Man Utd 2 – 1 Arsenal: Why Fergie is like Captain Hook

The scoreline was entirely misleading…
If you missed the game and saw only the score, you might think that this was a close affair.  In fact, as an Arsenal supporter, you’d most probably be quietly relieved at the small disparity between the two teams – it’s a hell of an improvement upon 8-2, for one thing.  In reality, however, the gulf looked as wide as it ever has.  United missed a penalty and mustered a further seven shots on target.  Arsenal managed just three, all of which came during stoppage time at the end of a dead rubber of a second half.

There was a poignant sadness about Fergie…
Although Alex Ferguson was quick to state that his side “should have scored fix or six or maybe even more”, he didn’t seem to take too much pleasure in it.  In an interview with the BBC, he added:

“It was a strange game, nothing like the Arsenal – United games of the past.  It didn’t live up to his billing.”

He was disappointed.   Not just at his own side’s lack of efficiency, but at the sheer lack of competition.  Fergie loves a fight, and Arsenal simply didn’t give him one.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the film Hook, but it is one of Hollywood’s great cinematic masterpieces.  It features an astonishing turn from Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.  He kidnaps the grown-up Peter Pan’s children, and uses them as bait to lure Pan to NeverNeverLand for one great last duel.   However, when Pan does show up, Hook realises he is now just a fat, flabby, middle-aged man.  He’s no longer the great warrior Hook loved to do battle with.  The war is over, and the eternally combative Hook is devastated.  That’s how Fergie looked in the post-game press conference: no smug self-satisfaction; just genuinely gutted that we can longer proffer a credible challenge.

In the film, encouraged by the Lost Boys and a preposterously named vagrant called ‘Rufio’, Pan rediscovers his former glories, learns to fly, fight and crow once more, and returns for one final titanic clash.  At the moment Arsenal look a long way from such a resurrection.  And Rufio is dead, so that’s out the window.

Not everything is Ivan Gazidis’ fault…
Last season Arsene Wenger took a lot of flak from supporters.  This season it seems to be Gazidis’ turn.  I do have a degree of understanding with some fans’ frustration at what they perceive as the poor running of the club.  But here’s the thing: an almost identical XI performed far better at the City of Manchester Stadium, in a game which finished 1-1 but in which Arsenal really ought to have won by a goal or two.  City and United are about as good as each other.  The disparity between those two Arsenal performances is nothing to do with Ivan Gazidis, and the responsibility for the downturn in form must be laid squarely at the door of the manager and the players.

Theo Walcott was never likely to start…
There are three reasons.  The first is that is contract situation has undoubtedly seen him slip down the pecking order.  The second is that he played 120 minutes in midweek.  The third is that Arsene was always likely to pick Aaron Ramsey on the right in the hope of replicating the aforementioned City performance.  Of those reasons, I genuinely believe that on this occasion the second and third were more influential than the first.  In future, however, I hope Arsene doesn’t cut off his nose to spite his face by leaving Theo out at a time when we plainly need him.

Thomas Vermaelen does not look like captain material…
When Robin van Persie took on the armband, he seemed to grow as a man and a player.  Since Thomas Vermaelen inherited it, he has shrivelled like a slug in a Bloody Mary.  His mistake for the opening goal was absolutely criminal, and it was an error which compounded several weeks of poor form.  Perhaps it’s unfortunate timing that this dip in his performances has coincided with becoming skipper, or perhaps the broadened responsibility has led his own game to suffer.  Either way, he needs to improve quickly.  At the moment the armband is the one thing keeping him in the team.

Give Santos a break…
You don’t have to know him to see that Andre Santos is a nice guy.  He’s always got a smile on his face, is clearly popular with the squad, and is basically a cheeky cuddly good sort of bloke.  Now, I will grant you this: he’s a bit slow, a bit positionally naive, and probably not good enough to be a long-term option for Arsenal at left-back.  He had a very poor game against QPR and quite a poor one against United.  And yes, he swapped shirts with Robin van Persie at half-time.  But none of that is enough to justify the abuse this guy is getting from his own ‘fans’ on twitter.

You may not know this, but pros swap shirts at half-time all the time.  It’s a regular thing.  It usually happens in the tunnel, rather than on the pitch, but it’s no biggie.  Especially between friends, and that’s what these players are.  Just like you might be friends with your former colleagues.  You all saw Van Persie hugging Arsene at half-time, just minutes after scoring the goal that separated the teams at that point, and yet Arsene seems to have escaped censure.

Santos is the latest in a long-line of scape goats.  The likes of Bendtner, Eboue and Arshavin have all been down that path before him, and it doesn’t end well.  Personally, I think it stinks, and I hate what I see a section of the fanbase dishing out to a guy who is still our player.  Get a grip, people.

We’re going backwards fast…
That’s the truth.  I’m not worried about shirt-swapping or referee decisions or anything else: I’m worried about this team.  The decline in recent weeks has been alarming.  Leaving aside that anomalous League Cup game, the first team have lost three of the last four.  On Tuesday night we face an intimidating trip to Schalke, and we’re only a couple of weeks away from a massive North London Derby.

We need to stop the rot.  At the moment we have slim trophy hopes and bleating fans.  We’re dangerously close to turning in to Liverpool.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Ali Rashel-Miah   •  


  2. Aussie Gunner   •  

    I was up till 2am Sunday morning watching my beloved team which i supported for the last 30 years, and sadly before the game i told my son, that first time for a long time i lost my belief in my team being able to win,watched the game almost expecting to lose sure enough we did,we can point the finger for one another for the next 10years, the fact of the matter is we’re not good enough to compete with Chelsea, Man U, Man. City.
    They say change is as good as a holiday, maybe Mr. Wenger doesn’t have anything else to offer the club anymore, maybe it’s time to say thank you Mr. Wenger for all those years that we were successful and get fresh minds and ideas into this great club.
    I know one thing if i went to work and got paid 50.000 pounds a week, and performed the way so called our professional players have performed 3 strikes and i’d get the sack, refering back to your quote in your article, the responsibility for the downturn in form must be laid squarely at the door of the manager and the players.
    The question is how far is our great club going to be allowed to be in this downwards spiral,and how long, i for one am starting to lose patience, trying to find positives every week out of very ordinary performances, well below par displays from this well overpaid very ordinary individuals,i’m sorry for venting my frustration out like this, but i had to, because the badge in front of your will always, always be bigger then the name on the back of the shirt.LOVE MY CLUB AND ALWAYS WILL.

  3. GuttedinTexas   •  

    The fact that Santos is a cuddly-nice guy has nothing to do with the argument. While nothing justifies abusing someone in the Twitter, you have to admit ‘bit slow’ and ‘bit positionally naive’ are two hugely flattering way of describing his sorry performance this season (and so is ‘probably not good enough to be a long-term option for Arsenal at left-back’ . What the guy lacks is any real effort. Do you honestly think, it’s a coincidence that poldy’s form went to the toilet as soon as gibbs got injured? And after the horror show that was the first half against ManU (by the entire team) I don’t know how spineless, prideless, and disrespectful you have to be to ask Robin for his shirt (mind you it was not exactly an exchange-I didn’t see santos take his shirt off).. And please don’t give me the ‘they are friends’ BS. You should know better if you’ve ever played in a football match with the minimum level of competitiveness…

    • hola   •  

      Well said…

  4. Lobsta   •  

    Gutted beat me to it. If it was vp who ran the length of the pitch to ask 4 santos’ shirt, I think we would all been slightly more ok with it. But from where I’m sitting, it looked like santos was so in awe of “THE INCREDIBLE KNOBBY KNEED DUTCH MARVEL” that getting his shirt seemed to be the only thing that mattered to him on saturday. His performance didn’t help convincing us otherwise anyway.

  5. RVB   •  

    Santos is horrid. He had only had a couple of games that was good and unfortunately it went to his Samba head.

    Everyone was walking around again. Minutes of back and side passes when we were 2-0 down with time ticking was ridiculous. It almost seems they were trying to rack up their stats in Opta so that they could increase their individual worth in Fantasy Football.

  6. Bergkamps Boots   •  

    Personally, I cannot stand Santos. He is not a competent player for Arsenal Football Club and the sooner he is shipped out, the better for all concerned. Regardless of his personality, he just doesn’t have what it takes to make it at the club. Eboue is a lovely guy, funny and much loved by those who knew him, but he wasn’t good enough and Arsene realised this and let him go. I was horrified the day Eboue got booed by the fans, it was awful, but if we cannot show our frustration to players who are clearly uninterested (i.e. Arshavin in season past, Santos now) then what is the point. Yes, we need to get behind the team, but we also need to let Wenger know we are unhappy with the quality of player he has recruited in recent years. Unfrotunately, we are not title challenger once again, in fact I believe Wenger needs to take the Capital One Cup seriously. I feel we need to win a trophy to remind the players just what that feels like!! If we were to win the cub, finish in 4th spot, then it might give us some momentum and belief once again that we can challenge for the title. At present the players look scared. They look scared to attack, to try something out of the ordinary and we have NO leader. There isn’t a player on the field who can take a game by the scruff of its neck and do something meaningful. We don’t have a Vieira, a Keane, a Gerrard, a Drogba or an Henry. We used to be a team full of fast and strong players – now we are full of short and quick players. The rot set in a couple of years ago and we all hoped it was going to change, but it hasn’t. The players are accountable for their performances, not Wenger or Gazidis, and they need to look deep in their hearts and remember who they play for. We are The Arsenal.

  7. Kanonier   •  

    Very wise words. I hope many Arsenal Fans gonna read this.

  8. @cynorix   •  

    The truth of the matter is you can’t give what you don’t have, period!

  9. Me   •  

    Arsenal are not a club that is interested in winning trophies.

    Arsenal are a club that is interested in making money.

    A selling club… build a bigger stadium, most expensive tickets, sell all their best players for a massive profit, replace them with average players on the cheap.

    Are you blind?

    Our own manager shows so much respect to his own fans, by openly laughing & shaking hands with RVP at half time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Arsene we trust. He saw this sign & he is now taking full advantage of this trust, screwing over the fans to fill his own pockets. Every man is selfish & will always do what his best for himself.

    • Oma   •  

      We had a disastrous game but there isn’t anything wrong in Arsene shaking his former player at halftime.THE WHOLE TEAM TOTALLY SUCKED!

      • Me   •  

        The player just scored against us.

        Laughing & shaking his hand sends a message to the players & fans.


  10. Tom   •  

    What Arsenal need is to shake things up a bit. No one will like me saying this, but the player we need is Luis Suarez. A cunt, no doubt, but he is proven in the EPL with sublime trickery and intelligent runs. I mean if he can perform at Liverpool, then surely he will do well at Arsenal!
    We need to trim down our wage budget, too.

    The first thing that needs to be done is to not offer ridiculous pay hikes to mediocre players. HOW THE FUCK IS ROSICKY ON 80K A WEEK!! He’s played 15 good games in his whole fucking Arsenal career! Basically we’ve paid him a million dollars per good performance during his entire career!

    I agree with the Vermalaen statement too. He is not good enough to be a guaranteed starter at Arsenal. IMO, Koscielny is superior to him, he has just lacked match practice this season. Him and Mertesacker would be a solid foundation to build the team around.

    It’s such a shame too that Jenkinson/Sagna are not ambidextrous, as those 2 are far better than Santos. I would mention Gibbs, but he’s always injured so doesn’t count.

    Finally, to end this rant, I want to know why we don’t get a proper explanation to Diaby and Rosicky’s injuries. I’m sick of hearing “2-3 weeks away,” it drives me fucking insane! Just admit that their legs are gone and it would be in the clubs best interest for them to retire. FYI before you remind me how good they can be, Diaby is my favourite player at Arsenal. His strength, power and trickery are an awesome combination, it’s just a shame the price he had to pay for his attributes is that he is made out of fucking paper mache!

  11. Camberwell Gooner   •  

    My question is, does Arsene really know any more?

    Does he know how to beat United? No, he plays the exact same tactics against them every time with the same results every time. Einstein, I take it all back.

    Can he pick his best 11? Not sure, why drop Jenks the second Sagna becomes fit again if Jenks was playing pretty well? Why give Santos a start when he was dreadful in our last game and Gibbs had been doing a fairly solid job? Why persist with Rambo on the right wing when he played ‘just OK’ in that role against City and not all that well in any other games?

    Should Theo have started? Of course he should, I don’t buy this nonsense about him having played for two hours in midweek. He’s 22 years old, not 32! I’m pretty much resigned to losing him in January so why not get the most out of him while we can?

    Can Wenger ‘get the players up’ for a big game any more? Not on this evidence, they looked beat from the first whistle to the last. I said before it looks like the players have adopted the same mentality as me, just accept we’re nowhere near the top 3. Well I don’t get paid tens of thousands of quid a week, this lot just looked like they were going through the motions and couldn’t wait to get back to their penthouses and trophy wives.

    I try to be optimistic every year and tell myself we’re building towards being a more competitive unit and next year we’ll be stronger but screw that, the star of the team walks every summer and gets replaced by people like, er, Park, Silvestre, Santos etc, while perma-crocks like Diaby and Rosicky are kept on the payroll, to do what?

    I just can’t imagine Arsenal without Wenger, he’s all I’ve ever known so some might call me a spoilt plastic who never knew what the 70s and 80s were like, but we seem to go round and round in ever-decreasing circles and I can’t help thinking “What if…?”

    Rant over. For now…

  12. fu   •  

    2 points. are we actually better than liverpool. seeing that santos is a nice cuddly guy makes it ok for him to play for arsenal. quedtion for GS, do you run what you write by that imbecile arseblogger before you post

  13. david   •  

    Number of reasons arsenal have seen such a drop in form between city and its games.
    1 Gibbs injury _ dispute his best efforts Santos is not up to this level. Squad is crying out for a class left full to compliment poldolski.
    2 ball possession for the sake of it _ this started with norich match, sideways, backways and safety first passes. Idea is to use possession with purpose to score, arsenal seems to have forgotten this.
    3 failure to replace song _ the lack of a disruptive mg on front of defence is starting to tell, arteta tries but this is not his strength. Might be worthwhile trying vermallen in this role as he can play a bit in possession.

  14. Stevieo   •  

    Interesting analysis on Fergie. I can see Sky not bothering with this fixture in the future, as it’s becoming so one sided. We are just lambs to the slaughter. Even the Arsenal fans behave like a lower league side out for the day in a Cup game. Non stop singing and support as the team are ripped apart. Very similar to when non league Crawley fans went up for a day out, the only difference being Crawley gave United a game.

    I don’t think we’ll turn in to a Liverpool. The Liverpool board are far more proactive. They realise when there are problems. They aren’t afraid to bring new managers in and spend money. We’ve all heard the shit from the AGM. Everything is tickety-boo at Arsenal.

    Dalglish got to 2 cup finals last year and won one. If Wenger wins the tin pot cup this year can you imagine the shit we will be fed. We are on the road to recovery. The players know what it’s like to win and will have a hunger for more success. This is the kickstart we needed, etc, etc. And the AKB’s will continue to back Wenger. And dare I say GS, you will be one of those singing from the same sheet.

  15. Strangelet   •  

    Ok my theory! Wenger will not play Walcott down the center because it may prove he is wrong about Walcott and this Wenger knows best stuff will be wiped out. Santos the bargain left back is failing as a back up and thus proves the transfer policy is a joke but Wenger will persist to try to prove he knows best. Ramsey is a central attacking midfielder being wrongly used out on the wing and its ruining his game and making him some sort of scape goat, i feel for him. Wenger wants a team that play everywhere on a shoe string budget and i feel this is ruining the good players we do have. Jack wilshire is not a defensive midfielder, santos is a winger, Walcott wants to play up front instead of covering the right back who are told to get forward as much as possible which negates his own attacking instincts. No one is allowed to cross the ball its got to be squared at every chance and its all so easy to read, when a ball is crossed no one is there because they are all standing outside of the box waiting for the ball to be squared.

    • Me   •  

      I agree with this post very strongly.

  16. Shaun   •  

    Of course that is correct .wenger is a liability who has incredible double standards.we can’t afford to pay players ridicules wages because they have to pay me ridicules wages lol…….lol .another classic from le fool , “I think the players have forgot how good they are ……Jesus Christ the man is funny …..well if you actually did your job and earned some of those ridicules wages you are paid maybe just maybe they would not forget how absolutely useless they are lol… somebody keep him away from the press , the man is a total embarrassment

  17. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    we are 3rd on the wage bill list, and sixth on the ladder. strueth, its a bloody fair dinkum outrage that our blokes are underperforming compared to their pay!

    wenger out

    • shaun   •  

      We have lost our game a little bit, we are not as creative as we can be .no the squad is not good enough at all and then the manager compounds the problems on top of that. Santos is not a good left back , can’t defend and has no speed and does not appear to have positional sense either , a big problem right there as many of us have said this means your left side attacker has to do double the work and now makes podolski look crap as well as we don’t have the attacking threat down the left side , then you lose your box to box cm who does stretch the play and open teams up (diaby) who many don’t like but the guy when fit is a quality player with the physical attributes we don’t have especially with song gone and we know diaby has a horrendous injury record , but hey don’t worry about that we need the cash from the song deal anyway and we will just take a risk as we don’t really have to win anything anyway and if we do happy days . But we are really not having fun yet so let’s spice it up a little and kill the right side threat as well by putting in a slow CM with no speed who only passes backwards and sideways .oh oh but we have arteta and why he is not in the Spanish national team I have no idea .maybe they have forgot how good they are….chirod my dead eye striker does not appear to be getting into the positions van persie used to oh well I will correct that for him with some of my masterful coaching although I am a little concerned why carzola now appears to be getting dizzy and keeps turning left then right and then losing the ball when there is no visible forward pass , that is really strange but I still can’t figure out why we are no longer creating a goal threat .unfortunately we have gone from a team that was three or for quality players from being able to compete for the title to a team that is now three or four quality players from being able to compete for the fourth place imaginary trophy in my opinion and it seems to be many other fans opinion that lack luster piss poor management of arsenal football team is the sole cause for the demise of arsenal football club as a top team and it’s not like you want to be overly venomous but when the manger comes out and says things like “the team have forgotten how good they are “ after a ridiculously inept performance and embarrassingly put to the sword by who was once the arch rival who has to stop himself laughing but at the same time has a sadness as he can’t quite believe how lame his once fierce rival has become , we as fans feel we are being taken the piss out of …but where is the fix …there is only one but the virus runs deep in many even though the cure is obvious we as fans are still helpless ….I think I agree with you Wegs…wenger out

  18. Me   •  

    When Wenger first came into the club, the first thing he did, was increase all the players wages.

    The reason he did this, was to give the players a psychological lift. He believed that this would enhance the players performances, via self-fulfilling prophecy.

    This is also the reason that he pays very average players big money, which, in turn, is the reason why we cant shift the dead wood to another club. Other clubs would not pay the same wages for average players.

    Is this not a massive contradiction?

    As he then sells players, claiming that he cant buy the crazy wages off £200k a week. If he paid the average players less, he could pay the better players more…

    If he lets Theo go, because he wanted £100k, not the £75k they offered, but yet pays players like Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou, Arshaven etc big money, it just doesnt make sense.

  19. Afc   •  

    Who do you suppose we place Wenger with?
    People wanted him out last season. We finished 3rd.

    • shaun   •  

      we finished third because we had the best striker in the league by a country mile who was having the season of his life and trying his hardest as he did not want to believe he to was being conned by wengers false hopes and deluded visions just the same as cesc untill they finally realize …I have to stop believeing in this guy as it’s not going to happen and I need to make a decision as I really want to win something in my career…it is not rocket science …van-persie has waited 8 years …wilshire has been with us nine I think …carzola not even a full season and already he can see but is being kept confused by his mate arteta who is long past his best …the spuds had a mare and is the only reason we got third what with rednapp and his madness that little issue was a god send for wenger .The first team playing at the begining of the season is capable of third at best but you would have to have them available all season .the middle can deal with an injury or two but our real problem is upfront and at the back as we have seen and the manager should no all about and should have fixed these problems we continually have
      but for penny pinching and making the balance sheet look amazing .we have a manger who keeps bleating on about a draw with mancity when he had his first team available a frigging draw for gods sake .wenger is consistent though …I think chirod will score tonight and maybe a couple ..what do you think AFC and can we have atleast one positive from you …I really think we will get a reaction tonight and if santos does not play there is a chance

  20. Arsenal FC   •  

    Arsenal FC
    1 day, 7 hrs ago
    I have read the comments posted since the game against Man Utd. There clearly is disquiet amongst you supporters. Some are showing support by saying stick with the current regime and I use the word REGIME carefully. Others want and end to it, something along the lines of a Gadafi style dethroning.

    I have to say that this has become a real issue for Wenger and his cronies. Having lost the support of his best players who have abandoned ship for mostly monetary reasons, there is little doubt that they have seen AFC working close up, closer than any of us have, and have all deduced that there chance of silverware lies elsewhere.

    This has clearly become a common factor. The result has made us an academy for the rich clubs of the world and as a result made Wenger and Gazidis even richer.

    Unfortunately guys, my feelings are slowly but surely leaning to a regime change. There is no point even moving Wenger upstairs. We need a root and branch clean out.

    Sadly I can’t see it happening…

  21. Bona   •  

    Last summer I was pissed off about the rumour of Odemwingi and Scott Dann joining arsenal. At present that seems like a distant dream and we can`t even get rid of Chamack.

    This is depressing………..

    Schalke 3 arsenal 0, is my prediction for tonight.

  22. West Upper   •  

    Great post GB.

    When Fergie is nice to you its because you are no longer a threat.

    I was at the Schalke game and they are a very good side – it will need a massive step up in performance to get anything out of this game.

    I don’t see it happening..

  23. Afc   •  

    No one still answered my question.
    Who would you get to replace Wenger?
    2 seasons ago we were until the end of season challenging for the title. Players left apparently to win trophies,the same season that we beat Man U Barcelona etc. proved we could compete and beat the best. But the bigger clubs offered more money the one thing arsenal can’t compete with. So the players left. What player do you know ever admitting they left for money. They would never say that. But they do it. Wenger has had to rebuild his team on little money and find replacements for big players.
    He won’t admit he’s wrong cos he feels the players will lose belief in him.
    Unfortunately for us, we have too many players fighting for same roll. Cozola, wilshere, artery, diaby, Ramsay, rosicky. All central. No wingers.
    We will aim for 4th this season in hope for CL next season. It will be tough. We can all
    Hope for a trophy and that will be tough too, as like he said what player wants to join a team that won the league cup but doesn’t play in CL?

    • shaun   •  

      Afc , seek medical attenion imediately as that virus is very aggressive

      “Unfortunately for us, we have too many players fighting for same roll. Cozola, wilshere, artery, diaby, Ramsay, rosicky. All central. No wingers”

      who do you think is responsible for the statement above…do you think it is the fans ? do you think it is the board ?

  24. sperez   •  

    Jurgen Klopp is so superior to Wenger that makes me sick. Arsenal is one of the richest club in the world and are stuck with a clueless, complacent and overpaid manager. How I’d love to have Klopp at Arsenal. The German manager knows how to motivate his players and understand tactics. Dortmund outplayed Madrid twice (in Germany and Spain). Seeing Mourinho so nervous was a joy.
    Just look at what Klopp accomplished with a wage bill smaller than spuds. Wenger can’t even spot a talent in his own country anymore. He was supposed to be good in spotting talent in France. Not anymore. Gervinho? Giroud? Koscielny ? Who will be the next waste of money ?
    Unfortunately, Arsenal look a very mediocre side full of overpaid dross. Wenger lost the plot completely and the players know this.

    • Shaun   •  

      Exactly,wenger seems to think the man city game was our best performance he obviously did not see how klopp team performed against them, he would not cost the earth , does not talk shit

  25. sperez   •  

    So, Vertonghen and Suarez joined Spuds and Liverpool because of UCL football, right ? Falcao joined Atlético de Madrid for the same reason, right? And Cavani don’t play for Napoli anymore, is that correct ? What is the point in getting UCL if Wenger will spend money on shite anyway ? Cazorla ? Good player, but he left Malaga, a team with UCL,(Top of the group, by the way) for financial reasons. And if Málaga were not in trouble, Wenger would not have bought him. Now I bet Cazorla regrets his decision to join Arsenal…

  26. Afc   •  

    Wenger I hope has a method in his madness

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I think it’s best left that way and I don’t know that there’s anything more to say.”Les Miles met with Michigan on Monday evening about the Wolverines’ coaching vacancy, shortly after the [url=]Men’s Frank Gore Limited Black Jersey[/url] LSU coach said he is also ”extremely happy” with his current job.”I can certainly understand coach Miles’ desire to accommodate his alma mater [url=]Women’s Von Miller Game White Jersey[/url] by speaking with them during their coaching search,” Alleva said. ”We [url=]Women’s Troy Polamalu Elite White Jersey[/url] remain committed to working toward keeping Les [url=]Women’s Peyton Manning Game Pink Jersey[/url] Miles as the head of the LSU football program, a program that wins at a high level, graduates its studentathletes and represents the university well in the community under his leadership.”After Peterson announced that he would enter the NFL draft, he said he hopes and believes Miles will remain at LSU, based on his conversations with the coach and what Miles has told other underclassmen and recruits.Brandon has been very quiet about details of his search since firing Rich Rodriguez last week other than to confirm Friday he was using some ”external resources” to help him find a new leader for college football’s winningest program. ”But this is a critical decision for Michigan Athletics and it cannot and [url=]NFL Jerseys Cheap China[/url] will not be made in haste.”Peterson’s younger brother, Avery Johnson, is a high school junior and standout wide receiver who has [url=]Women’s Von Miller Game Navy Blue Jersey[/url] made an early commitment to LSU.Miles was an offensive lineman on [url=]Men’s London Fletcher Limited Black Jersey[/url] two Big Ten championship teams for the late Bo Schembechler, who later gave Miles his first chance to be an assistant coach in 1980. Brandon is a former teammate.In addition, Miles last month signed coveted 6foot5, 230pound junior college transfer quarterback Zach Mettenberger, a former top Georgia recruit who was dismissed by the Bulldogs because of legal trouble.Last Wednesday, Rich Rodriguez was fired as Michigan coach with a 1522 mark in three seasons.If Miles were to head back to Michigan, he’d be taking on a rebuilding project while also leaving behind a program that is bound to be a favorite in the mighty SEC in 2011.LSU coach Les Miles meets with MichiganEarlier Monday, Miles attended LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson’s announcement that he was entering the NFL [url=]Men’s Joe Flacco Limited Black Jersey[/url] draft, [url=]Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] then spoke afterward about the direction of his [url=]Men’s DeSean Jackson Game Green Jersey[/url] coaching career.Next season would be Miles’ seventh at LSU, where he has brought one highly rated recruiting class after another to Baton Rouge.Mettenberger will compete for snaps with rising senior Jordan Jefferson, who struggled for long stretches but is coming off an impressive performance in the Cotton Bowl in which he accounted for four touchdowns.Mettenberger’s arrival is expected to provide a boost to LSU’s passing game, which was last in the SEC this season, and was perhaps the only thing holding the Tigers back in their two [url=]Womens Eric Berry Jersey[/url] losses this season to Auburn and Arkansas.LSU spokesman Michael Bonnette confirmed that [url=]Women’s Larry Fitzgerald Limited White Jersey[/url] the meeting took place but could not immediately say which Michigan officials were involved.”I think he’s here. 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Within two days of his heartbreak, Kahn pushed the Knicks and Clippers out of the way to sign young point guard Ramon Sessions who had been a free agent in waiting for most of the summer. With a more seasoned young guard, Kahn and Rambis will get a better idea over the next couple of years how their high octane offense is going to work with Flynn and a guard who can shoot better than the Spaniard.KHAN’S MOVE FOR RUBIO A CLASSIC GAMBITMany of the reputable draftniks had suggested Rubio would go 2d instead of Thabeet. There were also rumors that the New York Knicks would maneuver into position to grab Rubio. One such [url=]Men’s Colin Kaepernick Elite Red Jersey[/url] rumor had Wilson Chandler in a dogsled and Rubio on top of the Empire State Building auditioning for “High School Musical 12″ as Zach Effron’s understudy. It didn’t hurt that when the Wizards traded the 5th spot to Minnesota, Rubio did not embrace Minnie as a future home either.Ricky and Team Rubio probably did not anticipate that Kahn and Minnesota would work so hard to get the fifth pick and that he would fall that far. He also didn’t seem to believe that the Wolves would actually reach an agreement with DKV Joventut to accelerate Rubio’s transition to the NBA. It was clearly a miscalculation on Team Rubio’s part because money was never the real problem after he bid DKV farewell. Rubio agreed to the arrangement that [url=]Women’s Eric Decker Elite White Jersey[/url] would make him an NBA baller at 18, but [url=]Women’s DeSean Jackson Game White Jersey[/url] then reneged on his agreement with Minnesota. In a statement, the corporate board of DKV Joventut said,And lest we forget, another General Manager “genius” Bob Bass was criticized for using the 1 pick in 1987 to draft David “The Admiral” Robinson although he had two years of a naval commitment to serve after graduation. The Spurs [url=]Youth London Fletcher Game Burgundy Red Team Color Jersey[/url] faced a special quandary which [url=]Men’s Patrick Willis Game Jersey[/url] led to speculation that Robinson might not sign with San Antonio within a year and attempt to force free agency so that he could be courted by the Lakers or the Knicks. Didn’t happen. David Robinson became one of the greatest Spurs ever.From a business standpoint, Rubio has brought nothing new to the world of sports. throw in Steve Francis.) Rubio had big [url=]Men’s Aldon Smith Limited Jersey[/url] league, big market dreams shared by his parents and advisors.Every pick is a risk, but the rewards regarding Rubio are promising. Kahn has created numerous options which include using Rubio’s rights in a future trade or developing two solid points in Flynn and Sessions and eventually trading one of them for a missing piece. It was rumored that Walsh and the Knicks were trying to move up in the draft in order to secure either Rubio or Stephen Curry. Although it was believed that Walsh would be happy with Jared Hill falling to the Knicks, everyone knew the Knicks needed a solid backup/soontobestarter to work with or replace Duhon to operate D’Antoni’s offense. By drafting both Flynn and Rubio, the Knicks felt forced to a less satisfying option and remained in a quandary regarding how to address the point guard issue.Kahn has shown that he doesn’t give a damn about how the Knicks develop their team. He is clearly focused on building the Timberwolves. Any harm to the Knicks probably is not personal, just collateral damage from the maneuverings of a general manager who understands that to build a contender you start the team core with homegrown youth, complimentary trades and expert use of exceptions to the salary cap.In front of this situation and in contradiction with what he has been saying to us and to Timberwolves representatives from time to time, the player has announced the decision that he wants to be transferred to FC Barcelona.TRICKY RICKY’S MATH MAGIC MISCALCULATIONAfter the draft, Rubio’s dad made it clear that his son was not going to play in Minnesota anytime soon. “Right now Ricky is likely staying in Europe one or two years,” the father said. “We have to talk to the people in Minnesota and see what happens” and “we could be in Minnesota or somewhere else.”David Kahn’s move, to draft Ricky Rubio despite his immediate inavailability, was right out of [url=]Youth Mario Williams Game White Jersey[/url] Red Auerbach’s playbook. In 1978 on draft day, the Celtics had both the 6th and 8th first round picks. Auerbach was widely criticized for using the 6th spot to draft Larry Bird as a “junior eligible.” Bird had already been in college for four years but had one more year of eligibility left which meant Red had to wait a year for Bird. He used the 8th spot to draft Division 1 star Freeman Williams, who never played for the Celtics but was involved in a major trade; the exchange included 31 1981 pick (Danny Ainge). Owning the 8th spot allowed Auerbach to take the risk, but in order to retain Bird’s rights, Auerbach had to reach an agreement [url=]Youth Brandon Marshall Limited White Jersey[/url] with Bird before the next draft. Eventually and reluctantly Auerbach agreed to pay Bird $650,000, the highest rookie salary ever at the time. Auerbach was confident, but the success of the move was not certain.This summer, in three moves, Kahn [url=]Men’s Aldon Smith Game Jersey[/url] potentially, if his dual point guard offense works, has solidified his back court for five years, very inexpensively. Jonny Flynn has a four year contract with two consecutive team options beginning in 2011. Rubio becomes available via buyout by 2011. The Wolves hold his NBA rights until one year after he discontinues playing pro ball for another team. Sessions has a four year contract which carries until 201213.On second thought, Kahn’s moves may help Knicks fans by demonstrating how being “patient but proactive” is a better strategy than what their team is employing now.It appears that while Walsh is playing checkers, jumping over pieces without taking any, Kahn is playing chess like [url=]Youth Aaron Rodgers Limited Green Team Color Jersey[/url] a GM (grandmaster or general manager, pick one). Kahn who had touted running a two guard uptempo offense, immediately went after free agent Ramon Sessions, who was looking for an opportunity to save him from lesser contracts with the Knicks, Clippers or Bucks. The Knicks had been very interested in Sessions, but refused to reel him in with a multiyear deal. Throughout the blogosphere, hyperhopeful Knicks fans were hypothesizing that Walsh, with his patented “patience”, was waiting Sessions out. But the truth has been revealed and it was Sessions who was being patient. Clearly lacking confidence that they could create more cap space by eventually trading Jared Jeffries or Eddie Curry, Walsh just watched as Sessions walked out of the free agent corner he was supposedly trapped in into a 4year, $16 million deal. (Compare that to the 2year $13 million dollar deal Walsh gave Chris Duhon to scare away Marbury).Rubio was so confident about going in the top four that he initially refused to attend workouts with the other top guards, including his bud Brandon Jennings, who warned the world that Rubio was allhype and no game, before he took back the honest slight. Rubio’s refusals and his eventual workout, alone with the Kings, also heightened concern that he was not prepared for the rigors and competition of the [url=]Youth Patrick Willis Limited Grey Jersey[/url] NBA (a fact he seems to admit after the fact; some would call that a chump move. Score one for Jennings.).David Kahn is less a fool than fans with short memories or no historical reference. Kahn was very clear when he released Kevin McHale that he was in rebuilding mode and [url=]Men’s Jason Witten Game Navy Blue Team Color Jersey[/url] that it would take a couple of years to bring the team back to contention. He does not need Rubio now. 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