Arsenal 0 – 2 Swansea: Arsene’s Swan-song?

Arsenal 0 – 2 Swansea (Michu 88, 90)
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Arsenal fans are often berated by the media for their supposed impatience.  The truth is that at any club other than Arsenal, the pressure on Arsene Wenger would be approaching unbearable.

From 15 league games – almost half a season – we have won only five.  We’ve lost four; as many as 17th place Sunderland.  We’re 15 points behind the league leaders Manchester United.  Distressingly, we’re now as close to United as we are to rock-bottom QPR.  We’re just one league place ahead of Liverpool; a club whose mid-table mediocrity we are in serious danger of emulating.

Before the game I talked about us entering a series of very winnable matches.  We’ve kicked that sequence off with a resounding defeat.  Arsenal are falling well below the standards that even the most measured and reasonable of fans expects.

I don’t want to take anything away from Swansea, who were fantastic yesterday.  They played the sort of football Arsenal aspire to play themselves: intelligent, consistent pressing coupled with incisive, intricate passing.  They are quick, direct, and relatively ruthless.  I was seriously impressed.  Don’t let the late timing of Michu’s goals fool you in to thinking this was any sort of sucker-punch.  Arsenal’s best player on the day was probably Wojciech Szczesny, who kept the Swans at bay by saving brilliantly from three one-on-one opportunities.

On the day, they were the better side.  I accept that much.  But on paper, even the most vehement of Swansea fans would accept that they’re an inferior team.  Try to build a composite side out of the two squads, and in all probability only Michu would survive from the Swans.  Possibly marauding right-back Angel Rangel.  It’s hard to contest the fact that Arsenal’s XI, however flawed, is comfortably superior to that of the Welsh side.  I’m not for a second suggestig our team is perfect – if I never saw Gervinho in an Arsenal shirt again I’d be delighted – but we’re packed with internationals and multi-million pound players.  They, on the other hand, are a relatively rag-tag bunch of Championship graduates and bargain Spaniards.

You wouldn’t have known it yesterday.  Nor is it suggested by the league table: Swansea’s win moved them above us, where they now sit in a group that includes Stoke City, West Ham, and West Brom.  It does not make for pleasant reading.

And yet, to continue my point, we have a stronger team than all of those sides.  We have a stronger team too than Aston Villa, Sunderland, Norwich and Fulham, but it didn’t help us beat them.  Arsene talks with conviction about how we’ve come through some of our toughest fixtures already this season, yet our achilles heel remains picking up sides against teams we should be able to beat.  Our problems are not ‘on paper’ – one look at the balance book confirms that.  They’re on grass.

The only possible conclusion is that the team are not performing to their potential.  And then the only possible question is ‘Why?’.  Assuming the problem is not personnel, it has to be one of two things: tactics and motivation.  Both, I’m afraid, directly implicate the manager: Arsene Wenger.

The question of tactics is an interesting one.  It’s long been said that Arsene is no tactical chess-player.  He just makes sure he has the most powerful pieces in play, and secures victory that way.  Sadly in Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie, he’s lost his Rook, Bishop and Queen.  The power-players are gone, and Arsenal’s collective unit seems to require a greater degree of organisation to make up for the lost ability.

Motivation, however, is an even bigger concern.  Yesterday, watching a pedestrian Arsenal stroll to defeat, I couldn’t help but feel that this is a side that isn’t playing for their manager anymore.  You’ve seen it other clubs: group of players who clearly have ability, hiding on the pitch and glumly accepting defeat.  At these ‘other clubs’, it’s what gets managers sacked.  That won’t happen at Arsenal, and I suspect the players know it, which reduces the stakes even further.  Even if they lose, things will still stay as they are.  We’re locked in stasis, and it’s going stale fast.

Although the team aren’t playing up to standard, I won’t pretend there aren’t issues with the quality of the squad.  The lack of depth and options means that our best players are being over-used, and subsequently fading fast.

Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta were unusual signings for Arsene Wenger.  Both in their late twenties upon arrival, they were educated elsewhere and hired in to add experience and quality to a youthful squad.  There are some members of his squad of whom Arsene Wenger is hugely protective – these are typically youthful academy types like Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.  Cazorla and Arteta do not tend to fall in to this category.  Both have the potential to be Rolls Royce players; at the moment Arsene is using them like second-hand bangers that he doesn’t mind getting scratched and bumped.  With Arteta in particular it feels like he’s concluded, “this guy is old, his knee is screwed anyway – I may aswell run him in to the ground”.  Rarely have I seen a player so desperately in need of a rest denied it.

Olivier Giroud was given a sixty minute reprieve after starting on the bench – presumably he had moved beyond Arsene’s precarious “red zone” in to something approaching a purpley-black.  However, that meant that the trio of Theo Walcott, Gervinho and Lukas Podolski was asked to fill the gap, with the latter two rotating in the central berth.  None of them convinced, and despite the desire of the entire trio to play more centrally, I’d have no hesitation in saying that Podolski and Walcott are best suited to the wings, and Gervinho to the reserves.  I don’t want to go overboard about Giroud’s ability – I still think he’s a significant step down on Arsenal centre-forwards of the past, but at the moment his presence is absolutely crucial to the team, because we simply don’t have an adequate alternative.  Resting Giroud is not in itself a crime; failing to have a single player capable of deputising for the Frenchman, however, is.

With every dropped point, pressure increases on Arsene to amend the situation in January – and not just with the stingy solution of a 34-year old striker on loan for six weeks from the MLS.  I’m sure he will endeavour to add a couple of players to the squad.  The difficult truth is that the lack of quality is probably the easiest problem to solve.  We’re fast approaching the point when any signing, whether it’s Henry, Falcao or anyone you may care to mention may prove to be just a sticking plaster.

Arsene Wenger has never lost faith in his players.  The signs are there, however, that they may be beginning to lose faith in him.

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  1. lol   •  

    Hi Arsene, nice 2 michu!

  2. Jordan Gooner   •  

    I completely agree with your comments. Wenger has let most of our best players leave over the past five years. Now he looks a shadow of himself, very sad! The players look completely demotivated and uninterested, no leadership. We are now very predictable, no rel tactics. Even Bould looks like he is frustrated and not allowed any input on the team. The Board seem to have no idea what to do, and are completely detached from the team. The American owner seems to have no desire to get involved or invest in the club. Difficult days ahead.

    • hunter13   •  

      wow….wenger has let most of our best players leave? you sure about that? cause i remember him telling the board ” we cant sell our best and convince people that we are ambitious” …….remember that? maybe it was another wenger who said that….. :)

      the board never had an idea what to do with arsenal, thats why they slaughter virgins every night thanking the gods that wenger arrived at their clubs doorstep.

      the american owner has invested in the football club with the smartest manager who is perhaps the only one from the big clubs who makes money for the club.

  3. J   •  

    What a mess!

    Will we ever know how much Wenger or the board are responssible for the current position.

    I am not a Wenger apologist but it must be hard to stay motivated when your best players f off every year and is cleary filtering down to the squad

  4. Wombledin   •  

    Arsene has lost his forwards in the dressing room. How would you feel if you were Podolski seeing the Forehead get the nod for centre forward ahead of you, and how would you feel if you were Theo Walcott right now, who wants to play centre forward. Gervinho is a decent wide player at best, but Wenger keeps playing him a centre-forward…is Wenger nuts? Podolski looks like a man who is regretting his decision to come to Arsenal, while Theo and Arsene have clearly fallen out. And we are seeing the fruits of Wenger’s absolutely unbelievable mistake of never replacing Alex Song. We’ll be lucky to qualify for the Europa League.

    • Sniff   •  

      Some very interesting points. I don’t this Podolski’s apparent disinterest is justified but I think you’re onto something…The bloke scored 20 goals for a relegated team last year but he is below Gervinho in the striker pecking order. Doesn’t seem right….

  5. Strangelet   •  

    Song was slow and lacked work rate but who’s replaced him? we are playing 3 attack minded midfielders! this team is so under invested in that it hurts to be an arsenal fan. Rooney does not look the fittest player in the world yet he can cover the whole field defend score create and still look fresh but our players look shattered all the time! Something is very wrong. over trained? no training? they dont look like they have played together before! I didn’t renew my membership the 2011 2012 season. The only way to stop this rot is to abandon home matches!

    • Bona   •  

      That is so true. Why are arsenal players always tired? Messi and Ronaldo are playing EVERY game, maybe other players enjoy their game we don`t.

      • hunter13   •  

        well, about a year ago a physio from the spanish national team came out saying things like ” if i open my mouth spain might lose it titles ” ….something about doping…and i think spanish football has experienced a few deaths and many players with kidney and liver failures..hmmmm…. then i remember united and that teir manager is in the horse breeding and horse racing industry..hmmm advanced medicine…perhaps thats why rooney can play against bayern in chmp/legue semifinal just three days after twisting his ankle or how ronaldo’s jaw turned into a square while at united…..

        no no no football is a clean industry…such things dont happen at the top level of sports…. :)

        • Bona   •  

          Maybe arsenal is the only drug free club……;)

          • hunter13   •  

            ;) …for sure…

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Not according to Merson, who spoke out that when Wenger arrived; he was giving the players all sorts of “drugs” and injections and no one knew what the hell they were.

          • hunter13   •  

            i guess they were a lot purer than the ones paul scored from the streets … :)

  6. William   •  

    This defeat has been in the works for some time. The way Swanse was eactly the way MU and Chelsea did some seaons ago. The gunners will press andleave the barn door wide pen.Is it any wonder Mich can’t socore with the ti and acres of space yawning?
    Once upon atime when the guners pressed they could and would score beause they had wc players and a good defence and gk.Now it’s a different story.
    When the tw opens in Jan,Wenger should go for the experienced and proven players and not some wc starlets.The top,top top,priory shd be the senior team.We are not intersted in season 2014-15.

  7. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    I decided to go on the Black Scarf march today. Fuck Wenger, fuck the board, fuck Gazidis & FUCK Kroenke.

    • Kem is a Cunt   •  

      Whilst I agree with your comments regarding the board, you need to show a little respect towards the manager.

      This is a man that changed the ethos of the club, gave us two doubles, the invincibles and built the stadium crabapple of providing us with ability to compete financially with tops teams (if the greedy yank cunt wasn’t siphoning off the profits to feather his own nest).

      You Kem, are an utter cunt.

      • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

        Yep, we were the third most successful club in English football before Wenger arrived…and guess what ? We are STILL the most successful club in English football! Yep, he totally changed the ethos didn’t he!

        Yep, you’re correct. He built the stadium with his own two hands and paid for it all!

        • hunter13   •  

          third most succesful? lol that doesnt mean shit when you look at it as a whole an dnote a champions title per decade in average.

          therefore if anything with wenger winning three in one decade he has credit for another two decades, and most importantly the average hasnt dropped…at worst he has kept us at the same standards while also building us a stadium and getting us consistently into the elite comptitions of europe…a status arsenal never enjoyed between 1886 and 1996 … :)

          u cunt..
          :) :) :) :)


          • Wanadoo   •  

            CockHunter13, there is only one cunt on here and that’s you.

            You have no brains, have never been to Arsenal game in his life and still talk like the biggest shit 4 brains I have ever heard.

            Come and suck my cock you Australian fuck face.

  8. Gilbert George   •  

    I said four years ago it was time for Arsene Wenger to go (you can stay in a job too long) and even more I say go at the end of the season if we don’t qualify for the champions league (I’m not even asking for a trophy). The quality of the squad has markedly decreased and now the results are telling beyond any doubt, the transfer policy of selling your best players each season is back firing. How far we have with fallen since the days of the Champions League final and the invincible.

    Its sad time time for all those who love the Arsenal and our poor partners who have to put up with us moaning about the Arsenal which is becoming a weekly thing.

  9. strangelet   •  

    Arsenal dont look great anymore even when they play ok. Its shocking to see how bad the board and the manager have let us become! Has we have become a mid table side we should off load some of those over paid players and bring in some championship players with a bit of heart, at least make it look like we are trying when we are going to lose!

  10. Zico Canada   •  

    What’s the use. What can I add that hasn’t been said. Arsene and the board are shameless with their statements. They will look you in the eye and lie to you as if you were a kid. Some politicians have more integrity than them.

  11. 124toeknee   •  

    Arsenal have difficulty in remembering how to score and win.

  12. strangelet   •  

    In fact play the capital one cup team in the league if the team are that tired! Least it will be entertaining. Give them all two weeks off so they dont look so jaded. You never know the capital one team could beat the likes of reading might be able to beat villa!!!! Lets get that sticky tape that bale wears and cover diaby completely in it, we might get 5 minutes out of him!

  13. Daily Football Talk   •  

    Nice article. Arsenal seem to be going through a rough patch at the moment and the obvious question is indeed, how much of Wengers’ current reign is down to legacy and how much down to current ability.

    It’s a tough question to answer and I for one am not going to try. At least not now. But you make many interesting points.

  14. TNgooner   •  

    Am i alone in not caring whether or not the owner is involved in the club? Arsenal are self sufficient and lets be honest, the cash IS there to be spent (within reason of course, but obviously re-signing theo, solidifying the back line, and adding another creative playmaker and a dm and striker would be doable if arsene really wanted to). Also, objectively speaking, Arsene Wenger is an expert on how to run a football club off the pitch and has helped elevate Arsenal to the status they enjoy today. However, a club of that status deserves a better product on the pitch. Fire Gadzis, allow Arsene to have some say in the day to day operation of the club, and hurry up and hire pep guardiola before the mancs or abramovich get their slimy hands on him. I think that could make significant improvement to the current state of affairs and would be much more possible than a full mid season clear out of the club’s board and heigherarchy.

  15. ricky   •  

    It just hurts so much :( afc til i die but dis is actuli killin me. Da past few years have been like watchin a elderly relative have their life support turned off, slowly watchin the life drain out of them before the inevitable. Where do we go from here? I really dont know. Plz mr gilberto silva, find a silver lining, write something,anything positive in your next blog. Trust me i need it! We all do

  16. blink   •  

    Wenger is always going on about the players being tired and using it as an excuse. Hardly ever hear fergie or other top managers saying this, the players will hear it & start to use it as an excuse. Working with them daily & with all the technology available he must see If they genuinely are, If so rest them!
    Dont think the players believe in him anymore.
    When you bring in experienced players from other clubs, they are perhaps more likely to spot problems & things that are not maybe done correctly. I look at Arshavin & perhaps now say Podolski, who both seem to have gone downhill.

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  18. CL   •  

    Finally, some fans protesting inside and outside the ground, loud boos at HT and FT whistle. Next step is to not pay the money and stay at home, thats the only way them greedy bastards will learn, if ever they do.
    The players dont look bothered as they know they’ll get a place the next game anyway. Arteta has been shit for weeks now yet he’s played every minute of every game, WTF?
    Wilshere is not a saviour and looks like he’s feeling the pressure, Gervinho is wank and we always have one at least like him, we got rid of Bendtner after years of that shit and now we have Gervinho, i give up i really do.
    I hope we have a really bad run and it will force him to spend, if he doesn’t we dont make top 4 and no CL means no money, no money means AW and the board either do something about it or, preferably, fuck off.

  19. Munitionsman   •  

    At last GS you finally get it. Nice post. You have done the club a great service today.

  20. Wanadoo   •  

    Praise be the LORD! GS has finally seen the light.

    The stupid thing is that this scenario is no different from where we were last season. It’s just that last season RVP’s heroics hoodwinked the masses. It’s amazing how people could not see the obvious last season.

    Wenger is a terrible manager, not only does he sell our best player, but he sells him to a team that was considered a rival. Just to get a few million more. Look at Daniel Levy, turned down £40m for Modric from Chelsea and sold him for £33m to Real Madrid. But no, all the Arsenal board (and Wenger) see are $$$$ signs. Wenger is a clueless cunt in every conceivable way.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….The damage that Wenger has done to our club will take a minimum of 3-4 years to put right by a new manager(s). The longer he stays the more damage he is doing and the longer it will take to undo. And if he stays on at board level – then we’re finished for a long time to come. I feel sorry for whatever new manager comes in first….he has absolutely no chance to undo the damage that Wenger has done quickly enough before idiot fans and board lose patience.

    • Shaun   •  

      Excellent post wanado and right on the money and yes gs motivation and tactics are one mans responsibility.I said a while back it will take a hundred million spent on the squad to fix that shower of shit we currently see .where he has penny pinched and not spent the twenty or thirty million he has needed to spend every season for the last six seasons to keep us competitive he has just hidden the debt really as we all no it is that kind of money that now needs to be spent .pep would not come unless the board pledged 100 million for transfers to fix the shit wenger has created and we no that won’t happen as wenger has the board in his pocket it is not the other way round as most seem to think , wenger sold the board on his self sustained youth policy where we live within in our means and make ourselves richer at the same time why do you think he wanted Leo keno locks and not the Russian as the Russian would have told him a long time ago this shit your serving up is not acceptable .the lack of effort from the crap players ,the tactical bollocks ….gervino as a centre forward ,santos playing anywhere , Ramsey on the right are all bold face insults to the fans , 90 thousand a week to ARshavin … is just to much and still we have counts saying arsene this and arsene that , no as far as I am concerned he should be dressed in a borat swim suit , arsenal bobble hat and made to stand in the cold selling arsenal programs at White hart lane , that’s how I feel about the man and it is the blatant lies ….that cunt takes 7 million of arsenal money and then has the cheek to say ….”I give my all to arsenal and I do it with integrity” and wait for it as this is the best part and a straight cunt slap in the chops for all arsenal fans “and I ask for nothing in return ” seriously a borat suit is needed and I don’t think I am being harsh either

      • Shaun   •  

        Oh yeah and where is that drunken cunt.?

      • hunter13   •  

        “wenger sold the board on his self sustained youth policy where we live within in our means and make ourselves richer”

        ok..lets say for the sake of a discussion that you are right, that the above statement of yours holds truth.

        so then, that would make the board and owners of afc a bunch of clueless cunts who aint got a clue what to do with their football club therefore they might as well listen to an idea/or take advice from an expert..

        so tell me then…are the arsenal owners and board a bunch of clueless wankers who just let one of their employees take ALL the decissions regarding their club ?

        therefore we come to the point of what arsenal football club wants to do yes? what is it that afc wants to do ? do you know? do the owners know? do they want to win titles? do they want to just qualify for the champions league till they repay the stadium? do they want to become a production academy like ajax ? do they want to become a giant like real madrid ? who knows ? nobody……

        however, if they have chosen to grow organically they have the most qualified manager to do so. if they want to create academy they again have the most qualified in the business to do so. if they want to make profits from player trading they still got the best in the business. and if they want to win titles they also have the right manager but they arent in a position yet to invest for the right ingredients/players. that will come with time.

        anyway you look at it, no matter what the owners chose to do with arsenal you cant deny they got the right man for most of the jobs. in the department of titles things are very clear…no money no honey….the people with the ultimate responsibility to spend or not are the OWNERS …not the manager.

    • Kem is a Cunt   •  

      Wenger is a terrible manager?

      He produced the Invincibles and two double winning sides on a shoestring budget.

      Consistently providing champion’s league whilst other clubs are spending vast amounts of cash.

      You need to get a sense of perspective. Do you really think that Wenger wants to sell his best players?

      It patently obvious it is you that are a ‘Clueless Cunt’

      • hunter13   •  

        of course they are clueless cunts..arsenal has many of them acting as supporters … :)

        • Wanadoo   •  

          CockHunter13, you can change your name as many times as you wish, but your still a cock-sucking cunt.

          You haven’t been to see any Arsenal game in your life, you haven’t this pile of shit play, you haven’t paid £60 to watch this disgrace…So what do you care? As long as you can watch highlights while you’re sticking some shrimp on the barbie – you don’t give a fuck.

          All you can do is tell us about 4th place trophies and invincibles 8 years ago and how wonderful Wenger is….really, you’re just a clueless cunt who knows nothing about football and everything about sucking cock.

  21. Wanadoo   •  

    Hey Munitionsman, can’t sleep?

  22. Munitionsman   •  

    rsenal manager Arsene Wenger: “We are in this job to turn things around, and I am confident we will [because of] the quality of the players and the spirit we have in the team.

    Truly inspirational stuff

    • hunter13   •  

      ” this time we have a plan to deal with them ”

      alex ferguson said in his second attempt to demolish barceloan..again with carrick and giggs in midfield … :)

      the result was a watching a team in red getting raped inside their home sail and an old man walking down the stairs to collect his second place medal with a soar butt….
      hahaaa. :)

  23. indianGooner   •  

    Realistically there’s nothing that can be done for another month.
    Bare minimum in January
    1 – Get rid of Chamakh,Arshavin,Squillaci in January even if it means free transfers, atleast 200k a week saved on players Arsene clearly doesn’t trust.It’s not good to have such players around either.
    2 – A striker to complement/fill in for Giroud. He’s already become one of our most important players with no viable replacement. Huntelaar ? although he might take some convincing at this rate
    3 – A defensive midfielder , Arteta is not one and has done a decent job but looks exhausted. Coquelin has not made starts so clearly Wenger doesnt think he’s ready.
    It’ll also give us options further upfield for Arteta to fill in for Cazorla/Wilshere
    4 – Give Walcott his 90/100k a week contract. The move has backfired, we should have signed him in August or sold and moved on but he is in a strong position now.

    If past history is anything to go by. Wenger will sign Henry and that’s about it. I genuinely believe he should go if he doesn’t sign players to back the ones who play every game because there are no quality back ups (arteta,cazorla,giroud) and injuries bound to follow with fatigue already showing on some.

    It’s hard to tell if the board or Wenger is responsible for our lack of sensible spending after selling our best players. There are teams on lesser budgets/wages doing consistently well at the top level (Dortmund for example). It is disrespectful to the club to say any other manager would struggle (despite me being an Arsene Wenger era follower – 12 years now :) ).

    Fans should not be paying top prices for a team aspiring to be fourth (which itself will be a challenge from now). I don’t take it for granted we should be winning titles but atleast grant folks relief on ticket prices if there are really financial constraints on transfers (I live across the pond, watching a game at the Emirates is a distant dream :( but I’m sure it’s a valid concern for a lot of people)

    The black scarf movement have handled it well so far with protests before and not during games.Back your team during the 90 mins but before and after , let your true opinions be heard. Not targeting Wenger is also a good strategy even if I do think he is partly responsible for the mess.

    Having said that, chin up, 23 games to go. We can still do it, long way to go , enough to salvage 4th place :)

  24. George   •  

    For past 7 years Wenger’s team has looked good only on paper…time for him to move on and carry on his fantasy football experiment on playstation!!!

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  26. David   •  

    Arsene made Arsenal one of the top sides in England, both on results and style. If he had never joined, we may have been around Tottenhams level over the past 15 years. And now people are pissed off because Arsenal are looking like the team they may have been without him, and want him gone. If he goes, within a year people will be crying for him back.

    Do people really believe that he has loads of money that he is not spending? Yes, one could argue that he has not spent all the money brilliantly but all managers make mistakes. The question is whether he has purposely asset stripped a team HE built for the hell of it? I do not think so.

    One day we will find out for sure (AW has already hinted) that the money was never there and AW preformed a miracle keeping us in the top four. The board have let him down by letting him take the flak for the lack of resources and I would like change at that level. Get rid of the manager, however, and we will turn into Liverpool. Lets face it, many people on this forum already have false senses of grandeur

    • hunter13   •  

      well said…many of the people commenting in here are idiots who cant even seperate the roles of the employer ( owners and shareholders) versus the roles of the employee ( manager, stuff, players)

      do they really think that wenger spent 5 and 6 and 7 years scouting and developing cesc clichy song robin and the rest so that he sells them before they even hit their prime? …lol …

      tell you what….if arsenal didnt have a 450m investment to pay off…would theystill sell their best players? of course not

      but you see the idiots dont want to see the truth ..they just want to blame people …

      • Bona   •  

        “but you see the idiots dont want to see the truth ..they just want to blame people”

        And you are blaming the once who are blaming. Terrific.

        • hunter13   •  

          of course i will, especially when the ones who are blaming first aint got a clue who to blame and for what.

      • Bona   •  

        The investment was 360 mill and acording to the clubs own numbers it was 90 mill in august 2010 so it should be around 10 mill now. Hardly a devestating financial blow.

        • hunter13   •  

          oh so you work in the clubs accounting department then ?

          sorry my bad ..i shouldnt blame people who hold the KNOWLEDGE, like you …

          • Bona   •  

            Well I am a member of the club and get the financial results every year, it is very common. You could probably find it on the internett if you try.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        If you two morons can’t see that Wenger has lost the plot – then you are both the best cock suckers I have ever seen.

        Wenger is one of the worst managers in the Premier league – he is totally useless. He has proven that for the last 7 years, soon to be 8.

        His 5 years of project youth was a dismal failure, unless of course you are CockHunter; then it was a resounding success!

        • hunter13   •  

          Wenger is one of the worst managers in the Premier league

          AHHAAHAHAHAH….come on ….is he THAT useless you reckon ? surely youve seen good things from him ? no?


    • Bona   •  

      I agree with you that there is no point removing AW if the board stays, in priciples. But now the players don`t belive in AW so than maybe changes needs to be done. AW has a big squad and should be performing a lot better than we do now. A lot better…..

      If it was my vall i would remove Hill_wood and gazidis long before AW. That might happen since Hill-wood has taken ill over night….

      But to say that srenal without AW would have been mid table team all along is taking it bit far. Who knows we might have been a lot better if AW never came here…… We will never know.

      • hunter13   •  

        Who knows we might have been a lot better if AW never came here…… We will never know.

        LMFAO …im sorry lad , do you remember at all what we were like before wenger?

        lol..if you did you would have never siad such a thing mate…

        • Bona   •  

          Oh I remeber the GG days with great pleasure to, I was in copenhagen in 1994, my first arsenal match since I am Norwegian it was a short trip. But If we never got AW we don`t know who we would have gotten and hence we can not know how we would have done, That because I can`t read the future. I admit that probably we would do worse, but you can`t know for sure.

          • hunter13   •  

            with great plasure? dear god….

          • Wanadoo   •  

            You silly little cunt CockHunter. According to you, that’s when you started supporting Arsenal – during the GG years.

            Make your fucking mind up – you mother fucking piece of shit.

  27. David   •  

    I can only guess that some people here do not remember the pre-AW boring boring Arsenal years

    • hunter13   •  

      hehe they were babies back then …. :)

    • hunter13   •  

      show your class ! thats it!

      • Bona   •  

        I know it was a low blow and i don`r realy enjoy people getting ill. But the mood here is so bad that anything is jolly.

        • hunter13   •  

          the mood is bad? what? because of a football match ending in a loss ? chill out buddy …there are more important things in life than football games….arsenal will rise got to understand that during 2006 – 2015 things could have been a lot lot worse than ending our seasons 3rd and 4th….

          there is a chart somewhere showing arsenal;s positions and club stability before and after wenger..the difference is staggering!

          • Bona   •  

            I agree completely. And even I wish Peter a speedy recovery I really do. I am sure he has poeple he cares for and they care for him. I wish I never wrote that, it was stupid.

            But in 1994 arsenal won against parma and finished 4th. Double…… We woun`t de that this year. Would I rather have kept GG? No. Is it time to kick the board out and AW too? Maybe yes and it hurts to say it out loud.

    • Bona   •  

      Dear GS could you remove my comment, please!! It is disgusting even it was meant as a very poor joke, sorry.

  28. Mbaki   •  

    maybe maybe we just not good enough. there is a little creativity as i have ever witnessed of this team since the days before the foreigners came.. our midfield relies too much on Cazorla Jack is still raw and not ready as much as you claim. We deploy a 4-3-3 of which none of the wingers with the exception of Gervinho (yes gervinho) can get to the byline on his own accord and cross.

    Last year we had Rvp to create that inch of space from the middle but now we dont. Its a tough one .

    Having said that unless the league is that bad, lets not overeact. A win yesterday would have put us 2 points from 3 place (Chelsea) and and that is a team that spent 100+ million this season.

    Lets give Wenger a chance and if can resurrect this team as is that will be a miracle.

    We f* need that tall legged diaby. Arteta cant hold on his own. Just cant.

  29. Stevieo   •  

    So I expect we’ve reached as low as we can go. The next step of decline would be for Norwich and Wigan to start overtaking us. Surely that can’t happen, can it??

    So at the end of the season if Arsenal climb to 6th, GS will be writing how well Wenger turned things round and deserves another season based on this success.

    Now just imagine if this season we can manage to haul ourselves above world class teams like West Brom, Swansea, West Ham, Stoke, Everton and Spurs to finish 4th. Fucking hell. The AKB’s will be proclaiming Wenger has performed another miracle.

    These disastrous starts to the season are working in Wenger’s favour. Once we’ve reached rock bottom and start to rise, the goldfish brains of the AKB’s forget all the incompetence and inadequacies that have gone on before, and seem to think that we’re only a couple of summer signings away from challenging for the title.

    The country’s top shrinks wouldn’t be able to cure this mental disorder.

    • hunter13   •  

      shrinks have better and more serious things to do than dealing with childish and frustrated arsenal fans …

      however if you need a shrink and considering we’re mates, ill be more than happy to listen to you …ive got a nice leather sofa-bed you can lay down and tell me all your problems lad … :)

  30. Mbaki   •  

    maybe maybe we just not good enough. there is a little creativity as i have ever witnessed of this team since the days before the foreigners came.. our midfield relies too much on Cazorla Jack is still raw and not ready as much as you claim. We deploy a 4-3-3 of which none of the wingers with the exception of Gervinho (yes gervinho) can get to the byline on his own accord and cross.

    Last year we had Rvp to create that inch of space from the middle but now we dont. Its a tough one .

    Having said that unless the league is that bad, lets not overeact. A win yesterday would have put us 2 points from 3 place (Chelsea) and and that is a team that spent 100+ million this season.

    Lets give Wenger a chance and if can resurrect this team as is that will be a miracle.

    We f* need that tall legged diaby. Arteta cant hold on his own. Just cant. He needs hellp

  31. David   •  

    Bona – i agree we would never know, but I am basing the assessment that arsenal would be more in Tottenhams place on the basis that I do not think that another manager would have consistently outperformed his resources like AW has. And even discounting that – who else would have got arsenal playing so stylishly. And if such a manager does exist, would Arsenal coming out of the George Graham years have got him? On the balance of probabilities the answers are no one and no

    • hunter13   •  

      hey david, since these kids have short memmories why dont you remind them how the gg’s back 5 lost the final to zaragoza ….


      • Joker   •  

        Will you still be supporting Arsenal when Wenger is sacked?

        • hunter13   •  

          sacked? ahahahahah …

          who has the balls to sack arsene wenger ? you ?

          • Joker   •  

            Wenger would have been sacked at any other top club on the basis of the past 8 games, let alone 8 years of terrible mismanagement. A loser like him wouldn’t last 15 mins at clubs like Real Madrid. Anyone with a shred of objectivity can see that

          • Wanadoo   •  

            When Wenger is sacked, then CockHunter will be under his desk sucking French cock.

      • Bona   •  

        And while you`re at it remind hunter of the final against gala and Barca etc…. Jesus.

        • hunter13   •  

          oh i remember them …. the flying dutchman and davor suker got owned by gheorghe hagi and hakan sukur…

          what can you remind me of the barcelona final son? that we were playing with ten men for 70 minutes almost ? that we were leading with 13 minutes to go? that our best ever striker transformed into a kitten and couldnt finnish three on on ones? that almunia let the ball go between his legs ? what can you remind me then ? ….cause in zaragoza it was way worse mate…way worse…a lob from 50 meters out …lol…

          • Bona   •  

            On the best keeper this club has ever had.

          • Bona   •  

            We lost to Zaragoza in the worst season in a long time only to be topped by this season. Just that we woun`t play in a european finale.

    • Bona   •  

      Yes you are correct, but never forget what was here before AW the back 5. Merson, Parlour, Platt, Wright and Bergkamp. All work of GG apart from Platt and Bergkamp BR.

  32. Tim   •  

    Interesting that you say Swansea are a team of Championship graduates and cheap Spaniards. We’re a team of League One graduates and, what’s worse, Ligue 1 graduates… and overpriced ones at that.

  33. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Hahahhhahaahha I love the following line :

    “Look where we were before Wenger took charge”

    What, you mean 5th place in the League with Bruce Rioch in charge ? Funnily enough, 4th/5th place is the height of our ambitions now!!!

    • hunter13   •  

      well we havent finnished this season yet so dont jump the gun or you might end up with the gun shoved up your arse… you know..arsene;s big cannon..the one you got last year too? you should be used by now…16 years …

      • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

        Yep, Wenger proved me so wrong last season! What did we win again ?

        I predicted on this board in 2007 that under Wenger & this board, we would never win another major title! CL Qualification means nothing to me.

        Would I accept an FA Cup or League Cup win ? sure!

        However ‘Our great leader’ has said that these ARE NOT trophies. Those are HIS words.

        • hunter13   •  

          no no he has proven cunts like you wrong ever since his arrival. every year you predict his fall and every year he fucks you all up.

          i dont care if qualification in champions league means nothing to you, that only shows you are clueless.

          if you prefer an fa cup or a league cup than playing in the champions league then go support birmingham and totenham and the other little clubs with little ambitions…

          • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

            Proven cunts like me wrong ever since his arrival ? I supported Wenger until the day he decided to stop being a Manager on 2007!

            CL qualification means NOTHING to me! Because you’re essentially entering a tournament which you’re not actually trying to win! Get CL money, don’t invest that money into your squad, yet sell your captains EVERY season ?? Great plan!

            Other clubs with little ambitions ? That’s what Arsenal are under Wenger and this board!

            LMFAO, little ambitions ?

            I’ll quote our GREAT LEADER : “4TH place is a trophy”

            Or this gem from 2010 : “Winning isn’t everything”

            Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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  35. Arsenalism©   •  

    A well considered piece there. The problems that we are facing have depth and there is no simple answer. The truth seems to be that the role of manager at our club and the demands put upon the players seems unclear. Certainly there might just be an ethos that had taken hold that is an acceptance of mediocrity. The winter of discontent continues

  36. hunter13   •  

    Bona December 2, 2012 at 11:24 am On the best keeper this club has ever had.

    exactly ! and people blame 21 year olds and 25 yearolds ……

    get it now ? ;)

    • Bona   •  

      Yes, the club is in free fall and many fans don`t like it much.

      • hunter13   •  

        no buddy you dint get it. with our best ever keeper and our “best ever” defencive back4 we managed to lose a final in that disgusting embarassing manner…all the toughness and all the machoism and all the “hardmen” went missing that day …….

        yet people blame the manager and players who have taken this club to its only champions league finalist appearance, where we lost with ten men 13-15 minutes before the end of 90 mins…

        • Bona   •  

          I see your point but now the same manager is doing the opposite to the club……. And that fucking Norwegian referee Terje Hauge who fucked up that game. I met that ref (we live in the same city) and I told him what to do and no fucking mistake.

          • hunter13   •  

            no now youre being unfair…because youre not putting into the equation the factors which the manager of the football club (arsene in this case) cant control…like rich foreign tycoons laundring money via the epl…..

            you are also ignoring that the club itslef is the one that decided to sacrifice the chase for titles for a while till they repay the stadium and/or till their youngsters mature.

            it is strange that you people cant understand that for a period arsenal needed to MAKE MONEY ever since its highbury/grove switch…..

  37. Stevieo   •  

    So we’ve lost 4 games, the same as 17th placed Sunderland.

    Using cockhunter and True Cunt logic then, we are on par with Sunderland. When we’d lost the same number of 3 games as United, they seriously used this statistic to say we were as good as the the leaders. The only difference was United were lucky with late winners and got all the refereeing decisions? So now we must be on par with Sunderland? Probably true actually. We’re only 8 points different and they have 2 games in hand.

    The way forward to get change at Arsenal is to give these 2 cunts (cockbreath & true cunt) as much air time as possible. Who in their right mind can take anything these 2 clowns have to say seriously? They are basically emphasising the bullshit that the club dripfeeds us. The more you hear this shit, the more you realise what cunts the club are taking its fans for.

    Keep spreading the word arse bandits!

    • hunter13   •  

      no lets give airtime to disrespectful and disgraceful supporters like you who only know who to moan and complain about things which are beyond your comprehension….


    • hunter13   •  

      come on stevie-zero tell us…do you smile when you see your boss morgan commenting on arsenal ?


      • Wanadoo   •  

        No one reads their comments anymore….

        One is an American thick cunt and the other an Australian cabbage 4 brains wanker.

        They don’t know what it’s like to support Arsenal, they’ve never been to a single game in their life and have probably never even owned an Arsenal kit…

        If either of them watched a few games of this shit – they might change their minds.

  38. David   •  

    This season is not over. And I do not think that decisions should be made on the basis of half a season

  39. hunter13   •  

    Kem – Backing the BSM! December 2, 2012 at 11:41 am

    stop talking bollocks you muppet. the champions league pays up to 30 million just for participating till the last 16-8.

    how much does an f.a cup campaign bring in ..a couple of thousands?

    for any company that has invested in its infrastructure and owes money , that 30 million jackpot from the champions league is UBER-IMPORTANT.

    shhhh now… :)

    • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

      Yep, pays upto 30m, but none of it USED to keep/add to our squad!

      Wow you really are a cock, cockhunter.

      • hunter13   •  

        used where you idiot?…besides the 30m from champions league we also need to create surplus of a further 25m per year … ;) .hence why we sell our best every year….

        lol …football aint your forte is it ?

        • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

          “we need to create a surplus of 25m a year”


          • hunter13   •  

            no i sound logical while youre going to end in a straight jacket any minute now ….thats what happens when cunts like you try to take the logical on

            you will always lose and then you will scream and shout..thats what babies do when they dont get what they want, thats what people do when they dont understand things..they shout…just like you


          • Wanadoo   •  

            Kem, why do you argue with this moron – he’s a piece of shit that knows fuck-all.

            He thinks Wenger is a legend when it’s clear he is a fucking useless cunt.

  40. georgyboy   •  

    The team is in a trough and there is no obvious way out. We cannot buy in January because our wage structure is killing us, AW is an economics graduate yet we have a wages bill that is £50 million a year more than the scum. Much of that money is being wasted on players that AW just doesn’t trust and as a consequence is running the rest of them into the ground. We have a big squad but only about 16 of them are considered good enough for the PL, whose fault is that? I seriously hope there is some succession planning but I fear that the club has become totally reliant on AW for football input and that when the time comes the board will not have a clue as to the way forward. I fear that things can only get worse before they get better. The game yesterday was joyless from an Arsenal perspective, they were thoroughly outplayed in every respect, our midfield was static, pass backwards and then stand still, no movement at all! As for spirit I didn’t see any, I wish I hadn’t lost my hipflask! At the moment we are paying top wages for mediocrity, I won’t be buying any more tickets this season.

    • hunter13   •  

      I won’t be buying any more tickets this season.

      very well said! i hope others that feel the same as you do the same. you dont like what you see therefore you dont pay.

      that is far more preferable than thinking that because you pay a ticket you have a right to JUDGE AND SACK managers.

      its what ive been saying all along…you dont like it dont pay for it..noone put a gun in anyone;s head. those who want to support will always support win lose or draw and luckily we have 40,000 people waiting , so no harm done.

    • Stevieo   •  

      Cue cockhunter-

      You are not worthy to hold an opinion. You are spoilt. New 60,000 seater stadium turning over £3m per game means we shouldn’t expect to beat Swansea, Norwich, Sunderland, Stoke and Fulham anymore.

      Zaragoza, Seaman, little englander, fish and chips, blah blah.

      Go on cockbreath. Do your stuff!

      • Stevieo   •  

        Christ. If only our defence was as quick as this cunt to get on to something!

        • hunter13   •  

          what did you expect lol? did you expect an easy ride when you come here to bash our greatest ever manager and call him useless?

          since people like have created this war in the websites..i guess this is the batlleground..not?

          dont cry just cause you cant beat me….


          • Wanadoo   •  


            Wenger is a terrible manager that is killing our club.

            He is tactically clueless, overplays bad players, buys more shit than good, can’t develop any talented youth players but at least we have a new stadium! And how is Wenger responsible for the new stadium?According to you he’s an employee….make your fucking shit 4 brains mind up you thick cunt.

      • hunter13   •  

        i am spoilt? want titles and trophies and arsenal to spend 150 million on players to win stuff when our priority is to repay the stadium and when spending was never part of our agenda to build teams and you call me spoilt?

        haha..fuck off stevie-zero. ! you little englander with your fish and chip mentality thinking you can tell the manager of the decade how to run his football club…… lol ….


        • Wanadoo   •  

          Haha…”Manager of the Decade”….

          That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. 8 out of those 10 years he hasn’t won a thing…lol

          Now, why would anyone want to converse with such a moron that calls Wenger; Manager of the Decade?

  41. Munitionsman   •  

    Cock hunter can’t see clearly. That’s understandable really. Looking at the world around arsenes balls would distort ones perspective. Even chamahk might look like a striker through the haze of shimmering pubic hairs. Why did GG buy chamahk? What was he thinking?

    • hunter13   •  

      oh i see very clearly, you are the one who is jealous of city chelsea and united … :)

    • Stevieo   •  

      Apparently, it was Wenger that bought Bergkamp and not Rioch. I never knew that until cockhunter shared that bit of info with us all. And it was Wenger that transformed Bergkamp in to one of our best ever players…

      • hunter13   •  

        absolutely ..when dennis met arsene two great minds got together. dont forget dennis flopped in serie a… and found his ithaca in arsenal with arsene.

        rioch? lol…hahaahah

      • hunter13   •  

        and since you’re a “brittish bulldog” who honours his trousers… you will show me right now where i said that wenger brought in bergkamp you lying little englander scum…. ;)

        thought so…… ;)

  42. Herb   •  

    At any other big club wenger would have been sacked years ago but due to the lack of ambition by both the club and fans he is still in charge. Chelsea are a horrible club but at least they make changes where needed and their fans aren’t afraid to speak up. The abuse Benitez is getting is unfair but at least their fans speak up. Wenger should have had to deal with abuse like this for a few years at least but as so many of our fans are wenger fans and not arsenal fans he gets away with murder. It’s not all wengers fault as the board are clearly happy with mediocrity but between them they are turning us into a laughing stock. Wenger out. Board out. Wenger apologists out.

    • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

      Watch out mate! otherwise Cockhunter will be telling you about the “25m surplus” we need to create!

    • hunter13   •  

      well to start… wenger is the one who made arsenal big. before him we were not anything special.

      you say that the benitez criticism is unfair yourself so why exhonerate the chelsea fans for doing something wrong?

      this wenger fans /arsenal fans need to stop yes? wenger is good for the club. FULL STOP. and i as a fan will support what is good for my club. whether his name is wenger or benitez or whatever…

      if you have lost faith that is your own problem. if you refuse to cut the man some slack when you know that he cant spend what ferguson roman and the sheikhs can spend then maybe you re the one who needs to re-think things.

      to this day none of you wenger-haters has proven to any of us that wenger is bad for the club.

      and i have proof for this. i will bring you the evidence that shows that arsene wenger is the best thing that has happened to this club by comparing the leaguepositioons and club stabnility arsenal endured before and after his appointment as manager.

      we are unlucky that his time has coincided with the era where english politicians saw the epl as the countrys biggest export commodity and thus doors were opened for foreign investors since english businessmen couldnt keep hold of the escalating costs of running a football club. come in roman abramovic, invest. come in thailand dictators, invest. come in arabs with your oil money, invest. and some of you are angry that THE ARSENAL doesnt approach the business of football in the manner they do.

      in short, you want the club to change its policy and principles just because the scene has changed, while the right thing to do is grind it out and wait for this oil/roman phase to end. they wont be here forever and it is stupid and financial suicide to do what they do when we dont have their resources.

    • Dave   •  

      Well if you love Chelsea so much why don’t you go and support them. If you can take all the other glory-hunting fairweather fans with you that would be appreciated.

      This will mean that the stadium will have true fans of the club in it and the team may get a bit of support for a change.

      • hunter13   •  

        well said !

        • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

          Stop talking to yourself you cretin!

  43. Herb   •  

    Dave I’m not a glory hunter or Fairweather fan. I want what’s best for my club. I’ve made it clear in my post above what I believe to be best for my club. I know there is little point trying to change the mind of the wenger fans and I won’t waste my time trying to. I despise Chelsea but they clearly don’t settle for mediocrity like a lot of our fans these days. Some fans want Wenger to stay and some want him out and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t tell me to go support another team though because we have different opinions on this.

    • hunter13   •  

      fair enough for what you believe ..but dont forget that what you believe is purely theoretical while the manager is there doing practice…not theory.

      an opinion that wants arsenal to get rid of its greatest ever manager is not an opinion worth any value….

      thats my opinion … ;)

  44. hunter13   •  

    just look at the kind of muppets who have the audacity to doubt a manager like wenger.. just look at these people who want to tell gazidis and wenger how to run a multimillion pound company in a multi billion pound industry

    if that dont make you laugh, what will?

    watch …

    some fat blokes and some peasants with their children …


    they do not represent me. you?

  45. hunter13   •  

    im specifically looking at the fat mug with his ” la vida loco profit loco victoria whatever” plackard..with his 6 followers..(lol) and a grin on his face like he is usmanov’s cousin from mongolia and i laugh and laugh and laugh

    these are fans of arsenal ? …

    get rid of them quick…embarassing…. then i see the truck drivers with their banner “kick greed out of football” to bring in some rich folk to get players for us …..lmao so clever these people…

    as thick as a brick. :)

  46. hunter13   •  





    • Annie Brosterhous   •  

      Hunter please don’t risk having an aneurism. Just remember, The collection of lint which I’ve carefully gathered from Arsene’s dirty underpants is awaiting delivery to you once I’ve recieved your payment. I know the price is steep but after all, we are talking about lint which was in contact with Arsene’s rectum. I was told by someone named Attwood that merely sniffing this lint would instill the sniffer with mental strength, belief, spiwit and quality.

      Annie Brosterhous

    • Graham Gooch   •  

      ‘In Arsene we trust’ wankers like you need to take a reality check.
      Wenger is finished, clearly. The players don’t, or won’t, play for him. The best ones realise his promises of building a better team are hollow, and they leave.
      Wenger has lost the plot

  47. Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

    LOL @ Cockhunter. While the 1800 people march showing their disgust at how the club is run, you can carry on wanking yourself to sleep over Wenger. While the fans (the ones who were left) giving the team and Wenger the loudest boos I’ve ever heard at FT, you can carry on wanking yourself to sleep over Wenger.

  48. Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

    Cockhunter said :


    LMFAO!! Please tell me this is a wind-up!? It has to be! hahahahahahahahahahaa

  49. Gelbs   •  

    Kem you bi bastard. Isn’t it about time for the newly edition of “Wenger’s retard volumes”? Lol. :)

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Gelbs it is certainly time for the latest edition of war and peace as seen through the eys of Gelbs

      Bring it

  50. Gelbs   •  

    Lmao. Meant “big” bastard. Haha.

    • Kem - Backing the BSM!   •  

      Hahaha The Retard Volumes would need it’s own film Trilogy with the amount of fuck ups Wenger has done since the last volumes!

  51. Shaun   •  

    No no drunken cunt is serious and so to is David aka true cunt but hey if I am wrong at least the name fits , you see these to have a drink problem and drunken cunt has gone way over the top with the source today but hey the effects seem to be tapering off …first it was a football game and now it has transformed into war lol……lol anyway back to the present and the right now ……tell me drunken cunt , no actually David as I know drunken cunt will not be able to answer this ….why is when you are sitting no more than a hundred yards away from the arsenal players , they look disinterested and quite clearly are not giving there all for the cause which by the way is actually winning the football game they are playing in , why is some appear to laugh and joke at missed placed passes …why are they so hopelessly unorganised when the teams we are playing cost half as much to assemble and earn a quarter of what the arsenal players are earning but yet they seem much more determined and much more focussed on the job in hand and don’t seem to make anywhere near the number of mistakes the arsenal players do and the managers of these opposing teams are on a quarter at best of the wage arsene wenger is on and I am just talking about the last three games really ….I just can’t seem to make sense of it , I know the players maybe bad pro’s but the manager keeps telling us the are special players so that does not really add up so drunken cunt and David help me out here …have a glass of petrol or moonshine or what ever your tipple is and please help a brother out as I can see from what you have written above you guys are experts on arsenal ?

    • Stevieo   •  

      I think David is aka cockhunter. The silly cunt not only hears voices in his head but now he’s talking to himself. Strange guy. It weren’t True cunt. He only knows one sentence… ‘the spurs trolls are on here again’

      As for you saying the Arsenal players look disinterested, sorry, but I disagree. Re Swansea’s 2nd goal, did you not see Rosicky ‘pretending’ to bust a gut to get to Michu, and then suddenly pull up when within tackling range. He gave Michu enough time to finish off his cup of tea and get his shot off.

      Now whether this was sheer cowardice or just plain incompetence from a guy on £60k a week, I can’t be sure. Either way, this to me sums up the situation with this current squad. Gutless and not up for the fight.

      But hey, the last thing we would want in such a situation is a pre Wenger English player like Adams or Keown tracking back.

      What such gutlessness from Rosicky has to do with City’s money and a new stadium is a puzzle to me. When the stadium is paid off, will Rosicky be able to put a tackle in?

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Yes I did see that…

        And don’t forget that freekick from Rooney last season where Rosicky was in the wall and didn’t even turn to see what had happened and casually started walking to the centre circle…disgraceful that he should be anywhere near an Arsenal shirt.

  52. Wanadoo   •  

    Don’t worry everyone….

    Wenger will be long gone at the end of this season and then we won’t have to skip past CockHunter’s mindless comments.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      cant wait….

  53. Gelbs   •  

    That’s the thing. If Wenger walks away end of season. He wouldn’t of been a man about it. It be because they finished outside the top 4, and the cunt would of done a runner. Whereas if he was a man about it, and fucked off a few years back. I’d of had some respect for him, and his legacy of been intact.

  54. Graham Gooch   •  

    It has been clear for the past two or three seasons that Wenger has passed his use-by date. Now he is truly on the nose.
    I don’t know how many of you watched his post-match press conference after the Villa game. The man was deluded and quite deranged and seemed to me to have lost the plot.

    Yes, Wenger did bring us several years of success, outstanding success, and for that, many thanks.

    It’s clear now the team isn’t playing for him. The players don’t believe in him, and why should they. He promises year after year that things will change, and they never do. So the best players leave.

    He should have the good grace to resign before what’s left of the goodwill towards him from Arsenal fans is completely evaporated.

  55. hunter talks shit   •  

    hunter13 SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 AT 11:37 PM

    you think rioch brought dennis? or dein who was already in talks with arsene and arsene advised dein to get him a year before joining.

    if arsene hadnt come dennis would have been wasted here…

  56. Nick   •  

    Trouble is, under the present business model, no matter which new coach is brought in, we will not have spending ability or willingness of the big 5 clubs above use, MU, MC, Chel, RM and Barca. It’s Usmanov or another of his ilk at the helm, or we fight it out for the 4th CL spot every year. Sorry, I wish it were not so, but tell me how I am wrong.

  57. Shaun   •  

    That nick is wengers legacy I am afraid

    • Nick   •  

      Even if you get a great coach like a Klopp and rise for a few seasons, the big 5 will pick off the best players anyway, and then you’ll be back to where we are now, unless there is a deep pocket sugardaddy/entity. That’s what’s happening to Dortmund now, it sucks, but that is how it works.

  58. Munitionsman   •  

    Its not man city that make us lose to villa.
    Its not RM that make us buy Chamahk
    Its not barca that forbid us buying a proper replacement (of the same value) as song when they bought him

    All of this is wengers choice.

    All of it.

    Chavs didnt make us keep denilson or pay him so much we couldnt sell when he didnt work out.

    Manure didnt put JD on a long term 50k contract (or near as damn it)

    This was wenger. All of it wenger.

    • Bona   •  

      That is actually very true.

  59. Mbaki   •  

    Its funny how the same guys who went on Wenger saying he should stop trying to buy cheap and make them strikers are the same ones pointing at an ideal buy that we did not get.

    The fans/media can always afford to say sh* and never own up to their decision later on.. they just change tides according to the result. True is we did spend some $ this time around and true is we did look solid enough at the start of the season with Diaby in there.. despite the slow start of Giroud.

    Its bad but not as bad as we want to paint. Once again, a win on Sat would have put us just two points from thirda place behind Chelsea who have spent 100M this summer.

    Lets not pretend to be managers. He has owned up to the current situation and he will take us out. I dont see anyone else managing to do so anyway.

  60. Bona   •  

    Everyone would rather buy cheap and make them good than buy 11 mill gervinho and make him even worse. That much is obviouse. But I get your point though……

    The problem is that we no longer have one single world class player. Our defence is now our strongest position, that says a lot. Midfield/attack, especially attack is VERY weak.

    Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlaine, Chamach, Giroude, Arshavin, Podolski they are all good players, but non of them are world class….. Three years ago we had Cesc, RVP and maybe Nasri and Arshavin(at his best) as our WC players. Arshavin is still here but never plays even though he is still ten times Gervinho and Walcott.

    We are living in the past, that is for sure!!

    • Mbaki   •  

      Those you listed became World Class Players at Arsenal.. they didnt come in as world class players.. actually the closest world class player we have bought since Bergkamp is probably Arshavin.

      The rest were made here at Arsenal. The current crop of youngsters is definitely not encouraging but we have definitely excelled (compared to any other team i must say) in making good players out of regular ones.

      Arshaving has had many many many chances to show is class which we all know he has but its time to admit he has not delivered. You cant accuse us of living in the past and than push for Arshavin now because you are using his CV of 4 years back.

      I think Gervinho still adds something.. he is still the only one who can go past his defender. They actually put two on him whenever he gets the ball on the side. All in all the kinda of players we have are not WC for sure but are still good enough that with a little bit more effort and some confidence can play much better than now. The former part is theirs to fix the latter unfortunately can only come with good results.

      • Bona   •  

        I agree they became WC at arsenal, but they are all gone now and the fact that they are made here makes it even worse. Everytime I see RVP i wanna cry even though i understand him.

        The players that are comming through now are not great as you say, because competiton is far greater than when AW came here, that was his strong suite and it is not any more.

        As for arshavin I agree, he is lazy and inconsisitent, but he can give us an edge going forward and that is what we need. Gervinho is an enigma but I belive in him, he is quick, better than walcott, just has no end product yet….

  61. Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

    I want Arsenal to be a success on a budget. I also want to have a million dollars to spend on fancy French ointments for my chaffeable zones. Sometimes we do not get want we want and must make do with what we have.

  62. Bona   •  

    Quote AW “I feel we have to look at the solution from inside, and don’t expect too much from outside.”

    It looks promising then……;) Jesus christ.

    On the other hand if we can offload some crap that we have it will be something to celebrate, even this season.

  63. Musketeer   •  

    Judge me at the end of the season, big big signings are coming – LOL. Never gets old.

  64. CL   •  

    All i want is the truth, a bit of honesty for a change. Is that too much to ask?
    Has Wenger been given £40m to spend in January? If not then why doesn’t Wenger say look i’ve got no money to spend, if he has been given the money but chose not to spend it then say, Wenger has had the chance but chose not to spend it. It’s that simple, but by saying nothing we dont know who to blame or believe and so choose not to believe anyone. I hope we pick up slightly until January but not too much so that Wenger says he doesn’t need to sign anyone as usual. I keep hearing reports of Hunterlaar joining, i hope it’s true as we really need an out and out goalscorer in his Klass and that’s no joke. Giroud is our only real centre forward and he doesn’t score enough, i like him and he’ll get better but he doesn’t bust a gut to get in the box like strikers do. KJH doesn’t do much other than put the ball in the net but if he does that once in a game and its the only thing he does i wont mind, better than playing great, not scoring and losing the game.
    We also need a DM badly. The midfield is not upto it when it comes to battling in the midfield. Wilshere and Arteta are the 2 CM players but we need someone who can tackle and get stuck in, Arteta looks a shadow of last season and is knackered. We’ve been linked with Strootman from PSV but he’ll be too expensive. I’ve noticed this season that Yann M’Vila from Rennes hasn’t even been making the squad some weeks and when he does he’s only making the bench, he never starts anymore. Jean Makoun has taken his place and M’Vila is miles better than him so he must have fallen out big style with the club. Wenger has been after him for ages so why not get in there now and he’ll be cheap, just as Wenger likes it. Also why not fuck Diaby off once and for all, its jokers like him that are taking the wage bill through the roof for being injured, he was looking good this year but that was for like 3 games and he’s not been seen since Man City away so fuck him off and replace him with a top class young M’Vila and let him fulfill his potential and take Diaby’s place in ours and the French team. That would be the replacement for Song that never got done and boy are we suffering for it now, also Wilshere can rotate with Arteta and none can moan at being jaded.

  65. IVAN GIVES-HEAD   •  

    also a left back, almost forgot. Gibbs is decent but he’ll be injured again before long and out for another 2-3 months. Benoit Tremoulinas from Bordeaux, give them Chamakh back and £3m and he’s ours. A reliable, injury free consistent top quality left back, haven’t had one of them since Cashley left.
    £15m plus Chamakh would get all three plus get rid of some of the dead wood to pay wages. AW wont even have to spend that £40m he’s been promised by I-AM-A JIZHEAD

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