Norwich 1 – 0 Arsenal: No Fluency, No Excuses, No Points

Norwich 1 – 0 Arsenal (Holt 19)
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Arsenal were inexcusably poor.
People will talk about the significance of the international break, but it didn’t seem to trouble Chelsea, United or City.  This was comfortably our worst performance of the season.  Vito Mannone’s poor parry and Andre Santos’ bizarre positioning (single-handedly playing Holt onside) put us behind in the game, but at that stage there was still plenty of time to play ourselves back in to contention.  Sadly, we completely failed to do that.

It’s rare that you watch an Arsenal side and can say that they failed to create a single clear-cut chance.  Yesterday, however, our attacking play was as bad as I can remember.  We looked entirely devoid of ideas, and Norwich won’t have been able to believe their luck.  Around the 84th minute we finally managed to build some semblance of pressure, though an equaliser would have been far more than we deserved.

There’s a temptation to write this off as a ‘one-off’.
The performance was anomalous in its awfulness.  Even in the dreary 0-0 with Sunderland, we created a couple of chances that one could describe as decent.  Arsene’s relatively relaxed demeanour throughout suggested a man who had decided relatively early on that this was just ‘one of those days’.  I hope, for all our sakes, that he’s right.

Yesterday’s shambles was made even more painful by events at White Hart Lane.
Earlier in the afternoon I watched a Chelsea side play with all the flair and fluency that Arsene aspires to.  Their attacking play was superb: mobile, intelligent, and truly collective.  At the present time, the two sides are miles apart.

The weekend could have been a lot worse.
Yes: City, United and Chelsea all won.  That will happen a lot this season.  It doesn’t surprise me, and nor am I sure it’ll be particularly relevant to us for much longer.  We’re already ten points behind the leaders, and I find it hard to envisage this squad sustaining a title challenge.  The good news for Arsenal is that Spurs and Newcastle both failed to win.  At the present time, Everton are down to ten men and drawing with QPR.  I’d suggest that as the season wears on it will become clear that these are the teams we’re competing with, and the top three may pull away leaving us to fight it out to be ‘best of the rest’ and secure the final Champions League spot.

Spare a thought for young Serge Gnabry.
It wasn’t an ideal situation in which to make your debut, but desperation can occasionally be the father of opportunity.  With Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain joining Theo Walcott on the sidelines, Gnabry is likely to be involved with the first-team again next week.  He didn’t get much of a chance to show it yesterday, but he’s an enormous talent, and one we’ll see more of as the campaign goes on.

Arsenal face a real challenge to get things back on track in midweek.
Their opponents, Schalke, come in to the tie off the back of a 2-1 win away to Dortmund.  The Dutch pair of Affelay and Huntelaar are a real threat, and this promises to be far trickier than our usual group stage stroll.

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  1. AJ   •  

    The lack of creativity was embarrassing yesterday. I’m gutted now that I realise that we aren’t title winning material.

    • TH14   •  

      My sentiment exactly. After some good performances this season i was just beginning to dream of a title challenge and that this group could potentially do something special, especially with the “£35m” to bolster the squad in January. Instead it looks like the same old story from the last 7 seasons and we face a battle for 4th yet again. We have to keep on believing though, Chelsea were a laughing stock for most of last season and then won the CL and FA cup!

    • Munitionsman   •  

      its been obvious for 5 years…. cant see why your gutted now.

  2. Wanadoo   •  

    What I don’t get about yesterday is the total lack of effort.
    Maybe Wenger got his booster pills mixed up – that’s the only thing that makes any sense.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      wenger teams dont get told off. They just get praised. So if they dont “feel” like it then they dont.
      “Self Motivation” only takes a man so far. Thats why managers matter. Thats why we will win nothing until the twit leaves.

  3. Dafton nyondo   •  

    As I have said before using Gervinoh and Rarmsey at the sametime you mean you have 9 players in the pich and that is not a winning fomular find players who can mark and penatrate with the ball. That is Wengers lose no escuse

  4. amin   •  

    kheili heyf shod…
    viva arsenal

  5. pat   •  

    it was an embarrassment…i can’t remember arsenal in any game we lose not creating a single scoring opportunity… same old arsenal..same old trophyless

  6. Stroud Green Road Boy   •  

    A one off? This has happened again and again for several years now, not turning up against the ‘lesser’ sides. There is a (completely unfounded) culture of superiority at the club, fostered by Wenger’s belief that if the team just play according to his ‘vision’, no one can stop them. And his ‘relatively relaxed’ demeanour might be due to the fact he is utterly clueless once the match is underway.

  7. Mourinho   •  

    Wenger should go honestly, such performances have been repeated over and over again without any recourse to address the problem areas. It seems the lack of consistency is not only a player thing but Arsene is also the problem. We will win the next few games then go back to a losing streak. The the french man will go on mumbling in his gaelic accent excuses we all know of. He knows that if goes elsewhere with these kind of performances he get the sack.

  8. TH14   •  

    I want to stay optimistic but when you sell the best forward in England and possibly Europe to use Wenger’s words from last summer(on Cesc and Nasri) “you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that”. Once again we find ourselves in the situation where our squad may take a season or two at least to bed in and by that time we have already sold the best players from the group, we bring in new players and the cycle goes on and on…

  9. TH14   •  

    …I think there comes a time when to achieve something the club has to take a gamble or at least something close to it. We have the resources to go and buy two top players in January. Obviously it is difficult with the likes of CFC and MCFC but this underachievement just cannot go on. After 8 years of “this team will deliver soon and “Arsenal look to have a bright future” we have to try something different surely. “Madness is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

  10. Bouba   •  

    “Alongside the Spanish international in midfield, Aaron Ramsey appears worryingly incapable of performing a similar role to Cazorla, still yet to reach the potential expected of him by the coaching team at the Emirates”

    This one of our problem… Wenger still “love” and trust players who does not deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt.

    A player like Ramsey should be sent on loan in order to improve… Can we afford it or allow it? No we cannot because Ramsey is one of “our best player” in Wenger squad… Which just prove how WEAK is the all group ( full of useless players and less then average individualities )…

    It is sad to realise every year that your team will not challenge for the title or, as a matter of fact, for any trophies because they are so “shyt”…!!

    Thankfully I have realised that fact 2 years ago and decided not to purchase my usual season ticket… I felt ripped off and considered the all thing as a scam and a joke. The highest ticket price in the UK and the second in Europe….!!! Why??? We are not a top club, winning league titles, cups or Champions leagues!!!

    Anyway, I feel sorry for all the fans and may be the deluded who are still going to the Emirates stadium.

    We need some drastic changes and those changes can only be done with Wenger and Gazidis ( as well as a new politic in the board )out of the way.

    It is frustrating, as an Arsenal fan, to come to the conclusion after few games that you are not going to be happy at the end of the season…

    CAN you believe that Wenger never mentioned once if we were to challenge for the title or else…
    The guy has no pressure from the board because they are satisfy with a top four finish ( as long as those £40millions from the CL are in ) and anything else will be a bonus.

    The fans should be the one to react instead of following like useless deluded and clueless sheep…

    I am 100% behind the team and the club ( not the manager ) and it would greatly nice to win something, anything…!!!

    • Stevieo   •  

      Bouba, I don’t feel sorry for the deluded fans. They’ve got it good. They believe in Wenger and the spin that we will come good. They can see light at the end of the tunnel, because Wenger and Gazidis keep telling us we’re not far off.

      I feel sorry for those that can see through this profiteering sham and know there is no end in sight of this farce. We have no religion to hide behind.

      I’ve been there in the deluded camp myself. Watching Denilson prance around only to be told he will come good. Watching Bendtner toss it off for seasons, only to be persistently picked. Same with the keepers. Shit like Eboue and Silvestre wearing the colours. It’s only a matter of time before your eyes tell you that what you’re witnessing on the pitch doesn’t correspond with what you’re ears are hearing from Wenger. Fabianski is not world class as Wenger claims. Denilson is not a footballer, full stop.

      Once you realise that Wenger is taking the piss, it’s a long way back to trust the guy. I have no faith or confidence in the guy. He’s a conman. Watching him squirm in post match interviews used to make me cringe. But now they are a source of entertainment as he makes a prick of himself in front of the footballing world.

  11. Stevieo   •  

    Let me get this straight:

    We moved to the Emirates so we could compete with Newcastle?

    We charge the highest prices in Europe so we can assemble a team that can compete with Everton?

    And as long as Spurs get beat, performances like yesterday are more tolerable?

    Arsenal fans have accepted this, and will continue to pay through the nose for this level of ambition. That is highly commendable. However, going forward, I think you need to draw up a new list of excuses to defend Wenger, because yesterday’s attitude and lacklustre performance was not a one-off.

    • ademola   •  

      you are so right mate… you see through my mind

  12. Bouba   •  

    Spot on Stevieo

  13. shaun   •  

    It is the lack of effort that is unexceptable from players being paid that much , but what is really concerning is wenger’s attitude there is absolutlty no pressure on the man at all and he appears to be quite relaxed about that kind of performance , i mean what is he actually being paid for .the team performence dropped to an even lower level in the second half…ramsey was total shite the whole game and he replaces not gervino but podolski on top of that and lets ramsey continue to fuck the middle until the 80th minute and then brings on a kid with zero experience with wiltshire sitting there ….when you think about it , it really is some funny shit

  14. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    What some fo these “so-called” gooners need to understand is that football is a game played with a round ball on a bumpy pitch, and as such, poor luck will always have its chance. I am confident that over the length of the whole season, we will win more matches that we lose and we will again win that 4th placed trophy. I don’t think one win will stop us in our goal, because we have players who are thoroughly determined and professional.

    I am bleeding as much as the rest of you, but I am somehow still steely-eyed in determination and focused with long-term vision. Rest your weary head on my bosum and let me be you hero, if you cannot see the dawn on the horizon.

  15. Danish Gooner   •  

    Wenger is finished as a top manager,he still believes he can win it on a shoestring budget transfer wise because there are no amount of money he wont spend on wages for dross.Di Matteo spend 50 mil pounds on Oscar and Hazard and boy did he do the right thing,chelsea will dominate for the next 10 yearswith these amazing players,we signed Giroud,enough said.

  16. CL   •  

    Did people not expect this? Get real if not.
    We are 8 games into the season and we are 10 points behind the leaders, that is shat for any club but we know it’s gonna happen, just get used to it and dont be surprised. Can anyone sell their best 2 players, one of which scored all the goals and is the best CF in the league, and expect to improve? If so how when you replace them with weaker players and in Giroud someone 10 times weaker and that’s not joking. The guy’s crap, yeah he needs time blah blah but he will never ever be class, Wenger has been ripped paying £13m.
    The worst player we currently have who somehow gets a game is Ramsey, the kid is terrible. Cant tackle, cant pass unless its 2 yards back, so so sloppy in possession, cant dribble and beat anyone, is weak, gets out muscled, just what does he offer that gets him a place or am i missing the point? Chris Coleman has the right idea by relieveing him of his Wales duties and taking the armband, he’s not first team material nevermind captain. Wenger’s latest bum boy, yet another one. Wilshere is needed more than ever, i’d never thought i’d want Diaby back either but i do just to get Ramsey out. Coquelin is surely better in midfield aswell, gets stuck in and passes to a teammate unlike that joker Ramsey. Why Cazorla chose us is beyond belief, big mistake.

  17. ademola   •  

    it’s a pity it took some gunners 8 whole games to realize we are not a title contender? Giroud is no where near RVJudas, Abou diaby better than song? i disagree, Cazorla is good but not as good as cesc ,,, more troubles will arise when theo leaves in January.

    the real Arsenal died when we left Highbury, Emirates is no fortress and never will be under Arsene wenger and Ivan the terrible, we really need a change… #wenger and Gazidis out!

  18. ademola   •  

    sometimes i wonder hwy he usually substitute podi instead of that bald headed gervinho with no footballing brain… how he and ramsey gets to start is really beyond me

  19. Bouba   •  

    Wegwick I used to understand the idea you are trying to convey, but it seems that it has become a 10 years plan… On top of that, in order to implement long term you need to keep old of your best young players…!! Now if you are talking about long term financial future, we are European champions all day, every day and every year….

    A club success and the fact that it is a “top club”, is based on the number of trophies earned during is current existence…

    Last year Gazidis received a £600,000 bonus…!!
    Can someone tell or explain to me why??

    The sporting director of Man City was rewarded a £450,000 bonus… I can tell you why: They WON THE LEAGUE…

    Supporters and fans are being con on the spot…

  20. Bouba   •  

    Ademola, as soon as Wilshere gets fit, Ramsey will only see domestic cup game.
    He is the only welsh footballer in this world who has no balls and heart… Totally useless…

    Gervinho should be used as an impact player because you can clearly see that the boy is stupid…

  21. Bouba   •  

    Those are our deadwoods:
    Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin, Djourou, Fabianski aka Flapinho, Ramsey, Walcott ( the next 100,000k man ) and to a lesser degree Ramsey, Gervihno …

    That’s 9 players in the squad, 9 high wages and 9 low talents… WE CAN DO BETTER.

    We need Wenger and his mate Gazidis out of the way as soon as possible if we want to achieve sportively something in the next coming years.

    If the course is to secure our financial future and nothing else, we are doing fantastic…

  22. okocha   •  

    Arsene out ?
    1) wtf is with gervinho playing full time
    2) whtz holy with the 65th minute?
    3) why dint buy a good goalie knowing vito is league class & fabianski is crap. even spurs have 2 good ones
    4) why do we still carry rosicky, diaby
    5) why dont we have a striker in the bench ?

  23. Wanadoo   •  

    Guys, this is the situation…

    Wenger performs financially but not on the pitch.

    And as long as we have American owners, that let’s face it – couldn’t give a shit about the footballing side of Arsenal FC, we will always have this problem.

    You see, Americans like Kroenke don’t get Football, they don’t understand the culture and what it means to the fans….All they understand are the balance sheets. If revenue and profits are increasing above industry standard – then what possibly can be wrong?

  24. Wanadoo   •  

    It is sickening to think that in 2004 – we had the world at our feet….

    We could and should have gone on to have a Golden era like that of Liverpool and Man U. Everything was in place….

    But then Wenger suffered an embolism. Why on earth would you be happy to break up such a team?

    He believed in his own hype, that he could manufacture success from any group of players….he still believes that today!

    The truth of the matter is, he can’t and never could.

    Last season we got out of jail with nothing short of a couple of miracles; First RVP couldn’t miss….this wasn’t just a “good” performance, it was the top echelon of World class. Secondly, Spurs imploded, managing only a couple of wins in their last ten games.

    We have been poor for many seasons and getting progressively worse.

    Anyone that doesn’t notice our manager has been totally useless needs their head examined. Which manager panic buys 3 players? Surely someone being paid £7.5m a year should be able to organise a squad better than that?

    Surely a manager being paid £7.5m a year should know the teams shortcomings without the need for an 8-2 beating?

    Of course, RVP, Cesc could see all of this first hand…they knew what was coming.

  25. shaun   •  

    exactlty , wenger thought he was the dog’s and thought he could out do fergie next and win with kids and even more than that show the world he could do it for free as well the arrogance is unbelievable …and still after 8 years of crap he still stinks of arrogance as I am sure he thinks throw the arsenal fans some crumbs ie carzola and they will be happy bull get rid and bring in and up and comming like klopp or someone like that who knows how to oganise a team and get them playing proper attacking football …Schalke 04 will be interesting because if they play like that they will be hammered …I truly believe arsenal will not win a thing with wenger anymore and it will be ten years with nothing

  26. Joker   •  

    Where’s hunter girl? Run out of straws to clutch?

  27. Munitionsman   •  

    wenger said this was “Our moment of truth”. It was. And we did what we always do under wenger. Just cant be arsed. Not belief and no care.

    wenger out.

  28. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    There’s some cotton fluff stuck on the tip of my penis.

    Wenger out.

  29. Cappa   •  

    Surprise, surprise the boo boys are out again. You are so quick to recommend sacking Wenger. What you have not put forward is a suitable replacement. Wenger out is very easy to say. How about showing us what sensational footballing minds you have and actually suggest a plan to move forward with? Who is the manager to replace Wenger and how can they win arsenal the league?

    • Bona   •  

      David Moyes before united get him.

      • ademola   •  

        @bona… you are so on point

      • Munitionsman   •  

        agreed, or AVB before spuds got him. Or martinez even. With wengers obscene wage bill moyes could win it.

  30. ademola   •  


    of course there are lots of better Managers out there who are young and still have the heart…the Age of grandfather managers are over. the ones making waves now are the young managers. PEP, MOU, KLOPP, RDM, RIJKAD, AVB, ANCELOTTI, MANCINI and even AVB…

    How the league can be won: Football as evolved to the extent that what you buy is what you get, A 13M Giroud is not the same as 46M falcaao, 11M podolski is not the same as a 32M Aguerro, a 24M yaya toure is more quality any day anytime than a 2M diaby…lets face it… the world is changing, football is changing and Arsene and Arsenal are stagnant.

    I rest my case

  31. StanSays   •  

    Forbes is ranking Arsenal 4th wealthiest football club in the world and it is making profits for me to buy a new rolls royce. This is all what matters.

  32. bennie   •  

    We will continue to lose games until Arsene realizes Ramsey is a problem. Another Denilson being loved by Arsene.(That’s how he used to favor him ahead of Song)

    Ramsey neither defends nor attacks. he’s d worst link between Arteta and Carzola.

    U need Coquelin who will b comfortable to sit back and allow Arteta to link between him and Carzola.

    Ramsey was d solo reason we lost many games last season. Until Wenger benched him for OX during the Milan game.

    That patch when Ramsey didnt play coincided with our best run of the season.

    As soon as he brought him back into fold towards the very end of last season..we lost more games or struggled to win!

  33. Bouba   •  

    Hey Cappa… What would be the solution?

    They are talking about a long term plan when our best players and best young players are leaving the club to get better wages and, in fact, trophies…

    Why would anybody stay at Arsenal???
    Can someone tell me, why would a quality player stay at ArsenaL?

    This is a club performing admirably financially… We are the European Champions of the sustainable financial efficiency… AFC or Arsenal Financial Corporation.

    Majority of the fans still hope and dream… Why??
    Have you all become deluded???

    Today Wenger had a press conference on Sky with Ramsey at his side… That is just ridiculous and they are OBVIOUSLY taking the Arsenal supporters ( at least the ones who have realised that the all process and this team has become a farce ) for “idiots”…!!!

    Ramsey would not even be on the bench of team like Chelsea, Man U or Man City… But he is a total part of the Arsenal set up… That’s sad and even disgusting… Makes me want to vomit…

    Where are the times when Van Persie , Fabregas, Clichy and more could not get on the team and had to wait for their turn…

    We have gone down so low and we are so poor.

    Even Liverpool, in reconstruction and weakened, had a convincing result at Norwich.

    I won’t be surprised if we loose at home to QPR… Wenger will blame sharpness again and bad luck… He is a deluded fool, with ideas dated back 7 years ago… He is not fit to lead any team as we speak and we would be better off without his inconsistent expertise…

    On top of that he has no “cojones” and he is weak…

  34. Bouba   •  

    You are spot on bennie.

    Ramsey has no “balls” and no courage… Which is quite rare for a welsh… It just tells you how weak he is and how useless as a player he has become…

    But still, still, he is a favourite and Wenger obviously trust him greatly. That’s our downfall …
    Remember Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Gibbs ( we are supposed to be a top club and our number 1 LB is Kieran Gibbs !!!!!! ), Chamakh, Arshavin and more…

    So sad…

  35. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    Didn’t get enough sleep last night.

    Wenger out

  36. Me   •  

    Can everyone stop talking shit please!!

    Chelsea just spent about £100m in the summer, so they will finish higher than Arsenal.

    Arsenal can’t compete with this spending, so Arsenal are correct not to waste money.

    Arsenal’s aim is 4th place, so there is no point in them spending the £30/40m to secure 4th place, when they can finish 4th without spending it!

    If Arsenal did spend that £30/40m, they’d still not win the league, as Chelsea, City, Utd would just spend more.

    Arsenal are strong favourites to finish 4th.

    • shaun   •  

      what on earth are you talking about ,you are exactly the problem and the type of fan who will keep arsenal exactly where they are , look at your ambitions …completely brainwashed ,completely idiotic I am afraid and it is you who is talking shit , will it cost the earth to get a quality experienced goal keeper …the answer is no before you start spouting crap ….will is cost millions to cut out the school boy defending …the answer is no again, just discipline and correct coaching …the chelsea game should have opened your eyes but clearly not …we were the better team except for poor goal keeping and school boy defending all fixable problems with relatively low cost and well with in the means of arsenal football club. Shaktar donesk just beat chelsea quite convincingly and there team does not cost hundreds of millions ….the performance against norwhich had nothing to do with money spent just an extremly poor attitude from the players which the manager should be able to avoid being one of the highset paid managers in europe …your argument is piss poor mate and I suggest you stop talking shit

      • Me   •  

        “the chelsea game should have opened your eyes but clearly not …we were the better team except for poor goal keeping and school boy defending”

        You are a joke.

        We would have won the game, if we didnt concede two goals hahaha

        • shaun   •  

          ahhh huntercunt got to change your name poor babba why be more truthful to yourself like put a fuck infront of ME or pussy or total fucking idiot .I must say it is easy to get a rise out of you , no doubt wenger knows that as well lol…………… you are one funny fucker though xX

  37. Bouba   •  

    Is that all you want? Finish 4th?

    That is really sad and that is why Wenger still have so many followers. If we were embracing your convictions we would go into total delusion…

    I am an Arsenal fan and I can say without shame that we are NOT a top club… A top club wins trophies year in and year out…

    The financial aspect does not concern us as we are already doing our part by paying for seats and supporting the team.

    We are now concerned by the financial aspect because we are like any other average team in this league as we are not winning anything.

    Some clubs, even after a bad season ( ex: Liverpool ) still manage to bring a trophy home…

    The situation at Arsenal is pathetic and sad and some fans ( especially those idiots with the banner ” In Wenger we trust “,,, I mean those are just fools ) need to WAKE the F… up quickly.

    You guys seem always surprised when a player wants to leave…!!! What do you expect, when we pay them peanuts and don’t win “shyt”…??

    What is it? Ohh yes, the pleasure of working with Arsene Wenger? Please don’t make me laugh.

    • Me   •  

      I would like to win the league, of course.

      But with other clubs spending so much, we wont win it.

      What do you suggest we do? Spend lots of money trying to compete with their sugar daddies?

      Run up huge debts & maybe still not win the league!!

      Then go bust like Rangers, Leeds, Portsmouth….?!!!

      This is why you are just a tit mouthing off on a football blog.

      Makes you feel big, does it?

      So fucking childish, every team your team loses, your answer is sack the manager!!

      Wenger is a world class manager with intelligence that u can only dream about.

      If Wenger left Arsenal, every club in the world would want him.

      Grow up.

      • shaun   •  

        Come on boy bend over , you obviously need feeding ha ha

  38. Musketeer   •  

    Wenger out! No discussion, lol.

  39. Wanadoo   •  

    I would expect us to buy a top keeper like Lloris…£7.8m…hardly breaks the bank.

    A decent striker….not two halves of 2 average players.

    An RVP replacement for the £24m we received

    A Cesc replacement with the £30m we received.

    A Song replacement for £15m

    But no Wenger the cunt prefers buying crap, whilst deluding himself he can turn them into good players.

    Can you imagine if you’re Santi, playing with this shit? He must be thinking wtf have I done?
    I can tell you what you’ve done Santi ~ you have prepared yourself for Man City!

    Wenger is single handedly killing us. It’s like a UFO from Spurs picked him up 8 years ago and dropped off a doppleganger intent on ruining us.

  40. Stevieo   •  

    I see hunter has crawled out from under his stone. Where you been cockbreath? Bigging it up on United blogs, telling them how United have gone one full year without a trophy and are in decline, while Arsenal with 7 trophyless years and in 9th are better off with Wenger?

    “What do you suggest we do? Spend lots of money trying to compete with their sugar daddies?”

    No cockbreath. I suggest we employ a competent manager that:

    1 realises that a failed trialist keeper at Hull City should be nowhere near our squad.

    2 doesn’t need several years to realise that Almunia/Denilson/Bendtner are shit, whilst playing them as first team regulars.

    3 won’t pay extortionate wages to shit like Chamack/Djourou, which means we can’t shift them, when he finally realises just how shit they are.

    4 with a £140m wage bill at least puts in a worthy challenge of some note, instead of waving a white flag even before Halloween’s been and gone.

    That would do for a start. Then maybe we could hope for some tactical nous. Hopefully he wouldn’t waste time and money on bringing in strikers like Chamack, Park and Giroud, that either sit on the bench or stay at home on matchdays. And I’m sure we can find better than Gervinho without going bust like Portsmouth that you mention?

    But who could we replace Wenger with? Christ, with a remit to win nothing in return for £7m a year you can get Kermit the frog in for me.

    So hunter, go crawl back under your stone and come back again bleating when we thrash another League 1 club in the tin pot cup.

    • ademola   •  

      It’s simple, tell the deluded wenger worshiper what jurgen klopp has achieved at Dortmund, he has good and talented players and with very minimal budget defeated Bayern and their world class players 5 times on a row and won both league and german cups back to back.

      My point is that it is now Obvious that wenger simply cant get the best out of this team anymore.

  41. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    I’ve got a head full of bedhair.

    Wenger out

  42. fu   •  

    kroneke gazdis and wenger please fuck off now.
    how were these 3 cunts ever allowed get in this position of milking arsenal for every cent they can extort.
    ps. even though hes a clown and is really just a joke, please take hill wood with you

  43. Wanadoo   •  

    Gazidis will never go….

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    I don`t know who to blame, I think I blame myself and other fans who bother paying for this rubbish. As long as we pay, they will be happy enough and you all know who they are. We should make an attempt to empty the emirates against QPR, problem is there is just too many tourists in London.

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