Something Must Be Done. Nothing Will Be.


For a long time now, Arsenal’s fan base has been horribly split. In the bars and pubs surrounding the Emirates, there were some whose pint glass was perennially half full. And then there were another, angrier sort, served up exactly the same stuff week on week, who regarded their glass as half empty, and could really have done with a refill. After Tuesday night’s defeat to Bradford City, I think we’re all agreed that we’re in desperate need of a drink.

In the last few weeks my perspective on the club, team, and manager has shifted considerably, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. Recent events have felt significant. After a few wobbly weeks, we reached our nadir at Valley Parade. To lose to a side 64 league places below you is humiliating for everyone associated with the club.

It’s worrying that off the top of my head I can think of several other humiliations in the last few years. It’s a string of traumatic memories that begins with a calamitous Carling Cup Final defeat to Birmingham, encompasses an 8-2 hammering at Old Trafford, and takes in a lifeless 4-0 thumping in the San Siro. In his blog yesterday arseblogger called this current Arsenal side ‘punch drunk’. There’s an argument that ever since Obafemi Martins delivered that knockout blow in February 2011, they’ve been reeling and staggering, occasionally throwing Spurs a decent hook but essentially vulnerable, and heading for the canvas.

Bradford seems to have tipped the scales. I think the fans sensed the opportunity of a trophy. They knew that winning a cup could buy the club credibility, and the manager time. A quarter-final against a League Two team seemed an easy passage. We were three games from Wembley, and four from a modicum of glory. And we let it slip.

Everyone seems to be moving on to the same page now. If there’s one positive to come out of this, it’s that it’s healing some of the rifts between groups of Arsenal fans. What worries me, however, is that the supporters are united in unrest. The atmosphere at the Emirates will become more delicate than ever.

We all seem to be agreed: something must be done. Very few Arsenal fans are happy with where we are right now. There is a yearning for change. Whatever we’re doing right now does not feel satisfactory. It does not feel good. It does not feel healthy.

But here’s the problem. I’m loath to say it out loud, because I feel like it renders all comment and speculation on the subject slightly pointless, but here goes: I don’t think anything will change. Not really. Not for a while.

I love Arsene Wenger. He’s been a great man – let alone manager – for Arsenal. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about the fact that the team seems to be going irreparably stale under his supervision. However, I can assure you now, even if we lose to Reading on Monday by six, seven or eight goals: the manager isn’t going anywhere. Not anytime soon. He has never broken a contract in his life, and he has a deal until 2014. The board have neither the will nor the footballing expertise to go about replacing him, and he himself will not want to leave Arsenal on a low point. He will keep pursuing redemption.

The key figures on the board aren’t going to change either. A few unsavoury chants won’t make Ivan Gazidis think about chucking in his exorbitant salary.

The only hope, the only plausible option, is that there is a change of the club’s transfer policy. You’d think that’d make sense, seeing as the policy over the last few years seems to have consisted of selling off the major talent without adequately replacing them, effectively overseeing a gradual decline in the quality of the squad and our chances of challenging for any major trophies. There is money sitting in the bank, and a forthcoming chance to go and spend it – a transfer window of opportunity. Arsenal could make a statement, and buy players of the kind of calibre to ensure that even if we do lose someone like Theo Walcott, the playing side is protected by a depth and wealth of quality talent.

I don’t see it happening. Both board and manager are wedded to our existing philosophy. They’re knotted together, each guilty of leading us in this purgatorial fourth-place pursuit.

I’d love to be proved wrong about that, just as I’d love to be proved wrong about my growing suspicion that the decline of Arsene’s Arsenal is terminal. I’ve waited for so long to see him lift a trophy again, and now I don’t believe I ever will. I want so badly for this club to top up my drink, and make it seem half-full again rather than half-empty. I want something to change, and I’m scared it won’t. Stagnation, it’s worth remembering, leads to rot.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Julio Montes   •  

    I’m a Gooner till I die, I’m sad about the season. I know this will be another season without silverware. If we handle new contracts better, we could have a quality squad as Real Madrid. Poor choices poor results.

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  2. Munitionsman   •  

    Nice post GS and sums up the sensible majority of posters on here and LG for the last couple of years. Keep it up. Your position as one of the big pro wenger bloggers (EX?) is important.

    • Adelaide Gooner   •  

      It’s turning into a very sad situation. Arsene has been wonderful for this club and his legacy will be there forever, however, he is tarnishing his legacy by the day. It is being reported that Pep would only coach 1 team in England. Perhaps we need to look at that option?

      • hunter13   •  

        he? is tarnishing his legacy? dont think so…more like a bunch of troll journalists and muppet fans getting on his back in their inability to understand that arsenal CAN NOT afford todays winning characters and pay them 150-200k per week so that trophies come easier.

        • Son of CockHunter13   •  

          Yes my dad is right…

          Sir Arsene is enhancing his legacy.

          Do you think £400,000,000 stadiums grow on trees? Do you think it is easy winning the 4th place trophy every season whilst having to pay stadium debt. I have it on good authority that on some Saturday mornings, Sir Arsene goes to the stadium and personally cuts the grass himself. Sir Arsene is the master tactician; who else could have managed to con 60,000 people every year out of £1,400 whilst giving himself the highest salary in British football.

          They should put additional busts of him all round the ground, so we may rejoice in his greatness.

          • hunter13   •  

            who else could have managed to con 60,000 people every year out of £1,400

            LOL….didnt realise arsene held a gun to your head demanding you pay for a ticket….

            silly boy….


        • fu   •  

          well said hunter. as long as we can afford to make arsene the highest paid manager around then we should be happy. who cares about trophies. we have money in the bank collecting interest for mr kroneke

          • hunter13   •  

            does he not deserve it?

            the manager who holds his club next to the biggest spenders of the world without spending what they spend?

            the manager who took you from highbury and put you in state of the art emirates?

            the manager who took you to your first champions league final?

            the manager whose standards and success you take for granted?

            buddy, if you or i had a company and one of our employees produced what wenger produces we would pay him not only 7m per year but 20m+ and we’d also throw our wives at him to do whatever he wants…

            i think you fail to realise that out of the clubs which arent bankrolled by sugar daddies, arsenal enjoys the healthiest position, thus if these corrupt cunts and their corrupt money werent allowed to pollute the game or the epl, arsenal would be light years ahead of everyone and this would be based on their own efforts and their manager;s planning and not some cunt like abramovic or usmanov who have probably killed and blackmailed and been engaged in genocides to make their money so that they laundry it in the epl ever since blair opened up the epl market for foreign investors.

            but then again again, most arsenal fans i come across are totally clueless and very disrespectful to the people who have DONE massive things for our club….

          • Son of CockHunter13   •  

            Great Answer Dad….

            While all the directors are throwing their wives at Sir Arsene – he’s been throwing his one out the door.

        • gogocfh   •  

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  3. William   •  

    Arsenal’s fical policy is to be greatly admired. However the leading clubs mired in debt aint paying attntion to ffp. I bet Platini won’t dare to take action against the likes of MU/MC/Barcelona,etc. These are established brands.
    In the meantime Arsenal are waiting for 2014. By the time this happens, the gulf between the gunners and the top clubs will be too great. Then the the gunners will be perenially playing catch up
    The defeat by Bradford ias a wake up call. According to the press,which could be true, the players are sick of pretty soccer. I believe this is the principal reason for the decline. Fans won’t be sick of winning all the time or most of the time. Wenger has to decide.

    • gogojaj   •
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    • GilbertoSilver   •     Author

      I’d take this story with a pinch of salt if I were you.

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    • hunter13   •  

      the sun? credible? bould more of a legend to arsenal than wenger? rrrright….

      you start off talking about the defence when the defence aint the problem but scoring goals is, what with having third best defence in the league too, mug… :)

      then you talk about a gifted team being shit without placing any blame on the players for letting down themselves, their manager, their coaches, their fans etc…

      you are dumb….and you should also head back to school as the “your” in your last sentence should read “you’re” :)

      carry on…;)

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        Dad, my teacher says that your spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation are all E minus.

        1) Try using capital letters to start a sentence.

        2) Try using a capital letter when referring to a name.

        3) “aint” should be “isn’t”

        4) Poor grammar: “placing any blame on the players for letting down themselves” should be “…letting themselves down”

        So dad, when you call someone dumb; you should try not to look dumber and thicker than the person you’re insulting.
        Anyway, the Social Security doors have just opened….better get in before the big queue.

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  4. Petey   •  

    I think the real shift has been the sale of Van Persie to UTD this has been to much to take

    • Eman Kwame   •  

      I think if Theo goes for the sake of a few pennies a week it will be the final straw for many

  5. Dan   •  

    What good player in the right mind,would want to join this sinking ship?

  6. SFD   •  

    Great blog, which pretty much sums up how I feel. This season has been coming for a few years now and it’s happening because we haven’t got a star player or two to win us games anymore. The replacements have been for the most part mediocre and I don’t need to list them all for people to know who they are.

    Another major issue is our one dimensional style of play that can be completely shut down for large parts of games. It’s been a problem for a long time and now we lack the creativity to make it as effective as it used to be.

    Going into the season with Giroud as our only striker ahead of midfield that is totally lacking in terms of creativity has been a huge error on the part of the manager and needs to be sorted out next month. Thierry Henry is not the answer.

    I’ve been quite positive over the years, but I can’t see us making the huge improvements required for at least another 18 months. There’s just too many over paid players in the squad that we will struggle to sell, or even pretty much give away and with Arsene being overly loyal to these types along with the injury prone players I doubt that we will see us performing at an acceptable level until he’s replaced as manager.

  7. Mark   •  

    I used to be sure that Liverpool had the most pretentious and childish fans in the the league, endlessly complaining about everything under the sun while undermining the club in the process. Unfortunately now I realize that mantle has been passed to Arsenal and the abject stupidity that pours forth from our so-called fans. Just because you buy a ticket doesn’t give you the right to have any input into the club. If you don’t like the direction of the club, then stop going and stop posting on blogs. No matter how much you think it is, its not your club and I can assure that you won’t be missed.

    • Son of CockHunter13   •  

      My dad says that you should suck his cock…you fucking big mouth armchair cunt.

    • Breezy   •  

      It is my club, and if you don’t give a damn about the current state of affairs or its direction then you are not fan.

      • hunter13   •  

        we all give a damn just some of us dont feel the need to castigate the manager who changed the club for the better like ten yearolds.

    • hunter13   •  

      finally someone who talks sense. well said mark. too many moaning faggots….

    • fu   •  

      too true mark. its not our club, its arsenes and dont forget that. Go support a big club if its trophies you want.

  8. jaymin   •  

    Is that Mr. Hill-Wood posting on Gunnerblog under the pseudonym “Mark”?! Glad you are healing well, sir!

  9. Kola Abu   •  

    I dont think both Wenger and board will change. And I can now agree that Vanpersie was wright that people in affairs of Arsenal lack ambition. They wont change, but I pray there is misunderstand between Wenger and board.

    • Adelaide Gooner   •  

      I can’t see Arsene allowing someone else into his world. He obviously calling all the shots to the detriment of the players & coaches. I don’t know why Steve B took the role as he must have realised that he would have very little say.

  10. Charlie G   •  

    I feel the club have to look at the problems holistically. It with its resources has to formulate an overall strategy, inclusive of transfers, wage policy,youth, coaching etc etc. The past few seasons it appears to the outside public, which may well be not the case, that the club have been managed on an adhoc basis, fighting fire to fire. The ongoing sagas of transfers is a case in point. Clear stategies and policies have to be done not just on the commercial and financial fronts, equally important is on the field. Then this persistent questions of players contracts, now with the Walcott saga, and transfers will deminished.

  11. Anon 1   •  

    The team that challenged in 07-08 took a few years to create and was swiftly dismantled, the fantastic 2010-2011 side took a few years to create and has been dismantled again. Arsene is trying to build another team, he has proven in the not too distant past that he can do it, lets give him some time.

    • Son of CockHunter13   •  

      My dad says we should follow Newcastle’s lead….They give Pardew an 8 year contract and as such Sir Arsene deserves 25 year contract. At 88 he will still be the best manager you Englanders have ever seen. :-)

  12. nick   •  

    I think the players are just as much to blame as wenger.

    All this wenger bashing is quite frankly sickening..we have a team of internationals and a midfield as good as any in the prem

    Its the players that should hang their heads in shame not wenger

    • hunter13   •  

      but you see that doesnt go down well with their agenda of hating wenger for the boards inability to keep the best players at the club.

      the club could sell wilshere and the fans will blame wenger again…

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        Yes, If Wilshere and Sagna want to go – they can fuck off…once again my dad is totally right. Sir Arsene will, like a magician keep pulling these great players out of a hat.

        He makes these players and sells them for big profits, so he can pay his own wages and pay for stadium in recession and pay handsome dividends to shareholders :-)

        That’s what i’m talking about…

        In Arsene we trust :-)

        • hunter13   •  

          it aint wenger’s fault the board sells them, is it son?


  13. Nick   •  

    We are nearing the point where we will no longer be able to attract top players even if we offer them the same money as the big 5.

    • Son of CockHunter13   •  

      It doesn’t matter, Sir Arsene has internal solutions….He makes players like Fabregas and RVP.

    • hunter's imaginary friend   •  

      He is nothing but a spurs troll.

      What is all this emphasis that Arsenal fans have with winning football matches? Does no one listen to my best buddy that we have a new stadium? Our priority is to fill that stadium on matchdays by charging the customers as much as we can, to enable our employees to be paid their market value.

      All this nonsense that customers will only pay top dollar to see a top dollar team is clearly a myth. How the business operates successfully is promising the customers that the future is going to be bright. And a successful marketing campaign based on ffp and stadium debt will always work with Wenger worshippers.

      There is no need to strengthen the squad!

  14. Paul   •  

    I know it makes it worse, but we were two games from Wembley, three from modicum of glory.

  15. Pingback: All about Arsene | Daily Football Talk

  16. Looking on the bright side   •  

    It’s all very well moaning about the League Cup but the reality is that Abou Diaby will soon be fit and when he is he will be like a new signing. Then watch us challenge for major honours like the Champions League and the Premier League. We might even have half a chance in the Emirates Cup if Spurs take part next year.

  17. RVB   •  

    Forget the drink, I’m taking up Coke.

  18. Munitionsman   •  

    8 hrs, 1 min ago
    I’d take this story with a pinch of salt if I were you.

    Yeah I hear you and AB is basically canning it as you know but we have been choosing to ignore anything negative and diss missing it for years. If everything was a rising as GB and AB purport we would almost certainly have won something or at the very least shown more consistency. The results are the same since Bould replaced pat, ergo wenger is the common factor behind our repeated failure.

    • hunter13   •  

      nah more like the media playing with your minds since youre all sheep and “bite” in arsenal crisis stories. seems people like you would rather listen to the editorial orders of english media to push wenger out at all costs…..



      16 yrs between pos1-4, 16 years playing european football, 3 epl titles 4 fa cups 26.12.00, chmpions league final, and the best stadioum in europe and world wide respect and recognition.

      best period in our history = wenger;s reign fact.

      now go play with your legos…. :)

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        You should all listen to my dad…

        You are too media focused…

        FACT: Every year 4th Place trophy :-)

        FACT: Every year playing in best stadium in world
        FACT: Every year Sexy football

        FACT: Every year big waiting list for season tickets

        FACT: Arsene knows best :-)

        Now go and play FIFA 13 while the real manager continues to make our club great. ;-)

        • hunter13   •  

          can you dispute any of that ?

          hehe matter your disguise…it is you who aint got arguements sonny.

          remember that when you troll arsenal sites


  19. Munitionsman   •  

    Rising = rosey damn the dead Steve jobs

  20. Munitionsman   •  

    Mail poll results. 68% say sack him!! Sack him I say and pass the pitch fork!!!

    • hunter13   •  

      are you serious?> lol youre using the mail and the sun ( the bibles of little englanders) to strengthen your anti-wenger agenda? ahahah two newspapers who are best used as toilet paper you use them to attack wenger?

      mate, the people working for them papers are like gossip housewives competing with hello magazines…and you use them for football analysis?

      ahahahha :)

      • Son of CockHunter13   •  

        hahaha… you are right again

        These silly Englanders don’t know anything.

        Just because we are other side of the world they think we don’t know football. :-)

        • hunter13   •  

          what other side of the world you at then ?


  21. Nelson Vivas   •  

    Good blog. Sums up the majority of fans feelings. This club will continue to decline under the current management set up. An Arsenal managers job is to win trophies. Simple. Its not the managers job to deal with the financial side of things. Mr Wenger needs to spend money in Jan. The club need to get Walcott signed up asap. Only that wi allow Mr Wenger

  22. Nelson Vivas   •  

    Only that will allow Mr Wenger a modicum more of fan affection. Otherwise fans will turn against him next year and the club will be in a very precarious position come Aug 2013.

  23. Bona   •  

    I have an idea. Lets say there are around 2 mill arsenal fans on the earth. Why don`t we join forces and pay 10 pounds each and we sign Wilshere to united. That way jack dosen`t have to waste his talent on AW and the board. That would be some statement from the fans to the current board when we sign our players and give them to our rivals so that they don`t rotten in our own team.

    Seriously people lets at least pay of chamach, Squill, Ramsey, Podolski (who i think did far less than Gerv against Bradford and that takes some doing) Gerv, Santos, Frimpong etc.

    • hunter13   •  

      I quite look forward to some Arsenal fans getting what they want be it some one to come along and spunk outrageous amounts of money the don’t have then spiralling into a world of debt or getting a new manager who isn’t as good as Wenger and them sinking into a world of mid-table mediocrity or relegation battles and decades without a trophy, they might then have something legitimately to whine about…..

    • hunter13   •  

      The fans dont help either, most Arsenal fans i meet are some of the most clueless “supporters” in the world.

  24. CL   •  

    Ivan Gazidis has said that Wenger will have money to spend in January, reportedly £40m-£70m depending who you here it from, but the fact is the funds are there for Wenger to spend. All he’s got to do is spend it on the right quality of players.
    We need a striker for definate, Giroud doesn’t cut it at the moment so needs help.
    Song has not been replaced and we dont have a real ball winner in midfield, Arteta has done a job but is not the destroyer that we need.
    Reports of a new GK keep getting mentioned but i cant see it, Reina from Liverpool, but Szscesny is doing well IMO, just needs the defence to be better coached and more oragnised infront of him.
    If Walcott does leave he’ll need replacing because the dreaded Gervinho cannot carry on at the club. He’s a joke and needs shipping out with plenty of others. If ManU want Theo then try and get Nani in a swap deal and a give them a few million aswell.
    Huntelaar £6m / Llorente £7m
    M’Vila £10m (hasn’t been playing much this season and has fallen out with club, £10m would easily be enough and he’s been a target for a long time)
    Nani for Walcott or Wilfried Zaha
    Will Hughes from Derby £5m

  25. Gerard   •  

    It’s really sad because pretty much every day I read ‘Huntelaar/Reina/Zaha agrees terms with Arsenal’ and none of them (with the exception of Huntelaar) seem like top grade to me. We need better reinforcements.

    We are 7th in the league and still on the Champions League, so hearing comparisons to Liverpool’c decline is absurd. For now, anyway. We can still save this.
    So what do you say we show the lads some support instead of calling them names, make other teams have three Adam’s apples when they play at the Emirates and show players like Gervinho and Chamakh that, as long as they wear the red and white (and blue, wtf), they have our support as long as they do their part? Who knows, maybe we’ll even stop playing like blind dogs on roller skates :)

    • hunter's imaginary friend   •  

      Well said Gerard

      If we start supporting the Chamack’s and Gervinho’s, they will undoubtedly turn in to footballers.

      Instead of pointing out on a blog that they are hopeless, let’s give these guys a continued free ride to pick up their £70k/week with fuck all in return!

      • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

        I thoroughly disagree with this comment. I think giving them a free pass will encourage them to try less and play worse.

        Instead, I propose a 24-hour booing regime. We boo them at breakfast, boo them at lunch, boo them at dinner and boo them when they’re out on tiles. Let’s boo them so much that they’ll be encouraged to play better!

        • Gerard   •  

          What? Having someone next to you calling you a failure 24/7 will not make you improve. The lesson on players like Torres is that confidence plays a good part in a player getting in-form. Like it or not, this are the players we will have for the remainder of the campaign, with hopefully a couple new faces in January. Do I disagree with the current greedy, Scrooge-McDuck policy? Yes. But I’ll die before I start booing my own team. It’s Arsenal FC- the greatest team the world has ever seen, or so I’ve heard.

  26. Munitionsman   •  

    Hunter of phallus, wenger is not holding us next to the clubs you quote. Those days passed unnoticed while you were fluffing your master. Now he holds us next to Norwich and Swansea and co. Except they actually beat us as well. Maybe he holds us next to Bradford…. O wait.

    No I think he just holds your ears close to his zipper. So close you can smell Sonja’s perfume.

  27. Munitionsman   •  

    And for those suggesting cock hunter is Australian please spare the poor convicts. He isn’t one of us.

  28. Munitionsman   •  

    GS your comment about a split fan base is a bit ott. Look at this blog. Are we not all of one mind? With the exception of one stalker of the head purple??

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      He’s also mentioned that in the aftermath of the horrendous Bradford game we fans have united….

  29. KHAESAR   •  


  30. hunter13   •  

    “Every man and his dog is sticking the knife in! old players old managers the next door neighbours dog, the postman, the vicar, the bank manager, and my missus …Jesus!! and him as well!! If all these morons feel so strongley about Arsenal then start a consortium and borrow the money from the banks or wherever and buy the club! and try to run it the way you jerks want ..and see how you go! The owners can do what they want ..Hello people! they purchased the club and have put it in a very strong financial position and only 2 points off forth place. People fail to realise that the owners at Arsenal are real business minded and that making a profit comes before winning a cup .Other clubs invest huge amounts of money to win mediocre cups losing huge amounts in the process just for the glory and prestige Arsenal do it the other way round and are very very successful at it ..but the downside is starting to emerge that the board dont care if they win anything at all as long as Arsen puts them in a money making position either on selling a player or getting to the CL …

    You gotta admire their plan, its worked for years, what would you do if you were the owners …I BET THE SAME!!! thats what a business is there for TO MAKE A PROFIT. So get used to it because they are not going to change a winning formula …Just like Roman at Chelski he sacks managers like going to the toilet but it has given him success over time ..just look at his record when he first came in. Same mentality different formula. SO STOP BITCHING YOU MORONS and get behind the Club or find another club.”

    hehe well said cistec ! so true …

    • fu   •  

      you have way too much spare time dude

    • Stevieo   •  

      Are the voices in your head still telling you all this?

  31. RealisticGunner   •  



    is wenger paying you so many eyes open fans support ARSENAL not ARSENE – and that is only growing stronger

    hunter…mark… your type is getting smaller and smaller – although YOU might think you got arsenals best interest at heart and think YOU’RE the “true” arsenal fan – your actually making things worst by following wengers backside

    so glad the realistic fans are starting to become the majority!!

    • hunter13   •  

      look my friend..arsenal are doing their thing..whoever doesnt like it doesnt have to pay. as simple as that.

      i dont care if you dont like it, this club was never big, never rich and was never expected to come out every year to go for the title. go check the clubs history. you will find far bigger periods than 7 years where the club hasnt won anything…so why the big fuss?

      just admit you “realistic wankers” took wengers success for granted and were spoilt by it rather than disrespecting and abusing the manager who has done so many things for this club.

  32. Mark   •  

    The unfortunate reality is that most fans have very little idea what they are talking about. This, of course, is why they pay for tickets and share their ideas in anonymity on blogs, rather than actually being employed in some capacity running a club.

    Realistic, I have no doubt that you think you’re an expert (and a very realistic one) based on watching a bit of football and following the news on Arsenal. You’ll have to excuse me if I think that your opinion is worthless.

  33. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i have a large penis. in times of trouble, i like to return to that.

  34. Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

    Troubling times calls for certainty and firmness. Nothing is as certain as the largeness of my member, and the firmness of its turgid dimensions.

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      In Weg’s Penis We Trust

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      Weg’s Penis Knows

  35. Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

    The Americans at offer theories why our team is shite, based on data, and argue passionately with logic and respect for one another.

    The English at offer theories as to why Hunter13 is a cunt, and argue with insults and petty name-calling.

    Let’s elevate the mood here, guys! You don’t want to be more ignoramussy that those damnable Yanks, do you?

    • Stevieo   •  

      Disagree wegs. Some of the theories as to why hunter is a cunt have been put forward in a balanced, coherent and logical manner.

      Nothing left to debate on that point. It’s pretty much unanimous on here.

      • hunter13   •  

        theories is all you got … :)

  36. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    hunter, thats like saying chelsea has only won two leagues in 50 years, so they should be used to not challenig for the league. or forest fans being angry for not challenging for league and euro honors. histoircla performance should not be indicator for present expectations.

    • hunter13   •  

      absolutely…with one title every decade in average in 125 years of existence…no that aint big…and with wenger winning three in one he;got credit for another two :)

      if you consider chelsea a big club good for you mate… i dont. corinthians ;)

      chelsea only exists because of a russian laundring money in the epl…

      and present expectations should take into account where the club has come from , what it has set out to do, its main priorities and objectives as a company and the areas it has chosen to invest.

      in difficult times like this i suggest you hold on tight to your penis and prey ;) you have lots of experience i read….

  37. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    stevieo, the yanks use stats to support their arguments. i have yet to see the stat that validates the asseirton that hunter is a cock hunter.

    • Stevieo   •  

      Wegs. You have moved the goalposts. It has been proved without a shadow of doubt that hunter is a cunt. But now you want proof that he likes cock?

      The fact that he sucks wanadoo’s cock on a regular basis seems pretty conclusive. The fact that he hasn’t been drawn towards your penis may be disappointing for you, but maybe he doesn’t go for small cocks?

      I’ll leave you and wanadoo to sort this one out. Good luck with this one.

  38. shaun   •  

    hoping to see a much improved arsenal tonight with know ramsey and no gervinio as a center forward we should get the points , well we live in hope and I am hoping I will not be cussing later

    • shaun   •  

      As most people will have noticed …a much more arsenal like performance slick passing game at speed and Walcott played much better in that position than on the wing. My problem is that the opposition was reading and to be honest I don’t think I have seen a team defend worse than what I have seen from reading with arsenal maybe being the exception. That said why is it a man who is paid 7mill a season can’t not see what has to be obvious to almost everyone and fix the problems without costing us silly amounts of points .I mean just let bould take hold of that defence and sort it out they clearly need more coaching and drills As they still do not know what each other is doing and that can be fixed on the training ground, with extra training sessions or whatever it takes and before some cunt start mentioning you have to spend millions …… it is simple coaching that is required the soft goals have to stop and they can be if the manager starts being professional and starts drilling the team…..pure lazy stubborn coaching and nowhere near worth what he is being paid…..again the final third needs to be stretched for arsenal to have any chance of playing the style of football wenger wants to play …this is not rocket science it is pure football common sense ….you have one player who plays on the wing is lighting quick and can finish , who has been a striker and wants to play there , then you have another player who is quick but not as , has no good movement as a striker , is a pure winger and can’t finish and that is wenger’s choice over Theo which is complete and utter madness and it showed last night Theo stretched the reading back line and opened up the channels for pod ,santi and jack to play the same thing happens when diaby plays as he immediately draws two players to him creating the space we need and this is why there is so much anger directed at wenger as his selection and tactical ability are shockingly poor with the players he has at his disposal …sorry there is no excuse for losing 2-0 to Swansea at home with no frigging effort from the team and additional handicaps from the manager and losing to Bradford with that group of players at your disposal is a sack able offense simple .we are suffering because wenger is not doing his job nothing to do with the board or anyone else and why people refuse to see this is anyone guess …the players are letting him down my ass …they are probably just as shocked as we are with some of his mad selections ….what the hell does he keep using Ramsey on the right side of attack for …that is just plain dumb .Tell gazeds to get rid of the surplus players and earn his ridicules bonus .I hear people say arsenal are an incredibly well run club and think to myself …no there not the negligence on display is shocking and they are completely unprofessional .what a croc of sh!t Theo in the last year of his contract just like the previous five other star players contracts have been left …completely unacceptable .in short wenger needs to start earning that 7 mill a year by being professional and not just turning up at the training ground and overseeing a five a side game of touch football and professing it is the game I love .The pressure is on because the people at arsenal seem too lazy to get the easy stuff right and most of that is down to wenger and no one else .That team can easy make the top 4 if truth be told when that lazy git starts to manage properly AND STOP WITH HIS STUBORN SH!T it’s like a spoilt child is managing arsenal …just an opinion of course lol………………… much better attack wise from the boys

      • hunter13   •  

        ahahaa bless you son, i puked laughter through my nostrils with that wall of shit you just typed

        epic fail from first word to last.

        must try harder


        this in particular had me in stitches i must admit..

        ” .I hear people say arsenal are an incredibly well run club and think to myself …no there not the negligence on display is shocking and they are completely unprofessional”

        so the people who took arsenal from the unknown gutters of little england and made the club the 5th richest in the world with iso status of quality certification in operational activities is unprofessional and negligent?

        puahah…. take a bow son..only you can offer us such momments !!!


        • hunter13   •  

          “and think to myself”

          thats great son…keep doing that … just dont go round telling your thoughts in the open…could expose you for a know-nothing jerk..even if its only the anonymous internet…..

          :) ahahaha….gilberto silver..where do you find them mate ?

        • shaun   •  

          Well of course drunken cunt you should take a bow lol…………….lol as it is thick uneducated people such as yourself who keep wenger and his bull in place. I mean why should he sort out contracts before the last year when he knows full well arsenal will be held to ransom by the player in question …but I suppose you see this as tactical genius ….right? Honestly the drunks these days .
          drunken cunt I am aware the majority of arsenal fans are being ripped off and that has been happening for some time but that is just my opinion and worthless as you say so I invite you to explain some footballing matters as you quite obviously have wenger cock …whoops sorry wenger ear , so maybe you can explain why gervinio is being preferred as a central striker having never played there by his own admission to other more experienced strikers who have played there and seem to be effective and while you’re at it maybe you can tell us why wenger is persisting with Ramsey on the right side attacking birth .Drunken cunt there is no need for obscenities just a simple explanation from your point of view would greatly excepted

          • hunter13   •  

            so if i get this right ..a player holding the club to ransom asking for more is ok with you ? is wenger the one who failled to pay van persie what he asked for/ wanted or nasri ?

            what the hell do contract negotiations (an area where wenger is not 100% in charge since its others who pay the wages) got to do with tactical genius

            youre way of your head mate… :) like that night with your drunken father when he thought the village;s goat was your mom


            insults you want? no problem ..after all you dont know much about football… :)

          • shaun   •  

            drunk again I see, you should really lay off the booze or moonshine but then I guess you can’t read anyway .what on earth are you talking about now you could of atleast answered the question but instead your babbling on about “I think it is ok for players to hold arsenal football club to ransom ” come on dude surelly you can do better than that . I am dissapointed with you son just like your mother .what was her name again ….ahhh yes that its mother of true cunt …poor bitch was not to know getting fucked in the ass while drunk would have spawned such evil as you and true cunt .Then you go and compound things witgh a son lol……………….lol a lot to be said for birth control and in yourcase an enema but hey lets get back to your bollocks .1 euro final in 16 years is piss poor mate and your lording that like it is some major achievment

        • shaun   •  

          Drunken cunt your exaggeration is like your thought process …completely ridicules
          Unknown gutters of little England …..and you think my comments are embarrassing lol……………………lol so let me get this right….ha ha before wenger came to arsenal the football club were not known and were toiling in the little English gutter

          • hunter13   •  

            oh well lets see

            madrid 9 milan 7 liverpool 5 bayern barca and ajax 4 united 3 forrest 2 dortmund 1 porto 2 juventus 2 benfica 2 inter 3 feyenord hamburg steaua bucurest celtic marseille vila…no no arsenal yet….this useless french chap however has taken arsenal to is first ever final in ecc/cl..i wonder why all the previous managers couldnt do it since they had unlimited funds, star players and no stadiums to repay back then in them glory days .. :)

            and stop getting annoyed when i laugh at yours and others little england mentalities :) … accept it and move on..its in your culture. :)

            go read the mail and the sun now…

  39. khaesar   •  

    however good or bad the game is the hands of a team coach. Wenger could not compete with the modern football and it affects a few bad games this year, which resulted in empty title. however arsenal is not a small team which is sad as the other team is always striving to avoid relegation, the arsenal is a great team that has a name in the world, with huge assets, many fans around the world, and the arsenal also did little to pay transfer in recent years. much more competitive squad arsenal Wenger unfortunately only poor in giving tactics, also less able to increase mentality of players, and also did not want to risk buying a sloppy player, but players like that are typical of the mentality of steel players. Wenger obtaining and maintaining the ability of good players but often injured, it’s very harmful. despite it all arsenal boards are also guilty of not understanding the ball, and how could not love arsenal,and let arsenal with such deplorable conditions. thanks for his memory was invincible and all of Wenger, but I have to say .. Wenger’s time away from the arsenal. do or do nothing .. in order to achieve success we have to go through the misery. so enough misery and we have to recruit a new coach next season, and hopefully not pep, because it will make the game very boring. somehow also a football team without a title is not football ..

  40. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    stevieo, that is slander. i suggest you fly over to australia and check out my appendage befoew you make much poor comments about my appendage

  41. Son of CockHunter13   •  

    You see! You see!

    Fuck you all, you Wenger bashers.

    My dad was right we spanked that Reading good and proper. We were slick – we gave them a good hiding. With performances like that every week, we’ll soon be top.

    More miracles from a miracle manager.

    And for those of you that don’t like it – Put your money where your mouth is, buy the club, then you could do what you want. But of course you silly Englanders spend all your money on Beer, Pie and mash :-)

    Arsenal was nothing before Sir Arsene arrived, he gave us a world class stadium (where he personally cuts the grass), World class players which he sells for big profits, and sexy football that smashes Reading and very unlucky not to beat mighty Bradford. :-)

    All you Englander Knowledge comes from The Sun. You know nothing about Football. If you did, you would all be bowing down before Sir Arsene and taking it in turns to rim him like me and Big Cock :-)

  42. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    One Ton Gun

    Something I’ve been callded before!

  43. hunter13   •  

    And for those of you that don’t like it – Put your money where your mouth is, buy the club, then you could do what you want. But of course you silly Englanders spend all your money on Beer, Pie and mash

    or if youre a tottenham fan you keep the money to make 52 dvd’s to watch while drinking your cheap beer in argos sofas for every week of the year you see


    now go break your piggy-bank and bring us falcao, and since youll be in madrid why not bring casillas with you too ?


  44.   •  

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