsey or Coq, no quality again but its every position. Hopefully Diaby comes back and stays fit.
    Sagna looks really shit lately, i wonder if he wants to go or if he knows hes off in the summer?
    So much for Theo showing he’s the man for the middle, one good game against Newcastle when he should of scored 6 and another 2 games of bollocks again since. He’s due 1 more good game before the season finishes. Need a striker badly, David Villa would be great, that Lopez is no great shakes, need better than him. If Wenger doesn’t make signings and i mean top signings we wont catch Spuds and can wave goodbye to top 4 as this side is not good enough and we haven’t even had any injuries really this year. David Villa, Yann M’Vila atleast.

    • santori   •  

      Walcott is useful up top for certain limited situations when teams are more open.

      His best contribution for us would be from wide (where he has in any case scored the bulk of his goals)

      Podolksi (if you take away the media’s obvious English bias) to me has a more legitimate case for being deployed as an alternate to Giroud.

      That said, coming in from both flanks in the current 4-3-3, we can have both Poldy or Walcott in and around Giroud when the ball is played through from their respective opposite flanks.

      That said, we do need another striker. To me pred, someone who has pace from outside the box but also some guile from in and around. Some one like Higuain (who’s contract is close to finish) may be ideal if we are prepared to spend above the 15m threshold for once (IMO we can afford to go to low 20m) but his personal terms likely will make it difficult.

      Otherwise maybe Leandro Damiao who doesn’t compromise height and aerial strength.

      The list is short and I would think timing would be key particularly with regard what the deep pocket clubs do. They must be out of the way with their requirements as we cannot to go into a bidding war.

  6. CL   •  

    Also did anyone else think Kyle Bartley looked the best defender on the pitch today? Certainly didn’t look out of place and if you had to pick a CB to buy you’d have picked him on todays showing yet we sold him for £1m in the summer, plus he can play RB, CB, CM. Shows what Wenger knows abut good defenders.

    • J   •  

      So you are going to judge him on the one good game he has had?

    • Alex   •  

      Wenger said postmatch that he went out on loan to Rangers and came back looking for 1st team opportunities ‘impatiently’ (paraphrasing), so essentially forced a transfer. The real problem you have with Wenger is that he didn’t tell Bart to shut up and take another loan, because he’s too nice a guy, and legitimately cares about his players careers (maybe too much)

      • santori   •  

        I was a bit perplexed by us selling Bartley too.

        My guess is Wenger rates Miquel higher in the long term.

  7. fcArsenal   •  

    “Arsene might be worried about 8 games in four weeks, but for supporters it means a veritable feast of football. Bring it on.

    You mean 7 and this could be 6 if we lose the replay.

    Man city, Swansea, Chelsea, west ham, bighorn, Liverpool, stoke.

    • santori   •  

      We don’t half make things easy for ourselves but then again we always perform the unexpected.

      Wenger’s dallied with Walcott’s contract far too long. To me, it should be sorted or we move on and bring in the reinforcements we need quickly.

      Otherwise, we will be paying for his placation.

  8. Munitionsman   •  

    By the end of this period we will be out of the CL. Would have dropped 4 points and could be out of the cup although I think we will beat Swansea at home.

    That was our full strength team out there and we have virtually no injuries ( I don’t count diaby) and we are still shit. This isn’t a blip or a bad patch. This is the new normal and the culmination of all wengers efforts.

    I agree Bartley looked good, meanwhile jd goes out on loan cos he can’t be sold.

    We have to play giroud because both chamahk and bentner are out on loan who are on over a 100k a week between them while rvp is banging them in for fun.

    And wenger says our socialist model makes us vulnerable?? It’s not our model it’s his. He and his model are killing the club by a thousand knives.

    Wenger out now

    There’s the door you morally defunct French fuck 👉

    • hunter13   •  

      It’s not our model it’s his

      lol… well mate someone who is in a higher position in arsenal’s hierarchy AGREED TO what this wenga fella proposed you know…

      so why dont you go lynch the muppet who agreed with the french socialist’s ideas ?

      too pussy for that huh ? …. :)

    • santori   •  

      As good as Swansea were, we had it in us to kill them off. Again, a poor bit of concentration in the last 5 minutes.

      Earning your own keep and still making it into the elite CL over recent years despite massive spending by a number of clubs is not easy. Just ask the other 17 clubs in the PL who don’t.

      When you consider Wenger was on a budget that was below Chelsea’s (pre-Abramovich), this is a remarkable achievement in where he has taken us. But that might be likely beyond your mental capacity going by your limited lexicon.

      • santori   •  


  9. Munitionsman   •  

    Its got to the point where you dont even care who we sign anymore. It actually doesnt matter. You know it wont be anyone good enough, and there wont be enough of them, and even if they were wenger doesnt have the managerial know how to get them to win.

    Score a goal, thats the cue to concede one. Opposition score a goal? Thats the trigger to start actually trying to score…. the culture is now so fundumentally broken that no amount or quality of player can fix it. It has to be a new manager. We have the budget and infrastructure to win again. We just dont have the wage structure of astute enough manager.

    wenger out

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      mm, you are very bitter about the arsenal, aren’t you? please refrain from your anger, remember that you are down under and that frown can also be turned upside down. that is why aussies are the greatest of all the free folk, and englanders are somewhat akin to the swarthy folk of the harad, who gave themselves to the dark lord sauron in ages past and who are now enslaved by the power of the one ring and by elephants.

    • hunter13   •  

      We have the budget and infrastructure to win again.

      and who built that for arsenal ? who planned it ? who made it work ?

      i ask because in your message above you castigate the person whose ideas brought this infrstructure to arsenal….

      oh i know..it was george graham and ian wright…they did it all with merson handling the backscenes …


      • Son of True Cunt   •  

        Make up your mind fuck face…

        Either Wenger made infrastructure or the board did…..which is it? – you change it from post to post.

        Oh wait! If its positive then Wenger was responsible, if it’s negative it’s the board fault.

        You really are a silly little cunt with no idea.

        • hunter13   •  

          why dont you come and give daddy a hug ?


          my lost son … :)

          make? …lol cant you read your own fucking language you peasant little englander?….i said “whose ideas brought”

          come to papa ;)

  10. jerry   •  

    I pray Arsenal comes 10th this season. No good player want to come to Arsenal, they prefer to sign for Totenham.
    Nothing good can come out of the team as long as ASS En Wenger is there.

    • santori   •  

      Top players want CL football.

      Spurs have rarely been there and even if so, they’ve never repeated it in consecutive seasons in recent living memory (unless you go back to black and white of course)

      This is why Wenger is correct in saying that 3rd is a trophy.

  11. Gorzi1   •  

    I’m very much against getting wenger out, but feel that his ideologies are outdated or have so far been unsuccessful. For many a year we have been promised a team of youngsters that will come good – but how many actually make it through and are in the team now that we’re here a few years back?
    Things need to be freshened up – but to do so will require almost a full clear out. Some of these players just aren’t good enough. How p**sed would you be if you had been sold by arsene and never given a chance yet Ramsey continues to get games?!
    As many fans would want, I feel we need competition between the sticks (Chesney is always prone to a slip up), a beastly CB, a DM general, rapid wide man (to let theo upfront) and 20+ goals frontman. Get rid of bendtner, Rambo, squid, djourou, Denilson, santos … This list is getting out if hand!! But do you see my point?!

  12. K9ine   •  

    Not sure about all d negativity. Its ok to be angry but pls quit d insults. U will soon get ur wish and wenger will leave within 2yrs. In d interim support ur team or leave. Life like football is in cycles. All this team needs is a fast and hard tackling dm and we will get 4th. Add a skilful forward and we get 3rd. Do neither and we play europa

      • santori   •  

        U have an issue with da spelling?


  13. shaun   •  

    how can you say your very much against getting rid of wenger and then suggest getting rid of the whole team he has built and quite clearly believes in , for me wenger is the problem at arsenal or atleast 99.9% of the problem , his theories are all well and good in a perfect world but even my 12 year old son knows we do not live in a perfect world , however if you are being paid 7mill a year and are under no presssure to actually win anything but to actually just force your footballing beliefs on 2 or 3 million people then wenger is quite clearly the man for the job , but if you require a manger to be ruthless, change with the times and do what is currently needed to win then wenger is the last man you would consider .Wenger is far to used to comming second and exceptinG FAILURE but as we know he is expert as dressing failure up to look like something positive

    • hunter13   •  

      his theories are all well and good in a perfect world but even my 12 year old son knows we do not live in a perfect world

      ah allright so youre teaching your son to become a thugg and a corrupt person since being decent honest and fair doesnt get you anywhere in this “perfect world” …or does it?


  14. Proass   •  

    Yes Arsenal didnt get a win but that was a fair perfomence if you are not an extremist like some of the drunkards who comments here.get rid of Arsene and play Championship football sooner than later

  15. Shaun   •  

    I have been defending Wenger for a long time now unfortunately i have succumbed to the conclusion that he needs to change or we need to change him. The Tactics are just wrong please watch the dvd invincible s you will see 4 4 2 with wide players interchanging rotating movement but the most important thing is this was all done at a very high tempo. Each goal is a repeat of the last DO YOU REMEMBER when commentators would say ” It looks like the opposition have a corner against the gunners they wont like having a corner as Arsenal almost always score on the break POWER PACE PRECISION – I AM SO BORED of watching at the mo its just so slow & predictable my 4 year old son points to the next player prior to them passing the ball
    Come on Arsenal put the passion back in

    • hunter13   •  

      442 alright but with what players?

      massive players, world class winners and perhaps 5 or 6 of them the best i their positions respectively world wide.

      we are talking about vieiras bergkamps pires henrys cambells ..footballers who belong in the hall of fame..

      how many players of that callibre have you seen in arsenal ever since the stadium move ?

      so how come you expect the same football, character and results ?

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        It’s not Sir Arsene’s fault that those great players were replaced with Djourou, Squillaci, Gervinho, Chamakh…..It was Pat Rice’s fault, he was the one who signed them and then tried to pin it on Sir Arsene.

    • santori   •  

      That was a bygone era.

      We played 4-1-3-2 against Swans as an experiment and partially to placate Walcott.

      It compressed us and exposed our fullbacks.

      The present 4-3-3 affords an extra striker (Poldy or Walcott) in and around the box when the attack comes in from either opposite flank.

      Midfield needs desperate rotation. Jack is only recently returned from long term injury. Both Santi and Arteta are overplayed.

      We need one more solid midfielder, preferably someone with physical attributes of height and strength like Capoue at Toulouse who can also provide drive going forward.

      If Diaby comes back, he will be a bonus but we need to cover Arteta.

  16. Halim   •  

    Hi guys,
    Seriously, under Arsene, we have a clueless team. They do not know why they win nor are they too sure why they lost. Expect more of the same as long as AW is in charge. AFC are not bold enough to revolutionise the club including changing manager and i feel we are just too happy with the way things are going. 14 seasos of Champion League qualification means nothing if we are just there to make up the numbers and then are sent home when the knockout phase starts. Its getting too preditctable now. Please wake up from the deep slumber!

    • hunter13   •  

      14 seasos of Champion League qualification means nothing

      14 seasons x 30m per season = 420million

      yep thats nothing.

      dont know about you but id suspect that the first priority of any company in any industry is to make money….. what do you think?

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        And that’s all down to Sir Arsene, he personally bought the land from his own pocket and personally drove the first bulldozer in.

        And Voila! we have a new stadium.

        • hunter13   •  

          it was his success that provided the platform for it. 100%


          • santori   •  

            Apart from Chelsea and City (who have spent piles of cash) and United, who-else in the PL are regular features in Europe who can consistently challenge top 4?

            Certainly not Spurs unless you think of the occasional Thursday nights.

  17. Ish   •  

    My question is “who can be wenger’s replacement?”

    • hunter13   •  

      the plethora of english managers in the media

      :) they know what it takes

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        Haha dad, they want Sam Allardyce or Roberto Martinez or Maybe Martin O’Neil….. :-)

        Or maybe even Harry Redknapp :-)

        If I was 10,000 miles closer I’d be going to every game, buying scarves, buying match day programs and holding my own In Arsene we trust banner. Me and my dad are the real supporters.

    • santori   •  

      Tell you what, Laudrup has fashioned an excellent team with meagre means. He seems to share Wenger’s ethos perhaps with better tactical nous.

  18. James   •  

    Wow! Dis is really embarasing. I ave been defending AW 4 ova a long time nw trying 2 hide d truth n blivingdat things wil change under AW. For change 2 take place, we need 2 change(arsene wenger needs 2 go). Let us face d truth. Arsene NO, Trophy YES

  19. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    A letter to David Villa, from Sir Arsene….


    I hope this letter finds you well.

    I am writing to offer you the chance to sign for Arsenal.

    As my club has come under a lot of criticism recently for things such as not winning trophies, and continuing to employ Sebastien Squillaci, I thought I would write to you personally to defend Arsenal against these accusations. I write to explain to you why we are in fact the most principled and virtuous footballing entity in existence and why you would be a capitalist fool to not want to join us.

    Firstly, the trophies thing. People criticise us for not bringing home silverware, but these idiots do not realise that football is an aesthetic pursuit as well as a competitive one. After all, how many Turner Prizes did Rembrandt win? None, David. How many Oscars has Scarlett Johansson won? Zero. Both have brought so much beauty to the world, and received no awards for their selfless efforts. Rembrandt, Johansson, Wenger.

    So, when I see Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere playing endless one-twos in the opposition box, I am almost as happy as when I lifted that first sweet, sweet Premier League trophy in 1998. Almost. Anyway, what is the point of winning a trophy when you do it with Martin Keown in defence? He wouldn’t know the Beautiful Game if it crept up behind him, screaming, arms raised. Surely you feel the same about Carles Puyol? I’m sure you do. Now, instead of Keown, we have Laurent Koscielny, who keeps his hair much neater and whose disgust at shirt pulling, fouling, and indeed marking altogether, brings Keown to shame. Ugly Keown. Beautiful Laurent.

    Football should be a beautiful sport, David. At Arsenal you will learn this first-hand. You see, you may think Barcelona have mastered the passing game, but I’m sorry to tell you, you have been cheating. You are actually not allowed to have Busquets in midfield – he is much too tall, and he also likes to tackle. In fact, he reminds me of Patrick Vieira, and I got rid of him for those very reasons. Now we have Aaron Ramsey, who is nice and short, with no tackling, and of course far better looking. No cheating at Arsenal.


    Sir Alex lines up Reina swoop

    Benat in for Lampard at Chelsea

    Chelsea plot Isco raid
    You see? Players like Keown and Vieira have been replaced by Koscielny and Ramsey. (OH DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!?) And all in pursuit of beauty. I’m sure you will appreciate this prerogative – you shouldn’t need me to tell you that you would fit in excellently here, with your meticulously-shaped hair and superbly-trimmed goatee.

    Also, being the chivalrous folk that we are, Arsenal also have a socialist pay structure, which means that you are likely to earn a similar wage to all your peers. This is morality in action, David. No matter how well you play, Squillaci, Gervinho and Andre Santos will take home similar pay-cheques to you. And if that’s not the very definition of fair, then what is?

    So, are you a beautiful, collectivist man like me, or are you an ugly, profit-seeking mercenary? I think we both know the answer.

    My very best,

    Sir Arsene

    • santori   •  

      Letter to Wenger from Villa.

      Hola Arsene,

      I am very well and about to enjoy my retirement here in sunny Spain at Barca’s expenses.

      Don’t worry, I won’t be going to the Spurs. They never seem to play in Europe. and I don’t play for a bunch of male chickens.

      Your amigo bueno,

      David Villa.

  20. Tony Bond   •  

    Whoever told that guy WEBB he was a referee,he’s as useless as tits on a bull.If he had reffed a game of ours back in the 40’s and it was like that we would have buried him in the bomb damage.Every time I’ve seen him officiate at an Arsenal game the game has always gone against them,about time he was investigated by the FA

  21. Goran   •  

    Arsene Wenger has never been a good tachtician and is the wrong man to lead the game. He has other qualities but, apart from streghtning the team, we need a very good game leader.

    On the pitch I think we far more are in need of a general (a real captain) on the field, preferably a holding player and ball winner, than a striker. We have not had such a general since Adams and Viera.

    Even if we still would have had van Persie we wouldn’t be much better of because of the team’s inconsistent performances, something we have seen too much of in later years.

    If I were Wenger I would go for broke to catch Baines and Fellaini plus a real good holding mid-fielder.

    • santori   •  

      I agree.

      He isn’t a mug by any means with tactis but the game is more challenging now in England. There are better managers with new idea (some Wenger’s) and if you look at even the lowest teams, there are far more foreign players which have eroded the technical advantage Wenger wants enjoyed.

      he is therefore being shown up to some extent for his limits tactically.

      Principally, :

      1) He never changes things around quickly enough
      2) He persists with certain tactics (Ramsey out wide) when we have perfect alternates (Rosicky, Santi push wide)

      Wenger enojyed the fruits of the French market when they were experiencing a golden generation and when market knowledge was considerably more scant in England (with teams fixated on their homegrown players)

      Without that coupled with a rise in spending power by a number of teams, these advantages that once guise is tactical deficiencies are now amplified.

      I’m not sure Bould is the right man for the job as second. In some sense, Wenger has yet to find his Carlos Quieroz. In other, he may never likely as he is not as much a realist as Sir Alex.

  22. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    success is not the true measure of a man. a ruler and a pair of cold gloves is.

    • santori   •  

      Cold gloves. You mean the keeper was so rubbish he never touched the ball other than picking it out of the net?

      That’s not success sir.

      • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

        i was talking about cold rubber gloves, as in doctor’s office, as in the true measure of a man is a medical examination, as in the only true quantifiable measure of a man is the length of a man between the legs.

        Maybe I should start sayin’ “I’m talkin’ DOWNTOWN” again when I refer to penises?

  23. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    one question is whether a mans penis counts as ball handling. because a mans penis can be a third appendage with which to strike he ball

    • santori   •  


      your head should not count as a hand.


  24. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    hunter has great mental strength

  25. Munitionsman   •  

    Cock hunter I hope your not suggesting that this squad is somehow inferior to the squad that contained the names you mentioned? Because your leader said that last years squad was the best he ever had…. And we have added super super super class players since then ( because that’s the only kind we look for)

    So based on your leaders statements this squad can easily play 4-4-2 and beat all comers. In fact his strategies are so well developed he can field a team without a gk for a couple of years.

    Does your glorious leader allow you to join him and Sonja in Paris when they have their morality workshops?

    • Mother of true cunt   •  

      Munitionsman …you must be a spurs dolls if you don’t no that wanger has to lie to the peasants to keep them comming to the emirates …what else can he do ….you talk about sonja ,wenger and cockhunter ….well you obviuosly did not see CSI last night as is the same shit going on with dese mofo’s ….Cock ,weng and sonj, two guys one woman and yet you find semen in cockhunters mouth , dats da kinda peps ya dealing wid

    • Munitionsman   •  

      no reply from the cock hunter I see… logic can be a brutal school master to those who are not familiar with its power

  26. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    j am considering changing my support to swansea. anyone want to join me?

      • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

        I have a large penis, you can pretend to be my friends when I ingratiate myself to the swansea supporter group with my witty remarks about my penis and australians and why vieira is such a good player with his large penis and big feet.

        • santori   •  

          He is hunting for cock as his name may suggest.;)

          • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

            the son is not the father

  27. BoB   •  

    Told you first hand about the Theo signing. That is it for this window folks. You can speculate all you want. Ba, Villa, M’villa, ‘Messi’, name them all, we won’t be seeing any new players coming to the emirates. Wenger OUT!

    • santori   •  

      It is disconcerting that Wenger is IMO over pandering to Walcott’s contract. I get he’s scoring and we want to keep him if possible but to me this is poor management and the issue is in concert with Song’s contract.

      In all honesty, I would have kept Song (given him the 80K pay) and sold walcott last summmer. Moved on with someone with a bit more guile and technical skills such as Konoplyanka who can play across midfield.

  28. fu   •  

    well hunter have you given any more thought to my proposal to rename the club arsene fc.

  29. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    theo is like a new signing. as is diaby!

  30. Munitionsman   •  

    Theo can now reevrt to being

    A) Average
    B) Injured

    Good player but under Wenger will dissappear once the motivation of a new contract is gone.

    Wenger out

  31. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    You guys need to believe in Arsenal’s greatest ever manager. Even JW and Mert have said that in the next couple of season we will be winning trophies.

    In Arsene we trust :-)

    • hunter13   •  

      if we dont show belief and trust to our greatest ever manager …who shall we show it to then?

      like many spud trolls in arsenal sites, you dont make much sense, 52 years of getting owned by the red and white can drive you mental after all, but its nice tearing you apart and making you focus on your daddy issues

      sonny :)

  32. BoB   •  

    So you’ve never been to a game before. Ha! Waste of time paying any attention to you. Goodbye

  33. Halim   •  

    3 years ago i was convinced that Arsenal would win nothing for the next 5 years as long as AW was in charge. Well, 3 years had passed and i am still as convinced as ever we will still win nothing with him around. Forget about signing world class players. AW has lost the winning edge and mentality!

  34. Halim   •  

    If we really really must buy, get Everton’s Fellani. He will definitely make the difference and will be the lynchpin and fulcrum between our attack and defence.

    • santori   •  

      Plenty of options in France at the moment with equal height and strength.

      At Toulouse, Capoue or Sissoko both 6’2.

      MVila at Rennes at 6′ is slightly shorter.

      Also if we want to pay a bit more, Gonalons 6’2.

      Fellaini is too on the radar and will be very pricey.

  35. santori   •  


    1) Podolski. He has a sharp shooting technique which may benefit from the occasional deployment in the middle. He isn’t afraid to pull the trigger quickly.

    2)Michu. What price us signing him if we don’t find anything better? Swans got an absolute bargain and at 2m, even at 100% mark up, he may well be worth it. Seems to me more mobile than Giroud and very intelligent movement.

    3) Our shape was wrong. We started with a 4-1-3-2 with walcott hovering around Giroud which compressed us and afforded Swansea too much room out wide. when we pushed Walcott out wide second half, we got better, combined with the introduction of Podlski over Ramsey.

    4) Why Wenger has to wait (again) that long to make changes to our general shape is beyond me. More so the continued baffling policy of playing Ramsey out wide. He has shown signs of improvement but to me, he is still better through the middle. This especially when you consider discounting Arsharvin (being gift wrap for a non existent sale), we have Rosicky available who can provide more verve and dynamism. Ramsey out wide did not help in providing Gibbs sufficient cover at the back where he was shown a torrid time by Dyer and Teindelli.

    5) Not that it made much diff when Pdolski came on. we simply have not rectified the issue of covering the spare wide player at the far post. We could have easily been caught out by Tiendelli at the end and the Graham goal was again indicative of this problem unsolved (albeit Arteta could have stepped up quicker)

    6) Arteta looks leggy. If we need to get an alternate for him that is other than Mr Reliable Diaby, it is now. Lego hair played well but looks a step off pace for both of their goals.

    7) Swansea. They play very attractive footy. Laudrup has meshed together a fine team for price. Dare I say he shares similar ethos to Wenger (perhaps even with a more acute tactical nous). A near distant replacement?

    8) Finally Our possession statistics. 246 passes first half with 46% possession. 260 passes second half with 60%. The difference in passes is minute considering but the possession difference is night and day.

    This would suggest the tinkering with shape did not work to our benefit and that we are in danger of pandering to Walcott’s contractual situation at length and at the team’s expense.

    Honestly he should sign within the week otherwise Wenger should really get a move on and bring someone-else in because it is also impacting our current recruitment process (if any) this January.

    This particular in the striker which we quite obviously still need.If Walcott goes, then also a wide player (but one with craft and guile/technique), and of course the aforementioned additional defensive pivot.

    • santori   •  

      BTW GS,

      YOu should consider more stringent administration on your comments section.

      Quite obvious that apart from a lack of grey cells, Munitionsman, Cockhunter,Sir Wegs, motheroftruecunt are not here for anything other than spouting nonsense. They’re not very good at it either.

  36. True Gunner :D   •  

    Amusing deriding Arsenal for 2-2 but hey Chelski loose 0-2 to them at home…

    I would love to see Michu in this team he has intelligent movement and calm good finishing skills.

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      But I think they will only sell him to manure / chelski / shitty for 30m or some ridiculous figure.

  37. Munitionsman   •  

    I think fellaini would be an awesome signing. A perfect replacement for what Diaby should have been, who was supposed to be the replacent for PV4. Also he cd release arteta for a rest and could also allow arteta to relieve santi for a rest. Diaby takes a vital place in the squad. Its time to give that spot to felliani and for 22 is a snip

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      If Wenger was looking for a box-to-box lad, he’d have signed M’Vila for 8m. Or not sold Song.

      I believe Wenger is holding out against the possibility that either Le Coq or Frimmers will turn out good. In just another 5 years, we’ll be premier league winners for sure!

  38. Halim   •  

    To be fair to Arteta, he wasnt supposed to be a DM, he is not a hard tackler nor is he fast. I dont think he played DM at Everton. We have to get Fellani, that could be the marquee signing for us. He will give us the midfield stability and aggression. GO FOR IT!

  39. Munitionsman   •  

    GS is as active on his blog as AW is in transfer market. GS are you so desperate you have gone to a small French industrial town to find an African for wenger?

  40. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i believe that wenger is still large and in charge of the arsneal dressing room. he has pruned the squad of all the big “personalities” and he himself is the largest of all the “personalities” in the dressing room. Even Mertesacker, a 7 foot lad with big feet and big hands, does not have the length and breadth of “personality” that the tall and lanky Wenger has.

    it makes you wonder how long Wenger’s “personality” really is. especially since he felt sufficiently threatened by the “personalities” of Vieira, Henry, van Persie and the Schlong to have them removed from the Arsenal dressing room. perhaps there were even structural considerations involved. concrete, though a very compressable material, does exhibit compression fatigue after a few years.

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