Schalke 2 – 2 Arsenal: Decent result; Disappointing circumstances

Schalke 2 – 2 Arsenal (Walcott 18, Giroud 26, Huntelaar 45, Farfan 67)
Match Report| Highlights | Arsene’s reaction 

We would all have taken a draw beforehand…
On paper, it’s a creditable result.  However, losing a 2-0 lead is never a good thing, and the best sides tend to maintain that kind of advantage.

I’m not sure it’s a game we would have deserved to win…
If Theo Walcott had snatched a late winner, it would have been mightily harsh on Schalke.  Our opening two-goal salvo was hugely against the run of play, and whilst it understandable knocked the wind out of the German sails, they dominated for large periods of the game.

Theo got Giroud out of jail on the first goal…
Put clear on goal, the Frenchman should have scored.  Fortunately, when he trundled in to the keeper, Walcott was on hand to pick up the pieces and tap the ball in to an empty net – yet another example that he doesn’t need to play through the middle to score a ‘striker’s goal’.  It was telling that when the Frenchman did find the net just a few minutes later, it was with an instinctive headed finish – one that didn’t give him time to think.  He owes a lot to another fantastic cross from Lukas Podolski.

Vermaelen at left-back was the right call…
Koscielny looked more comfortable at centre-back than he has for most of the season, and Vermaelen was steady if a little positionally naive at full-back.  He has helped by an injury to Schalke’s marauding full-back Uchida, who looked a major threat in the opening period of the game.  On first viewing it appeared he might have been at fault for the equalising goal; in fact it was Podolski who ought to have followed Farfan to the far post.

Blaming the referee is a little bit rich…
Whilst there were a couple of decisions that plainly went against us, we were also lucky beneficiaries of the officiating on a couple of occasions.  There are plenty of referees who would’ve given a penalty for the (albeit accidental) handball by Per Mertesacker, and by my understanding of the increasingly laughable offside rule Olivier Giroud should have been flagged on the first goal.

The green shoots of recovery were there…
Arsenal scored a couple of half-decent goals and briefly looked like their confidence had been restored to them.  Had they managed to make it to half-time at 2-0, I suspect it might have been a rather different game.  As it was, Huntelaar got the crucial goal and Schalke attacked the second half with real vigour and ultimately outplayed us.  Even so, in the 20 minute period after Arsenal went ahead, I saw enough to remind me of why people were talking about this team in such positive terms at the start of the season.  Now we just need to see that across the 90.


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  1. William   •  

    You are right the best sides don’t throw away a 2 goal lead.I won’t put Arsenal in the best side category.Arsenal have allowed teams to level despite leading by one, two and even four goals. The 4-4 draw with NU still sticks in the mind. For a side of Arsenal’s caliber is simply unacceptable . It has been going on too long and Wenger should bear the blame 100%.
    Although the seaon is only three months old,I doubt the gunners can mount a challenge for the cl.They will probably get to the qf or sf and lose unless Wenger two or three top quality players for defnce/md and attack.

  2. Stevieo   •  

    Green shoots of recovery?

    The only green shoots I can see sprouting are those of your delusion GS. A win at the weekend and a slip up by United and we’ll be title contenders on your next post!

  3. Strangelet   •  

    Walcott Does not need to play through the middle? what? Walcotts game is stunted because he has to cover the right back at every single attack. if he had less defensive duties he would get many more chances and scare the back two with his pace and thus creating more space because they’d drop of him to try and keep up. Wenger does not like the ball over the top he wants pretty passing all the time, the two chances Walcott missed and scored were from balls over the top by accident! its time to give him his chance in a few games and stop being so predictable with this fake barca style with no end play.

    • Zywiec   •  

      Meh. Walcott seems to be doing fine on the wing.
      Scoring goals, getting assists, stretching defenses. He adds something defensively as well since the oppositions left fullback needs to focus more of their attention on defense rather than bombing forward.

      Why would you negate that by putting Walcott central? Holding the ball up isn’t his forte and he’s less likely to score a goal with his head than Giroud.

      Play him as much as you can this season but keep him on the wing where he is shining.

      Since when is being a winger such a bad position to play anyway? CRonaldo is his best, and arguably the best period on the wing.

      I dont buy for one second that Walcott is desperately chasing a central role. Watch him take Valencia’s starting spot at UTD next August. It’s all about the benjamins.

  4. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    oppa gangnam style

  5. Taj   •  

    Interesting post GS, but for me the remedy for Arsenal is simple. First of all, if you play 4-3-3 you must press the opposition very hard when you dont have possession as soon as they enter your half of the pitch. Thats what Barcelona do, as well as their quick passing. Early on this season we were doing it, particularly when Cazorla and Podolski were new and trying to impress. Its stagnated since then, and its down to Arsene and Bould to re-educate and motivate these players about winning back possession, and then using the ball effectively. Arsene also needs to learn how to influence matches positively during the match itself. His inertia when things aren’t going well during a match is frustrating, a la Santos versus Schalke at the Emirates, and Wilshere versus Utd. All three of the managers of the teams who are supposedly better than us are better at using their subs and changing their tactics during the game. Get these things right, and there isnt a lot between our first 11 and those of the recognised title contenders.

  6. Munitionsman   •  

    The reason we collapse early and the reason Santi and poldi don’t look as good as they did is because wenger trains them to death and them plays them to death. Or injury. Cos he won’t pay for decent players beyond 4-8 first team quality players.

    Wenger out

  7. Munitionsman   •  

    Don’t worry though he has learned his lesson…

    Arsenal are lining up a bid for QPR midfielder Adel Taarabt, 23, if their £7m pursuit of Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha, 19, fails.

    Wenger out

  8. hunter13   •  

    ah ok munitionsman it is wenger;s fault when vermaelen misskicks a clearance and sets van persie up ? who gets a shot through vermaelen;s legs ? so..not only did tommy fucked up the clearance..he fucked up the closing down too….allowing a shot from the strikers weaker foot to go through his legs…..

    is that wenger;s fault?

    is it also wenger;s fault that a 30 yearold experienced epl player like arteta allows some muppet with hair extentions to own him on the field?

    was it wenger;s fault when robin missed the penalty in o.t last season to equalise and thus giving initiative and psychology back to united players ?

    in the shalke game did you notice who lost the ball before huntelar made it 2-1? its theo in midfield trying to dribble through instead of wacking it as far away as possible…..its the 47th minute theo…nodribbling no risks..just kick the ball as far away as dont need a manager to tell you that buddy…. thats common sense.

    theo is the same one who fails to finish the chance in the end or pass it to a free player….

    so in retrospect he contributed in scoring one and was also one of the reasons for allowing shalke back in the game and then failing to win it in the end.

    why are you blaming the manager who aint even on the pitch ?

    • Bona   •  

      Who brought these players to arsenal? He is the one responsible.

      • hunter13   •  

        what other players do you expect to buy in the 10-12m bracket ?

        do you expect to buy players who can have the impact of a hazard or a ronaldo or a van persie or any world class player at the prices arsenal can afford?

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Ok lets get rid of Wenger we will just ignore all the good players he brought in over the years… some that were bribed by manure, barca and mancity… I mean they would obviously never take any of those “poor” players that Wenger can only manage to bring into the club?

      • hunter13   •  

        so bona..if i spend 90 million and bring in ronaldo and he plays like a pussy against a game with say chelsea…

        who do i blame? the one who bought him or the player who plays like a pussy?

      • hunter13   •  

        why dont you check around a bit and take note of what the world class players cost for the teams that do win stuff.

        barcelona has a 35m right back and a 32 m left back ….lol..thats 65 million just for the defensive flanks… lol ..

        arsenal has sagna who was purchased with 7 i think and jenkinson who was purchased for way way less and on the left we have gibbs who cost nothing and santos who cost what ? 5m,?

        i wont even bother with strikers or midfielders or…

        just note that barcelona spent somewhere close to 60 for zlatan didnt work and spent another 40 for villa..haha…and if that wasnt enough they spent another 30 for sanchez…

        arsenal has giroud for 12 million and chammakh on a free …

        how can you expect titles with such a disparity in the value of players we get and the value of players our competitors can purchase ?

        united got 2 17yearolds for 17million a piece in nani and anderson …. a total of 34 million for established world known wonderkids. carrick cost 25…rio cost 30..rooney the same…

        how do you compete with that?

        you got two choices mate

        sell the club to a billionaire like the rest of wankers and enjoy a brief period of success …

        or go through the shit arsenal has been going the last 7 years with the knowledge that these punks wont be here forever distorting the market and ruining football.

        if you go for the first be prepared to face administration when the billionaire decides hes had enough

        if you go for the second you will suffer for a while but when it all eventually gels and clicks, you wont have to rely on any rich cunt or his money but YOUR OWN SELF AND ABILITY.

        • Shaun   •  

          I almost forgot “get the fuck out of our stadium” that is pure quality dude and the funniest shit I have seen on this blog lol…

        • Bona   •  

          Well first of all I don`t know which left back who joined Barca in a 32 mill. deal Alba joined for 14 mill.

          Second I have never mentioned titles.

          Third I have never said anything about who wenger could and should sign, only the fact that he is the one who signs them.

          Fourth, who said that the money bags at city and chelsea are only temporary? Yes it is likely, but it ain`t a sure thing. Who says that there woun`t be another 30 years with chelsea and city, their owners are rather young. This is mine and should be yours biggest worry. And I for one would wish that the board instead of giving themselves a big bonus would rather pay down our loans.

          Fifth, you come across as a economy student that belives in a social econemy in an open marked. But for a buisness student you have to accept the fact that the man in charge in the one to blame when it fails. Obviously AW is not failing in the eyes of the board, but for many fans he does. That said I would much rather keep AW and ship out the board. But as things stands fans can only argue the case against the manager as we have some “say” in the matter.

          • hunter13   •  

            i will only talk about your fourth and fifth point.

            you cant expect the club to folllow the trend of the chelseas and cities. their foundations are artificial, ours are far more solid. the best we can do is stick to our principles, grind it out and wait for their collapse. going in a head to head battle against them is not wise. they can correct their mistakes with 30m purchase per position, we cant do that.

            as for the fifth point….fans dont set the targets and priorities of the club/company. the owners do. if wenger is given the target to finnish in the top four and thus secure the ch.l money then he has been extremely succesful. the fans dont get to decide what the club;s priorities are…..

        • Bona   •  

          Carrick cost 13,4 mill rising to 18,5 mill. Not 25!!

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      Yeah its much easier to blame Wenger than the poor performances of players in the team. I think the biggest problem at the moment is the frequencies of injuries and unreliability of their performances in each game. I think the two may be related to each other. If Arsenal can get better rotation and fewer injuries they may get more consistency and greatly improve their performances.

      The most important thing for Wenger in January is to look for a reasonable striker to replace Chamakh so we can have 2 decent strikers to rotate. Giroud although he needs to improve already looks better than bendy… but obviously not anywhere near rvp yet.

      • Stevieo   •  

        Awesome post True Cunt. Your best to date. I normally skip over your waffle as it’s normally the same shit calling everyone a Spurs troll. But you’ve excelled here.

        Some great points. You think the greatest problem is the frequency of unreliability of performance in each game. Great observation there! But if we can rotate more, we will improve? Wenger’s been doing just that. One week we have Gevinho up front, the next we have Giroud. Fucking awesome combination eh?

        One week we have Santos at left back, the next Vermaelen. One week Ramsey on the right, the next Walcott.

        And why would you want to replace Chamack? We threw a full season down the pan waiting for this guy. Surely you’re not questioning Wenger’s judgement you Spurs troll? Yes, let’s see what piece of shit Wenger can find from the French League this time around. Let’s see if he can spunk another £13m fee and £60k/week for someone to sit on the bench while we play Gervinho up front. But as long as he’s better than Bendtner, that’s all that matters.

        But let’s not blame Wenger for the poor performances of the shit he puts out every week.

    • shaun   •  

      hey you drunken cunt ..where have you been …come on you can tell us ….you have not been spit roasting the old kanga’s with your prosthetic dick again have you ?

      • hunter13   •  

        lol..they only drunken cunts i know are them muppets who abandoned the club in the middle of the season to go sort themselves up in prisons and clinics…


        guess what …one of them drunken cunts comes on the telly from time to time to piss on the manager who revived his career and purpose in life ….

        hehehee …

        • Shaun   •  

          Ha ha drunken cunt glad you realised that was for you and not that fool true cunt you at least have balls ,no dick but hey …..and guess what I figured it out ….it’s not the old Roos who have been getting the benefit of that 4 inch piece of plastic …it is obviously true cunt ….out of that shit he has written , that bit at the end is pure genius . No shit true cunt so you don’t think chirod is as good as vp yet lol…….lol you two are to funny …..and no helping here drunken cunt , and no adding another two inchs to that piece of plastic either ….so true cunt tell us what your god wengers thinking was by playing Ramsey on the right side of attack …really want to no your thoughts on this seriously ?

    • Joker   •  

      Wow hunter hunting for more straws to clutch. They’re fast running out. Just like Wenger’s time. Tick tock tick tock

      • hunter13   •  

        there are no straws to catch …only idiots who expect a club repaying its stadium to compete with abramovic


    • ademola   •  

      go and see the clip again, it was santi that lost possession and not theo.
      The main person to bear the blame for all the arsenal ups and downs is no other person that the manager…
      who selects the players?
      who sets the game plans and formation?
      who makes the substitutions?
      who makes the signings?
      NO one but Arsene… time to let the old man go. I wont change my stand #WengerOrGazidisOut or both OUT!

  9. Me   •  

    Does anyone have Wenger’s mobile phone number?

    I have a few things id like to discuss with him…

  10. A Force!   •  

    Why on earth do people lay the blame on the players? The manager is the one who motivates the players.

    It’s like Audi blaming saying ‘its the cars fault for not functioning properly’. When Audi are the manafacturers! Makes no sense blaming the players and not the manager.

    It goes for Wenger and Mancini and whoever.

    This site used to be so good to have a chat about the Arsenal whilst at work. RIP Gunnerblog.

    • hunter13   •  

      yeah well mancini is given a ferrari to drive and wenger is given a ford fiesta……

  11. RVB   •  

    The ones who want Wenger out are ungrateful and moaning brats. The ones who want Arsene to stay are AKB idiots with their noses up his ass. The ones who sing while we are 2-0 down at OT are delusional fools.

    Has the Gun Rack degraded to this?

    Anyway we just love the club and want to see it back to winning ways and a strong fighting spirit. But stop pretending like we know how to fix it. We should express both our disappointment and our support. Disappointment at the team (players, coaches, managers and board) and our support for the club (AFC) and whip their ass to figure it out.

    But what are their incentives to improve other than to please the fans? What pressure makes the most sense to push for action, whatever that is?

    That, to me, is a much better discussion than who knows best on how to fix the club. Or just go apply for that coaching badge ffs.

    • ademola   •  

      It is only a matter of time before you realize that our once great manager has really lost his competitive edge…time for a change mate

  12. Strangelet   •  

    Giroud needs crosses to score goals with his head, that will not happen anytime soon. The wingers are too busy covering the marauding full backs so they can pass it back to midfield and lose it. Walcott does not need to hold the ball up! we want balls over he top give other teams something to think about, you’ll would see how much space that would create for our midfielders to work in. we need a plan b and c! Arsenal equals predictable.
    Walcott is not a winger!

  13. Stevieo   •  

    I’m with cockhunter on this one. None of the blame can lie at Wenger’s feet.

    Do you remember when Almunia and Fabianski were taking it in turns each week to throw the ball in the net. It was pointless blaming Wenger. How could we expect a cub with the 5th largest turnover in world football and a wage bill of over £100m to do any better than these two prats?

    When Eboue kept rolling around like a clown and playing like a total cunt, there was no point blaming Wenger. With such a paltry turnover, how could we do any better?

    Do you remember when we sold Adebayor for a measly £20m. Being such a cash strapped club, Wenger was right to go a whole season without replacing him, waiting for the worldclass Chamack to come on a free. Was he worth the wait or what?

    Wenger is performing miracles. Years of other dross like Denilson, Silvestre and Squillaci on the books, and still the AKB’s believe in Wenger. He is truly performing miracles to still brainwash these morons.

  14. Munitionsman   •  

    It’s not wengers fault it’s our poor fitness record and lack of rotation. I mean just the other day when diaby was guiding the medical team on methods and Practises after hand picking them he really shouldn’t have reccomended repeated over training. And as for that tommy v character when he picks the team!! Why does he keep playing the same guys over and over when they are knackered. Poor poor mr wenger gets the blame for all the things a manager is resPonsible for. It’s just not fair. Time to throw a water bottle on his behalf everyone….. Or should we just cry to the 4th official like a real man would??

    Wenger out

  15. Munitionsman   •  

    Dear cock hunter you asked if its wengers fault tommy miskicks and rvp scores?? Surely even a deluded yank like you can see the irony of your question?? After all it was wenger that sold rvp to manure… So yes it is 100% wengers fault

    • hunter13   •  

      and what does the sale got to do with vermaelen;s defensive mistake ?

      that goal was more of a cock up from our defender than the quality of the striker….

      • Me   •  

        Then Wenger is at fault for not having good enough defenders.

    • hunter13   •  

      and why do you blame wenger for robin being a cunt?

      do you accept the manner he has treated arsenal and hsi manager and teammates?

      i dont.

      • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

        I believe van Persie was right in wanting to join a club that was interested in winning trophies instead of building for the future. The man has waited at the Arsenal for 9 years waiting for the fruition of the master plan, and it is still 3-4 years away. van Persie could either wait, and hope that he will still be a world-class striker when Arsenal get their shit together, or like a real-life Robert Redman in “The Natural” he could join a struggling New York baseball club as a mysterious older pro and lead his team of battlers and journeymen to a preposterous, against the odds, World Series win, win the heart of his erstwhile childhood sweetheart, and come to terms with his talent, life and lost opportunities.

        • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

          Robin van Persie: I coulda been better. I coulda broke every record in the book.
          Wayne Rooney: And then?
          Robin van Persie: And then? And then when I walked down the street people would’ve looked and they would’ve said there goes Robin van Persie, the best there ever was in this game.

        • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

          Robert Redford, I should’ve said

  16. Stevieo   •  

    Hilarious stuff from the village idiot cockhunter. Wenger is given a ford Fiesta to drive?

    Basically, Wenger wastes millions on transfers and wages, so we are left with something that performs like a Fiesta is nearer to the truth.

    The main problem we have is that we have a woman driver driving our Fiesta. Wenger can barely start the engine, and then struggles to take the handbrake off. When he eventually gets the thing going, he’s stuck in first gear, grating the gearbox with no idea how to change gears. So he just leaves it in first praying that the car won’t burn out on him.

    After being left for dead at the traffic lights by Norwich’s Kia Picanto, Wenger trundles along in the slow lane. Everton’s Vauxhall Corsa is ahead of us. Even West Brom’s Nissan Micra with its L plates on is ahead of us.Oh, and here are West Ham in the second lane in a disability scooter jockeying for position.

    Check your wing mirrors Wenger, Wigan are coming up at pace on a pushbike!

    And anyway cockhunter, Wenger used to have a Ferrari, but that dickhead insisted on putting diesel in the thing until it choked of death.

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      I would like to drive a golf polo. those are great cars and has anyone seen how they can parallel park by themselves? lol, that would be a great idea. let’s buy wenger a polo and see him turn it into a 4th place trophy

  17. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    why are we wasting time talking about the demise of the arsena? We are manly men looking at a team of unmanly man fighting it out in the premier league, a league of manly men and tea-sipping Englishmen.

    As churned milk slowly separates into cream and milk, so too do the manly men of the Preimier League rise to the surface and leave the tea=sipping English to the dregs and wallowing, milky-white depths of mid-table obscurity.

    I believe Arsenal need more Australians in the side. There is not a single Australian in the team, and that is a travesty. A blonde surfing jackaroo with golden skin and an easy, laconic manner in front of goal is just what the side needs. He would be able to harness the tranquility of the early morning waves of the beaches off Torquay when faced with a splint-second one-on-one, and shoot with the dead-eyred certainty of a man would had been rustling up sheep and killing venomous Aussie snakes with his bare hands since he was a youngster growing up on his Daddy’s farm on the Great Western Plains.

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